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Heat of the Moment


"Do you know," Margo said as they entered the restaurant, "that I think this is the first time I've actually seen you wear a suit?"

Tom chuckled. "Now that's not true. Remember Jack and Cassie's wedding? I dressed nice for that. Well...at least for the ceremony. I figure I throw 'em the reception, I get to dress however I want for it." The two of them headed up to the maitre'd, and Tom said, "Reservation for Ballard, party of two."

The maitre'd looked down at his little list. It was very full; reservations at 'Joi de Cuisine' had to be booked at least a month in advance. Margo had been totally floored when Tom had mentioned that he'd gotten them a table--really, who wouldn't be at least a little surprised when their boyfriend came back from the depths of the South American jungle and announced they were going to a fancy restaurant? But between cell phones and the Internet, nowadays even Darkest Peru wasn't as far away as it used to be. Tom had booked the table before he'd even gotten back to Lima.

"Right this way, sir," the maitre'd said, gesturing elegantly as they headed into the restaurant. The whole place was a marvel of understated grace, with soft lighting that made the candles on each table really glow, and soft music--not from loudspeakers, either. They had an actual in-house string quartet.

"This is lovely," she whispered to Tom as they headed to their table. "Absolutely lovely." She felt almost reverent as they sat down. "You didn't need to do it, you know. Six months of only seeing you through a webcam, and I'd have been satisfied with pizza and beers on the couch."

Tom grinned. It was nice to see that grin in full resolution. "We'll have plenty of time for pizza and beers, honey. We brought back a nice haul of pieces from the dig; it's probably going to take at least a year just to catalog it all and get it ready for display. You won't have to worry about me tramping out into the jungle again anytime soon."

She reached a hand across the small table and squeezed his own. "I don't worry about that, Tom. I knew when I first met you that this was your passion. It's a part of who you are, and I love that person. That smart, funny, handsome, fabulously wealthy, great-in-bed person," she said with a grin.

Tom breathed a mock sigh of relief. "Glad 'fabulously wealthy' came in fourth," he said. "Mind you, it did come in ahead of 'great in bed'..."

Margo winked. "It's been six months, I might have forgotten a few of the details. Play your cards right tonight, and it might climb that list."

The two of them were still laughing at that when their waitress arrived. "Bonjour, m'sieur et madame," she said in a slight accent that suggested she wasn't faking her knowledge of French. "My name is Nicolette, and I will be your waitress for the evening. Your chef for the evening is Monsieur Edgard LaMarche, and he wishes you both to know that he greatly looks forward to preparing your meal. Tonight's hors d'ouvres are done in the style of the Cote d'Azur, and include bouillabaisse, ratatouille, soupe au pistou, and salade niçoise."

Margo ordered bouillabaisse, Tom chose soup au pistou, and then the complex process of choosing a main course began. All in all, it took almost five minutes before everything was settled (counting the time it took to consult with the sommelier on an appropriate choice of wine), and they were finally alone together again. "Now where were we?" Tom asked. "I remember it being something about being great in bed..."

Margo sighed theatrically. "Six months away, and that's all you can talk about?" She paused. "No, wait. That actually makes sense. Seriously, though," she said as they fought down another round of giggles, "I presume you're happy with the trip? You seemed to be full of excitement every day down there."

"Oh, we found some amazing pieces. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that the Collection might now be the largest repository of Incan artifacts in the world." Tom always just called it 'the Collection', but it was really more of a privately-owned museum. Mind you, that was Tom all over. Any other rich guy with a passion for Incan culture would lock it all away in a mansion and gloat over it in the middle of the night, but her boyfriend opened his own museum and showed the pieces to everyone he could drag through the doors.

"In fact," he said, "there's one particular piece I wanted to show you tonight." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small case. "It's very rare," he said as he opened it to reveal a gold ring. "Not a lot of Incan metalwork survives, it was all melted down by the conquistadors for the gold and silver. But we found a cache of hidden jewelry. Probably some rich woman, stashed 'em someplace when the soldiers came and didn't survive to get them back out."

Margo looked closely at the ring. It was an unusual design, a stylized woman with wide, swelling hips and... "Exactly how many breasts is this woman supposed to have?" she asked, slightly nonplussed.

"That's Mama Allpa," Tom said with a salacious grin. "She was a minor deity in the pantheon, sort of a pagan love goddess. Only back then, they weren't exactly shy about what they meant by 'love'. Mama Allpa was all about sex, a good old-fashioned 'be fruitful and multiply' sort of gal."

Margo looked at the ring again. It was actually very beautiful, once you got past the multiple breasts thing. Whoever had made it had given the piece a sort of primal beauty, raw and elemental in its celebration of...well, lust. There was no other word for it, really. Just the lines of the figure suggested sex. Margo suspected it wouldn't look nearly as pretty once Tom put it on display; the flicker of the candlelight played off of the worked metal in a way that made Mama Allpa seem to sway her hips just slightly in a sort of sensuous dance. Museum lighting wouldn't have the same effect. A shame, really. "It's beautiful," she said quietly.

Tom took it out of the box. "A lot of women wouldn't appreciate something like this," he said quietly, deep emotion in his voice. "Guess that's one of the things I love about you. You can see the beauty I see when I look at these artifacts." Margo smiled shyly and started to speak, but Tom held up his hand. "You know," he continued, unknowingly echoing Margo's thoughts, "I don't really think this piece would look as good in the Collection, under the lights. I think it's really meant to be worn. I know it makes kind of a funny engagement ring, but would you like to wear it for me?"

Margo was so stunned by the suggestion that she just 'try on' a priceless Incan artifact that she almost missed the other part of his comment for a second. But only for a second. "Engagement ring?" she said breathlessly.

Tom nodded. "We've been living together for three years now--well, two and a half, if you don't count the time I've been down in the middle of nowhere digging for pottery fragments. But I figure you've managed to put up with that, and you're still enough in love with me that you came out to a fancy French restaurant the day I got back. I think maybe it's time we made it permanent."

Margo blinked back a tear. "Oh, Tom, I'd...I'd love to marry you, I..." She extended a hand, and he slipped the Incan ring onto her finger. It fit perfectly, like it had been made just for her. "I don't know what to say, I..." The emotion just swelled up in her heart like water behind a dam, the joy building up inside her until she just couldn't contain it anymore. She shoved the small table aside, practically knocking it over in her haste, and embraced Tom tightly, showering him with kisses.

"Well, I knew you'd be happy," Tom said in between passionate kisses, "but I didn't expect...I...honey, we're in public, we should wait just a little..." She'd curled up in his lap, now, continuing to lock lips with him while her fingers roamed over his chest, undoing a few buttons so that she could slip a hand into his shirt and feel his flesh against her fingers. It just felt so good, so magical and wonderful that she didn't ever want to stop, and she shifted position so that she was straddling his hips in the chair.

Tom could feel it too, she could tell. As they kissed, as she touched, she could hear it in his voice as he tried to talk. "We...oh, that feels so...oh, yes, right there...we should, oh...we should go, find..." She heard the naked desire growing in his voice, even as she felt the naked desire stirring through his clothes where her crotch met his. "Find a...room, or a...oh, fuck, yes, oh god oh fuck...yes, touch me there..." His hands wrapped around her back, now, roaming over the expanse of skin exposed by her evening gown and finding that it wasn't enough. She felt him tugging at her dress, and she wriggled her body to help expose more of her body to his touch.

Margo had never felt anything like this before, this boiling, furious delight that seemed to fill her up from her toes all the way up to the very top of her skull. She thought that she and Tom had always enjoyed a healthy sex life, but the magic of the evening seemed to have taken it to a whole new level. She fumbled at his zipper, not wanting to look down because that would mean that she had to stop nuzzling at his chin and neck. She was distantly aware of disapproving murmurs around them, but she didn't care. They could smooth things over with the restaurant later, right now she just wanted to...to...she pulled Tom's cock out of his pants, already stiff and hot under her fingers, and slid aside her panties to allow it entrance to her needy cunt.

Once he was inside her, it was even better. Tom had long ago stopped trying to talk, he was just panting and moaning in time with her own gasps of ecstasy as he thrust up into her and she thrust down onto him and...and... "Excuse me?" There was a dignified cough behind them, a discreet 'ahem' that suggested just a trifling matter, but one that needed to be discussed.

Margo turned her head to see Nicolette standing just a bit off to the right, staring at them with a look that mixed fascination, shock, and urgent worry. "Hello," Nicolette said. She seemed a little lost for words. "I, um, I don't wish to interrupt you..."

She wasn't. Margo might have managed to tear her mouth away from Tom's lips (and neck and chest), but she hadn't stopped pumping her hips up and down for even a second. "I, just...I, um..." Nicolette continued to stammer, watching Margo's breasts bounce up and down as she rode her fiancé with an intensity they'd never felt before. Margo's dress had slid clean off of her shoulders during Tom's energetic fondling, leaving her tits wonderfully exposed to Tom's eyes, and Margo suddenly found that she didn't mind at all that she was giving Nicolette an eyeful. She was just so hot right now, so filled with passion that she wanted nothing more to do than to share it with someone. Anyone. Everyone.

"I, I'm sure you're...I mean, we have...I just, I have to ask you..." Nicolette trailed into silence, watching the two of them fuck. Margo's dress had ridden up around her hips now, exposing smooth expanses of leg to go with her taut stomach and gorgeous tits, and Margo moaned loudly as she felt Tom cum inside her. She couldn't stop, though, she just kept riding him, and his cock didn't even soften for a second as they kept fucking.

"I have to ask...to ask..." Nicolette's eyes went vacant for a moment as she watched them fuck, following the motion of Margo's body. "Can I join you?" she blurted out suddenly.

Without even speaking a word, Margo grabbed Nicolette's blouse and pulled the other woman towards them, dragging her down into a passionate embrace. The motion overbalanced the chair, and suddenly all three of them spilled to the floor in a tangle of limbs. Margo took the opportunity to kick her panties off--they were only getting in the way anyway, on a magical, sensuous night like tonight--and got back on top of Tom, who'd shucked his pants off just as quick.

Nicolette stripped now, too, uncertain for a moment of where to join in, but Tom took her hand and guided her down into a kneeling position over his face. That was just perfect for Margo. She was face to face with Nicolette now, riding Tom's cock, and she could just...matching thought to action, she leaned forward and gave Nicolette kiss after slow, suckling, lingering kiss on those perfect breasts. Nicolette groaned, and Margo smiled around her nipple...she'd been with Tom long enough to know exactly what his tongue must be doing to that girl.

Margo felt like the three of them had merged into a single being, joined in bliss. Nicolette supported her as she suckled, mostly by holding her breasts and running her thumbs over Margo's nipples, and Tom had as much as he could handle. Out of the corner of her eye as she switched from one breast to the other, she saw other diners begin to join in, and it felt inexpressibly wonderful to know that their shared passion was inspiring others to make love as well. The whole room just felt tinged with that same utter need, and it didn't surprise Margo at all that she felt Tom spurt inside her again. She knew somehow that this night was so special, so wonderful that Tom would be inspired to new heights of performance.

Sure enough, he didn't stop pumping into her for even a second. Margo was losing track of her own orgasms by then; they just seemed to keep coming, never really stopping. One mind-blowing orgasm just seemed to flow into the next as the pleasure ebbed and flowed, pumped and throbbed...

She almost felt disappointed when she heard Nicolette murmur, "Not enough...need cock..." The girl's French accent got thicker when she was horny, which stimulated Margo even more, but there was nothing she could do for her. As much as she wanted to pleasure Nicolette, Margo couldn't even imagine sliding off of Tom's cock for even a second, let alone the amount of time it would take to truly give Nicolette the fucking she undoubtedly wanted.

Luckily for the three of them, the maitre'd showed up right around then. He grabbed Nicolette's shoulder and pulled her away from Margo's mouth, shouting, "Nicolette! What has gotten into you? I told you to...to..." The rest of the sentence died in his mouth as Nicolette unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, slipping it into her mouth. Her eyes were glazed with lust, and Margo knew that same expression had to be on her own face. It looked wonderful.

Within seconds, Nicolette had slid off of Tom's face and pulled the maitre'd on top of her, guiding his cock into her cunt, and Margo watched in a haze of pleasure as the two of them fucked right next to Tom and her. All around her, she could see people coupling, a riotous orgy of wonderful, glorious, amazing sexual delight. The string quartet had dropped their instruments and taken to strumming on each other's naked skin, the other patrons had adopted a new dress code that went a step beyond casual, and even the kitchen staff, who had come out to see what was going on, had begun to explore each other's bodies. Margo just let her eyes wander as her mind drifted from orgasm to orgasm, feeling like she was at a permanent plateau of endless pleasure as Tom came inside her again.

It felt like it was never going to end, and certainly Margo felt like she never wanted it to. Tom just kept thrusting into her, his reserves of stamina somehow endless, and Margo just kept working his cock, feeling it pulse and throb inside her, knowing that this was so wonderful, so special, so magical of an evening that it only seemed right that they fuck like they'd never fucked before, fuck forever, fuck so perfect and hot and oh, yes...she felt Tom cum inside her again, a fourth time...

And stop. Almost instantly, the energy seemed to desert them both. She felt Tom's cock diminish and soften even as she slumped forward onto him. She felt like she'd just run a mile, and the look on Tom's face told her he felt the same way. All around them, they heard the sound of heavy breathing slowly diminish, and Margo saw people frantically dousing a few small fires that had broken out where candlesticks had toppled over. After a moment, they all looked at each other.

The room filled with the world's biggest awkward silence.


"Well," Margo said as she slipped off her dress, now safely back in their shared house, "this one might be an awkward one to explain to the dry cleaners. 'Sorry, the sweat and cumstains got there because I was under the influence of a pagan sex goddess.'"

Tom winced. He'd been walking a little funny ever since they got dressed; the spell seemed to have taken a bit more out of him than it had her. It probably would have been even harder on him if he hadn't had six months of pent-up sexual energy to work off. "It could have been worse. If that...spell, whammy, whatever it was...hadn't hit everyone in the restaurant, we'd probably be explaining ourselves to the cops instead of the dry cleaners."

Margo nodded, slumping onto the bed. They'd had to grab dinner at a McDonald's on the way home; after what had happened, the restaurant had closed early. They hadn't even gotten their soup course (although Nicolette had slipped Margo her phone number on their way out.) "Lucky nobody knew it was our fault, really. Everyone was so embarrassed about what they'd done to each other, they didn't have time to be pointing fingers at us for starting it all." She frowned. "I suppose the bishop and the nun had it the worst, really."

Tom snorted. "Far as I'm concerned, any bishop who's going to $500 French restaurants is probably schtupping someone on the side anyways." He sat down on the bed with his own tiny grunt of soreness. "So, honey...understand, I'm not having any second thoughts about the engagement, or anything, but...about the ring? I was thinking maybe you should only wear it on, um...special occasions. I don't know what finally made it stop, but I think if I'd have had to go on much longer, they'd have had to drag me out of there in an ambulance." Neither one of them had any doubts that it was the ring, even for a moment. They weren't big believers in magic or anything, but...what else could it have been?

Margo looked down at the ring on her finger, watching the way it gleamed as she turned her hand slightly. "I think I know what made it stop," she said quietly. Maybe it was just a trick of the light, the same trick that made the figure seem to dance, but Mama Allpa seemed to be winking at her. "I think it should be safe for about nine months or so. Although I won't find out for sure for another few weeks."

"Nine months? Why...oh." Tom put his arm around her.

Margo snuggled up to him, in a decidedly non-sexual but very content sort of way. "Let's just say that I'm glad I wasn't on the pill, or we'd probably still be fucking right now."

Tom sighed. "Guess we better plan that wedding quick, then. Lucky you're marrying someone so rich--a little money here and there can sure help move things along."

"Great in bed, smart, funny, handsome, and fabulously wealthy," Margo said. "I knew I picked a good man."

"'Great in bed' seems to have moved up the list," Tom said with a grin.

She held up the hand with the ring on it and wiggled her fingers. "Seems only fair. Tonight was...magical."


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