tagIncest/TabooHeather's Adventure Ch. 01

Heather's Adventure Ch. 01


For the benefit of the reader when these events started I was 50 years of age, approx 12 stone, dark haired, slim but muscularly built, standing 6 foot 1, and very hairy all over; this I found later was why Heather was first attracted to me; Heather absolutely adores hairy men.

This story starts about a year after my wife passed away. She had been suffering with bone cancer and to be truthful her death was a great relief to both her family and friends.

Chapter 1 The Beginning (1996)

Hi, I'm Mike; I work as a Technical Services Manager for a well-known Document Company. Speaking both fluent French and German my main area of work was in Europe with the occasional trip to the 'States' and Canada.

Having finally arrived home after a couple of gruelling months in Europe and totally 'pissed-off' with travelling in general ie; a 3 hour flight delay out of France plus further delays on the motorways due to various accidents.

After a couple of drinks and feeling pretty relaxed I decided to take a shower, don some apparel, go into the lounge, select a movie, sit back and continue relaxing on the sofa. Being a Friday night I expected no further company so the possibility of kipping on the sofa had also crossed my mind; I was that 'pissed-off'.With the video loaded and a drink to-hand, I began watching a very shapely starlet attempt to devour some guys' cock. Why oh why do those girls wear those ridiculous platformed high heels?

Triggered both by drink and visual stimulation my cock soon began to rise and protrude snakelike through the split in my robe, eventually all 9 inches was erect and throbbing, its purple head slowly rising from within its wrinkled hood. Reaching down, I gently began stroking it, precum oozed as I slid my hand up and down its length.

I didn't really watch the movie; for with closed eyes and those slow, slow strokes I began my fantasy, Heather.

Heather -- approx 5' 2" tall, with that petite body, long mousey hair, olive coloured skin covered with the finest silky down, piercing hazel brown eyes which looked straight through you; Heather, Heather with her wicked sense of fun. Heather! Dear sweet Heather.

I first got to know Heather when she was about 18 and strongly dating my son Steve; Having lived through the 60's and its permissive society, my wife and I decided to allow Heather to stay at our place, she fitted in so well that my wife and I thought more of her as a daughter, she was a lovely companion to have around the house especially during my lengthy absences. • I think my love for Heather began, when from my study, which was directly under my sons' bedroom, I could hear the two of them fucking, the bedsprings giving gentle squeaks until they climaxed, followed by that quick scamper for the bathroom. Also some very provocative and erotic photos of Heather found there way onto my PC, how they got there I don't know, I assumed at the time my son had misfiled them.

Sadly several months after my wife's' funeral, Steve was called away for active service, and for some reason this lead to Steve and Heather having a real big bust-up, the result of which killed their love affair. They still wanted to be friends but no more. I don't know what it was about; I just picked up the pieces.

Heather would now been about 21 and since she had no home to go to I asked her if she would like be my housekeeper; it would gave her somewhere to stay and me the satisfaction that the house was being cared for during my lengthy absences; which were getting longer and longer for I had nothing to come home too following my wife's death.

This turned out to be a truly acceptable arrangement for Heather would attend to the necessary household chores etc; and given notice, would either stock up the fridge or prepare a meal for my homecoming.

Chapter 2 Busted

I never heard Heather as she came quietly down the stairs, for Heather unbeknown to me had been trying to sleep in her bedroom when she heard me moaning, and walking into the lounge, expected to see me collapsed in agony. What greeted her was an erotic view of me not only stroking my rampant cock but also gently teasing one of my nipples.

Seeing this Heather's' body started to betray its self, her nipples hardened and moisture dampened the lips of her pussy; sliding one hand inside her pyjama bottoms towards her clitoris and the other under her vest towards her nipples Heather began to finger herself.

Her eyes were totally focused on me as I masturbated. None of the men she had been with had been endowed like me, Heather yearned for my cock; its proportions mesmerised her as she watched me masturbating. Her pussy was now so wet it was leaking fluid as her fingers skated across her swollen clit. Her nipples tingled with lust. "Oh God!" She moaned softly sliding a couple of fingers inside herself. Her pussy tightly gripping her fingers as she slowly fucked herself. The fingers that first rubbed her nipples now rolled, pinched, and tugged that tender flesh in unison with her other fingers.

I moaned again, "Heather! Heather!" Astonished at my uttering, Heather quickly removed her hands from her body and coughed loudly; freezing I quickly sat up on the sofa cock still in hand, a large strand of precum stretching between my fingers and its tip. Quickly I tried to cover my massive erection, but it wasn't to be, nothing would cover this monster.

Heather now stood before me, not uttering a word, just grinning from ear to ear.

Seizing the moment, I let the robe go, my somewhat deflating but still large cock popping again into full view.

"Like to stroke it?" I enquired with wanton inflexions in both voice and stature.

"Oh, yes, yes please!" said an excited Heather. Quickly closing the distance between us and thrusting an arm towards my crutch, she gently took my cock into her somewhat damp and fragrant hand. I trembled as she slowly began stroking it. It had been so long since somebody else had touched it. I whimpered when Heather's' other hand lightly cupped my balls. Heather glanced into my eyes then knowingly knelt on the floor.

Her lips were so warm and inviting as my cock slid between them. I groaned as Heather with a little gagging took me deeper into her mouth, her tongue working overtime on my glans. "Oh God! Slow down," I begged. "I'm going to cum if you don't." Heather only suckled me harder. I grunted as my cock erupted like a cannon. Heather murmured as the warm sticky cum rushed into her mouth. Hungrily Heather swallowed each precious drop before continuing to draw every drop from my balls.

"God, That was incredible". With that, Heather withdrew her mouth from my cock, then pressed her mouth onto mine. Her silky but slightly salty tongue probing then sliding hungrily inside my mouth, I urgently thrust mine against hers.

Removing her pyjama bottoms Heather allowed me a glance at her very wet and naked puffy pink pussy. Oh god what a turn on. I eagerly slid my hand between her moistened legs then began stroking her swollen clit. Heather moaned, grabbed my cock and matched my movements as my fingers slid hard and fast across her clit.

"Oh Yes! Please! Please fuck me its been so long," Heather murmured, as she climbed facing me upon my lap, she then began lowering herself down on to my now very erected cock. We both swore loudly as I slowly entered her. "Fuck, you're so wet...and so tight." In watching her entry I swear I saw a bulge move up her delicate body.

"Oh my god..."Oh fuck, FUCK! It's big" Heather moaned, as she gently lowered herself down until her swollen clit ground against me, her pussy painfully gripping my cock. I took hold of her vest and pulled it from her body, thus revealing her delicate breasts. These were lightly tanned with disproportionately large dark nipples, which, now fully aroused sat on top of raised areolas. By god, she is beautiful.

With one hand gently teasing a nipple, I took the other into my mouth and gently bit it. "Yes...YES!" she panted. "Fuck me...That's right fuck me!" Heather suddenly climaxed, her body shook furiously, her pussy gripping me like a vice. I moaned, managed a couple of thrusts before shooting my load into Heather's hot pulsating pussy. Feeling her slipping from my lap, I re-adjusted our position, then I plunged my cock deep into her pussy as she continued to shudder. For a short time, I just held it there, there against her cervix.

Heather moaned, and came again. Clamping her mouth over mine, Heather continued to ride me; her pussy milking every remaining drops of cum from my body. " Oh my god, it's big so fucking big," she kept moaning. We continued to kiss, our tongues passionately fencing, until she slowly slid off my softening cock.

Heather continued sliding from my lap, taking my now softened cock into her mouth she suckled and licked our combined juices as a way of saying thank you, then having kissed me, sprinted towards the bathroom.

Things never change.

Chapter 3 The Confession

A few moments later, I heard Heather calling me. I got up and traced the call to the bathroom. She called again through the door, "Daddy, (Heather's pet name for me since I'm approx 30 years older) I forgot to bring a towel with me. Can you get one?" I told her to wait a second, went to the airing cupboard and grabbed one. When I turned around, there she was standing in the bathroom door, dripping wet and naked. I stood, rooted to the spot, devouring her angelic body with my bloodshot eyes, "What's the matter? Don't you like what you see?" then Heather strode forward and took the towel from my trembling hands.

"Yeah," I protested, "but the last time I saw you, you sure didn't look like this! As a trickle of suds left her pussy to descended down her legs" She giggled, wrapped the towel loosely around her, and replied, "No, I suppose not." "Sorry if I embarrassed you - Daddy" with an emphasise being placed on "Daddy" then, stood on tiptoe Heather kissed me on the cheek with a mysterious twinkle in her eye.

Turning Heather went into her bedroom; just as the door was closing, I got a last tantalizing glimpse of her exquisite body. I went to bed, totally aroused and completely confused. She sure is a beautiful woman.

Gently masturbating whilst thinking only of Heather's perky tipped breasts, carefully trimmed bush and that soft firm arse, my actions were disturbed by my bedroom door slowly swinging open, for there silhouetted in the doorway stood Heather wearing a pair of bikini pants.

The look of surprise on her face slowly transformed into a knowing grin, and it was my turn to wear a shocked expression as, with that slow seductive roll of her hips, Heather approached my bed shedding those pants, her breasts mesmerizing me by bouncing slightly with each step.

Upon reaching the bed, she whispered, "It's all right, Daddy. I've fantasised about you for years"; moving over, (Why is it always the man who gets the cold side?) she slid alongside me into bed, crushing her lips with mine, her energetic tongue prodding mine into battle. With her firm breasts burning holes in my chest, I gently glided my fingertips down her back, until her arse cheeks quivered under my touch.

One of her hands found my cock, hard as a rock and pulsing with excitement; the other pulled my head down to her breast. I pulled her hard nipple into my mouth and heard her moan softly. As I massaged her nipple with my tongue, I gently rolled my body on top of her, "Be gentle Daddy...I'm a bit sore," Heather pleaded innocently. I smiled up at her devilishly with my eyes; my cock sliding slowly between her legs and into her tight pussy, I savoured every delicious inch. Releasing her breast, I returned to her mouth, kissing her deeply, whispering incomprehensible things into her ears before finally nibbling at her neck.

All the while, Heather's hands were roaming over my back, occasionally tugging my body hair urging me on. As I pumped with increasing urgency inside her tight pussy, She urged me on, "Come on Daddy, fuck me, fuck my pussy FUCK ME! make me cum on your big fat cock!"

Fucking her faster and faster, I could feel my orgasm building in my balls. She could sense it too, my cock thickening inside her, my thrusts becoming more urgent, my breathing more rapid. Now it was about me. She urged me on.

I felt her tense up beneath me. My own orgasm was very imminent, and then suddenly I started cumming and lost all control, my body convulsing on top of hers, shuddering with each spurt of cum into her pussy, we both came, shouting and moaning in unison

As we relaxed, Heather started to confided in me that although she had been with several guys, she always found herself imagining that it was me she was with, and it never failed to bring her off.

Heather's then went on to say that her fascination for me apparently started way back, in fact to a holiday we all took one year in Bournemouth. Since the wife and I enjoy nude sunbathing that year we drove to Studland Bay a well-known area for naturism and out of interest Steve and Heather decided to come along as well. As a youngster, Steve had joined us on several occasions, whereas Heather had never tried this form of sun bathing.

Once there my wife and I had done our usual thing and 'sloped off', leaving Steve and Heather to do their own thing. Heather and Steve would have been about 18 at the time.

Heather's curious nature lead her to walk onto the nudist part of the beach, so as not to be obvious she was walking along the path behind the dunes until suddenly she heard our voices, stopping to peek over the dunes she was taken aback, for there I was fully naked lying face up with a semi-erect cock being covered with suntan lotion.

Apparently it did not help when my wife decided she wanted a fuck, straddling me, my wife guided my now very erect cock into her pussy. Heather when on to say it was one of the most arousing things she had every seen and stopped to watch us for quiet some time. Now the wife and I could be pretty erotic with our lovemaking so I hate to think what Heather may have seen that day. Was this the start of Heather's sexual awaking?

Heather then went on to say that there were many other times where she tried to spy on me either having sex or whilst swimming, taking showers etc; and how she would retreat to some secluded area in order to masturbate over me. This confession also accounted for the amount of teasing that had gone on between us over the years and who was finally responsible for the photos on my PC.

Well having heard this I didn't really know what to say. I was more sated than I had been in years, but I was still disturbed about having bedded Heather. I could see the headlines "50 year old widower rapes 21 year housekeeper, read all about it" however; Heather soon laid my fears to rest, as she crawled over me to devour my now-limp cock.

I looked up to see her red-rimmed pussy close to my face. She wiggled her arse at me and murmured something around a mouthful of cock. I didn't have to be told twice what she had in mind, and I dug in. Her pussy was exceedingly wet, and I tasted myself mingled with her own feminine juices.

My tongue found her enlarged clit, and she began humping slightly on my face as soon as I licked, bit or teased it. My nose was buried so deeply into her pussy I had to pull away to draw breath every so often, its fragrant smell lingering in my nostrils. Meanwhile, her mouth, lips and tongue were working their magic on me and I felt my aching and I mean aching balls tightening. She explored my cock with such care that I began to forget who she was, and concentrated instead on the fact that she was a beautiful woman, making wild unbridled, passionate love to me; something that had not happened for a very long time.

My hands floated over her curved arse, my fingers coming to rest at her anus. Heather gave a quick shudder before pushing her arse towards me; using my tongue, I gently licked the star shaped orifice before gently sliding a lubricated fingertip into it.

Heather went wild, humping my face violently and moaning loudly on my cock. I eased my finger the rest of the way in, and I felt her clitoris tighten. Moments later, she exploded, her entire pussy convulsed, drenching my face in female secretions in perfect time to the contractions of her anus on my finger. As she began to relax, my final load built and then exploded in her throat.

She continued sucking and licking until I was groaning for her to stop, my cock and balls had been completely sucked clean of cum there was nothing else to give, only then did she collapsed on top of me. After a little while, We lay in each other's arms, Heather idly playing with the hairs on my stomach, me stroking Heather's body. We revelled in the joy of being in each other's arms under the blankets.

At length, our breathing became regular as we succumbed to sleep, Heather turning on her side, facing away from me. I likewise turning towards her and moving closer to her, curling around her form so that I cocooned the full length of her body, my hand resting on her stomach. With a soft murmuring of "I love you", we both fell asleep.

To be continued

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