tagFetishHeather's Halloween House Party

Heather's Halloween House Party


Part 1: The Problem

I was between jobs a while back and went to visit my friend Heather for a little while. Though we had been fairly close in college, we had drifted apart recently and I missed her. We had both been cheerleaders at Florida State, but truthfully, I had been much wilder and spent most of my time with the wild crowd while Heather had been much more serious about her studies, and her cheerleading for that matter. I knew that she had taken a job as a high school teacher and cheer coach, but that was really all I knew about her current life. She had always struck me as the type who would want the stereotypical American dream, a nice home in the suburbs, two children and a loving husband.

After arriving at her apartment in Chicago I made a few observations. One, Heather was still stunning. She was only 28 years old, and she was as fit and beautiful as she had been in college. I was certain that she could easily still wear her cheerleader uniform from school. She had long blonde hair and perfect C cup boobs. When I commented, she returned the compliment and we discussed briefly our current exercise regimens.

After a few glasses of wine, I finally got the nerve to ask about her relationship status, and she seemed to tense up. Slowly at first, she began to discuss that there was no one in her life, but she soon started to cry a little bit and a long story followed about what had happened.

It seems that she had been dating a fellow teacher in her high school, Greg. Heather, as her style, had been taking things slowly. (She was always terribly afraid of looking like a slut and so she dressed and acted very prim and proper; it was probably a good bet that guys, upon first meeting her, had no idea the bombshell that awaited the patient ones just underneath her layers of clothing and pulled up hair) Anyway, Greg had just recently come into an inheritance and had to go away for a few days to his hometown to finalize all of the legal issues. The day that he was leaving, Heather had a student conference after school and following that had headed down to his office to say goodbye. Upon entering the office, she found Greg, looking disheveled, struggling to quickly tuck his shirt in, and she also noticed that he had a large stain on the front of his pants. She went on to explain that she would have been okay if he had just been masturbating; hell, all guys do that, but that there was a distinctive smell of perfume in the area and even a bra on his desk, so she knew that he had been with another woman.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"Well, I ended it, of course," she replied. "I don't want a man like that. I just thought he was perfect. I guess I'm just a fool."

"Heather, of course you're not a fool," I countered, "Did you ever find out what happened?"

"Yes, he called several times, but his story doesn't make much sense," she answered.

"Go on," I said.

"Greg told me that he had gone to his office to pick up some tests that he was going to take with him for his trip when the Spanish teacher, Gloria, entered his office. He looked up and smiled at her as Gloria asked if she could do anything for him while he was gone. When he replied that he was fine, she smiled and pushed his door closed and locked the door. She said to just give her a minute that she had something for him now. Greg told me that he was stunned and didn't know how to react as Gloria quickly unbuttoned her blouse and crossed the short distance to him. Greg said that he tried to object but that she shushed him so he sat still as she playfully dropped her blouse and bra on his desk. She then moved into his lap and began slowly stroking his cock while whispering to him that she knew he needed to relax and that this would help. He claims that anytime he tried to speak she just playfully told him that he needed this and to enjoy it. In practically no time, Gloria had unzipped his pants and was pleasuring his cock. She even pulled a small bottle of baby oil out of her purse and poured it on her hands and his cock as she stroked him. As soon as he exploded, she smiled at him, kissed him and told him that, should he ever decide he wanted anything else, she was always available to him. Then, she put her blouse on and scampered away just before I walked in to say goodbye."

"Leaving her bra?" I clarified.

"Well, obviously," Heather answered.

"Had they ever been involved before?" I asked.

"No, that's the weird part; Greg say he barely knew her; why?" she asked me.

"And now they are together?" I guessed.

"Of course, that's how my life goes; I have to see them every day; she never seems to leave him alone." She confirmed my guess.

"Heather, did you love Greg? Did you want a life with him?" I asked.

"Yes, of course, I thought that he was getting close to proposing." She answered.

"Well, then, you need to get him back." I stated.

"What?" she exclaimed. "Did you not hear my story? You heard what he did!"

"Heather, honey, he did nothing that any other guy wouldn't do. He was set up, just as you were, I might add."

"What are you talking about, Brittany?" she asked me.

"Heather, please tell me that you don't really think that this just happened. Gloria is an opportunist and planned this out." I said.

"I don't understand." She said.

"How did Gloria know that he was leaving town?" I responded with a question.

"Well, he announced it that afternoon at the faculty meeting..."

"And he mentioned the inheritance." I interrupted.

"Well, yes," Heather confirmed.

"See, Heather," I continued, "It is obvious what happened; now I don't know Gloria's background, but I don't really need to; she is, for some reason, looking for a man, and the pieces just fell into place where she could steal yours. She has probably seen you two around, or at least heard talk of you two, and she was jealous. When she learned of the inheritance, well, it was just too much of an opportunity to pass up. She went to his office, seduced him and left behind things so that you would 'catch' him."

"And then I showed up and..."

I interrupted again, "Did exactly what she thought you would do. You basically dumped Greg while he was still in shock over what had happened. He had no idea what to do or say or anything. From that point, it doesn't take a genius to see what happened. Gloria made herself as available as possible and consoled him, probably practically declaring herself his new girlfriend before he even realized what happened."

"And now I'm back to square one trying to find a husband," Heather stated.

"Not at all," I responded, "You already found him; you just told me that you loved him. You just need to get him back."

"What? After he..." she tried to say.

"Acted like a man?" I finished. "Heather this is a great position to be in. You have learned a few useful things about him."

She looked quizzically at me so I continued, "First, he's at least a bit of a sub. That can be very useful throughout your life, and as part of that he will be happy letting you take control whenever you want throughout your marriage."

"But, I don't know if that's what I want," she answered.

"Sure it is, Heather, even if you decide not to ever act on it," I explained. "You'll feel nice and empowered knowing that you can, if you choose, end every argument, make every decision that you want, etc. If you want to let him make decisions, fine, let him."

"You get all that from Gloria's actions?" she asked.

"Enough to know what's up," I answered. "It would take some time and, well, 'training' is a good word to get him to that point, but the tendencies are there within him if you want to push it, though he might not even know it himself."

"But what can I do? He's with Gloria now." Heather asked me.

"That's easy; get him back." I answered. "The doctor that I'm going to marry is engaged to someone else right now. You just need to take charge and lead Greg where he wants to be lead."

"But how?" she asked.

"Let's talk about that," I said as I smiled at Heather. Part 2: The Plan

Seeing as how it was October, we decided that a hastily planned Halloween Party would be the easiest way to get everyone involved together in the same location. We had a limited budget so we couldn't really spend a lot on a party. We drove around and found an old mansion that would be perfect and stopped in to see about reserving it for the evening. We were met by a gentleman in his early 40's who showed us around the place. It was a huge place, with many rooms and hallways. There were even a few bedrooms, as the place had once been a bed & breakfast. It was pretty obvious that he liked what he saw in Heather and me as he kept trying to impress us. When I would stop and look directly at him though, he would struggle to maintain eye contact. Most of the rentals for this place, he said, were for antique shows and auctions, so I imagined that he was usually dealing with a much older crowd. I was being slightly flirty, but nothing over the top, so his reaction was simply that he didn't have much contact with girls our age. Regardless, I knew that we could use that to our advantage.

When we made it back to his office to discuss renting the place, Heather and I sat on a sofa across from his desk, crossed our legs and accepted his offer of water. While Heather sipped hers normally, I picked up a straw and used a trick I'd learned in high school to seductively sip from it. I knew it was effective as I caught the manager, whose name coincidentally was also Greg, staring a couple of times. It was slightly ridiculous, but he couldn't tell that it was designed to tease him.

I asked Greg to go over what was included in the rental, not because I needed to hear the details of number of bartenders and what hors devours to serve, but to let him watch and appreciate the fact that he had enough of a view to begin to arouse him. Heather, for her part, was pretty clueless as to what I was doing. Luckily, she was gorgeous enough to just sit there and smile and not mess anything up.

Finally, this Greg told us that the rental was $1500 for the evening, plus $18 per person for an open bar and light appetizers. I asked him to please write everything down so that he could show it to me, which he began to do. As he was writing I casually asked if there was any chance that the house had already been booked that night. He explained that he owned the home and did all of the bookings. He even clarified that he did all of the management duties alone since he had gotten a divorce a while back.

The image of him working late hours and catering to the antique auction crowd pretty much told me that he had no social life.

"Poor baby," I gently said, "Working on all of this all alone."

Rather than acting surprised, he nodded and meekly agreed. Heather, though, glanced over as she noticed my comment was a bit off. I winked at her and mouthed to her to stay quiet.

When the proposal was finished, he held it up. I motioned for him to bring it to me and, as he approached the sofa, I moved to the side inviting him to sit, placing him between Heather and me. As he was holding the price sheet in his lap, I leaned against him as though to look at the sheet. I told him that I had a couple of questions to which he replied that he would be happy to answer them.

"Does this include decorations, Greg? It is going to be a Halloween party so we need every room decorated and the hallways and rooms upstairs too; we may use that area for a haunted house." I asked sweetly.

"Well, no, normally, the renter does his or her own decorations," he replied.

I made a frown and pulled slightly away, as though I might have stood and left; "Too bad, I thought you might could accommodate us."

"But, I mean, I will certainly add that in since it is Halloween and everybody loves a Halloween Party." He quickly added. "I might even be able to re-use some of the stuff for more Halloween parties."

I knew the last line was for his own benefit as he was trying to justify the cost in his mind. Whatever, I got what I needed.

"Oh, Greg, thank you." I exclaimed, and he looked relieved that I wasn't leaving. "My only other real issue is the cost; we don't have the kind of money that you're talking about."

I tried to appear like I was really sad about this as Greg watched me, trying to decide what to say.

"Well, what were you thinking?" he finally asked.

"Let me show you," I said. And I took the pen from his hand, held the paper in his lap and crossed out the number. He looked at me, confused, and I sheepishly nodded my head down and gently bit my bottom lip. I kept my hand on his leg, holding the paper in place, but more importantly, stirring his cock to attention.

With my other hand I pulled out a catalog from Frederick's of Hollywood that featured sexy costumes and let it fall open in his lap, over the paper and my hand. As Greg looked at the lingerie models, I subtly began circling my hand around his thigh slowly inching closer and closer to his cock, though never quite reaching it.

"Greg," I began in a soft voice, barely above a whisper. "We don't really have any money, baby."

He looked at me, still confused, and I continued, giving him no time to speak. "We are going to have a party here for all the teachers and staff at the school we work at, and some of their friends. It will be probably 75% to 80% female, many of whom will be wearing these costumes. Won't that be nice?"

He didn't answer; instead he looked back at the catalog as Heather, finally catching on, slowly turned the pages for him. She was now pressed against his other side.

"And, while we can't pay anything," I continued, "We'll let you have photographers here, and you can video everything."

His eyes widened at the thought of this, and he muttered that he could take some pictures himself.

"No, baby," I corrected. "You'll need to hire professionals because I want you at the party enjoying yourself, okay? That part is non-negotiable. I can tell you work too hard and you need this chance to relax."

Heather now moved one hand to his neck and shoulders and began gently rubbing while holding the catalog with her other hand.

"Sounds nice," he said.

"After the party, baby, you can use the pictures and film to create marketing pieces and a DVD so you can start booking more parties like this. I think you'll find that these are more fun than antique auctions," I went on, knowing that he would certainly use the pictures for more than a brochure.

"So this will be a win-win, huh, baby? We get a free party and you get to have fun for a change and start marketing this place to a crowd that you'll enjoy more. "I finally allowed my hand to circle over his cock, now straining under his khakis before concluding my question.

"So, is this going to be something I can do?" I innocently asked.

"Yes, yes, please," he answered, as Heather and I held back giggles.

"Oh, Greg, you're awesome, thank you, baby!" I said, picking up the speed of my strokes.

"What's your favorite costume, baby?" I asked.

"Uh, the French maid one, I guess." He answered, so quickly that I knew he had craved a French maid since well before seeing the costume today, probably a long term fetish.

"Oh, Greg, that's hot," I whispered in his ear. "Tell you what, baby, I'll make sure that we have a French maid here for you that night." I moved my hand so that I could get nice, long strokes over his cock and quickened the pace.

I continued, "A little black silk skirt, black stockings, maybe a garter belt, her hair tight in a bun, but easy to release and let down. Sexy, white top, that shows off her perfect cleavage and is held together by just a couple of easy to undo buttons."

As I spoke I began to feel the warm gush of cum from inside his pants. I milked him freely, knowing that he would make this the best party ever for us.

As we made it to the car and drove off, Heather said, "My God, Brittany, what just happened."

I explained that I had just shown her what had happened to her Greg and how most men would easily succumb to a woman's advances if the woman was just patient and eased into it, and, oh yes, and how we had just gotten about a $3500 party for nothing more than a through the pants hand job.

Part 3: The Execution

The next few days were very hectic. Invitations were mailed to all of the faculty, at least all the ones under 50 who Heather thought might be up for a fun party. And, though the invitations were anonymous, they hinted that it was planned by some of the higher ups, thus many were tricked into thinking that they really should be there. Also mentioned were the facts that there would be an open bar and various contests, including "sexiest costume." We figured that these two items would get the right crowd there.

I stopped by the school on the day of the party, at a time that Heather had told me that Greg would be unavailable, and began asking around for him. As I expected, Gloria soon appeared, desperate to find out who I was and why I was asking for him. I explained that I was his cousin, just passing through Chicago and wanted to say "Hi." Looking more comfortable, she introduced herself and said that was unavailable but that she would tell him I stopped by.

"Oh, please don't do that." I responded. "I so wanted to surprise him." I acted as though I just had a thought. "Hey, some other teacher mentioned a party tonight. I can run do my work and stop by there and surprise him."

"Well, I'm not certain that we'll be there," Gloria answered, as I thought she would.

I feigned disappointment and quickly added, "Oh, the costume thing," as though I knew something.

"What?" she asked.

"Greg wants you to wear a French maid costume, doesn't he?" I said, while nodding like I was sure of myself.

I knew that Gloria had no idea what I was talking about (since it was all fiction) so I kept going, "He had a thing for some Playboy or Penthouse model in a French maid costume when he was a teenager. It drove my aunt crazy; she kept finding pictures everywhere. I figured he would never get over that. Probably best that you don't go and wear that tonight. He would probably never get over it if something happened to your relationship after he had seen you as his childhood fantasy."

I knew and then saw in her eyes that I had just guaranteed that they would be there.

"You know, since you're in town, I'll make sure that we stop by," her tune quickly changed.

"Oh, thank you," I said, and disappeared out of the school and back to Heather's apartment to help her get ready.

"But, how do you even know that Greg wants a French maid?" Heather asked when I told her my story.

"Heather, every guy wants a French maid; if I had said cheerleader, nurse or Catholic schoolgirl uniform, the response would have been the same." I explained. "Do you think there is even the slightest chance of him not being turned on by Gloria in that outfit tonight?"

"Well, no, when you put it that way," she agreed.

I was going in jeans and a leather jacket, as a motorcycle rider, nothing flashy because my plan depended upon my standing out in the crowd. I convinced Heather to wear a French maid outfit with a fairly unattractive sheet over it. She would appear to be dressed as a ghost to everyone, but she could simply drop the sheet and turn into a sex goddess whenever she desired. She was nervous so I told her that she didn't need to worry about the plan, just do as I say when I say and let me worry about the details.

We got to the party early and Greg, the venue owner, was happily moving about as the crowd was gathering. He was dressed as a police officer and actually looked cute. Everyone seemed to be at the bar, a good sign. I went and got a tray of about a dozen Lemon Drops, an easy shot to drink, but pretty strong, as well as a couple of hurricanes, another deceptively strong drink. Additionally, one side of the tray had several shot glasses filled with plain lemonade. I stood by the tray awaiting our unknowing guests of honor. I was left alone at the bar, as no one knew me and I certainly wasn't standing out among the "sexy" costumes.

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