Chapter One: Heather and Rachal

Heather was halfway to their meeting. Her body was literally trembling as she drove. At last, she was about to meet the young woman who threatened to change her life. She was more aroused than she'd ever been in her life. So much so, last night, she'd fucked her husband silly.

Despite her favourite missionary position, she'd fucked him every which way. There'd been two images in her head throughout her lovemaking. Rachal. And Miss Alluring. Heather had become so crazed she'd finally just had to get on top of her husband and grind her pussy into his face.

Of course, it was Rach's face and tongue that were pleasuring her. Or was it Miss Alluring? Perhaps both? She smiled at the name that Rachal had christened her daughter's friend. Then she shivered at the recollection of her huge orgasm.

The coffee shop was an innocent venue for her first meeting with Rachal. She'd be there soon. When the young woman had sent her feedback on her story, she'd no idea what it would lead to. That it would eventually give her the confidence to bring her deepest fantasies into the open.

At 41 Heather was feeling in the midst of a sexual renaissance. If she needed a spark to get her going, the sexy, free-spirited young temptress had provided it.

They'd met via the net and there was something about that first contact that had attracted Heather's attention. They immediately got on so well. When Rach had talked of her experiences, Heather had been infatuated. Especially when Rach had told her there was nothing quite like a woman's knowing touch.

God, Heather had wanted that so much lately. She'd never been with a woman. Nor had she really thought about it until quite recently. But now, she constantly fantasised about a woman finding her attractive. Seducing her. She so needed that.

Rachal's words struck a chord. Whilst Heather lamented what she'd missed in coming of age, her new, young, friend suggested the importance of living in the present. That was so true. They'd both masturbated to their contact, their photographs. Now, they'd soon be meeting.

She glanced at the clock in her car. She was only ten minutes away. Rachal's text told her she'd already arrived. The fresh orange juice tasted good, she'd said.

Heather's soft sigh indicated her growing nervousness. Rachal had confided that her relationship with her boyfriend was good. Their satisfactory sex life reflected their sexually adventurous attitude. Although he'd asked her to move in, that was a step too far. She enjoyed her independence and was pretty sure he wasn't 'the one'. But more than that, she had been hungry lately. Ravenous, she'd explained.

It had been some time since she'd had a woman's touch. Too long. She didn't intend to cheat on her boyfriend, but maybe it was different with a woman? That wasn't really cheating. Was it?

Heather felt the same. She couldn't cheat on her loving husband. But was a relationship with another woman cheating?

Stopping at the traffic lights, Heather smiled to herself. Rach had told her she'd found a tiger. A suppressed tiger, but a tiger nonetheless. That Heather's need to be with another woman appealed. She'd said she could think of nothing more fulfilling than helping a straight woman reach out towards her potential. She could almost cum from the thought. Heather had masturbated at those words.

The first photograph Heather had sent had been tame. Yet Rach had told her that her natural beauty and smile was captivating. That made her feel good.

The second photograph wasn't tame. She was proud of it. Proud of her body. Sitting up in bed, wearing only panties, her full breasts stood thrusting and proud above her wonderfully flat stomach. If that didn't turn on her new friend, nothing would.

And the young woman hadn't held back when Heather asked her to tell her more about herself. She'd answered everything she'd been asked. And Heather knew she'd been very perceptive in her questions. She needed to make sure she was doing the right thing.

Heather particularly liked Rach's approach to life. Still pretty young, she had no real ties. That helped form her outlook. Put simply, she told Heather she wanted to experience what life had to offer. When she settled down she wanted no regrets. Depite her current boyfriend, she knew she'd have to explore other relationships, with both sexes, before that time came.

Then there was that question. The million dollar question. She'd asked outright. Was Rachal trying to seduce her. Her heart leapt even now at the answer. It had been unequivocal. Absolutely, YES.

The discovery that they actually lived near each other was too good to be true. A half an hour's car journey apart. God, she was wet already.

If anything, the butterflies were worse as Heather eased her car into the parking lot. It was difficult to believe the time had finally come. During the journey, she'd experienced a mixture of emotions. Racked by fear and second thoughts. What she was about to do would either be the greatest experience of her life. Or, her greatest mistake.

She could hear the blood rushing through her ears. Her heart pounded as she stepped out of the car and into the open air. Deep breaths, she told herself. Thirty seconds later, her sweaty hands had locked her car and she was heading towards the coffee shop entrance.


She recognised Rachal immediately. She was sitting at the far end of the room. God, she could see her nipples through the tight red t-shirt. Glancing down, she realised she was also showing.

Their hug was warm. The way they looked at each other told both women they were very happy with what they saw. Neither of their photographs had lied. Smalltalk served them until their drinks were served, their eyes hardly leaving one another.

When the young waitress left them with a soft smile, Rachal leant a little closer across the small table. "Hello, baby," she half whispered, flashing a mischievous grin.

Heather smiled, her fingers playing around the edge of her cup. "I'm shaking so bad I can barely speak."

Rachal grinned again as she leant a little further forward. Heather felt a thrill run through her as the young woman took her hand and gently ran her thumb across her fingers. She jerked her head around the room to make sure they weren't being watched but made no attempt to pull her hand away.

"That's good," Rachal responded, with a soft laugh. She grinned at the beautiful, sexy brunette. Heather looked much younger than her forty-one years. "I'm shaking too.... partly from nervousness and partly from lust."

Heather stared across at the young temptress. Her blue-hazel eyes firmly returned the stare and suddenly it didn't feel right to look at her like that. Heather dropped her eyes but found they quickly seized on the perky breasts pushing nicely through the tight red t-shirt. If anything, her nipples were even more pronounced. It suddenly occurred to her how much she wanted to see this young woman naked.

It was as if Rachal could read her mind. "I want you so bad, Heather."

The tension rose another notch. Heather eased her legs slightly apart under the table, to relieve the pressure. Her pussy was tingling. "I want you too, Rach. This is such a turn on."

Rach turned Heather's hand upwards and began to run her long nail around the delicate palm. Soft, sensual, strokes "And that photograph! Baby, you have a smoking, hot body!"

The tingling in Heather's pussy turned into a furnace of desire. She wanted, needed, this young vixen to use her body in any way she chose.

A couple occupying the table to their left brought a swift end to their line of conversation. Heather felt Rachal attempt to hold onto her hand as she pulled it away. Her eyes widened but the dark haired young woman simply grinned at her. The look of concern she flashed, to tell Rachal they needed to be careful, had no effect.

The young temptress brazenly reached her hand out again, across the table, and covered Heather's. "I told Alan that I didn't feel too good when he wanted to fuck me last night," she casually said. Her only concession was to lower her voice. "He was staying over at mine. Then when he went to sleep, I masturbated thinking of you. I came twice, Heather!"

Heather glanced across at the couple next to them to make sure they couldn't be overheard. The couple seemed preoccupied perusing the menu. She knew she was blushing. Rachal knew it, too, her eyes flickering with amusement.

"What?" she heard her new young friend ask. Her blush deepened. Rachal read her mind again. "You fucked your husband?" she asked, in a mock shocked tone.

Heather leant forward. Her voice was low. "I couldn't help it, Rach. I was so horny in anticipation of our meeting." She paused for a second. "But I was thinking of you."

The dark haired twenty four year old nodded. "I should think so. And Miss Alluring, too perhaps?"

Heather felt a bead of sweat break out on her forehead. She sat back in her chair as the waitress served the couple at the next table.

"Or maybe the three of us together?"

Her soft, smouldering eyes burned into Heather. How could this young woman be so perceptive? She stared back, a disbelieving look clouding her face. Before she could respond, Rachal continued.

"That's okay, Heather. I really want to hear all about that young minx." Her nail began to run little circles around Heather's palm again. "But first, tell me, have you really never been with a woman?"

Heather shook her head. She watched Rachal's eyes flicker to her breasts and knew her nipples must have been like organ stops. Would this tingling in her pussy never stop?

"Never," she responded, momentarily pausing to compose herself. "I've always been a pretty conservative, straight, married woman. I've really never thought about it until quite recently."

Rachal smiled knowingly. "How long have you been married?" she asked, taking a long sip of her orange juice.

The tension in Heather's face eased a little. It was almost as if the chance to talk about herself relieved some of the sexual tension. "I've been very happily married for a long-time. Nineteen years. I married young. My husband and I were lucky. At the time, we were so certain we were perfect for each other. In retrospect, I don't think a twenty two year old can know that. It just turned out that we were. He's been a wonderful husband and father."

Rachal smiled the most tender of smiles. Her eyes were stunning.

"I've never looked outside my marriage for physical pleasure," Heather continued. "I never thought I ever would, and I know my husband is the only man I will ever be with..."

Rachal filled the brief pause. "But?"

Heather's smouldering dark eyes smiled, as she raised an eyebrow. "But... I've felt something of a sexual renaissance recently. With a daughter of nineteen and a son a year younger, and all their friends around, maybe I've been breathing teenage hormones too much?"

They both laughed, the sound of two people enjoying each other's company. For the first time, Heather felt more relaxed. Her body remained on fire. Her arousal high. But now she felt more comfortable with it.

"While in practice I'm quite conservative," she explained, sipping at her drink. "Between my ears I allow myself whatever desire strikes me."

"And you desire a woman?"

Heather nodded, sitting back and smiling. "Whether I could really do that physically, I don't know, Rach. What I do know is that between my ears alone isn't enough. That's why I am so glad I found you. I want to explore this. I want to give and receive pleasure with a real person, a real woman more precisely."

"That sounds pretty definite," the dark haired young woman remarked, her voice warm and confident.

Heather gave a soft sigh as she stared into Rachal's eyes. It was more a statement of intent, rather than any indecision. "Yes," she eventually said. "It is."

"And now you're spoilt for choice?" A puzzled look ran across Heather's face. "Me or Miss Alluring," Rachal grinned.

Heather laughed. "Doh!"

"Tell me about her."

"You want details?" she asked, smiling broadly and laughing out loud.

Rachal nodded. "You told me she's been your masturbation fantasy..."

Heather's blush returned. She took a deep breath, pausing before each sentence as she spoke. "She's a good friend of my daughter's. I imagine her staying the night. In the middle of the night, I can't sleep. So I go downstairs to the living room. She arrives. Seduces me. Takes me. Then she guides me as I take her."

She gave a longer pause. Both could feel the sexual tension again. Heather's smile just barely touched the corners of her lips. "In my female fantasies, I am definitely submissive."

Heather hoped the hint hadn't gone unnoticed. It hadn't. Rachal nodded, staring at the beautiful brunette with a twinkle in her eye. "She's fit?" she asked.

The sparkle in Heather's eyes provided the answer. "You should see her in low rise jeans," she purred, running a hand through her silken hair.

Rachal's eyes watched her breasts rise and fall with the movement of her arm. She leant forward, conspiratorially. "And is her body as smoking hot as yours? Tanned? Long legs? Flat stomach? Voluptuous breasts?"

Heather's eyes narrowed at the words. This young temptress had a way of sending electricity through her and to her wet pussy.

Rachal took hold of her hand again. Her eyes dropped to the nipples that were again pushing through Heather's thin blue blouse. "And are her nipples just begging to be sucked, like yours?"

Heather gasped, lost in the moment. "Her body is even better than mine," was all she could think to answer.

Rachal's smouldering eyes held hers. "Impossible," she decisively stated, gripping Heather's hand more tightly to pull her closer. "Is she as fuckable as you, Heather?"

Chapter Two: Rachal makes Heather a woman

"When can we meet again?" Heather asked, as they walked to the parking lot. The way Rach had automatically linked arms with her gave her a warm feeling that spread from her head to toes. She smelled good, like coconut.

"Again? We haven't finished."

"Haven't finished? Rach, I need to get back."

Rachal stopped in her tracks, pulling Heather to a halt beside her. For a second she stepped away, brushing her fingers through her dark hair. Holding Heather's gaze, pulled her above-the-shoulder length back into a short, high ponytail.

"Why?" she asked, her alert eyes never wavering from Heather's face.

"My husband will be home soon."

"Ring him," Rachal said, linking arms again. She hurried them towards her car, coincidentally parked next to Heather's. "I'll drop you back here later," she told her, opening the passenger side door.

Heather hesitated. Her apprehension was quite apparent. "Where are we going?" she nervously asked.

"My apartment," she said, grinning widely. "Get in."


The ten-minute journey was enough time for Heather to call her husband and make an excuse. She finished the conversation just as Rachal drove around to the rear of the apartment complex. She took the only vacant space in the secluded parking area.

Unfastening their seat belts, the two women turned to look at one another. There were no words. Heather felt a delicious chill as Rachal reached out and slid her slim fingers through her hair. The sensation ran from her nipples to her pussy with each soft caress. Suddenly the hand was caressing the back of her neck. She felt Rachal slowly pull her toward her, dipping her head low as their lips met for the first time.

Heather was in heaven.

She gasped and Rachal took the opportunity to slide her mouth in closer, pushing her tongue between Heather's soft lips. Their heads rocked into one another hypnotically as their kiss deepened. Slowly, Rachal's delicate fingers were crawling up her body, pausing for a second at swell of the firm breast. She let her thumb momentarily caress the soft under-globe, before rising to cup the voluptuous breast through the thin fabric.

Heather gasped happily as she felt her hard nipple being tweaked under the expert fingers. She pulled back a second to watch her breast being fondled before quickly dropping her head to resume their passionate kiss.

When their kiss broke, Heather gasped for air. She met Rachal's smouldering eyes. The young temptress slowly unbuttoned Heather's blue blouse, her eyes holding the nervous woman's gaze as each button was undone. She pulled the edges of the blouse apart and suddenly, her fingers were on Heather's bra. She roughly yanked up each cup.

The wonderfully full and firm breasts bounced free before settling. Heather groaned at the effect. Rachal gasped at the sight.

The young lips slid first to her left globe. They licked around the wonderful breast before sliding to the other, leaving a trail of saliva behind them. Heather sucked in a ragged breath through her teeth, tipping her head back and closing her eyes. Her moans filled the air as Rachal licked at her erect nipple, her long tongue darting circles around the sensitive aureole.

She slipped one hand around to cradle the full breast as she suckled, her other hand working its way down between Heather's legs. As she began to firmly rub her mound, Heather pushed her hips upwards and gave out a low, throaty groan. Her back pushed against the seat as she arched herself, allowing the sucking lips and rubbing hand better access.

Rachal's head nodded imperceptibly. Her eyes gleamed as she took the hard nipple into her mouth. Heather moaned aloud, loving the way her would be lover sucked on it, circling it with her tongue and rapidly flicking it. Her legs opened wider to better the hand that continued working her still clad pussy.

Rachal responded to each groan by sucking and licking mercilessly. The combination of her pleasuring lips and masturbating hand were producing their magic. Heather could feel herself approaching her peak. Her breathing became ever more rapid. Her pants became moans, then cries.

With a final groan, she screamed out as the most powerful orgasm of her life broke. It hit her in waves, finding every nerve ending in her body. She was sure she momentarily blacked out.

When her eyes eventually fluttered open, Rachal's beautiful blue-hazel eyes were smiling at her. "Hi, babe. How do you feel?"

Heather's body was still heaving from her climax. Her lazy grin indicated her state of satisfaction.

Rachal grinned. "Good. We've only just started..."


Immediately they entered Rachal's apartment, Heather found herself pinned back against the door. Her eyes narrowed as another burst of arousal overwhelmed her. The young woman wasn't leaving her time to think.

Their mouths met again. The kiss was urgent. This time Heather returned fire with fire. Her lips sucked on Rachal's probing tongue as the young temptress's hand slithered to her mound.

"Still feels hot," she moaned into Heather's open mouth. "Good, baby?"

The question was rhetorical. The writhing underneath her hand conveyed the answer. Her mouth slithered to Heather's neck. She gave a soft bite.

Heather's eyes widened. It would be difficult to hide that from her husband.

"I don't care," Rachal whispered, as if reading Heather's mind. "That's my mark. You're mine now. And starting now, each of the desires you've told me are about to come true."

Everything she'd told the young woman flashed through Heather's mind in a matter of seconds. Her arousal increased further with each fleeting thought. The fingers flicking open the button on her blue jeans brought her back to the present. The zip made a metallic noise as Rachal yanked it down. Her hand slithered inside.

Heather involuntarily opened her legs to allow her soon to be lover more freedom. Rachal's hand brushed her engorged clitoris through her favourite black silk panties. Heather's moan turned into a gasp when the searching fingers slipped under the material and ran through her covering of dark hair. When the finger slid inside her wetness, her head went back, her legs opened wider, her eyes closed.

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