tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHeather Catches Me Ch. 01

Heather Catches Me Ch. 01


A fantasy of mine...

Although I'm 19 I still live under my parents roof and by their rules.It all begins with a visit to some family friends. Their daughter Heather lives in the basement of her parents house. She is almost twice my age. And the fact that her recent marriage to be fell to shambles she moved back home. So I begin to play with the dog in the next room and slowly make my way to her room in the basement. When I get there I immediately go for the dresser and start rummaging through her underwear drawer. Within minutes I can't take it anymore and slip off my pants and underwear and slide on one of her sexy thongs. I keep going through the drawer until I heard something beside me. When I looked up my heart almost stopped. There she was standing at the door.

"So your the one that's been into my panties," she said as she entered and walked around me eyeing me up and down. "So you really like wearing them hunh?" as she looked down to my hard on.

"Yah," I mumbled and looked to the floor not sure about what I should do.

"I tell you what," she continued, "instead of telling your parents, you come back around here tonight and we'll figure a punishment out for you."

I had no choice but to agree. So I started to take the panties off to return to my own pants and underwear, when she stopped me.

"No no you leave those on till you get back," she said, as she took my boxers into her hand. "So you won't need these. It'll be like a trade." She giggled, as I pulled my pants back on over my new thong.

When I returned later that night I rang the doorbell still very nervous as what was going to happen as many different things ran through my head. She answered the door and my jaw must have hit the concrete. There she stood in a sexy black bustier and matching thong, set off with a pair of stockings hooked to the garters. I looked her sexy body up and down, including the sexy nylon clad legs that would wrap around you twice. My cock gave a twitch as I walked inside.

"Follow me," she said, as she continued downstairs and into the bathroom. "Now loose the clothes and take a shower. And use the wash I have supplied for you."

I slowly took off my clothes and stepped into the shower, not really sure what was going on. As I figured I didn't really have a choice since she could tell my familyand land me in a heap of trouble. I stepped in and started to do as I was instructed. I washed off with what was there, but as I began to rinse off I noticed that my hair was coming off to. But it was too late I had already washed my entire body from my shoulder down with the stuff. Panic really started to go through me now. Once I had rinsed off I stepped out, only to find my clothes had been replaced with a red pair of assless panties. I put them on and went into Heather's room to find what she had in mind.

"Ohh you're done. Sit down here we gotta make that face up like a real slut," as she pointed to the chair at the makeup table. I walked over and sat down. She began to walk me through the makeup and how she was putting it on, when the door of her room swung open. There in the doorway was another girl dressed similar to Heather but this girl was shorter and had a much bigger chest.

"Nicole your here," Heather said, as the girl continued in with her duffel bag in her hand.

"What do we have here," she said as she eyed me over. "What are we gonna do with her?" They giggled. So they both went to work again on my makeup. They constantly seemed to brush up against my hard on with their arm or thigh. After what seemed like hours they announced they're completion.

"You'll have to excuse us a minute," Heather said as she left the room, and seemed to have headed to the bathroom. As she did Nicole reached down and wrapped her hand round my cock. I looked to her startled.

"Now real girls don't have these. We'll have to get rid of this thing," she said as she pulled it from my panties and began to stroke it. She then lowered her head down on to it and started bobbing up and down on it. It didn't take long at all and I went over the edge. I started to cum but Nicole never missed a beat she kept right on sucking. When I was completely drained she pulled away and disappeared behind me. She rummaged around behind me for a minute. My erotic daze was broke when I heard a 'click' as I noticed my wrists where handcuffed to the chair, then my ankles to follow.

"Could you lift up a minute there darling?" Nicole said as she helped me awkwardly lift my midsection off the chair. Once I was up she went on to move around beside me and do something that I could just not make out.

"There we go," she giggled, as she left the room, "Now don't go anywhere." As she left and I realized I was alone I began to sit back down on the chair. As I did I felt it, something cold and hard was there at my ass. I lifted back up right away. But over the next few minutes my muscles started to ache and I knew I couldn't hold myself up much longer. So I slowly started to sit back down. When my ass was almost to the chair I felt it again, but this time right at my hole. I slowly lowered myself onto it as, it forced it's way into me, and by the time my ass hit the seat it was completely inside. It turned out Nicole had fastened a butt plug to the seat.

After what seemed like eternity they returned from the bathroom. Both giggling at me sitting there with my makeup and nails all done and a plug up my ass, they began to unlock me from the chair.

"There we go you little slut," Heather said, "Now lets pick you out something to wear." She led me over to her closet and started to eye all her clothing. She started to hand me all different things, and demanded me to put them on as she did. So as I did as Nicole sat there and admired them as I walked around the room. After what seemed like 100 outfits, Heather gave a yell, "Here we go! The little slut would look perfect in this. It'll show what an innocent thing she is." As she said this she pulled her wedding dress from the closet. "Even though I didn't get to wear this, maybe you can."

"It's even white. You know what that means," Nicole said, "It tells everyone she's a virgin, so sweet and innocent. Now let's see what she'll look like."

As they led the dress and me across the room they also started to gather some more stuff. Once we had got to the bed they laid it all out. There was a full pile of things. They turned to me and started to put the things on. First they wrapped a satin corset around me and pulled it tight, followed by a pair of silky stockings that fastened to the garters of the corset. Then they slid my feet into a pair of sexy 'fuck me' heels. Or in this case they were kill me heels.

"We'll leave her without panties. It'll show what a real slut she is," Nicole said as they thought I was ready to put the dress on.

"Wait a minute. She needs something else to fill out the outfit," Heather exclaimed as she rooted through Nicole's bag. She then returned over to me and put some falsies down the corset. "Much better," she giggled.

As she finished Nicole approached me with the dress in her arms. They both went to work sliding the gown on over me. When they had it in place they fluffed and fussed a bit more till it met their satisfaction. Once they had it on Nicole walked back to the closet and started to look through it again. Heather had me parade around the room and admire myself in the mirror. I could feel my hard on brushing against the soft dress as I walked around. When my eyes came back around there was Nicole in pants and a necktie. Somewhat confused I looked to Heather.

"Now that you're a bride, it's only right that there must be a groom. So here he is. Now I know there should be a ceremony and all, but for this special occasion I think all that's already done. So now all there is, is taking care of your husband," Heather said as Nicole walked over near the edge of the bed and faced me. "By that I mean you have to provide all the services that a wife must do."

With that Heather led me to Nicole. When I was face-to-face with her she stepped into me and kissed me and her hands wandered all over my body. Nicole slowly undid my dress to the waist, sliding my upper body free of it. Her hands wandered around to my breasts, then up to the back of my neck and head. Then suddenly she pushed my head unexpectedly and I went down to my knees. When I looked back up to her, she just grinned and started to undo her pants.

There it was. When her pants were undone a huge cock flopped out. I was kneeling face to face with a cock. She placed her hands back on my head and guided me toward it. I parted my lips, as there was really nothing I could do. I took the cock into my mouth and slowly started gliding back and forth on it. As I knelt there sucking on the cock, Heather slid down underneath the dress and me. When she was underneath me I could feel her hot breath between my legs. She took my cock into her mouth. But I just continued to suck on the giant cock that was now in my mouth. As I did I could feel something cold hit my anus. Just as I gave a jump in shock Heather eased it into my ass. There I was, now with a cock in my mouth and a vibrator in my ass. I continued to rock back and forth on both. As I did I could taste something in my mouth. I looked up to Nicole to see her looking back at me with a grin.

"Taste something?" she asked. "Let's see how you like it."

She grasped the back of my head as I felt an explosion in my mouth. It was cum. The cock in my mouth was cumming.

"Don't waste it dear. Swallow it all up, it's nothing to be scared of, it is your own. Remember you gave me the same before."

When I had came in her mouth before she must have transferred it into this strap on. This entire happening was just too much for me with a cock cumming in my mouth and my dick being sucked and a vibrator in my ass, I lost it. I started to cum as well, but Heather didn't stop. Once Nicole and myself were drained Heather slid out from below me and Nicole rose and disappeared behind me. But as she did Heather sat down in front of me and spread her legs.

"Now let's see how you do when your with some girlfriends," Heather said as she reached down and guided my head to her crotch. I could smell her excitement, and see it glistening on her lips. I slid down and extended my tongue into her cunney. I started to lick up and down sopping up all her juices. But it was not long before Nicole returned to us. I could feel her lifting all the layers of the dress up over my back. With that done she lowered to my ass and slid the slick cock down to my asshole. With my face buried in Heather's cunney Nicole just slid the cock into my ass. As she started out slowly she soon built up speed. With my tongue buried and my ass being pounded, my cock was rock hard again and I was well on my way to climax. I started licking faster and faster, as Heather's moans became more audible. As she started to scream she grasped my head and forced it tight to her box, rocking back and forth. Now Nicole making similar sounds she started pounding harder. With all the commotion I could feel myself coming to climax. As I did I could feel Heather also start to climax on my mouth. And from the sounds of Nicole she was too, as she pounded harder. But I could feel something strange with my ass. It was full and warm and the strap on slid much easier. Nicole had came in my ass. As she pulled the strap on out I could feel something drip down my leg. It was cum and it was oozing out of my own ass.

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by cdCindy106/21/17

just like with my Mistresses

This is almost exactly what happened last month with my Mistress and her friend (another Mistress who I was meeting for the 1st time). They dressed me up in many sexy outfits which I modeled for them,more...

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