tagLoving WivesHeather Rules Ch. 01

Heather Rules Ch. 01


What a day. My boss had announced that we would be implementing a new software system and that I would be going to San Diego for two weeks to train for the system. He also said that the company would pay for my wife, Heather, to come with me. Having been married for 10 years with 2 kids and a dog; I thought, even though I would be in class during the day, our nights would be free and this might be as good as a second honeymoon and give us a chance to reconnect.

The reconnect would be good since like most couples married for awhile we basically irritated each other, what with 2 kids followed by the requisite vasectomy, work, church, school and everything else in life. Additionally, we were both each others' firsts; including sex which was 3 days after our wedding day (if you experienced it then you know what happens.)

So at best it was sex two or three times a month with maybe some quick groping when the kids were not around. We had your normal everyday plain vanilla sex. No oral.

Anal we had tried during her first pregnancy but did not even get close.

After the kids, we each kept about twenty pounds more than when we were younger and no amount of exercise or diet could shed the extra pounds. Because of the pregnancies, Heather had gone from a 34B to a 36C. Being a red head, her nipples had always been a light pink almost indiscernible from her skin, but the pregnancies had also made her nipples darker and more apparent. Heather's skin was freckled, more where her skin was exposed to the sun and almost none in the areas that never saw the sun.

Then there was the day I was outed.

Like most men the internet opened up a whole new realm to me. At first, I was able to ignore the porn websites but being a red blooded male, I eventually gave in to temptation since every search came up with porn sites.

Many nights would find me surfing the net feeding my curiosity about all variety of depravity (you know there are some really sick fucks out there.) Eventually, my favorite became the shared wife stories that included gang bangs, sucking cock, anal, air tight and double penetration.

I could never picture myself with anyone other than my wife but somehow I could see in my mind a picture of my wife; every hole stuffed with strange cock, at the center of a group of guys taking turns with her, covered in semen or shared with strangers. This had an effect on me. More and more I wanted to show Heather off. I wanted my Heather to dress in more revealing clothes. I especially like for her to go braless. I love the sight of Heather's unrestrained breasts as they would giggle when she walked. I love to clearly see her nipples through the cloth covering her breasts.

For a while, Heather gave limited cooperation, sometimes wearing halters or sun dresses around the house, our sex lives increased briefly, until the night she found my secret surfing habits and then all the shit hit the fan.

All I heard for days was "how could you?", "pervert", and "jackass."

Eventually, things started to settle down and I was accepted back but there was no asking her to change after that; no revealing clothes and definitely no braless.

Arriving home, I announced "Heather, I'm home."

"How was your day?" she asked.

"Great" I said.

This took her aback as I normally growled about what a terrible day I had.

"How would you like to spend two weeks alone, no kids, with me in San Diego while I go to class?"

"I don't know, Larry" Heather replied. "Who will take care of the kids? And what about the dog?"

"Already taken care of. I called your parents and they thought it was a great idea for us to go and they said they would be happy to take care of their grandchildren and the house while we were away." I replied.

"Then I guess it's decided." She said.

Then from out of the blue I thought I'd take a chance and, "You know since its California and we will be hitting the beaches, will you only wear bikinis while we're there? And since it is California and people are a lot freer there will you leave your bras at home?" There I had said it. I knew I was taking a huge chance but I just had to take it. I knew she would say no, make a scene, and probably not speak to me for the rest of the week.

She surprised me. With a somewhat defiant look, she looked me in the eyes and said, "So, Larry, you've been looking at those sites again....."

Oh no here it comes. "No, I haven't...." I tried to lie.

She quickly interrupted me. "Larry, don't insult me. I know you're a man and you're going to surf those sites every chance you get. Tell you what, for this trip since it is California, we will have special rules, Heather rules. I will try to comply with as many of your requests as I feel like, but I will only do the things I want to when I want to. We will go by Heather rules."

Confused by her response I answered, "Sure, uh whatever you want is fine."

That night we made love. No we had sex, pure, hard, panting, sweaty sex. She was wetter than I could ever remember, she moved beneath me to meet my thrusts (this was new) and she was so vocal (this was new too.) I was afraid she would wake the kids. I could not believe this was my Heather. I came harder than I could ever remember.

The next night was the same and the next and the next and the...you get the idea. What had gotten into my sweet Heather? This was a different woman than the one I had known for the last 12 years and made love to for ten years.

The day finally arrived for our departure. Heather was wearing a long trench coat that was buttoned from the top all the way down. This did not seem unusual since it was a rainy April Chicago day.

What was unusual was Heather's makeup; it was a lot thicker and more vibrant. She was also wearing very red lipstick. She had on sandals with laces that wrapped around her legs before tying just below her knees and also with a high cork heel. Her toenails were painted the same deep red color as her lips.

She had taken a great deal of time to style her red hair and it framed her face wonderfully. Her new look garnered disapproving looks from her parents but I was very much in approval and stood breathlessly with my mouth open.

"You should close your mouth and put your eyes back in your head so we can go. There are more surprises ahead." Heather teased as she walked past me to the door.

Finally recovering, Heather's parents took us to the airport. Heather gave her last minute instructions and we said our goodbyes and head for security. At security, Heather removed her shoes and finally had to remove her coat and place it on the belt to be x-rayed.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Heather was wearing a light cotton sun dress with a low cut front displaying a lot of here braless (yeah braless) breasts and a back that was open practically to the waist. Heather had never dressed sexier what with her make-up, braless breasts, bare feet, red lips, red finger and toenail polish and almost nothing dress.

"Wow" was all I could say.

"You like?" Heather said as she spun around letting the hem fly up almost to her crouch.

I looked around and all of the men were giving her lustful looks which, for the first time in Heather's life, she seemed to enjoy.

After passing through the security screening, Heather retrieved her shoes. Then bending over at the waist she started to lace the laces back up her legs. This action made her dress open up at the low cut neck and everyone within the line of sight could see her breasts fully displayed nipples and everything, down to her new white lace bikini panties.

My eyes were practically bugging out of my head. She made no effort to cover up.

Straightening up she looked at me and said, "What's the matter? You look like the cat that ate the canary."

"Oh, nothing," I replied.

As we walk to the gate her braless breasts were doing a wonderful dance inside the loose confines of her dress. Occasionally, her dress would bow out from the arm holes giving me a great view of the sides of her breasts.

Mentally, I was a wreck of confusion. Lust for my wife filled my thoughts but jealous pangs were also stabbing my mind as I observed the lustful stares of the men and the disapproving looks of the women we passed.

Here she was actually doing what I asked, no bra, but it was totally out of character for the woman I married. What was Heather feeling? What was she thinking? What else was going to happen under Heather rules? Did I really want this? Lust, pride, curiosity, jealousy, fear, loathing, etc filled my mind at once to overload. Was I prepared for this new side to Heather? I knew that the next two weeks would thrill and test me like never before in my life.

Surprisingly, the flight to San Diego was uneventful. I had almost expected to join the mile high club. Heather sat in the window seat and I in the middle seat. We chatted and held hands, but nothing that would bring undue attention from anyone including the guy sitting in the aisle seat, other than starring at Heather's braless breasts the entire flight. Our flight arrived in the early afternoon.

After we arrived and recovered our luggage we rented a car, a convertible just like Heather wanted. We put the top down and head out of the airport.

"So Miss Heather rules," I said "What do I do next?"

Heather replied, "Let's take a ride along the coast and see if anything interesting comes up."

We were driving along the coast when Heather gently eased the straps of her dress off of her shoulders exposing her gorgeous breasts and nipples to the sun for the first time and to all who could see into our car. Then she leaned back in the seat and spread her legs wide but covered.

Doing my best not to run off the road, I reached over and began to massage her left breast and pinch her nipple. Heather started going mmmm, mmmm in time to a rhythm known only to her. I started to let my hand move downward inside the open top of her dress when she grabbed my hand and moved it back to her breast.

"Not yet lover," she said "remember Heather rules."

We continued on. Me massaging her exposed breasts; her continuing the unheard song in her head.

Suddenly, Heather said, "Pull over now!" breathlessly.

I pulled over as quickly as I could into a relatively hidden place thinking she must need to pee.

Heather commanded, "Larry, get out and come around to my side of the car."

As I went around the car, Heather opened the door and swung around in the seat; propping her butt on the edge, she spread her legs and slowly raised her dress. Slowly, inch by tantalizing inch she raised her dress, until yet another surprise was revealed. Instead of her normal abundant growth of pubic hair, I was greeted with the view of her bare, smooth, hairless mound, her beet red, parted lips and engorged clitoris. I could see wetness oozing from her hole which also appeared to be gaping wide open.

"I had it waxed. Do you like it?" She said.

"No panties." Was all I could reply.

Heather answered, "I dropped them in the airport. They were so wet I could not stand to wear them anymore."

(I bet that made a great souvenir for someone. That is if his wife doesn't catch him with them.)

I reached for my belt but Heather shook her head no.

"This is about me - Heather rules." Heather said.

She pointed for me to kneel between her legs, then she reached and took me by the head and pulled me to her vulva. I had seen Heather's bush covered sex many times; I had luxuriated in the feel when she occasionally allowed me to touch her between her legs.

As if in a trance, I stared at the protruding red lips of her labia minora framed by the contrasting whiteness of her labia majora.

At the top, I could plainly see the blood engorged clitoris that had always been hidden by the red hair that once covered her pubis. Her lips cherry red and swollen had parted by themselves from Heather's overcharged excitement.

Here for the first time in 10 years of marriage I savored the intoxicating aroma of her sex. Never before would Heather even consider letting me do this to her but now...

"Lick" Heather commanded.

I obeyed. I stuck out my tongue and licked from the bottom to the top between those luscious lips. The flavor was beyond belief like nothing I have tasted. (Why doesn't someone bottle a drink with a flavor like this?)

"Harder" Heather demanded. As she pushed my face into her cleft.

I started licking, kissing and sucking for all I was worth. That wonderful fluid was pouring out of Heather and filling my nose and mouth with her tangy, musky flavor. Heather was rubbing and pushing herself into my face as hard as she could but still I could not get enough. My penis, still inside my pants, was so hard it was painful. Suddenly, Heather bucked, grabbed my head and held my face tight between her legs. A long, loud scream of ecstasy came from her mouth.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" was all that could be heard from her.

At the same time, another copious fluid flowed out of her not an actual flood but distinctly different just the same. It came in spurts instead of a steady stream. Again my thirst for this new liquor could not be sated.

We sat by the side of the road trying to catch our breath, Heather in her seat me on the ground. As our senses returned, we realized how exposed we were. Heather pulled the straps of her dress back on and then stood up to adjust her dress to the proper position. I stood up with a huge lump in my pants and then facing each other and before I had wiped my face clean of Heather's wetness, she gave me a long, wet tongue kiss and also licked around my mouth. She too was having a taste of herself.

"Interesting aftershave you're wearing" Heather said as she kissed me again. "I hope you use it more often."

I returned to the driver's seat and we resumed our drive along the coast. Occasionally, we would stop to walk along the beach. Holding hands, kissing and staring into each others' eyes. It was like we were 10 years younger and our love was new again.

Finally, when darkness had overtaken us Heather said, "I'm hungry. Let's find someplace for dinner."

I pulled into the parking lot of a casual dining restaurant. As we walked from the car, Heather suddenly pulled me into a darkened doorway which was mostly out of view. Once we were there, she kneeled down, undid my belt, opened my fly and pulled my pants and underwear down in one swift motion. I was instantaneously fully hard and sticking straight up. Then she grabbed my penis and stroked it up and down a few times. Next, to my surprise, she sucked me into her mouth. Never and I mean never had she even considered having my penis in her mouth, much less suck on it!

After thoroughly wetting my penis, she stood up and pulled her dress up, exposing herself to the night air, spread her legs and with my penis firmly in her hand impaled herself on me. This was too wild by any standard. I thought for sure I was fantasizing but the very wet, very tight velvet sleeve encasing my penis let me know this was real.

There was no way I would last long after being over stimulated for the entire day.

Standing in the doorway, I started thrusting into her for all I was worth. I could feel myself pushing past her cervix and deep into her cavity over and over and over again. Several times I lifted her off her feet. All too soon, I felt that uncontrollable tingling and I sent spurt after spurt of my semen into her. My God that felt so good.

"I'm starving" Heather said "let's go get something to eat."

With that said we reassembled ourselves and went into the restaurant.

Being somewhat late the crowd in the restaurant was thin so we were seated quickly. It felt like every eye in the restaurant stared at us, actually at Heather, as we walked to our seats. Between Heather's breasts doing the dance that only braless breasts do and our windblown hair from riding in the convertible, I am sure we made quite a sight.

Heather seated herself carefully as I held her chair making sure none of the cloth of her dress was underneath her. I gave her a curious look because I could never see her sitting her bare butt down on a restaurant chair. Of course I had also never her to go out in public without a bra and panties.

"You realize your semen is leaking out of me, don't you? And I don't want to stain my new dress. There should be a nice pool here for someone to clean up when we leave." Heather said.

Our waitress came over to greet us, making a comment about we must be having a lot of fun today. This made Heather and I burst out in laughter.

"You have no idea." I replied

"Oh, I think I might." She replied with a wink.

After the waitress took our drink orders Heather surprised me again by ordering a Long Island ice tea. This was surprising because we never drink alcoholic beverages. I had often told her that one drink would not be so bad but she had always been dead set against it. Since I was driving I stayed to my normal ice tea.

After the waitress left Heather said, "I guess you're wondering what's going on. You know when I caught you looking at the porn on the computer I was deeply hurt. I was more hurt than at any time in my life. I know we were both virgins when we were married and that neither of us has had any experience with anyone but each other. I was afraid that I didn't measure up to the girls in the pictures you were looking...."

"Heather that's not true you know you're the only..."I tried to interrupt.

"No, you don't talk, you let me finish." Heather stated with her eyes glaring into mine displaying the deep hurt I had caused her.

Heather continued, "I know you were and are looking at the pictures that is almost to be expected of a man, I don't know of a man who can resist. Any man who says he can is probably a liar. What I didn't know is there are all of these stories out there. As I followed your history I noticed you were looking less and less at pictures and spending more time reading stories. Some of them I could not believe you would actually download, I mean there are some really sick fucks out there."

I had to laugh because Heather never ever uttered a profanity not even a "darn" and now here she was using "fucks." Heather laughed too, looking down with a sly grin. This seemed to ease the mood.

After regaining our composure and after Heather had a sip from her Long Island iced tea, Heather started again, "I noticed you seemed to have a preference for what I believe are called wife sharing stories. I started to read some of them and it upset me greatly. I wondered is this something Larry wants me to do.

I knew you had been pressuring me to wear indecent outfits and trying to get me not to wear a bra. Did he want me to do even more? To do the things that are in the stories, to be shared with one of our friends or a stranger.

I was deeply shocked and hurt. I cried for hours. I felt I didn't know you. Then I looked at some of the other stories the ones involving more than one man or many men. Men using all of a woman's holes at once. Could Larry really want me to do those things too?

I was an emotional wreck but the next day I found I was being drawn to read more. The shock eventually faded and gave way to curiosity then to fascination then I started to fantasize.

Soon I found some stories were my favorites. The more I read the more I liked some of the stories. I started sitting at the computer naked, rubbing myself. Ever since I was a little girl I was taught not to touch myself like that, it's nasty.

Then one day as I was reading a particularly sensual story I realized I was getting wet, and I liked it. I started rubbing harder and harder then I pushed a finger into myself then two then three. No longer was I reading but I was masturbating, yes masturbating, and I liked it.

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