Heat Wave


It was hot. Sweat dripped from my body. It was 102 degrees outside. My third floor apartment didn’t have air conditioning. All of my windows were open. I had five fans going, two of which pointed directly at my bed. I was completely nude and had even kicked off the sheet.

I grumbled as I got up. The lights would only keep me awake more, so I ignored them as I walked down the hallway. The bathroom had a nightlight on, so that light made it easy to see the room. I slipped into the already filled bathtub, gasping as the cold water splashed me. The cold felt so good. I had left it filled for just this reason. I sat for a few minutes until I had little goose bumps. I stood up again and let the water sluish off of me. My nipples had gotten rock hard and for a second they ached. The hot air finally started to soften them.

I ignored the towel and just let the cold water evaporate off of me. The nightlight was enough that I could look at myself in the mirror. At 5’9” I was a comfortable height. I looked most guys in the eyes. I was an aerobics instructor so I kept fit. My butt was slim and tight; my legs well muscled. I had childbearing hips as my Mom called them. My last boyfriend had called them fuck hips. Easy to grab and slam into. My breasts were bigger, but not saggy. I fit nicely into a C cup. My waist was trim and my belly rippled. I had worked hard so that I could see some of my ab muscles. Not quite a six-pack, but definitely getting there. During the Summer I keep my lower body hair free. I think it makes me look sleeker. Who am I kidding? It’s a hell of a lot easier to not have to worry about hair sticking out from bikinis if you don’t have any.

I didn’t think I was pretty though I’ve been told so. I have high cheekbones. My nose is too small for my face, though some people prefer a “button nose.” My eyes looked Asian, long and slanted. My Dad still teases my Mom that I was the milkman’s kid for that. My eyes were blue while the rest of my family had brown. Another weird thing, I had red hair while the rest of my family had brown. Mom said Great-great-grandma was Irish.

My entire body was nicely toned. It better be, I teach aerobics three times a day. It’s not bad money and the hours are flexible. Great for going to classes around it. I only have one year left until I have my Bachelors in Exercise Physiology. One more year…

The sweat forming on my body brought me back to reality. I was tired and hot. I just wanted to sleep, but so far that had eluded me. I dipped into the tub again and then headed down the hall to the kitchen. A nice glass of ice water would help.

I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge door. It was only then I noticed him. I jumped and went to scream. I was suddenly slammed against the wall, a hand tight over my mouth. One of his arms was pushing my torso tight against the wall. His forearm was squishing my bare breasts. He was strong. Too strong.

I heard an angry whisper…”What the hell are you doing? You’re gonna wake up…OH.”

Another man? Oh shit. I began fighting. I tried to kick out and hit his groin. Instead I hit my shin against his knee. I realized he was a lot taller than me.

“Will you help me? She’s a feisty one!”

The other guy found a roll of duck tape. I heard the sound of it being peeled off and started fighting more. The hand on my mouth was released, only to slap me hard and cover my mouth again. I was stunned. That made it too easy for the other guy to duck tape my mouth. Then my wrists were pulled together and duck taped. I felt the circulation leave them almost instantly. I was turned around and Big Guy grabbed me around the waist, with my back to his stomach. He picked me up easily and started carrying me to the bedroom. I started kicking. It didn’t make a difference. I was dumped on the bed. I quickly tried to roll off. I was caught on my stomach with a knee on my back. I couldn’t move and I felt like I couldn’t breath either.

“Nice of her to help us out by not wearing anything.”

“Yea. Did you see those tits?”

“Couldn’t help but see them.”

While they spoke I could hear their clothes being removed. I started crying. This was going to be bad. I was suddenly flipped over and my wrists held above my head. Big Guy flopped down on me. He was between my thighs and I could feel his cock poking my thigh. His stomach pressed against my mound. He reached up and caught one of my tears.

“No need to cry…don’t fight this and we won’t hurt you.”

I turned my head away of him and squeezed my eyes shut. I heard rustling in the room. I opened my eyes and saw the other guy going through drawers in my bureau. He just pulled them out, dumping them on the floor. He was smaller than Big Guy. His dark hair was longer. It looked greasy, but I think it was sweat. He looked Latino. Big Guy looked huge and Russian. Blond hair, blue eyes, BIG. If I wasn’t being raped I probably would have tried to go out with him. I tried to get a good look so I could identify them later.

“Chica, you got any condoms? Or do you want to get preggo?”

My eyes widened in horror. I hadn’t even thought of that. Not having a boyfriend I wasn’t on birth control! Panic set in and I started fighting. I got my hands down and managed a good smack on the side of Big Guy’s head. His body still pinned me. My hands were grabbed again and slammed to the bed above me. I tried to scream but it was so muffled by the duck tape.

“Really man, why you scare her like that?”

“What, you gonna spunk in her and leave the cops to find it?”

“No, but you didn’t have to scare her. Look in the nightstand. That’s where I keep mine.”

Big Guy had a free hand and was lazily rubbing circles around my nipples. Every so often he would pinch one, making me gasp. His smile told me he was enjoying it.

“Found some!”

Huh? I didn’t have any condoms. Then I remembered my ex had left some there. I think I’ll call and thank him if I live through this.

I squirmed. Big Guy had leaned down and put his mouth on my left nipple. My entire body bucked. His mouth was so hot! I felt his tongue swirl and lick it. I felt my nipple respond by getting hard. He started sucking gently and I felt my nether region get moist. I started thrashing my head back and forth. No! This was not happening! I closed my eyes again, but that only made the feelings more intense. I opened them again to see Latino standing above me. He was smiling and stroking his rather large cock.

“Hey man, you gonna need one of these…”

He handed Big Guy a condom package.

“Thanks man. Here hold her while I get it on.”

Big Guy got up and Latino straddled my belly. He laid his cock on my chest between my breasts. He started squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples. Then he grabbed both breasts and squeezed them together around his cock. He started sliding back and forth tit fucking me.

OH my God! Heat…I realized Big Guy was licking my clit. His tongue was rough and… Oh God. I grabbed the headboard and held on tightly, fighting it…fighting the pleasure that swept through me. I tried to stop my body. I couldn’t. My hips started to buck, wanting more of his mouth. I was crying. How could I be enjoying this? I heard a chuckle as two fingers suddenly slammed into my pussy. I started cumming, violently. My hips bucked, my body tensed. Wave after wave…never this intense before. He was playing with that spot, rubbing, pushing with his fingers as his mouth assaulted my clit. I kept cumming, harder and harder.

Suddenly the weight was off my chest, replaced by Big Guy. I shook my head as he slammed into me. I screamed. The tape muffled it. He was so big and I was so full. Heat, pressure, some pain as he was too big for me…but pleasure…of god…my body betrayed me. He started moving, his body leaving me…empty, open. He slammed back into me. It was almost a tease. He would pull out, slow and easy, leave me completely, and then slam back in, hard and fast. I didn’t know when he would be back. My body arched to him. I whimpered. He slammed into me, hard and tight and then just sat there. I tried moving myself, grinding against him. I heard his chuckle. Felt a wave of embarrassment flood me. He rolled over so I was on top of him. He held my body tight against his. My breasts pressed tightly against his chest hair. My nipples reacting to the scratching.

Cold…I felt cold against my bottom. I forgot about Latino! His hands spread something, wet, cold against my backside. What was he doing? The realization made me tense and start to fight again. Big Guy held me tighter to him. Latino was going to fuck my ass! I was shaking my head no, crying. He wasn’t stopping. Big Guy held my head to his shoulder like he was trying to comfort me.

I felt pressure/pain against my bottom. Latino was trying to invade me. I tensed up more. Big Guy lifted me some, and then claimed one of my nipples with his mouth. The heat was distracting, but I couldn’t relax. I heard Latino gasping, almost moaning. His cock head pushed against me. Pushing, trying to force its way in. I couldn’t relax and the pain was almost unbearable. My body reacted and I tried to pull away. Big Guy held me tight. I was sobbing. I didn’t want this.

“I’m sorry.”

Big Guy suddenly pushed on my shoulders. I was pushed back onto Latino, impaling myself hard and fast. I tried to scream. My body froze. I could barely breath. The two men held still, barely breathing. It was like they were trying to help me accept it. Then they started to move.

Big Guy started first. Lifting me gently. He rocked his hips and let me feel him moving. Latino reached under me and started fingering my clit. The pleasure and heat started returning. Latino started moving, slowly, steady. As one would withdraw, the other would impale. The pain began to leave and heat slowly built. Big Guy reached up and bit my nipple. That with Latino rubbing made me cum…hard. I stiffened, juices gushed out of me and I tried to cry out. I grinded myself against Big Guy and Latino pushed himself in hard. I was full. So full and so warm and…. I started to cum again.

I felt both men moving, no real rhythm, just two men feverishly trying to reach their own ecstasy. I was caught up in it, moving grinding against both of them. My own orgasms building, fighting, until that wasn’t even enough. I wanted more. Both men were grunting, moaning, slamming into me. I was full and wanting more. Big Guy was devouring my breasts. Licking, sucking, biting. He went back and forth from nipple to nipple, squeezing, pinching. It was so intense and I was building more and more. I felt the peak and reached something so intense, pain, pleasure…I’m not sure what…I was lightheaded, choking in air…and then it was black.

It was morning…hot sticky, morning. I was on my belly. I was sore. I tried to move, to sit up and nearly cried at the soreness. My butt was on fire. My thighs sticky with my own juices. My wrists had deep red marks from the tape. It looked like the tape coming off had taken off skin as well. I lifted my fingers to my lips and felt the same thing on my cheeks. I gingerly rose and made my way into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw deep bruises on my breasts, my waist. Bite marks, handprints, and hickeys. I was covered in them. A handprint on my cheek from where I had been slapped. I went to turn on the tap water and saw the note.

“Had a great time. Hope you did too. Had a hard time leaving you. I’ll be watching you! -Lucien.”

Hmm…Lucien. I’ll be watching for you too.

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