Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 05


Heather heard John tossing in the morning darkness, wrapping and rewrapping himself in the sheet. Her finger froze on her clit. She waited motionlessly for a full minute, listening to him breath and groan and flop around. Finally, he rolled onto his side away from her. When she was sure he'd settled back into his slumber, she began where she'd left off, her thighs slick as churned butter...

David leaned against one wall of the elevator looking at the newlyweds as Heather rested back against John, propped against the opposite wall. John took up where he'd left off, wrapping his arms around her little body and raising her skirt onto her thighs. She wiggled her hips and John pulled the skirt up higher, showing off the tops of her thigh highs to David. She pushed her butt against her husband's hard on, giving him the go ahead, and he pulled the skirt up even higher, flashing her thong briefly for David's pleasure.

She looked down at herself and watched John's fingers running up and down her thighs. With her mini skirt hiked high she tingled with the thought of being exposed. She looked up and saw David's cock pressing against his pants as John's thick tool pushed against her. If John had put his fingers inside her she would have gladly let David watch her come; instead, John only stroked her thighs and lifted her skirt playfully, giving David a few more glimpses, and leaving Heather lusting.

When they got to the room, each of them knew something was about to happen, but none knew how to start it. Heather was on the couch between the two men as she'd been in the disco, as she'd been with the four boys in high school. Her heart pounded and her hands wrung in her lap. She licked her lips. She knew no mother would be walking in on them. She waited...then waited more...until she'd waited so long she thought she might have to start it herself.

She watched John get up and pour more wine and turn on the radio. When he came back he held her glass to her lips and she sipped. He sat down and she put one hand on his knee, and then the other on David's. John looked at her hand resting on David's leg and asked her to take off her camisole.

It was as if she'd been waiting for a command. She lifted her hands and brought them to her waist, wrapping her fingers into the bottom of her cami. It was so sheer there wasn't much of a jump to take it off. She twisted her hands while biting her lip, looking at John. Then she pulled the garment over her head and held it to her side before releasing it onto the couch. She was in her pretty aqua push up bra sitting between the men, looking at her cleavage.

"That's a beautiful bra," David said.

"Thank you," Heather replied, not looking up. "It's new."

"She's wearing a new thong to match," John said. "Aren't you, baby?"

Heather looked at John. He smiled and touched her leg under her skirt, high on the thigh, almost at her clit as David watched.

"I'd love to see it." David coaxed.

"So would I." John concurred.

Heather got up from the couch and turned toward her husband. She hooked her thumbs into her miniskirt and let it drop to the floor. Then she bent at the waist and retrieved it, handing it to John who put it on the couch.

She again sat between the men and looked down at herself. She hoped John appreciated what she was doing. Her thong clung to her moist pussy lips. Her hands fluttered on her thighs. When a slow song came on the radio she swayed, bumping shoulders with both men.

"You like this song, sweetie?" John said.

"Yeah...it's good music. Good music to dance to."

John smiled. "Baby, why don't you take David for a dance then?"

John watched from the couch as she got up and let David lead her by the hand to a spot beyond the bed. David's arms went around her and she felt herself being pulled against him. She glanced over to John on the couch, saw his hand kneading his lap while David's manly scent enveloped her. She put her arms around him and met the subtle movements of his hips as he pushed his hard cock against her. Heather was close to coming standing there in his arms, knowing her husband was watching.

When the song ended Heather left David in the middle of the room and came over to John. She said quietly, "I think he's excited."

"No doubt. How about you?"

"Baby, I know you liked watching me. Of course I'm wet. I'm drenched."

"Show us."

"Show you?"

"Show us both."

"Oh, honey. I'll do what you want, you know that."

"Do it for me. And for you."

Heather quietly turned so both men could see. Her hands were shaking. She widened her stance, reached down with one hand and pulled the crotch of her thong to the side as both men watched. She looked down and saw her glistening pussy lips. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She put her fingers on either side of her pussy and spread her lips apart for all to see.

"You have a beautiful shaved pussy," David said.

"It's very wet," Heather replied, shocking herself with her boldness.

"Go make him come," John said from behind.

Keeping her eyes on David, she said, "Oh gosh. Are you sure?"

John settled back on the couch. They had been hinting more and more about the fantasy since day three. Now, it was upon them. No more fingers in the mouth. This was the real deal. He didn't answer. He sensed he wouldn't have to.

Heather walked over to David in her thong and bra and thigh highs. John had turned off the radio when a Spanish speaking commercial had come on, so the room was quiet as she dropped to her knees and unbuckled David's pants. Her hands shook as she unzipped him. When his fly was fully down she looked up into his eyes and smiled. John looked on from the couch, witnessing her lust, her desire. His cock was hard as marble as he fumbled to release it from the confines of his pants.

She lowered her gaze and pulled down David's boxers, seeing the precome oozing from his stiff member. She looked at the beaded head and touched it to her lips. She rubbed his cock against her mouth, letting the precome coat her lips before licking them clean. He smelled and tasted different than John. Not better or worse, just different. She liked knowing there was a distinction. She wondered if all men were unique in that way. By the time John got behind her, David's cock was all the way down her throat.

"That's it, lover. Show him your new trick." John intoned.

Heather moaned, listening to her husband.

"Do you like sucking his cock?"


"You wanna make him come?"

Heather pulled off for only a moment. "So much, baby."

"That's a good girl."

It had been a slow start in the room, but things heated up rapidly. John hovered over her, fingering her clit from behind, making her literally cream on his fingers within seconds of touching her. He removed his fingers and put his cock inside her as she spasmed. She was on the floor being fucked doggy-style while sucking eagerly, feeling David's cock thicken in her mouth. He exploded without warning and she drank down the first two or three shots of come as if it were nectar. As he continued spewing she pulled him out and let the remaining droplets fall into her hair and on her face and neck...

With John asleep beside her, Heather pulled her fingers from her clit quickly, knowing she was about to come. She opened her eyes, saw the room wasn't pitch black anymore and closed them again. She waited a minute, resting perfectly still. She was almost ready to start masturbating again when she felt John's fingers stroking her hair. She remained motionless, hoping he wouldn't discover how messy it was. She kept her eyes closed and her breathing steady. After a while she heard John rolling over. She waited several more minutes and then started moving her fingers again...

John had been fucking her hard from behind when David came. Having a stranger come on her only made her that much crazier with lust. With David done, she swung around and put John's wet cock into her mouth. She looked up and saw her husband staring at the glob of come on her cheek. Seeing it, he came as quickly as David had, making her feel proud. She swallowed every drop while David slowly stroked himself back to life. She'd be ready for him as soon as he was. It was a long night. At one point Heather laid back on the bed with her head in David's lap and John's mouth between her legs. David was fondling her breasts from behind, pinching her nipples into turgid peaks as John licked her. Just when she was about to come the two men switched positions, John cradling her head in his lap while she spread her legs for their new friend. Being eaten by this stranger was way too much. She grabbed John's hands and convulsed in another mind blowing orgasm.

She must have come five times that night. Toward the end of it, John went into the bathroom as Heather and David sat on the couch. By the time he came out, Heather was sucking his cock yet again...

Heather was still lying on her side, working her bruised slit gently. She was thinking of the conversation she and David had shared while John was in the bathroom. It had started as silly innuendo and ended with Heather very wet and David's cock in her mouth. Thinking about it as John dozed beside her brought her to the edge of orgasm and then quickly over the edge. It was unplanned and stifled, much like the orgasms she'd perfected in her dorm bed not so long ago.


She heard John's voice from behind, felt his hand shaking her shoulder as he spooned into her.

"Heather baby...you sleeping?"

"I must have been...dreaming."

"You were shaking like a leaf. You okay?"

"I'm fine. What time is it?"

"It's early. We have plenty of time."


"Yes, baby?"

"Are you mad at me?"

John kissed her neck. He kissed her ears. He told her he loved her, told her she meant the world to him. He held her in his arms as her face grew warm and her throat tightened. John turned her toward him and kissed her wet cheeks.

"There's nothing to cry about."

"I started feeling like I was cheating on you and I hated that feeling."

"You weren't cheating. You did what I wanted. You were in love slave mode, that's all it was."

"You were excited," Heather replied. "You loved it! I was glad I could make your fantasy come true. But I got thinking...what if you felt hurt or thought bad of me?"

"Those things aren't going to happen. We were exploring. Even with him here, it was just you and me being intimate and open, trusting each other. All the things we've done this week...they've brought us closer together."

"I did them for you, baby. Cuz you wanted me to. You have to believe that."

"I do. But if you decide you don't want something, you can tell me. I don't want you doing anything you don't want to do."

"I want to do what you want me to."

"I guess what I mean is, if you decide you don't want to do things for me, it's okay to say no."

Heather's tears dried quickly, leaving her eyes looking like polished stones. She looked adorable as she scrunched up her face and began talking again.

"You know...I've always been the good girl. I wouldn't want you thinking I'm some kinda slut now. I'm as shocked by my behavior as you must be."

"I'm not shocked. I like the girl you've become. I just want you to be honest about your feelings. You're married now; you want to please me. There's nothing wrong with that. But there's a little more to it, and we both know it."

John cuddled Heather as she fell silent. It was typical for her not to respond to this type of statement, so he wasn't surprised by her quietness. He was trying to sort out his own thoughts, what points he wanted to get across. He had hoped for some acknowledgement that she liked doing things for herself and not just because they were what he wanted, but she was still claiming to be driven only by a desire to please him.

As far as John was concerned, nothing advertised Heather's innate lust more then when he saw her sucking David with gusto as he walked out of the bathroom. Maybe he should have been mad seeing her on the couch bobbing on David's cock and moaning; instead, he got hard and walked toward her. She pulled off long enough to ask if he liked watching her. In response, he came on the side of her face.


It was ten in the morning and they were packing for their flight back to New York. An odd silence was between them as each was lost in complex thoughts. At one point Heather turned to John wordlessly and they kissed standing up, like on the alter a week earlier, only now their lips were big purple bruises. Heather cradled her head into John's shoulder and thought about their life together...how she'd always make him feel like his desires were guiding her.

"I want to make you happy forever, you know that?" she said.

"You need to make yourself happy, too," John replied.

She emptied her new thongs, bras, thigh highs, teddies and camisoles from the bureau and put them on the bed. She retrieved her miniskirts and shoes from the closet and went back for her suitcases. All the while she was formulating a sentence, a statement, a conversation in her mind. She couldn't live for John alone. She knew that. It was several minutes before she spoke.

"Did you know David has a house in the Hamptons?"

"You're kidding?"

"No. In Southampton."

"How do you know?"

"He told me...when you were in the bathroom."

"You weren't doing much talking when I came out. I'm surprised you found time to chat."

Heather giggled. "Oh, that. He wouldn't take no for an answer. You left that stupid porn movie on right in front of him. It looked like you enjoyed seeing me like that when you finally came out."

"I liked seeing it. It showed me a lot. You want us to go to Southampton to see him, is that it?"

"No. I just thought it was interesting that he lived close by."

"It's interesting. But, why say it unless you want us to see him again?"

"No. That's not it."

"What's not it?"

"I wasn't thinking it would be fun if we saw him again."

"He told you he has a house in Southampton though, right baby?"

"Yeah. He spends his summers there."

"Did you tell him we live in New York?"

"Well...in the course of conversation I might have."

Heather was being evasive. She had gotten this way throughout the week whenever he'd asked if her excitement was more than just from wanting to please him. He was dying for her to confess that she liked their experiences as much as he did, but he waited a moment to speak, knowing she'd clam up if he pushed too much.

"He doesn't want us to visit? He said that?"

"No he didn't say that. You're off track, my love."

"Why don't you just say what you're thinking then?"

"I know you're wanting me to say something, but really it was nothing."

"Darling, you say you do everything for me, which is good. But sometimes I want to know what turns you on."

"Doing for you turns me on. That's my turn on. Let's not go through this again. I don't feel like analyzing it."

"Okay, we won't. But you know what turned me on? When you finally confided that you'd seen David watching us from the palms that day. You didn't know I saw him too, but you'd gotten so excited with him there. You liked him watching you...for you, not for me...and that excited me."

"Yes but, it was because I was with you. It didn't matter he was watching really. I just saw how excited you were and got set off by it."

"Alright. You've said that before. Let's back up. Did he want us to have another night, or not?"

"I already said that wasn't it."

"But it's something?"

"It was all in jest."

"I can live with jest. If it was fun and games you'll have no problem telling me."

"He said I should go to Southampton. I should go. That was the big joke. He wanted just me there."

"He wants you there while I stay home in New York?"

"He was kidding. It sounds bad out of context, but I wasn't offended."

"Oh, Good. I'm glad you weren't offended." John gave Heather a half smile, showing he was kidding with her.

Heather folded the collection of new clothes she'd acquired on the trip. Mini skirts in one pile, short shorts in another, bikinis in a third. She organized her loot and assessed the piles as a little girl would her Halloween candy.

"Is his house nice?"

"It sounds awesome. He asked if I knew how to swim." Heather giggled.

"Why would he ask that?"

"He lives on the ocean."

"He wants you to visit so you can swim all day?"

"He said if I swam as well as I danced we could have a great time together. It was just a lot of silly innuendo."

"Sound's like the innuendo went back and forth."

"We were joking after you left us there. He was mostly watching the movie you put on."

"Were you joking or watching TV? Which is it?"

"We were watching the movie, and then he started up about Southampton. I can't remember all he said. We didn't talk all that much. I mean, we talked almost the whole time, but not about that."

John rolled two pairs of sweat socks into balls and put them in a side pocket of his suitcase. He put in the last of his shirts and his toilet kit. He began talking when he thought she was ready to say more.

"Southampton's lots of fun. He must love it there."

"He's there all summer. I guess he has these outrageous poker games. He couldn't stop talking about them."

"He hosts poker games...at his place?"

"It's on the ocean."

"You said that. He wants you to play poker with him?"

"No silly! He has friends for that. It was just funny cuz he was excited about these stupid games. I guess we talked about them a little. Not that much. Let's go eat."

They were done packing and while John sensed there was more to the story, he was content to drop it for now. Heather was being vague and he needed time to think. It wasn't lost on him that she was the one who'd brought up the conversation. He figured he'd hear more sooner or later.

He was hard all through lunch thinking about their curious conversation but talked about other things. After lunch they took a cab to the airport. They boarded the plane and sat quietly in their seats. John cracked the novel he'd been muddling through all week while Heather flipped the pages of a complimentary airline magazine spread on her lap. After a while she yelped excitedly and held up an article. There was a photograph of several men seated around a poker table. She bounced in her seat.

"Look, baby, an article on a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament. Maybe I should read it and learn how to play."

John had been waiting for the conversation. He knew it was coming, but maybe not this quickly.

"You're very sexy when you're vague, you know that? I know there's more to your story. You say you want to do things to please me, so tell me the conversation. That would please me."

"Oh brother. I bet you wish you were on the couch instead of in the bathroom all that time."

"Why was he talking so much about his poker games? Why are you bringing it up now?"

"He was talking a mile a minute about everything."

"What about the poker games?"

"He has them during the summer."

"We've established that."

"He said how fun they are and what a nice bunch of guys he has over."

"Bunch of guys?"

"They're poker games, my love. I assume he has lots of guys over."

"You assume, or did he tell you."

"You're like a trial lawyer all of a sudden."

"I'm just going for the facts. Different words have different meanings. I'm sure you know that."

"He told me."

"He told you he has lots of guys over?"

"Baby, I can't remember every single detail. You are making this unpleasant. Just let me tell you what I remember. You get so picky." "I'm just looking for straight answers, my love. It's like talking to a wall sometimes."

"You're getting excited. I can see it in your pants."

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