tagIncest/TabooHeat of the Night

Heat of the Night


For Richard and his daughter Susan. I hope I did their relationship justice, and hope that they both somehow find happiness...


As the digital clock changed from 11:59 to 12:00, I eased out of the bed I shared with the woman who used to love me, and moved like a cat to the bedroom door. Out of habit, I opened and closed the door without making a sound, and then made my way down the hall.

Spike the cat was also out in the hall, and like many other nights we passed each other as we went about our business. Spike was probably going to get a drink or a midnight snack, while I was headed to my daughter Susan's room.

There was no light on in the room, judging by the darkness at the bottom of the door, and that's the way I prefer it. I have a bit of trouble making eye contact with my sweet Susan when I make these nocturnal visits.

I open Susan's door and entered the dark room, seeing the shape of my college student daughter's body under the sheet. She was home, which was no surprise, since she has no boyfriend and rarely gets asked out for dates, so she hits the books instead. Great for the grades, but not so good for the girl. So she's a little heavy and not a raving beauty. So what?


"Yes baby," I reply. "It's Daddy."

"Is she home yet?" Susan asked, referring to her mother, who had arrived home early tonight.

"Yes. About eleven."

I didn't add that she came home stinking of scotch and cum, but Susan was no fool. She knew her mother, and had known about what she was doing even before I did.

"I was hoping you would visit me," Susan said, coaxing the sheet down to the foot of the bed as she lay on her stomach.

"I see," I said, my eyes adjusting well enough to see that the little white nightie she was wearing was hiked up to her waist, exposing her full buttocks to me. "You look exceptionally pretty tonight."

Susan adjusted herself so that her rear end was up a bit higher as I let my pajama bottoms fall to the carpet on my way to her bedside, reaching over to her night table for the lubricant before climbing onto the bed.

"Such a big beautiful bottom," I said as I caressed her plump ass cheeks.

"Is your dick hard, Daddy?" Susan asked.

"Yes baby," I said. "Always is for you. I want to taste you first though."

Susan raised her backside higher as I climbed behind my daughter, spreading those cheeks wide as I moved my face into the steaming crevice. Susan sighed as my tongue first ran up and down the furry crack before I burrowed into her, my tongue slithering into the puckered ring.

"Oh Daddy," Susan whimpered as she squirmed under my oral assault on her anus. "That's it. Feels so good when you lick my asshole."

I strained with all my might to give my daughter the best anal tongue fucking I could manage while lower down, I could see her hand working furiously inside her hairy pussy, frigging herself while I lubed my cock up.

"Yes Daddy," Susan whimpered when I removed my face from the crack of her ass and moved in behind her. "Put your big hard dick in my ass."

If it came from somebody else - my wife for example - calling my dick big would have been a sarcastic comment, but not from Susan. We both know my dick isn't big, or even average, and while it no longer interests my wife despite my best efforts and it being good enough to produce a wonderful daughter, Susan knows that her saying that makes me feel good.

"Ahh!" we both sigh in unison as my dick pops into her ass, and we move as one as I go in and out of Susan's rectum, our movements limited due to my lack of length, but we're so accustomed to each other that we make it work.

My hands go around my chubby daughter as I fully mount her, and I cup her breasts, kneading the soft globes as we make love the only way we've ever done.

Susan's a virgin, at least in the traditional sense, and although I suspect she would give herself to me if I wanted it, I will not take her greatest gift. In my strange sense of morality, I am keeping her pure. She in turn, is keeping me sane. Without her love, I would have no reason for living.

By the sound of Susan's breathing, she's about to cum, so I thrust harder and faster. Her knees gave out on her as she came, and I rode down to the bedding with her, my dick bathing her bowels with my seed.

My withering dick slips out of Susan as soon as my erection becomes a memory, and then we embrace and kiss. She tells me of her day, and how she's going the make the Dean's list once again this semester.

"How about that boy in your Psych class?" I ask, referring to some kid that struck up a conversation with my daughter one day, an event that had Susan walking on clouds all that week, but she shook her head.

"Guess he was just desperate for conversation that time," Susan lamented.

"His loss," I said, wanting my baby to find the happiness that I once had, a joy that is becoming more distant a memory with every passing day.

"When I graduate next spring," Susan said, "you're going to leave her, right Daddy?"

"Yes baby," I said.

"You know what we could do," Susan said, repeating a suggestion that she had made a few times before.

Move in together was her idea. Not around here, but someplace where no one knows us. Move in together and live like husband and wife.

"You deserve better than me," I said yet again. "You should find a nice young man and have children. Have a great life. Don't think that this life I'm living is the way it has to be for married people. You know, me and your mother? It wasn't always like it is now."

"I remember," Susan said, pulling my face next to her warm and comforting breast. "It was a long time ago but I remember when you and Mom were happy. That was before she became a sperm back for every cougar hunter in town."

"There's blame enough for both of us I suspect," I mused.

"Bull," Susan said. "Hey, let's take a shower together."

"Okay," I agreed, the thrill of getting caught by my wife somehow adding to the excitement.

"We'll get you all cleaned up and then I'll suck your cock, okay Daddy? I love it when you cum in my mouth."

"Yes baby," I said, squeezing her bottom as we crept down the hall into the bathroom.

It was a tight fit for the two of us behind the curtain, but we managed to lather each other up really nicely, and Susan had just gone to her knees and taken my semi-flaccid dick in her mouth when the door opened.

"Late for a shower, ain't it?" my future ex-wife announced as she came in and sat on the can, unleashing a torrent of pee and probably a pint of cum as my daughter kept sucking my dick, clutching my ass and not missing a beat.

"Sorry," I grunted, which was the most used word in my vocabulary these days, and as she muttured something I couldn't make out, Susan's hand milked my balls, which made me erupt in my daughter's mouth despite my wife being only a few feet away.

"I love you so much," I said to Susan, while I reached down and grabbed her under the arms and helped her to her feet after her mother left the room and went back to bed.

"Was it good for you, Daddy?" Susan asked. "Do I give better head than Mom?"

"Not even close," I assured her. "You're going to make somebody a great wife someday. Now let's go back to your room. I want to eat your pussy so bad."

"So good you mean," Susan corrected. "You're the best."


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