It was summer 1973 it was a particularly warm summer in California, and something was in the air. A new music was building the children of this age were wild with ideas in politics and art. Something called to Heathen. She walked along a busy L.A. street. Then she saw a huge sign:"Ash Moon in Concert" She carefully made her way inside.

Heathen stood nearest to the stage on which he stood. she swayed in rhythm to the music. It hadn't been difficult for her to get where she stood, not with her lithe glitter covered body. Asher Moon stood ten feet away from her playing the last song of the evening. Heathen just gave Asher her secret sexy smile.

Something about her called to Ash as he wrangled his way through the crowd to get to her. He was ignoring all of the other girls who were throwing their near naked bodies at him. Heathen felt as though there were a thousand fireflies in her stomach all combining their light to work as a beacon of love-light as she watched Ash come closer. A smile the size of Texas came across his face as he walked up to her. As he drew closer he could smell her sweet autumn flowered scent, it absolutely overtook him.

"Hello, I'm Ash Moon." He grasped her hand it felt small and delicate almost breakable in his grip.

"I know." Heathen smiled.

The smile went smaller on his face. "And just who are you baby girl?"

Her royal blue eyes glowed with mischief "Heathen." Asher laid his hand on her pink haired head. "A pleasure Miss Heathen."

Heathen stayed with Asher that night, lying close to him. She dreamt while she slept she dreamt of the glen and when she did Heathen saw Asher there. He was dancing with her and there dancing with them were July and Gabriel. She awoke with a start Asher woke with her holding her tightly as she wept telling him the story of the wizard and her beloved July and the time the three of them spent together.

"Where are they now?" he asked calmly not even thinking about the ridiculous amounts of time.

Tears were shiny in her eyes as she sobbed "I don't know, I must find them they were taken into the place of the dead." Asher now felt a dread creep down his spine his mouth went dry as he formed the question that burned in his mind. "What are you?"

Heathen simply turned and looked at him; tenderly she stroked the side of his face.

"I'm a faerie." She whispered. Asher smiled remembering when he was a little boy his childhood imaginary friend had been Astrid, the faerie who acted like his mother. She taught him many things including how to take care of himself. Heathen giggled lightly.

"So you know Astrid." Heathen had a large beaming smile.

"Holy shit, she's real?" his face went slack as he stared at this bright girl who seemed to glow like the stars above.

"Yes that she is." She nodded "so you must be special, though I've heard about anyone like you in the legend."

Asher's eyelids seem to grow heavy as he slid back on to the bed suddenly. Heathen settled down next to him.

California amazed Heathen it gave off an almost whimsical aura, like anything could happen. It was like Asher's studio apartment was the epicenter of some new world. Heathen slept amongst his band mates and an assortment of groupies. They all seemed so motivated at spreading peace, love, and harmony. Everyone Asher called "brother" or "sister" seemed to have all been visited by fey.

Each night before settling in for sleep Heathen would tell him of her life, the deep love she shared with July, she spoke of the wizard Gabriel whose magick sent her to Asher. Time seemed to pass slowly for Asher and his band. No one seemed to care either it was toward the end of august Asher's band The Magicians started to record their break though album.

Heathen felt things for Asher she never experienced before just watching him play guitar would make her feel a flame that started at the base of her spine and spread through her limbs. On this particular night she did not excuse herself to go out walking on the beach like usual, tonight she waited for Asher to finish. Shaking she stood walked in between Asher and his amp and kissed him standing on tip-toe at first then as his intense love hit her she fell back.

Quickly Heathen lead him outside but to her surprise it wasn't the shore. It was the garden of the wizard almost 600 years earlier. Heathen wasn't shocked but she could tell by Asher's grip he sure was scared. "Honey, where are we?" he asked in a hoarse whisper.

"Gabriel's garden."

"Gabriel, the wizard from the 1300's?" he was in disbelief; in all honesty Heathen was a bit confused herself.

"Heath!" July jumped on Heathen knocking her down. Asher stood watching in shock.

"I used be like that too, but on gets accustomed to seeing these two after a while."

A man in a violet tunic appeared to his left, startled Asher turned toward him away from the kissing faeries.

"Who's that?" July crawled over teasingly pulling on Asher's leg.

"This is Asher, a musician." Heathen said proudly.

"Musician." July repeated looking so cute, Gabriel bent down to kiss her.

"So this is really 1300?" Asher asked looking at Gabriel. Gabriel shook his head "this is the glen, it hovers just outside of time." He smiled to July then Heathen "This section was made to look like my garden."

Just then a cool summery breeze swept around them. Constellian appeared in front of and he was wearing the white cloak of time.

"Heathen, nice to see you back here." Constellian walked slowly to his tree trunk throne looking at each of them.

"As you all know it is said I am older than all faeries that I was made by the three goddesses to be the barer of the love-light and father a race of truly pure of heart creatures, your race." His smiled spilled loving and caring.

"Is it true?" July asked in her child like tone.

Constellian sighed. "Yes."

A sense of awe fell over all of them.

"The love light needs to spread to mortals, because without it they will destroy all the gods and goddesses have made." The two mortal men looked from the faeries to each other. Constellian nodded knowing exactly what they were thinking.

"Your mothers were of faerie blood, so you are connected to me, you share the love light. That is why you have been found. "

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