tagIncest/TabooHeather and Bryan Have Fun

Heather and Bryan Have Fun


Author's Note: Due to popular demand, Bryan and Heather return. For further adventures of this lusty duo and their friends, check out "An Empty House and A Full Pussy", "There is Baking and There is Cooking", "Audacious Aunt Alexus" and "Vickie's Venture". As usual, suggestions and comments are always appreciated.

Heather was a totally blitzed, smashed, inebriated, but that was okay. She and Bryan had just celebrated their six-month anniversary. She still found it hard to believe that they'd been lovers for that long. It didn't seem possible that much time had passed. It was hard for her to believe that Bryan's beautiful, big cock had fucked her flaming red, yummy snatch hundreds of times. When Bryan suggested he and Heather have a special day for their anniversary, Heather was touched. She thought it was very cute that her remembered. It was Bryan's idea to rent a fancy hotel room and fuck to their heart's content. He'd saved a lot of money towards it [ but Heather had suggested her ever-naughty Aunt Alexus had chipped in ] and so far, the evening had been well-worth the expense.

Bryan, hunky, lovely, wonderful Bryan. Heather's heart belonged to Bryan, she didn't think their affair would last, but she adored him more and more with each passing day. She loved running her fingers through his sandy hair, she loved massaging his tanned skin, tasting the slight saltiness of his sweat when they fucked. He was her love, spending any time making love to him was magical. This evening had merely been icing on the cake. Heather looked over at him, he flashed her a great, big smile and her heart melted.

Riding up the elevator to their hotel room in the plush Ambassador hotel, Heather was happier than she had ever been. Heather thought that people who said it was wrong to have sex with a family member should find someone as wonderful as Bryan. Or her delicious Aunt Alexus. They shared their bodies and their passions freely, no one was being hurt, it was all love and wild passion. Bryan treated her like a Queen, her loving brother cherished her above all others. Her Aunt Alexus was always there for the pair of them whenever she was needed – or desired. Thinking of her Aunt Alexus' beautiful, sensual, long-legged body, the way her hair swished around in the throes of passion, the way her blue eyes flashed --- okay, she thought, don't get carried away here.

"You okay over there, sissy?" Bryan beamed at her as she weaved about.

"Mmm-hmm, can't wait to get you into that room and get all of those clothes off you, you studmuffin!" she giggled, still reeling from the effects of the champagne cocktails she'd consumed. Heather moved closer to her brother and fiddled with his tie. "Why did you wear sooo many clothes anyway, silly boy?" she cooed.

"Hmm, I wonder? Do you think it might be because I know how much my little fucktoy of a sister likes to undress me, that's why!" he grinned playfully. "Not that I don't like seeing you strip too, baby."

Heather was well aware of that. Now, each and every time they had sex, Bryan had her do a striptease. As a result, she was spending more and more of the money she was earning with Vickie on clothes. She had 3 drawer-fulls of thongs, teddies, stockings and other slinky undies. She had 25 pairs of shoes and even a kinky pair of "fuck-me" boots. She had cocktail dresses and slinky slit skirts, all bought with the intent of getting her hunky brother's cock hard and ready to fuck her. Vickie was constantly telling her what a hottie she'd turned into over the last few months, sentiments echoed by Vickie's folks and Heather's own Aunt Alexus.

Every item of clothing worked, all of them. No matter what she wore, Heather never failed to get Bryan hot and bothered. Every once in a while, she would flash him at an inappropriate time, like when their folks were around. It drove him crazy.

Bryan also chipped in whenever he could, he loved buying clothes for his hot sister, and he sure as hell got off on watching her model them. Seeing Heather's pretty green eyes look up at him as she sucked him off, it never failed to make him stiff as hell. The little black number she was wearing now was one of his faves – it was sheer with a rose pattern over it, see-thru, almost scandalous. The skirt ended just below her ass and was daringly short. Heather wore her favorite black satin bra and matching thong, which Bryan already would have wagered was soaked with her juices.

Heather leaned in and pressed those cupcake-tits against Bryan's firm chest. "Ooooh, lover, I don't think we're gonna make it to the room!" the tipsy girl purred. "I wanna get naked now and fuck my man!"

He laughed. "Heather, you're a nut. My dear, horny sister, we can't do anything here, we're in a fucking elevator!"


"Heather babe, if we get caught, they'll kick us out of here. Our secret might get out and we'd have to stop fucking each other, and I never want that to happen. Besides, I want to see that hot little bod of yours sprawled all over that bed. I want to fuck you in that big shower in the morning, too! Do you really think it's worth the risk?"

"Yup." she grinned with a woozy smile. Heather continued on teasing her brother. "Oooh, you'll getcher chance to fuck me in the nice, big bed, lover." she murmured as she ran her hands over his chest and toyed with the buttons of his shirt. "But your impulsive little slut of a sister isn't gonna wait, baby!"

"Oh Geez, sis, just what the fuck are you doing?"

Heather was just being her normal, reckless, impulsive, sexy self. Despite his protests to the contrary, it was one of the things Bryan loved about his sister-lover. If she hadn't been willing to take risks, they wouldn't be together. They wouldn't have seduced their gorgeous Aunt Alexus and shared her sexual favors, nor those of Heather's sexy friends, Vickie and Brandi. Bryan just decided to go with the flow.

Heather reached out and hit the Emergency Stop button. She grinned over at Bryan, who was just shaking his head in disbelief, still amazed at his crazy, fucky sibling.

"You really are a little minx!"

"Yeppers. And you're stuck with me!"

He grabbed his sister's tight, round little ass and pulled Heather close, kissing her hard on the lips. "You hear me complaining?" Bryan asked her.

"You'd better not!" Heather grinned wickedly, her sobriety slowly returning. "Let's do this thing baby, I figure we've got about half an hour before the rescue party arrives!" With that, Heather dropped to the floor of the elevator and reached out, unzipping her brother's fly and fishing for his beautiful cock. She took it into her mouth and used her talented tongue on his rod. Bryan's knees nearly buckled at her efforts. He'd never had anyone suck his dick with the precision and skill that Heather did, it blew his mind every time. The girl he had dated before they began their affair, Kari, would barely consent to give him a hand-job, any kinky thing Bryan was up for, so was his equally-kinky sister!

Heather's tongue was the best, the most adept, the hottest, Bryan nearly came every time she sucked him off. But for Heather's pleasure, Bryan had learned to hold off, his self-control was wonderful. Heather adored the taste of his cum and she swallowed it every time, but Bryan concentrated hard on not losing it just yet.

"Mmmphhh!" was all Heather could mutter as she lustily sucked Bryan's dick. Her cat-green eyes looked up at him, she saw him holding back. It was one of the reasons she adored her stud-brother, he always gave their fucking his all. Even during their threeways with Aunt Alexus or another playmate, Bryan always made sure his little hottie was taken care of.

There wasn't much room for their perverse fun, even though the elevator was fairly spacious. Bryan was just thankful it wasn't one of those glass elevators that many of the fancy hotels had, Heather had a small exhibitionistic streak, it was not a trait they shared.

"Okay you little bitch, MY turn!" Bryan snarled in mock anger, watching Heather right herself. Bryan took great delight as heather hiked up the short, lacy skirt, revealing that great ass with the tiny heart tattoo. Only a select few had ever seen it, his name was stenciled in very tiny letters on her adorable rump. Bryan had a similar one on his ankle. Bryan saw that he had been right, her adorable little snatch was dripping.

He crooked his finger and stroked the adorable, beloved pussy, then inserted it, driving it deep. Bryan heard Heather's delighted yelp and that was his cue, he buried his face in the tight red quim and began eating her, after six months of sexual perversion, the horny brother knew full well how Heather loved to be eaten. His tongue snaked and slithered all over the soft, tight pussy, nearly bare. He loved that pussy, he was just happy no one had caught on to their illicit games, because Bryan knew he'd never be able to live without fucking his sister-lover.

He feasted on pussy, the wettest, hottest cunt in existence. Screwing Hannah was something he knew he would never tire of. Looking around for a second, he figured it out, how he was going to screw her.

"Okay you fuckable bitch, lean in against that wall!" he growled. Heather knew well when his brother gave a command like this, he had her best interests at heart and everything he did to her would just make the fucking more intense. She leaned against the wall and braced herself, holding on to the railing at the back. She could feel Bryan pull her tiny thong aside.

Then, Bryan was inside of her, hard and demanding, his cock surging inside Heather's tight, horny pussy. Oh, it was so good, this kinky fucking, the lewdness of incest combined with the chance they might be discovered. Bryan never disappointed her, as he slammed hard in and out of her hot cunt, his strong hands manipulated her round tits through her dress.

"Like this, don't you, you fuck-hungry cunt?" he growled.

"Yes, fuck yes, you know I do!" Heather squealed, tossing her head to the side, her lips seeking his for a kiss. The passionate redhead saw the lust and love reflected in her sibling's eyes and used the kegel exercises she practiced to tighten her pussy muscles around his dick.

"You gorgeous bitch, you know I love it when you do that!" Bryan groaned as his sister fucked him back with complementary skill. The elevator rocked a bit as the incestuous duo fucked, but that only added to the fun.

Bryan could never get over his sister's sexual creativity. Just when he thought they'd reached the pinnacle of their kink, Heather pulled out something like this. Her slinky body, sexy as hell in high heels and that hot dress, pumped back against him. He wanted more and he took it. "Fuck it!" Bryan hissed and ripped the thong from her body, her pussy now totally bare as he fucked her even deeper. It was times like this, when Bryan was pure sexual animal, that she found him a sexual dynamo. She rocked against him as his wonderful, lovely cock fucked her, deeper and deeper.

Bryan slapped her sexy ass, she had the cutest butt. He'd fucked that cute ass a few times, at her request, when they were both feeling wild and uninhibited. When she was in the mood for it, Heather really loved being fucked up the ass, she yelled and carried on for hours.

"Man, I'm so damned close!" Bryan said, looking at his watch and noticing the time. He and Heather had been screwing for well over half an hour, in a hotel this high-class, Bryan assumed it wouldn't be much longer that someone might come looking for them.

"H-Heather – baby, we've got to slow down, we've got to stop baby!" Bryan panted, trying to pull away from her. Heather was having none of it.

"Awww baby, I'm nearly there!" Heather mewled.

"Baby, they're gonna be here any minute, bet on it!" Bryan said, putting his cock away as he moved back against the wall. He straightened himself out and insisted Heather do the same, noting her angry pout as she did so.

Bryan's instincts had been correct. When "help" did come, Bryan fabricated a story about the elevator stopping and Heather being claustrophobic. His sister should have been an actress, the performance she put on. She and Bryan thanked everyone for all their help, assured them all was fine and practically ran to their hotel room.

"Get naked, NOW!" Heather hissed through clenched teeth. She was removing that lacy dress as fast as she could, the bra tossed casually to the floor. All she cared about was cock, her lover's big, thick, fucking hard cock! She raced to the plush bed and watched with delighted eyes as Bryan stripped. If anything, his body was even leaner, more muscled, than it had been six months ago. He moved towards the bed and was beside her, his cock ready to be inside of Heather again, experiencing the tightness of her sister's exquisite pussy.

She moved fast, slid her compact, sexy body on top of him, and was packed with cock in short order. Heather bounced up and down, moving her hips and ass back and forth, moving in sexy rhythm as Bryan fucked her the way she liked – hard, strong and fast.

Even though his adored sister was riding him, Bryan was by no means an inactive participant. He moved every which-way, he pumped his body upwards, sending his cock as deep inside of her as it could get. Heather was panting and moaning, he loved that about her. He thought it must be a family trait, their Aunt Alexus was equally noisy in the bedroom.

"There – ohhhh yesss, baby, that's the spot – ohhh God, Bry, you know how to fuck me, you know what I like, fuckme, fuck the HELL out of me babe!" Heather yelled. Bryan found it so very sexy that Heather had virtually no inhibitions.

"Fuck yeah, Heather baby, take it, take all that cock, you fucking whore!" Bryan yelled, knowing Heather really loved nasty language while being fucked. He could feel the tremors her body made and he knew she was cumming. While she climaxed, Bryan followed suit and let go inside of her pussy. She leaned over a few minutes later and licked the remnants of cum from his softening cock.

"Good thing I'm on the pill!" Heather giggled, now stone-cold sober. Bryan nodded in agreement.

"Wow, that little experience in the elevator was great foreplay!" Bryan smiled as Heather ran her fingers lazily over his chest.

"That's for sure, glad I thought of it" Heather smiled. "Hmm – before we check out, I've got another naughty idea. Do you want me to call Aunt Alexus and the three of us can try out the Parking Garage?" Heather said, batting her eyelashes.

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