tagNonHumanHeat Ch. 01

Heat Ch. 01


I sat in my apartment dressed to the nines with no place to go. I had just called my date and cancelled. I put the phone on its stand and curled my legs up underneath me on the chair feeling sorry for myself. I knew from experience that Ethan would check his messages before he left to pick me up. I had just committed dating suicide. I had just cancelled on meeting his parents for the first time!

Sighing deeply, I curled myself into a tighter ball. I had done the stupid thing of falling in love with my boyfriend when all he felt for me was casual affection. Ethan wasn't the type for lasting commitment. Before me had worked his way through a succession of beautiful eligible blondes. Sometimes I thought maybe he was scraping the barrel with me – I was neither blonde nor beautiful. I certainly wasn't stunning and sculpted like his last girlfriend. The best I could be described as was cute, and I certainly wasn't rich!

We had fun together though. We had been diving with sharks, which was how we had met. Since then we had been on adventure weekends, gone climbing and taken long walks together. I comforted myself with the knowledge that none of his supermodel girlfriends would have gone on those dates much less enjoyed themselves. He didn't know it but I was the same as him, I was a Were! I accepted differences that had made other girlfriends whine – like no dates on the full moon. I had learnt to hide my differences at an early age. I had learnt those lessons so well I could pass for human even among my own kind!

I smiled cynically cancelling this date would probably be the end of things between us. Men like Ethan, in our society, didn't take no for an answer very well and they certainly didn't like being denied. I know Ethan had ended relationships with girls who had done less to annoy him. Tonight was going to have been a big night, I had bought a new dress and new underwear, well new knickers anyway I thought with a slight smile. I had taken ages to get ready before realising there was no way I could go to Ethan tonight.

I sighed again and stood. A glass of wine and a good movie may take distract me from what I wanted to be doing tonight! On my way to find a bottle of wine I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I shook my head – I looked good tonight, I decided, in the essential little black dress. The skirt was short enough that I had to be careful how I sat in public but it was loose swinging about the tops of my thighs as I walked. The best thing about the dress was the back or lack of it! The dress dropped to the small of my back, leaving my back bare almost to my ass, save for a few criss-crossing straps

With a wry smile I turned away from the mirror. I had been looking forward to tonight all week but it was not to be. It was the wrong time of year for me. Sometimes I hated what I was. Most women just had to worry about the time of month. I had to worry about the time of year too! Once a year I went into Heat. Sleeping with a male now would bind us together tying him to me for life! I couldn't do that to Ethan. I loved him enough not to want him to hate me, and hate me he would if I bound him to me.

There was a loud bang on the door and I jumped then froze. Glancing over at the door I checked it was locked and the safety latch was on.

"Alyssa, I know you're in there! I can smell you," I clenched my hands, wanting to let him in, but I couldn't for both our sakes! "Alyssa!" Ethan's tone was warning.

"Go away Ethan," I called back. "I don't want to see you!"

"The hell you don't," he exclaimed angrily. "Let me in now!" I could hear the anger and frustration in his tone. I hadn't counted on this. I hadn't thought he would come over and when I cancelled the date. I just assumed he would be angry but he would take someone else on our date. I sighed wearily

"Go away Ethan, Just go away," I said tiredly.

"Damn it Alyssa, if you don't open this door I'm coming through it!" I could hear the growl in his voice and I knew his temper was close to the surface!

"Ethan, just stop being dramatic. Just go away – it's over!" I yelled back, determined to be strong. My keen ears heard him mutter 'the hell it is' but I turned away from the door hoping he would go away if I ignored him.

There was a horrendous crash behind me and I turned with a girly squeal that I was ashamed to realise had come from my mouth. Ethan strode thought the wreckage of my door. Tall and broad shouldered he filled the doorway making me step back apprehensively. My mind panicked I couldn't think with him this close to me while my Heat was in full swing. My body wanted him. Warmth pooled in my lower body and my breasts tightened in anticipation, begging for his touch.

Shit! I had to get out of here. I turned to run to escape out of the kitchen windows, but as soon as I had taken those first running steps I knew I had made a vast mistake. I was not thinking straight; I had forgotten what wolves did to prey that ran!

With a bellow Ethan leapt towards me chasing me. I sprinted across the open living room. Just as I reached the kitchen door Ethan's weight slammed into me, throwing me into the door. The door handle hit my belly and my head cracked against the wood I knew I would have a huge bruise tomorrow but right now I was more concerned about the danger at my back.

My body was already submitting to him. Melting in preparation of his possession of me. He growled in my ear and nuzzled my neck

"Mmmm" he rumbled, "You smell good enough to eat!" He nipped at the skin of my neck with his sharp teeth. It stung but the small pain only fuelled my desire

"Please Ethan, just go, don't do this to me! Please…" I begged shamelessly. I was panting with desire, each ragged breath broke into my speech but I had to try! I was hoping to get through to the man beneath the beast my hormones had triggered.

"That's it, My Sweet, beg me," He growled in my ear. He pressed his body harder against mine emphasising the bulge of his hard cock by grinding it against my ass. His tongue flicked out and licked my ear erotically and I groaned. I bit my lip trying to control myself; to focus my brain somewhere other than the feel of his throbbing shaft nestled between my arse cheeks. I tasted blood and I knew my fangs had lengthened in response to his arousal.

"Damn it Ethan!" I rallied the last of my sanity; desperately trying to stay focused as the scent and feel of him overwhelmed my overtaxed senses. "We can't do this," I implored him.

Griping my chin with one hand he turned my face and took my mouth. Our scents mixed. Hormones mingled in our joined mouths and he tasted my blood. With a moan of surrender I lost the battle between sanity and the demands of my body. The taste of him filled me and Heat took over. I kissed him back, my tongue stroking along his as I pressed my ass back against him rubbing myself over his cock.

Releasing my lips he spun me around and slammed me back against the door. I gasped but he gave me no mercy. Lifting his hand we both watched as his nails lengthened into claws. He grinned at me his eyes glowing with the beast that was lurking close to the surface. With one swipe my dress was ruined and hanging from my shoulders. I had worn no bra so the only thing protecting me was a tiny translucent black string thong.

He smiled, baring fangs. Stepping back he looked at me, but I made no move. He slid one clawed finger under the side of my thong. He stroked along my hip teasing me for a moment and then he jerked his hand up snapping the flimsy material. He repeated the processon the other side, teasing me making me anticipate what he was going to do. The scrap of black material fluttered to the floor. I watched his face carefully as he licked his lips.

Thanks to the mirror over the lintel I could see what he saw when he looked at me. Black crushed silk framed my sun-bronzed body, fluttering and caressing the sides of my breasts. My chest heaved with each breath, my nipples drawn tight and stained a dark dusky rose by desire. Before I had realised I was in Heat I had prepared myself for my date, shaving my pussy till just a tiny strip of dark auburn hair remained. My eyes met my own in the mirror and I was shocked by what I saw. My eyes were slumberous and dark with passion; my lips were swollen and parted. My hair that I had so carefully twisted up was already tumbling down caressing my shoulders and haloing my face. I looked wanton and ready to be fucked

With a quick wrench Ethan pulled his trousers open as he stepped toward me again pressing back against the door with one hand. He freed his straining cock with the other. He caught my ass with both hands his claws digging in, as he slid me aggressively up the door, the sharppoints of his nails drawing blood. My legs parted automatically for him and he filled me with one violent lunge. I screamed out my satisfaction. His thrust was brutal but my cunt was slick with my own juices and primed to accept him. He met no resistance as he entered me sheathing himself to the hilt.

My hips had trust forward to meet his and were slammed back into the door. Our mating was fast and furious controlled by an animalistic urgency to join. His hips pummelled me into the door and I enjoyed every moment, wrapping my lips around his waist. Each thrust sent me spiralling higher towards ecstasy as my body gleefully accepted his invasion.

His thrusts became shorter and more urgent. He grunted his pleasure with each surge. After what seemed like impossible pleasure his teeth closed on my shoulder sinking into the join between neck and shoulder and he pulled my hips firmly against his. I felt his cock jerk inside me, his hands clenched and he bit down on my neck drawing blood. The sharp pain of his marking was what my body had been waiting for; I tumbled over the edge into oblivion. My cunt clutching his powerful cock milking it of seed as my body trembled against the door.

He slumped over me his weight pinning me against the door. I sagged against him boneless. His cock was still firm inside me. He lifted his head slowly. Disengaging his teeth from my shoulders I winced but his tongue flicked out and licked the mark soothing it and gathering the drops of blood that spilled from it, taking them into his mouth and tasting the cocktail of my blood marked by his saliva. Saliva released during the Heat would ensure the mark would scar marking me forever as his. His hands flexed on my ass and I flinched my body finally feeling the pain his claws had retracted but the crescent of scratches were tender.

There was a sound behind him but neither of us paid it any notice until hands dragged Ethan away from me

"Police Freeze!" the command broke through into our desire fuelled brains.


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