Heather stood transfixed. Her deep brown eyes were glued to the quite magnificent globes thrusting themselves towards her.

Just as quickly, they were gone. Miss Alluring suddenly appeared to feel a pang of shyness, covering herself again. But not before Heather's warm smile signalled her approval.

"Thank you," she purred. "I think you're the most beautiful young woman I've ever seen."

Miss Alluring blushed again. As she hurriedly redid her strap, the heaving of her chest indicated her excitement. Quietly, she strolled over and opened the door. Just as she was about to leave, she paused and looked back. For the first time, she spoke.

"Can I see yours?" she asked, her eyes fixed on Heather.

The beautiful older woman felt herself tremble at the request. She wanted the young woman to see her. As she slowly lifted her t-shirt, Miss Alluring stared at the full, naked breasts on display. Heather's nipples were hard.

"You're beautiful, too," the young beauty simply said. Her hair bounced as she swung around and left the room.

Heather's heart was ready to burst out of her chest. There was only one thing to do. The orgasm she gave herself in her basement office was as intense as it was instant.


The day had gone well. Heather had remained on a high after her brief encounter with Miss Alluring. The secretive glances they'd subsequently shared had only added to her arousal. Only now, with her kids having just made their way to bed, could she relax.

"Had a good evening?" Heather asked, handing her brother his nightcap. As he took it and lifted his legs back onto the sofa, she flopped down into the chair across from him.

"Great, just great," he answered, holding his glass out and clinking it with hers.

"You look tired."

Her brother laughed, taking a long sip from his drink. "I'm exhausted. But I'm looking forward to spending the day with Kyle tomorrow."

"Where are the two of you going?"

Her brother laughed again, his eyes crinkling the way they did when he found something funny. "I have no idea. He said he had it all planned out, so we'll see what he has in mind. When we return, I'll make dinner for the four of us."

"You?" Heather teased, running a finger around the rim of her glass. "Make dinner?"

He pulled himself up slightly on the sofa. "You'll be surprised. By the way, your house is incredible, sis. I love it."

"We're lucky," Heather responded, savouring a soft mouthful from her glass. "It's great for the kids. We love the place, too."

"And so you should. My place is a shoe box compared to this."

"And it's quiet and relaxing," she added, sitting forward. "I just love the way we have things outside. It's heaven. What with the hot tub and the pool, it adds an extra dimension when you're sunbathing."

"Yeah, I think I'll try the tub tomorrow. By the way, I remember you sunbathing," he laughed. His voice sounded a little nervous, his tone a little higher than before.

"We often sunbathed," Heather replied with a puzzled look. She turned more directly to face him.

"Yes, but this time you decided to tease your brother."

Heather sat up. She knew exactly what her brother was referring too. She'd thought of the incident many times herself. Even masturbated to it occasionally.

They'd both been in college but were home for the summer. Heather had been sunbathing, laying on her stomach with her top untied. With just one hand holding her top in place as she'd adjusted her position, she'd somehow had exposed her right breast. When her brother had stared at her, she'd instantly felt aroused.

"Remember the water hose?" he asked.

Remember? How could she forget? Some time after the accidental exposure, she'd grabbed the hose and passed it to him. Cool her down, she'd told him. When he began to spray her, she'd exposed her right breast again. Deliberately, this time. He'd bolted like a bunny into the house.

"No," she lied.

"Yes you do," he countered, swinging around on the sofa. "You seemed to have some fixation on showing me your tits."

Heather felt a shudder of arousal. "Only the one," she answered.

"So you do remember?"

She laughed and took another lazy sip from her glass. "I remember you bolting for the house."

"I was shy."

She laughed again. A throatier laugh this time. "You certainly were."

"But you know what, sis?"

She raised her eyebrows expectantly.

"You had the prettiest breast I'd ever seen."

Heather felt her breathing quicken. She wasn't expecting this sort of conversation. "Had?" she teased. "You mean you've seen better?"

His face went serious for a second. "Well, it was so long ago. How's a guy to remember?"

They stared at one another. The sudden tension was palpable. Heather broke it, rising from her comfortable chair and thumping her glass on the table beside her.

"Bed time, little brother."

He rose with her. He drained his drink and placed his glass beside hers. "Good idea. I need some sleep."

As Heather turned away, his voice stopped her. "Heather..."

She turned to face him. Her arousal was building. "Yes?"

"Can I see them again?"

She stopped in her tracks. "You're my brother for goodness sake!" she exclaimed, running a hand through her hair.

"I was your brother when you flashed me the last time," he retorted, his eyes narrowing.

She sighrd, slowly shaking her head.

"Please. Just once."

She hesitated. Her heart was pounding. She realised she actually wanted this. Wanted him to see her full, firm breasts. Just as she had all those years ago. Slowly, she pulled up her blue top. Her naked breasts sprang into view, bouncing slightly. As her brother gasped, her nipples hardened and an electrical current found its way to her pussy.

He took a step towards her. His hand felt so soft as it reached out and cupped her right breast. The way he squeezed the soft, heavy mound stiffened her nipple even further.

She wanted to take his other hand and roughly press both to her breasts. But common sense took over. She stared at him for a second before somehow finding the willpower to gently place her hand over his. She grabbed two of his fingers and bent them backwards.

"Ahh," he moaned, in pain.

"You said, look, not touch," she muttered. With her last hint of resolve, she turned around and walking to her room. This was her little brother. Her shy, little brother.

Chapter Five: Rachal and her boyfriend

Heather had masturbated throughout the previous night. First, it was to thoughts of her brother. Then, to images of Rachal. But it was Miss Alluring who featured most. She recollected the soft feel of the young girl's breasts, the way her young eyes had stared at her, their requests to see each other's breasts. The tantalising young girl was a powerful aphrodisiac.

The opportunity to spend more time with her this afternoon had seen her rise early to complete her morning chores. She'd even had time to shop. The food she carried back into the house provided plenty of alternatives for her brother when he cooked dinner that evening. She gave a soft laugh at the thought. Now that, she just had to see.

Now, she had enough time available to make sure she had full value from Miss Alluring's visit. And the fact that her brother and Kyle were spending the day together only added to the feeling of intimacy.

When she returned to the house, her daughter had been in her bikini all morning. She quickly changed too, and the two of them were enjoying the sun's rays when Miss Alluring arrived, immediately heading upstairs to change.

Although Heather doubted that this presented any sort of opportunity, instinct saw her follow the girl upstairs. Sensibly, she headed for her own bedroom, pottering around and keeping herself occupied whilst she waited to hear her masturbatory fantasy head downstairs.

Instead, she had a light tap on the door. Her heart skipped another beat when the young woman nervously entered the bedroom. She seemed bashful.

"Would you mind outing more sunscreen on my back?"

Heather was sure the youngster would be able to see the shiver that ran through her. "Of course," she croaked, attempting to make her voice sound matter of fact. She turned to the door. "It's in the master bathroom."

The young temptress followed her. Without speaking, she took up a position at the counter in front of a mirror, as if she wanted to watch Heather again.

Heather's stomach lurched. She watched the beautiful young woman untie the back strap. With a couple of deep breaths, she began to rub in the lotion. Slowly. Their eyes never left each other in the wide mirror.

Heather repeated her strokes from yesterday. But this time, her movements were gentler. More of a caress. When her fingertips reached the sides of her breasts, she became bolder. With little circular motions, she allowed her fingers to take a little more of each firm globe into her hands.

The soft groan she elicited from Miss Alluring gave Heather confidence. The teenager made no objection. She began to breath faster. Her body pushed back into Heather.

The beautiful older woman could resist no longer. She'd done this so many times in her fantasies. This time it was for real. Her hands took possession of the wonderfully full breasts. She let out a soft groan as she mashed them.

Her actions released a valve in the young woman. "Oh yes, oh yes."

Her words emboldened Heather. So did the moans that grew with every continuous stroke of the sexy, older woman's caressing hands. She slid a leg forward, placing it between Miss Alluring legs. The teenager began to grind down onto it.

The two women stayed that way for some time. Miss Alluring looked as if she was in heaven. Heather certainly was.

Without warning, the teenager reached down and started to rub her pussy. Her actions made Heather shudder and she kneaded the gravity defying breasts harder. Feeling the hardened nipples against her palms.

Miss Alluring's groans increased. She bit her lips. The hand inside her bikini bottoms moved faster. She was unable to stop herself. Her whole body began to quiver and shake. She began to spiral out of control. Her body pushed back against Heather as her orgasm exploded from her.

It was wonderful. Heather had never imagined the ferocity of the girl's orgasm, even in the wildest of her masturbatory moments. She reluctantly allowed the firm breasts to slip from her grasp, letting the young beauty come down from her high. It took some time for her shaking to stop. When it did, she turned to Heather.

For a second, they looked into one another's eyes. Heather gave a nervous smile. "Wow, that was intense."

They half laughed. Miss Alluring slid her arms around Heather's neck. As she hugged her, she whispered, "I want to make you cum, too."

It was so tempting. Almost irresistibly so. But the beautiful, older woman knew they'd been there too long already.

"I'd love you to," she whispered into the soft ear beside her lips. "But I think we need to get outside before we're interrupted." She gently smiled at the disappointed look on the young girl's face. "But, I can't wait too long. I'll text you when an opportunity comes along. Then we can get into bed and take our time."

The teenager beamed with all the confidence of youth.


"You made her cum?" Rachal almost shouted. She'd listened patiently to Heather recounting her experience with Miss Alluring.

Heather moved the receiver to her other ear. After what had happened, she'd felt compelled to telephone her young lover.

"It was unbelievable, Rach. You should see her body when she cums. Her whole body quivers and shakes. It was so amazing to watch her totally lose control."

"How do you feel now?"

"Oh God, I am sooo horny. I'm going to fuck that girl so hard. She's going to whimper and scream my name." The pitch of her voice rose as her arousal grew. It was arousing enough last night, but this has capped it."

"Last night?"

Heather paused. In her excitement, she'd only told her young lover of today's events. "My brother felt my breast," she said, her voice dropping a level from fever pitch.

"He what?" she asked, her voice rising the way it did whenever she became turned on herself.

Heather gave a nervous laugh, before quickly explaining the events of the previous evening.

"He asked you to expose yourself and you did?"

Heather felt herself blushing. Yes, she had.

"How did it make you feel?" Rachal continued.

"So aroused," Heather admitted. "I masturbated last night thinking of him fucking me."

She heard the excited release of breath at the other end of the phone. "Fuck, that is SO hot. Is he around now?"

"No, still sleeping. He won't be up until much later."

"You gotta fuck him, Heather!"

"Rach!!" Despite her shocked response, the words reverberated around her head.

"Miss Alluring and your brother! An embarrassment of riches! Who to fuck first?"

Heather shivered at the sound of the delicious laugh at the other end of the phone. Her body felt on fire.

"Rach, I'm dripping wet. I want you so bad. Tell me you're jealous. After I've fucked her, I want to fuck you. I just want you to burst in here afterwards and take what you deserve. I want to do everything right now. Suck pussy. Suck a huge cock..."

The young temptress felt her own arousal grow. The beautiful, older woman talking to her was close to being out of control. "Baby, I have an idea."

Heather hesitated. She loved Rachal's ideas. "What?" she tentatively asked.

"Come over here. Now. Then I'll show you."

Heather slipped a hand down her shorts. Her wetness covered her fingers and she felt close to cumming, there and then. Her lover's fingers would be sweeter. "I shouldn't..."

"Oh but you should," came the confident reply. "Now get your smoking hot body over here. I'll be waiting..."


Heather gasped. She hadn't expected Rach's nakedness. Within thirty seconds of pulling her into her apartment, Rach had the beautiful, older woman naked too.

The hand that tugged her towards the bedroom felt warm and irresistible. "I've a surprise for you," Rachal half whispered.

The naked man lying flat on the bed took Heather's breath away. His hands were behind his head, as if he was enjoying a leisurely nap. If it were not for his wide-open eyes, and impressive erection, he could have been.

"This is David," Rachal explained, pushing Heather down on the edge of the bed.

She sauntered backwards to the other side of the bed, her smouldering blue-hazel eyes holding Heather's. She flopped down and wrapped her hand around her boyfriend's large cock.

"Told you he was big," she murmured, lowering her lips to his hardness.

Heather had never seen anything as erotic. An eerie feeling of faintness overcame her as she watched Rachal slide her mouth over her boyfriend's hard cock. Her body began to shake with excitement. She gave out a long sigh.

As Rachal sucked, the pronounced movement of her cheeks brought back memories of porn movies Heather had seen. With a start, she realised that even while she worked on her boyfriend, her young lover had been watching her reaction. Her eyes were gleaming at her.

Rachal pulled her mouth away, almost in slow motion. When she spoke, she repeated Heather's words from earlier. "I want to do everything right now. Suck pussy. Suck a huge cock..."

The young temptress's hand reached across David's body, taking hold of Heather's arm. She tugged her closer. "Kiss me, baby."

Heather found her hands resting on David's hard stomach, steadying herself as their lips met. Rachal's hand was in her hair, directing her movements. Their kiss became frantic, Heather caught up in the moment. When her young lover pulled her head away, she realised Rach had manoeuvred her so that David's throbbing erection was only a tongue's width away.

"It's okay," her young lover reassuringly purred.

Her fingers stroked along Heather's cheek, her gleaming eyes burning onto the sexy, older woman.

"Want to help me suck it, baby?" Rachal encouraged. "Close your eyes and imagine its your brother."

The sheer wickedness of Rachal's suggestion stoked her fire further. She stared back, open mouthed. Her gaze slid from her young lover to David, who nodded. Her deep, brown eyes returned to Rach, who smiled provocatively. The offering was impossible to refuse.

She lowered her head to the inviting cock, urged on by her young lover's hand. It encouragingly ran through her hair, digging into her locks.

Rach seemed content to allow Heather to go to work. To take the pleasure she so needed. Her hands continued to stroke the silken hair, her lips gently brushing along the side of Heather's neck.

Both David and Heather were groaning, one from giving, the other from receiving. Eventually, Rachal whispered in the beautiful, older woman's ear. "Let me help, baby."

She slipped in under Heather, swallowing one of David's testicles into her mouth, then the other.

"Oh, fuck," he moaned. It was the first time he'd spoken since Heather arrived. "You two make quite a team..."

The women paused, briefly looking at one another before breaking out into a short laugh. The laughter turned to passion as they observed the lust in each other's eyes. Their mouths swept in for a deep kiss. Their tongues licked one another's lips, before turning their attention to his long shaft.

They lapped along each side of his hardness, leaving a trail of saliva with each lick. When their foreheads gently touched, they left him to kiss one another again. As their tongues entwined, their hands briefly took over from their mouths on his wonderful hardness.

Heather could hear herself moaning. The sound was mixed with Rachal's groans and David's grunts. They alternated their loving attention between each other's mouth and the prone man's stiffness, pleasuring themselves and him with their enthusiastic tongues.

It took a few seconds for Heather to realise that Rachal had paused to watch her. She was on heat, marvelling at how good it felt to give head to someone other than her husband. She loved David's hardness, his masculine aroma.

"Make him cum," Rach told her, sliding her lips to Heather's exposed neck.

Heather felt exposed, stripped of the support that Rach had been providing her. But the way her young lover encouragingly ran her long nails along her shoulder blades, sent shivers across her body. Could she do this? Should she?

As she began her internal debate, she felt Rachal slither down between her spread thighs. Her body jerked. The feeling of her young lover's mouth and tongue on her pussy was sensational.

For a second, her eyes flicked across David's hot shaft. It looked majestic, rising from its nest of black, tightly cropped curls. The sight of the impressive cock, the feel of Rachal's lips, drove her towards the edge.

She lurched forward and took him deep into her throat. His hands gripped her hair. He dragged her head down on his hardness.

It took only a few seconds of deep throating. Heather could sense his balls began to boil. It urged her on and she sucked harder, seeking to bring his release. Satisfyingly, she felt him begin to spurt in her mouth. Long, thick, creamy ropes that wonderfully splattered against the back of her throat.

The feeling alone would have propelled her to her climax. But the sensations created as Rachal's fingers joined her lips made sure her orgasm was violent. She came. She came hard, coughing out some sperm as the scream registered in her throat.

She heard Rachal's voice. "Your brother's cumming in your mouth," the young temptress provocatively murmured.

The thought of this being her brother's cock was enough. It sparked a second orgasm, then another. She was lost in a sexual haze, a trance like state of arousal as a scream burst from her this time.

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