tagErotic CouplingsHeather's Honeymoon Ch. 02

Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 02


We had been on our honeymoon for three days, soaking in the sun on the beach for some of the time and getting acquainted with each other's bodies in the room for most of it. We'd make love for an hour or so each morning and then head to the beach where we'd read our books or watch the tanned semi-nude bodies; then we'd go for a smoothie at the lunch hut before scurrying back to our room to make love again.

It was a routine I was deliriously comfortable with, and Heather was right there with me. She was so happy being married, and her every movement showed she was loving the experiences we were sharing, experiences she'd always felt only married people should experience. Her demeanor had changed from how she'd been before our marriage, when she was nervous about doing too much and feeling guilty when she thought we had. Since the wedding three days ago, a light had come on in her head and in her body--one that seemed to burn hotter almost by the hour. As a happily married woman she glowed with a sexual desire that couldn't be cooled by guilt or self-reproach.

I had always loved Heather, and would have married her no matter what her desires were. Even if she'd remained inhibited after the wedding as she was before it I would have wanted nothing but to be with her always. What I was receiving on our honeymoon was a windfall, and I couldn't believe my good fortune. The best part was, she was acting this way because of the love and security she felt, not because she was some slut wanting to have sex with anybody and everybody.

That third morning marked my twenty-third birthday, and as we lay in bed Heather asked what I wanted. I mumbled something trite like, "Having you as my bride is my gift, baby."

"Oh, that is so sweet, my love. But I mean it. I want to give you something extra special today."

I thought of what I might really want. Having experienced so much closeness over the past few days and seeing Heather emerge as an eager pleaser, I took a chance and said, "Well...you could be my sex slave for the day."

I thought she might get offended by the remark, but instead she perked up instantly.

"Really? That's what you'd like?"

"Yeah. I mean...who wouldn't? You've been so geisha-like these past few days. It makes me feel special."

"We're married, baby. I want to make you feel special. Maybe we can call it a love slave."

I wasn't about to argue over semantics.

"We can call it a love slave, honey. That's exactly what it is."

I was laying in bed, listening to the waves crashing on the beach below while watching Heather bend over the dresser in her short nightie, exposing her white panties while picking through some of the sexy lingerie I'd bought for her over the past few days. A lingerie fashion show was the first thing I'd asked for from my love slave.

Heather tried on several outfits for me one by one, posing sexily in each.

"Do you like this?" she asked, bending over a chair in a panty and baby doll set while looking over her shoulder at me.

"Oh yes, lover. You look great in that."

A few minutes later she was posing on her knees at the foot of the bed, wearing thigh-high stockings, a red thong and an ivory camisole.

"How about this, baby?"

I gazed open-mouthed, zeroing in on the hard nipples straining against the silky camisole.

"So very beautiful," I said.

As the show continued she pouted and purred, teased and tempted, bending this way and that, thoroughly enjoying her newborn sexuality. She looked at me lying in bed, took notice of the bulge tenting the sheet, and smiled.

"Do you need me now, birthday boy?"

"I'll need you very soon," I said, watching her prance around the room in a tiny g-string and frilly bra.

I picked one outfit from the several she'd tried on: a white, demi bra with sheer, see-thru cups and a tiny, white mesh thong to match. She put on the outfit eagerly with her back to me. Then she gazed at her new persona in the mirror for a moment, adjusting her breasts inside the cups just so before turning to show me.

Heather is a beautiful girl. She is wholesome, with a girl-next-store, innocent quality, but she is also extremely sexy in an unforced, natural way. Her eyes are big blue buckets of love, and she flashes an effortless smile so genuinely that it instantly captivates people. She is very thin, with a taut, flat tummy and a cute little butt, and she has perky firm breasts that are topped with bigger than average raspberry-like nipples, nipples that come out to play instantly when touched, and stay out well past their bedtime. My gaze traveled from the diaphanous thong caressing her newly-shaved folds to her large nipples showing murkily through the translucent half-cups of her bra. I could tell by the outlines in the material that she was as excited by the present she was giving as I was.

"I want to come six times today, Heather." I pronounced.

She giggled.

"I'm not kidding. Yesterday was five. The day before was four. Today I want to beat my record. It's good to have goals, right?"

"Yes, baby," she said through her giggles, "it's very good to have goals. Six sounds impossible, but...I'll try for you. I'll make love all day if that's what it takes. I want to do what you want, in any way you want."

Hearing these words come from my shy, innocent Heather was too much. I reached out from the bed and grabbed her. She giggled again as I tossed her on the mattress and wiggled as I got on top of her. When I pulled the thong to the side and sank my raging hard on to the hilt, her giggles turned to moans...moans I was becoming very familiar with as the days went by.

We made love passionately on the bed, with heat and emotion, me on top and Heather wrapping her legs around me, pulling me ever-deeper into her tight pussy. I could feel my cock splitting her, hardly fitting into her newly-used hole, and after a minute or two of slippery lovemaking we came together, with me buried snugly inside that warm, wet pocket.

It was amazing to realize that Heather and I had made love for the very first time only three days earlier, as by this time I'd come inside her close to ten times. I was always hard around her, in the hotel room, on the beach, out to dinner, in the disco, and she was forever in heat and wanting more. I bathed her in my come at every opportunity, and we let no occasion slip by. From yesterday's adventure on our balcony, to last night's walk on the beach, it was turning into a flawless sexual union between us, which went hand in hand with the love and emotion and care we had always shared. I was insatiable, and Heather was coming from her cocoon, turning into a beautiful sexual butterfly right before my eyes. With such a combination, I wondered where we may fly to next. It seemed like the sky was the limit.

After the quick lovemaking on the bed I went to take a shower. Heather lay on the mattress, temporarily exhausted, looking up at the slow-whirling ceiling fan as my warmth heated her from the inside out, oozing from her like slow lava.

I was in the hot shower, still on fire, getting ready for number two of six, when somehow she sensed my percolating desire. I turned off the water, pulled back the curtain, and there she was, on her knees across the room, staring up at me, still in the see-thru thong and bra.

"Is it okay if I do this for you now, hubby. Is it too soon?"

She was practicing her coquettish pout again, but this time she couldn't contain the smile showing sweetly through it. She liked the new role she was playing. It suited her, and it suited us. She moved closer to me, crawling on her hands and knees across the tile floor. She looked up through the steam of the room with misty, fragile eyes, innocent and wanton at the same time. I'd never seen such incongruous eyes.

"I want to feel you in my mouth, baby," she said.

"Oh Heather..."

"I want to feel you growing as I suck, just like I did last night on the beach, under that bright moon."

"Oh, baby..."

"I want to make my husband come again."

"You will, baby. Again and again. Now, and forever. I promise."

Heather took my cock in her hands. She stroked me gently with one hand while cupping my balls in the other.

"I've loved these past few days," she said, looking up at me. "You feel so good in my hands and in my mouth and inside me. It really feels like you belong there. I want to fall asleep with you in my mouth tonight, and wake with you in it tomorrow morning. Remind me tonight in case I forget."

"Look what you've done to me, baby," I said, looking down at myself.

"Oh my," she said, and began stroking my erect cock from her knees while looking directly at it.

"I'm glad we've waited," she said, as much to my hard on as to me. But I feel like I have some catching up to do."

With that, she put me in her mouth to suck the precome off the tip, then took me out again.

"While you were sleeping this morning I was awake, thinking of after the wedding, when I sucked you for the first time really late at night after you made love to me earlier. I was thinking that I probably like sucking you as much as you like me doing it."

"That's impossible."

Heather stayed on her knees, eager to prove her point. She gently put me back in her mouth, sucking me in halfway and then backing out to drain the big purplish head of more of its precome. Then she put me back in again, going as deep as she could and gagging a little. After pulling back reflexively, she stared at my cock with a look of resolve and then put me in just as deep again. She was loving what she was doing, working slowly, taking her time, learning on the job. I could see the experience growing within her with every new lick and suck. She was already better at prolonging her partner's orgasm than I was. She had the patience for it. And the love. She was turning into a disciplined little cocksucker.

As she bobbed, I said..."Baby, spread your legs a little."

She did as I asked without breaking stride, her hips rocking back and forth in time with her head bobbing.

"Put your hand inside your panties, honey."

She looked up and without wanting to interrupt her work she tried speaking with my cock in her mouth.

"You waana wash?"

"Yes. Do it while I watch. Please..."

Without a second's thought she slipped her hand passed the waistband of her thong. Her slender fingers crawled through the material, instantly finding her hard little clit. Her head moved faster up and down on me and her moaning increased as she strummed her button rhythmically.

I had never seen Heather masturbate before. I had never even considered that she did it, as she'd always been so prim in our relations. Watching her now was an eye-opener. She was playing with herself expertly and without shame. As her fingers moved against her clit in those quick, knowing motions, I thought of all the times I'd dropped her back to her dorm after a night of petting in my dark car, both of us not fully satisfied and me horny as hell. I would always go back to my apartment and masturbate while thinking of making love to her. Now, as I looked at her stroking herself, I realized that she must have done the same thing. This realization made me incredibly excited.

As I continued to look on, Heather curled her wrist under and I could no longer see her fingers through the mesh of her thong. I could only see her curled wrist moving back and fourth. I watched, amazed, assuming that a finger or two must be buried deep inside, probing the wet depths of her pussy. A notion popped into my mind that maybe she was pretending someone was inside her while I was in her mouth. And that was just too exciting to contemplate.

"Oh God, honey, I'm gonna come!"

"Mmmmm" she replied.

"Swallow this time, baby. Please. I want you to."

Over the past few days Heather had not been shy about putting me in her mouth. She had no problem doing it after I'd been inside her, and had no problem staying on me when I came. But each time, my orgasm would eventually end up on my stomach, or on her hand, or in her hair, or on her cheek. As part of Heather's awakening, I realized I'd sometimes need to push for the things I wanted.

"You really want me to?" Heather questioned, pulling off ever so briefly.

"Yes! Right now!"

Heather reacted quickly and her mouth made it back on me just in time. My come came out in huge, powerful spurts, one after the next from deep within me. My cock twitched and spasmed like a downed wire and it felt like the volleys would last forever. She was moaning loudly, rocking her hips back and fourth against her fingers, and her own orgasm started while she did her best to keep her mouth on me.

It was one of the biggest orgasms of my life, and I almost felt sorry that Heather had to be initiated in such an overwhelming fashion. But she was a trooper, and was determined not to disappoint. She kept her mouth glued to me the whole time, gulping down copious amounts of come as quickly as it filled her mouth. Only at the end did a little escape the crease of her lips and begin to drool down her chin. When I was done, she licked me clean and looked up from her knees with those sexy innocent eyes, now somewhat watery and searching for approval, my come still clinging to her chin.

I smiled down at her, my legs jelly and my breathing erratic.

"I swallowed a lot, baby," she said, blinking up at me. "Not all of it, I know, but a lot. Not bad for a first timer, don't you think?"

I lifted her from her knees, speechless and drained. I held her tight in my arms, kissing her over and over, wondered what was next, realizing the world was our oyster.

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