tagIncest/TabooHeather and Riley Ch. 01

Heather and Riley Ch. 01


Riley was going from booth to booth at her high school college fair. Every university in the state was there trying to attract just one more paying member for next year's freshman class. Riley listened to each of the college's pitch and picked up every brochure. She had one more school to check out, Centerville University. It was definitely not her first choice but it was a good school so see worked her way through the crowd up to their table.

Centerville University was the local school. It was only ten blocks from the apartment her and her mother, Heather, shared. CU was known for being entirely focused on academics. This created a problem for Riley. She needed at least a partial athletic scholarship to pay for college. The other issue was that she had always wanted to have every American teenager's dream of going away to college.

The college fair was wrapping up so Riley ducked out a few minutes early. Not having to fight the crowds in the halls after school would allow her to make it to the old gym for basketball practice without being late. The gym was actual named Gymnasium B but her and the rest of the ladies varsity basketball team called it the old gym because that is what it was. Wilson High School had been built in the late 30's but had been continually added onto to keep pace with it's growing student body.

Riley was the first one in locker room. She went to her locker and started to change into her practice uniform. Because the ladies basketball team was the only sport to use the locker room, all the girls had their own lockers. As far as Riley was concerned that was the only good thing about the old gym. She changed quickly and went out to the court to start stretching before practice.

After a few stretches, the rest of her team mates joined her on the hard wood and then Ms. Pritchard, their coach, took charge of the practice. Ms. Pritchard was know being tough and result oriented. She was also the school nurse; however, as a nurse she was very caring. The practice went without any surprises and Ms. Pritchard released them on time.

The girls went off to the locker room to shower and change back into their street clothes. Riley went to her locker and stripped out of her sweaty uniform. Wearing only her shower sandals she and the rest of the team went off to the shower room.

The shower room was nothing more than a white tile room with shower heads poking out from one wall. The room offered zero privacy except for the steam. Riley wished that she had more privacy from the other girls because no matter how many times they saw her nude they always seemed to stare. She showered and dressed quickly. Waiting outside, in their old pale blue pick-up truck was her Mom.

Riley, trying not to slip on the patches of ice, carefully made her way across the parking lot to the truck and climbed inside. The winter had been exceptionally cold the past couple of weeks. The weathermen kept claiming that the cold snap would pass soon. Riley pulled off her gloves so she could warm her hands on the heater.

"So how was the college fair?" asked Heather as she put the truck in drive.

" It went okay. I got brochures from all the schools and I picked up some financial aid stuff," answered Riley as she rubbed her hands over the heater.

"Was the recruiter from Brighton there today? " said Heather .

"No. Mr. Collins was not there. I really thought he would have called by now. He seemed really interested after he came to the last dive meet but there is still a couple of weeks left in the basketball season. We have not had any recruiters show up yet but I will keep hoping," said Riley.

Heather tried to share her daughter's optimism. The Lady Tigers had lost more games than they had won and none of the players were outstanding enough to attract the recruiters. For the rest of their trip home they chatted about each other's day and other things of little importance.

Riley and Heather shared a tiny one bedroom apartment. Privacy was not really an option since they also shared the bedroom. It was tight squeeze with the two twin size beds but they made do with what they had. As soon as they got home Riley she went to her bed to start her homework and Heather went to the kitchen to start dinner. While in the kitchen she notice that there was a message on the answering machine. She pressed the flashing button.

"This call is for Riley. I am Dave Collins from Brighton State University. I am calling to let you know that we have filled our roster for our dive team. I am sorry. We will be keeping your information and if anything changes we will be in touch." played the message.

Riley had been standing in the doorway when the message played. Heather looked up and saw her daughter standing there with a look of total rejection on her face.

"Well, I guess that is that," said Riley as she turned and went back to her homework.

Heather followed Riley down the short hall to their bedroom. Riley was sitting on the end of her bed trying to read her chemistry book. A single tear was slowly running down her cheek. Heather sat down next to her and wrapped her arm around her daughter.

Heather hugged Riley tightly and said, "Everything is work out. We will find a way. We always do."

Times had been tough for the two them over the years. Riley had never known her father. He left Heather shortly after he found out she was pregnant. Heather had to drop out of college after her first year. She was lucky to get a job as a secretary in a law office and she had worked there ever since. Riley's grandma helped out by watching Riley during the day until she was old enough to be on her own. Heather and Riley had become experts at just getting by.

"Have got a great idea. There is a tub of rocky road in the freezer. I think we should spoil our dinner tonight and watch some TV," said Heather trying to cheer her up.

"That sounds good," answered Riley.

Later that night after some ice cream and some sitcoms, Riley was definitely feeling in better spirits and decided to take a long soak in the tub before bed. Riley went off to the bathroom and stripped out of her clothes. She started her water and added some bubble bath she had gotten last week at her eighteenth birthday party. There was a soft knock on the door.

"Come on in," said Riley.

Heather opened the door and came into the bathroom. Heather just wanted to wash her face before she got ready for bed.

"You don't mind if I shave?" asked Riley as she propped her leg up on the edge of tub.

"I thought you were going to let it grow back in after the dive season?" asked Heather.

"I was but it itches when it starts grow back. I never really wanted to shave it all off in the first place but the cut of those new diving suits left nothing to the imagination. Total camel toe," said Riley as she carefully smeared shaving cream over her pussy.

"The material was really thin too. Everyone could see your little man in the canoe. Some of the other mother used to joke and say that you had a bigger bulge in your suit than some of the boys," said Heather as she scrubbed her make-up off.

"No they didn't!" exclaimed Riley.

"They most certainly did. I think they were a little jealous if you ask me. They even asked me about it once. I just told them it was your lucky marble. Mrs. Walsh said I should order you a special suit like she had to for her son, Doug," said Heather.

"What do you mean by special suit?" asked Riley as she shaved.

"Well, according to Mrs. Walsh, Doug could not fit all of his equipment in the standard diving trunks that the school provides. She had to get one specially made that fit him. It was really something to hear all those middle aged moms lusting after a guy not even half their age," said Heather as she scrubbed the last of her make-up off.

"I thought his cheering section was so large because he was a good diver not because his bulge was so large," said Riley.

Riley looked down at her pussy to make sure she had gotten all the tiny hairs. With all the talk about Doug's cock and the shaving had caused her clit to grow. Riley was both blessed and cursed with a very large clit. Even when she was not aroused it stuck out of her tight lips. If she wore tight jeans she orgasm just by walking around but it did make wearing a bathing suit a little embarrassing.

"I have a late birthday present for you. It is kind of private so I could not give it to you last week at Grandma's. I'll be right back," said Heather as she left the bathroom.

Riley took a washcloth and wiped away what was left of the shaving cream. She rinsed it out and soaked it again and then pressed it back against her lips. The warmth penetrated her slowly. Heather came back into the bathroom carrying a gift box with a bow on it and handed it to Riley.

"I was kind of nervous about giving this to you but I figure we are both adults now. My mother was a real prude about this sort of thing and I just want things to be different between us. So go ahead and open it," said Heather.

She united the bow and opened the box. Riley's mouth fell open in shock. Inside the box was nine inch dildo molded as a realistic penis with two egg sized balls and a suction cup on the base.

All Riley could say was, "Wow! It looks like the real thing."

"That is because it was actually molded from a porn star's dick," said Heather, "I think his name is Lance Steel."

Riley did not know what to say other than, "Thanks."

"Well, I am going to leave you and Lance alone now so you two can get acquainted," said Heather as she closed the bathroom door.

Heather left the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Riley shook her head and chuckled. It was a little strange getting a sex toy from her mother and come to think of it she had never heard her say "dick" before either. She picked up it up and looked at it. She ran her finger around the large mushroom shaped head and then traced one of the bulging vein running down the shaft. The latex was soft and flexible. Between her legs she could tell she was getting moist. In fact she could feel a warm trickle of her juices starting to run down the inside of her thigh.

Riley slowly lowered herself into the warm soapy water. She closed her eyes and slide down lower into the water. After a few minutes of relaxing, Riley picked up her new toy. She took the dildo and stuck it to the bottom of the tub in between her legs. The tip of it was still three inches above the water.

"This could be fun," said to herself as lifted her hips above the tip. Riley let the tip just barely penetrate her smooth lips. She slowly lowered down letting her weight impale the toy into herself. She could feel herself stretching out to accommodate it's length and girth. She moaned deeply as she bottomed out on it.

"Oh, this feels great," she thought as started rocking back and forth. Riley grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Riley could feel an orgasm building deep inside her. To push herself over the edge she gentle rubbed her clit.

Out in the living room, Heather was busy tidying up. She paused for a moment when she heard the faint moans coming from the bathroom. Smiling she continued cleaning up. Heather was in the kitchen drying the last of the dishes when Riley came into the living room. Riley was wearing only a pair of white cotton panties and an old tank top. Even from across the room Heather could clearly see that her daughter's massive clit was still aroused. It was straining against the thin form fitting fabric.

Heather put away the last plate in the cupboard as Riley came into the kitchen. Riley grabbed the milk jug from the fridge and set it on the counter.

"From that pup tent of yours, I assume you enjoyed your toy," said Heather.

"Pup tent?" asked Riley as she turned to face her mother.

Heather had meant to just point but with the cramped space in the kitchen and Riley's sudden turn towards her, Heather accidentally mashed her finger hard into her daughter's swollen love nub. Riley's knees instantly buckled from the sudden explosion of pain and pleasure. Heather caught Riley before she went completely to the floor. She held on tightly as Riley's body convulsed. The waves of orgasm matched the throbbing of her clit. Still gasping for air, Riley composed herself and stood up on her own.

"I'm so sorry," exclaimed Heather.

"It's okay. I just didn't expect it," said Riley as the last of the orgasm subsided. All that was left now was an intense throbbing pain.

"You must still have been sensitive, again I am sorry," apologized Heather.

Riley looked down at her throbbing clit and was shocked to see that the front of her panties were completely drenched.

"What did I do, wet myself?" asked Riley.

Riley pulled the front of her panties down. Clear thick fluid was flowing from her pussy. So much was gushing out that it started pouring onto the vinyl floor. Riley slide her soaked panties off and squatted over them to catch the juices that were still dripping from her. The smell of sex hung in the air like perfume.

"Let me get you a towel," said Heather.

Heather grabbed a clean towel from the draw and handed it to Riley. Riley wiped the last drops from her pussy and then wiped up the mess she had made on the floor. Heather took the soaked panties and towel from Riley and tossed them both in the sink.

Riley stood up and looked down at her clit. It was still throbbing. Very carefully Riley spread her pussy lips apart and pulled back on the hood that cover her clit. Her clit was fully exposed. It was definitely bigger than normal. Heather leaned down to take a closer look. She could see clearly see Riley's pulse in her clit.

"Does it hurt?" asked Heather.

"Yeah, it really hurts," answered Riley through her clenched teeth.

Heather opened the freezer and took out an ice cube.

"No way, Mom. That will be too cold," said Riley.

"Just hold still a second,'' said Heather as she gentle placed the ice cube against Riley's clit.

The cold slowly numbed Riley's clit. After a few moments, Riley exhaled in relief.

"Mom, that feels better," sighed Riley as Heather held the last remains of the quickly melting ice cube.

"Again, I am really sorry," said Heather.

"It is okay Mom, actually I am a little embarrassed. I just climaxed right in front of you," said Riley as she blushed a little.

"It wasn't your fault. Your body just took over. There is nothing to be ashamed of." said Heather.

"I am going to bed. I am really tired." said Riley.

"I will see you in the morning," said Heather as Riley went off to bed.

After a few minutes later Heather went off to bed too.

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