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Heated Whispers


Author’s note: This transcript has been edited and expanded at the whim of my imagination. It is dedicated to my fellow slutling … you know who you are. {winks}

ur_lil_kitten: I feel so freaking out of control around him

Masters_lil_slut: isn't it funny how that works. I mean it's not like he does anything special. No magic tricks. There’s no explanation for it.

ur_lil_kitten: yes, he makes me want to beg like I’ve never wanted to before and no, there's nothing particularly special. It's like I just all the sudden really see him

Masters_lil_slut: that's the part that's so scary...it's like you need to beg

ur_lil_kitten: damn him!

ur_lil_kitten: lol

Masters_lil_slut: MEN

Masters_lil_slut: *growls and hisses*

Masters_lil_slut: lol

ur_lil_kitten: *chews on his pm box*

ur_lil_kitten: he did that shit on purpose

ur_lil_kitten: lol

Masters_lil_slut: yes he did

Masters_lil_slut: lol

ur_lil_kitten: he let me get myself worked up and now he's goneeeeeee

ur_lil_kitten: damn him to heavenly hell

ur_lil_kitten: lol

Masters_lil_slut: yeah...what she said

ur_lil_kitten: lol

Masters_lil_slut: it is madness

ur_lil_kitten: exquisite torture

Masters_lil_slut: yes

Masters_lil_slut: a painful ecstasy

ur_lil_kitten: and oh so fucking delicious

Masters_lil_slut: ok...this is really twisted...I am so...errrrrrrrrr...horny...but I don't really need to cum...I really just need him

ur_lil_kitten: lol me too ... my panties are soaking

Masters_lil_slut: *grins*

ur_lil_kitten: lol we're twisted

Masters_lil_slut: yeah

Masters_lil_slut: no wonder I love ya

Masters_lil_slut: lol

ur_lil_kitten: *giggles*

ur_lil_kitten: *sighs softly and rests her cheek to your shoulder*

Masters_lil_slut: *curls an arm around you, tucking you in close with a matching sigh*

ur_lil_kitten: *smiles a bit and slips arms around you, pressing a soft kiss to your neck*

Masters_lil_slut: *purrs with delight, skin flushed and tingling* ok ok ok...no fair taking advantage of me in my weakened state

ur_lil_kitten: *just kinda giggles and reaches over to tweak a nipple* now, you don't really think I would do that, do you?

Masters_lil_slut: *moans, the tiny bud swelling and throbbing instantly* nahhh...probably not. Darn it

ur_lil_kitten: I think it's the other way around *chuckles and tugs on the nipple before letting it go*

Masters_lil_slut: *laughs, wincing as the pain and need ripples and pulses. Eyes flash wickedly, her own trembling fingers reaching to dance over the gentle slope of your breasts*

ur_lil_kitten: *giggles and flicks your other nipple with her forefinger and thumb as her own blue eyes twinkle in mischief*

Masters_lil_slut: *whimpers softly, eyes murky with hunger. The tip of a tongue snakes out to torment full lips, her gaze drawn to the dusky tips of your nipples. A fingertip draws downward between the valley of your sweet mounds as her eyes wash over your flesh in a heated caress

ur_lil_kitten: *watches your eyes, her own lips parting slightly as breath begins to quicken beneath the soft caress of your fingers, feeling her own nipples engorge with blood and begin to harden as her own fingers toy with your aching bud*

Masters_lil_slut: *a shiver races up her spine, the need flaring hot in the quivering depths of her belly. head dips, crowned by a halo of shimmering chestnut waves, concealing the flushed face as her tongue stretches outward, licking at the sensitive underside of the sweet flesh, gently lifting, savoring the weight of the fullness as her lips press hotly

ur_lil_kitten: *can't help but moan, long lashes fluttering down momentarily as your heated tongue makes contact with sensitive flesh, her fingers circling around your nipple before capturing it once more between her forefinger and thumb, rolling the sensitive nub as she arches closer to you*

Masters_lil_slut: *a soft sigh escapes parting lips, the touch of your fingers sending her lips to capture a taut nipple. Tongue flickers over the swollen bud, teasing it delicately as she gently begins to suckle. Fingers slide to your thighs, nails raking lightly along the silken flesh*

ur_lil_kitten: *whimpers helplessly, captured in the moment and the heat of your mouth as her own fingers gently tug and pinch on your engorged nub, head falling back a bit as a moan erupts from collared throat, her thighs parting slightly as your nails raking along her sensitive skin*

Masters_lil_slut: *trembling with fires of hunger, lips pulling and tugging, drawing the nipple into her hot little mouth. She sucks slowly, a gentle, steady rhythm. Fingers flutter over your thighs, dipping between to savor the heat rising from soft folds of slave flesh. Slowly, a finger draws down from the top of the mound, tracing lightly the furrow closed against her, flesh swelling in response to her touch.

ur_lil_kitten: *can't help but shift helplessly beneath your ministrations, wild beating of her heart in response to your soft, sweet touch, her own fingers trying desperately to please your own breasts but getting so swept up in the ministrations of your fingers and mouth that she is helpless beneath you in a rage of wondrous desire*

Masters_lil_slut: *reluctantly the mouth releases the breast, tongue flickering out as a whimper rises. Lips blaze a trail of heat down your belly, the need burning in sea green gaze as the slave slithers downward, lips gently, softly kissing the tender belly. Teeth nipping and sucking at lush hips. Tongue dipping into the navel, probing curiously as hands gently, pleadingly urge your thighs apart

ur_lil_kitten: *gasps softly as the heat of your mouth moves from aching breast to trembling belly, fingers now curled into the softness of the furs as she leans back, resting weight upon her elbows, unable to stop the fluttering in the pit of her belly as you urge her thighs apart, a soft flush kissing sweet cheeks as they slowly shift, opening herself to your hunger*

Masters_lil_slut: *a low moan raises, her voice soft and breathless* if your Master returns, you must tell me...we will stop...promise me.

ur_lil_kitten: *whimpers helplessly, her own lips parted as she looks down at you* I promise

Masters_lil_slut: *fingertips draw over inner thighs, nails raking lightly, eyes smoldering with heat as she dips her head to bite and suck...tasting your flesh wantonly*

ur_lil_kitten: *a soft cry released as your head drops between her thighs, hips bucking up reflexively as her fingers curl deeper into the furs, unable to stop the reflexive trembles that snake through her wanton form*

Masters_lil_slut: *tongue flutters over flesh gently, hands lifting thighs as she explores behind your knees, licking and sucking gently. Fingers lead upward, caressing, kneading, followed by lips and tongue as she travels your flesh, exploring, worshipping the softness of the girl

ur_lil_kitten: *whimpers helplessly, form shifting a bit as she gets lost in this new sensation of a soft sweet mouth and touch roaming her sensitive flesh*

Masters_lil_slut: *fingers dance lightly over the softness of your mound, her breath warm upon silken flesh of inner thighs. The girl sighs, a quiet moan of longing as the scent of your arousal spills over her in warm, sweet waves. Slowly, she draws her tongue over the furrow of your slit, not parting the outer lips, only caressing, teasing them with her kittenish licks

ur_lil_kitten: *cries out softly, hips bucking reflexively in a small motion as she trembles beneath your tongue, a low hiss passed through clenched teeth as she looks down at your face between her thighs, almost shocked to see the girl there but at the same time thrilled, the lurch in slave belly causing her thighs to part even more, naturally opening swollen outer lips beneath your mouth*

Masters_lil_slut: *trembling fingers brush outer lips, pulling them gently. a soft cry rises, eyes lifting in shock as she moans, the sight of your glistening flesh beautiful in its dusky pink hues, folds spilling over the entrance, the hood covering the tiny pearl of your clit...she shudders, flooded suddenly with hunger. Sea green eyes sparkle with a smile before her face lowers to burrow between your thighs. She tickles the hood of the clit with the tip of her nose and purrs as it swells and peeks out at her

ur_lil_kitten: *gasps, your own cry of delight sending a tremor down her spine, unable to stop the slight lifting of her hips, welcoming you eagerly as she moans in delight, a shudder rocking her form as your nose tickles her throbbing pearl into view*

Masters_lil_slut: her tongue licks gently, teasing the tiny nub, eyes lift and she giggles softly, laughter vibrating on the clit...she nips gently, sucking on it as she spies the returning Master

ur_lil_kitten: *whimpers deliciously, hips bucking up as your lips gently nip, teasing, her breath coming in tortured gasps as she sees his name light up as well but notes he's not in her pm with a grin*

Masters_lil_slut: *tongue slithers down the furrow, trailing from the clit to the entrance, licking softly, long, luscious tastes of the sweet cunt. A finger slides to the entrance, tickling as she teases with her mouth, tongue tip swirling around the engorged clit

ur_lil_kitten: *shudders in helpless want, breath rushing past parted lips in sweet pants, her thighs beginning to tremble as your tongue and finger send her rushing headlong along this new unexplored trail*

Masters_lil_slut: *purring softly against your flesh, she dips the finger in gently, soft flesh instantly closing around the hardness. She moans with delight at the slippery inner walls and closes her teeth around the tiny clit, sucking it as if it were a cock

ur_lil_kitten: *yelps and lifts hips upwards as to bury your finger deeper, moaning deliciously beneath your attention on her throbbing clit, all else beginning to fade away as her passions spiral upwards in the ascension to nirvana*

Masters_lil_slut: *her voice soft, she whispers against your clit as the finger slides in deep, curling upward* I don't want cyber cum baby...I want real cum...I want yours...I want to make you cum...I need you to cum for me...really cum. please.

ur_lil_kitten: *gasps softly, your words permeating the fog induced trance around her as she shivers in response* I promise ... it will be real

Masters_lil_slut: a second finger slides in to join the first, feverish eyes dipping as her mouth hungrily finds your clit once again...she moans as she sucks against it, the fingers plunging deep into the creamy recesses of your hot cunt

ur_lil_kitten: *groans helplessly, unable to stop the shivers of pleasure that form from within, the tightening of her belly, the slow lifting of hips, the throb of her clit as your fingers find a delicious rhythm, your sucking sending her spiraling towards the edge*

Masters_lil_slut: *fingers curl hard, pressing ruthlessly against the soft fleshy spot inside your belly...her tongue swirls around the clit as she sucks, loving the sweet hardness of the tiny nub as it twitches in her mouth*

Masters_lil_slut: *she moans softly, eyes feverish with need, the sweet dew of your body slick on her mouth and cheeks as she buries herself between your thighs. Her free hand snakes up your belly, nails raking as she finds and captures a nipple between finger and thumb

ur_lil_kitten: *cries out, hand moving quickly to your hair, pressing you closer as hips buck up against your mouth, jerking beneath the feel of your fingers on her nipple and sends her over the edge into that deep abyss, arms open wide to the sensations you have sent her spiraling into*

Masters_lil_slut: *whimpering now, she sucks wildly, her tongue dipping in the entrance, licking at the thrusting fingers before traveling back to the clit, nails dig into the throbbing nipple, twisting and tugging cruelly as you cry out

ur_lil_kitten: oh holy hell! *laughs even through her shuddering as she cums* damn slut!

Masters_lil_slut: *purrs, smiling at the laughter, savoring the shuddering of your body as the sweet cream spills into her hungry little mouth. The fingers dive deep as she licks and drinks the gift, slurping it into her greedily

ur_lil_kitten: *shudders and jerks away, so sensitive is her body now as she swats you away playfully* god damn ... *laughs and pulls you close, her lips covering yours in a searing kiss*

Masters_lil_slut: *laughs happily, curling into you, her own body quivering with pleasure as she drinks your kiss hungrily, her tongue dipping into your mouth as arms wrap around your trembling frame

ur_lil_kitten: *giggles even as a soft whimper is released into your mouth, tongue darting out to stroke and caress yours as fingers slowly trail down your back*

Masters_lil_slut: *shivers, eyes moist with pleasure as she writhes against you, blushing softly as she whispers* mmmm...thank you baby

ur_lil_kitten: *grins, blue eyes twinkling as she writhes back against you in playful abandon* for what?? I’m the one that should be thanking you

Masters_lil_slut: *laughs, biting your neck* for feeding me of course...for letting me pleasure you...for yielding to my hunger

ur_lil_kitten: *moans softly and then rolls, capturing you beneath me with an impish grin* my turn

Masters_lil_slut: *laughs* sooooooooo what's he doing? Why hasn’t he come to you???

ur_lil_kitten: *capturing your wrists to stretch over your head, auburn curls cascaded downwards to tickle at your nose as I grin down to you* hell if I know but he's making my imagination take flight

Masters_lil_slut: *wiggles, limbs twining around you as her gaze meets yours with a wicked smirk*

Masters_lil_slut: *gasps, eyes widening suddenly...her spine arching upward as a ripple of instant fire flares in her belly

ur_lil_kitten: *then holds your wrists in one hand, knowing you are surprised at the strength i possess and grins, looking at your widening eyes as my free hand strokes your face, toying with your lips and then slides further down to your collarless neck* you know, I’m going to drive you nuts now, right?

Masters_lil_slut: *shudders, giggling shyly as she writhes*

Masters_lil_slut: uhmmm...i think your mommy is calling

ur_lil_kitten: nice try but it's time to torture you, you little slut *grins as her fingers dip lower, trailing like a sensuous kiss over your exposed breast, fingers tightening on your wrists as her lips move closer to yours as if she would kiss you again but hovers instead, just out of your reach*

Masters_lil_slut: growls, head darting up, teeth snapping as eyes flash with fire

ur_lil_kitten: *chuckles at the fire, the snapping teeth and captures a nipple between my finger and thumb, quickly twisting and pulling until it snaps out of my grasp as tongue darts out over your nose* a little feisty, eh?

Masters_lil_slut: *eyes darken with need, her body sinuously writhing beneath you. A gasp of hot need raises, the bud sore and aching with the sweet pain, hips begin to circle wantonly, her body already tight with need from before

ur_lil_kitten: *grins as you give in to the desires that radiate from your body, sliding between your legs to capture and still your hips beneath mine and dips my head, capturing a tortured bud between my teeth as my hand holds your wrists captive, shaking head a bit with a playful growl, sending your breast into waves of motion beneath my mouth*

Masters_lil_slut: *gasps, her body instantly shuddering with need...clit throbbing painfully as she grinds herself against you

ur_lil_kitten: *then glancing up with a grin, chews on your nipple gently, teasing it with my tongue* exquisite torture, huh?

ur_lil_kitten: *then pulls back, your nipple still captured in between my teeth, stretching it and then releases it with a {pop} as my hips grinding slowly against yours*

ur_lil_kitten: *attacks the other one with a playful growl, teeth closing over it and immediately begins a see-saw motion of suckling and then chewing, pulling on it a bit as i growl playfully, glancing up to watch your face as i torture the aching bud*

Masters_lil_slut: *groans, shuddering with pain and need...she growls softly, eyes flaring with raw, primal lust as she pumps her hips upward, the nipple screaming with pain, throbbing sweetly

ur_lil_kitten: *grins and then lowers mouth, taking in your nipple and part of your breast, lips like a vacuum as i suck in slow, deep motions, tongue flickering over the tip as it settles into the warm depths of my mouth, free hand traveling to the other one, flicking it with a strong thump*

Masters_lil_slut: *eyes flash widely, her body taut...mind reeling as she trembles...her voice soft as it lifts timidly*

Masters_lil_slut: i need to cum

ur_lil_kitten: *grins, hearing your voice* do you now? As in real time, slut? Is your clit throbbing? Are you wanting to cum for me?

Masters_lil_slut: *tears spill, the girl shocked to her core as she nods* yes...

ur_lil_kitten: not yet

Masters_lil_slut: whimpering, she nods, her voice soft

Masters_lil_slut: thank you

ur_lil_kitten: *grins, knowing she knew i would make her wait* not until its delicious torture slut ... until you are begging

ur_lil_kitten: *releases your wrists slowly, my hands sliding down your arms* keep them over your head ... understand?

Masters_lil_slut: yes....*shudders, fingers curling into palms, nails pressing gently as she writhes

ur_lil_kitten: *smiles, mouth moving lower to the undersides of her soft heaving breasts, tongue darting out to taste her salty sweetness, the hint of her dire need dotted along in small beads of perspiration as fingers trail along your sides, over your curves to your shifting hips*

Masters_lil_slut: *flesh quivers, flushed with heat, pink tongue tip slithering over tingling lips, tasting your cream lingering on her flesh

Masters_lil_slut: *a low purr spills, your mouth leaving tiny fires along her skin as you torment her

ur_lil_kitten: *my body lifting up over yours, releasing your hips from mine as my knee moves up to force your thighs wider, glancing up to make sure your arms are still extended over your head, clasped together as if bound, a grin appearing as her tongue slides into your belly button*

ur_lil_kitten: *dipping ... tasting ... teasing ... quivering kisses of lips over your hips and then nips at your flesh in playful abandon, feeling your flesh shiver in response, one hand sliding down your leg and then back up your inner thigh to rest in the crook of where your softness melts into turgid heat*

Masters_lil_slut: *whimpers, belly taut as your mouth sends her shivering. She moans softly, body arching, lifting in eager offering to the torment, nails pressing cruelly into her palms

Masters_lil_slut: she gasps quietly; teeth sinking into the lushness of a bottom lip to silence the begging as the need builds, pushing upward from her core

ur_lil_kitten: *grins mischievously, watching your body react and beg before the words come and then glances up to watch your teeth silence your lips, reaches up to thumb a nipple as her other hand slides over your mound, feeling the heat radiate, fingers teasing over the outer lips but not slipping within*

ur_lil_kitten: so wet ... I think your inner thighs are going to get moist in a few more minutes, slut

Masters_lil_slut: *moans, a low, whimpering sound of need. Eyes flare with fire as they follow your every move. Thighs spill open, hips thrust wantonly

Masters_lil_slut: *flesh quivers, tingling and pulsing with the pleasure given by your touch. Nipples swell painfully, throbbing; matching the pulsing of the swollen clit nestled between slick folds

ur_lil_kitten: *grins, feeling your hips begin to beg but leaves her fingers splayed over your soft mound, its heat radiating through as her hot breath washes over your hip, tongue darting out to lave the flesh so close to her fingers, knowing you want to feel it so bad, feeling you quiver beneath her mouth, her other hand sliding up to your breast, toying with your nipple again, not pinching ... not pulling ... just soft passes that leave you arching for more*

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