Heated Whispers


Masters_lil_slut: *groans quietly, small sounds laced with need. Her body tight, desperate for release after so many days of denial. Nostrils flare and she growls softly, eyes flaring with wildness as her body yields to the sweet torment

Masters_lil_slut: *she whispers in a breathless, shaky voice...a simple declaration of surrender* I need to cum...And I can't. Help me...please...let me cum for you

ur_lil_kitten: *smiles, pulling myself up to a sitting position between your spread thighs, pushing them almost painfully wider, opening your quivering heat to me, leaning a bit to the left to glance down into those moist, dark pink petals and spies your clit with a grin, protruding almost lecherously as it begs in silent torment to be sent over the edge*

ur_lil_kitten: *laughs softly, eyes softening even as her voice is almost hard* I’ll think about it

Masters_lil_slut: *whimpers quietly, hips thrusting upward, twisting and grinding, air brushing over the sensitive bud, drawing a sharp gasp as your fingers expose the tender flesh

ur_lil_kitten: so tell me slut ... how bad are you shaking r/t? Are you so fucking close that you want to keep begging? Is it getting hard to think? Even harder to type?

Masters_lil_slut: *blushes, hissing softly* yes...yes...and yessssssss

ur_lil_kitten: tighten those muscles girl, like you are clamping around my fingers ... imagine it

ur_lil_kitten: now ... and don't move those arms

ur_lil_kitten: I want you to push it further ... hold and squeeze

Masters_lil_slut: *tears spill...her body instantly obeying, needing, aching for release. Her eyes lock to yours, trust and surrender shimmering in the sea green depths, skin flushed as the muscles begin to spasm.

ur_lil_kitten: harder slut! Squeeze!

ur_lil_kitten: I want you trembling girl

Masters_lil_slut: *groans...shaking now*

Masters_lil_slut: please

Masters_lil_slut: *shudders*

ur_lil_kitten: *suddenly thrusts two fingers deep, in and out quickly* squeeze! Don’t cum ... not yet

ur_lil_kitten: harder slut! Push it to the edge

Masters_lil_slut: gasps...crying out sharply...heart pounding, moisture beading on her flesh as she quivers

ur_lil_kitten: take your finger, r/t and press it on your clit, hard!

ur_lil_kitten: press and hold

Masters_lil_slut: screams in agony and frustration

ur_lil_kitten: now back and forth, flick it side to side, hard

ur_lil_kitten: do it!

ur_lil_kitten: you can feel it popping out with each pass

ur_lil_kitten: ooooo .. It’s so good, isn't it?

Masters_lil_slut: yes! Damn it. Please?

ur_lil_kitten: squuuueeezzzeeee

ur_lil_kitten: *slides down between your legs, shoves my hands beneath your ass and lifts you up, burying my tongue deep inside your cunt as my finger pinches your clit*

ur_lil_kitten: CUM

ur_lil_kitten: do it slut

ur_lil_kitten: now!

ur_lil_kitten: cum hard girl

ur_lil_kitten: don't play with me ... give me it all

Masters_lil_slut: her entire body lurches, tossing back as she bucks and thrashes...cream spills, tears flow and she screams, writhing as she cums...pussy spasms hard, painful as the climax rips through her womb

ur_lil_kitten: don't you stop slut!

ur_lil_kitten: keep cumming

ur_lil_kitten: all those built up frustrations

ur_lil_kitten: let them out

Masters_lil_slut: sobbing now, shuddering, cream seeping over throbbing flesh...

ur_lil_kitten: you better be cumming hard over there slut or this will never happen again

ur_lil_kitten: don't you stop

ur_lil_kitten: *grins and sucks your clit into my mouth, chewing on it as you shudder uncontrollably*

Masters_lil_slut: shaking, your voice pierces the fog of her mind and she laughs as she weeps...tears hot on her cheeks, the waves crashing hard...sending her wailing and grinding against you

ur_lil_kitten: squuueeezzzeeee ... I know you have more over there

ur_lil_kitten: I want more!

Masters_lil_slut: gasps, eyes flying wide, her body instantly squeezing, her throat raw as she screams again, the spasm gripping her belly hard as she cums again...flooding with cream now

ur_lil_kitten: *fingers replacing her tongue, two thick as they pump in and out of your, chewing on your clit as you jerk and spasm against her*

ur_lil_kitten: once more slut!

ur_lil_kitten: give me a good one

ur_lil_kitten: hard!

Masters_lil_slut: she collapses back...head tossing as spine arches and hips lunge upward...she digs deep, the world going dark as she cums yet again...shocked to her soul...wearily collapsing into the furs...quietly crying now

ur_lil_kitten: okay ... rest kajira

ur_lil_kitten: *smiles, tongue gently laving and then crawls up your length and pulls you close*

ur_lil_kitten: just relax

Masters_lil_slut: trembles...curling to her side, tugging you up to her, arms sliding around you as she weeps. She blushes shyly, kissing you softly, tasting the sweetness of her cream as she whispers*

Masters_lil_slut: thank you again baby

ur_lil_kitten: *smiles and kisses you sweetly*

ur_lil_kitten: *pulls you close and rubs your back* all better now?

Masters_lil_slut: yes...so much better...*sighs softly, nuzzling your cheek*

ur_lil_kitten: *laughs softly and smacks your ass* well you brought out the domme in me

Masters_lil_slut: *purrs softly, grinning* mmmmm...I like this side of you

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