tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHeather's in Charge of Eric Now

Heather's in Charge of Eric Now


Heather had a long week and she was burned out from getting pulling in every direction, from work, and school and home. Once again she got home late. The kitchen wasn't cleaned up and her husband Eric was already on the couch. She didn't feel like dealing with it, and for once decided she wasn't going to. She gave Eric a hug over the couch and said she was going to grab a shower.

The hot water felt good and re-energized her. She finished soaping up her breasts and then lathered up and shaved her pussy bare, another sacrifice she made for her husband. Not that she minded doing things for him, although he hadn't been giving her the attention she thought such a gesture warranted. When she finished up and dried off she realized Eric had decided to come up stairs to take in an eyeful of her naked body. She still liked getting checked out by him, it made her feel vulnerable, but at the same time reminded her she wielded great power. But it was late, and she wasn't looking for another long clumsy session of 'love-making'. She did think she could be persuaded into a good hard fuck though.

Eric was enjoying staring at her freshly cleaned body, her breasts staring back at him as he gazed on that beautiful creamy white pussy, ripe for a vicious tongue lashing with no hair in his way. He approached Heather, with visions of eating her to a glorious orgasm and then getting to pound away at her pussy at his own pace with no expectations of lasting very long.

"You look like you could use some relaxation," he began "Feel like fooling around?"

"I just got out of the shower Eric."

"Don't worry you won't get dirty," he lied "Just let me eat that luscious pussy of yours."

Eric knew if he could just get her wet and horny she'd be begging him to fuck her silly, and she'd be able to clean herself up easy enough with a quick trip to the toilet and a wipe with a towel.

"Alright Eric, I've had a long week, and this might just be what I need."

Eric was quick across the room to her, hands on her ribs, lips to her face. They kissed, both knowing that soon enough he'd be trying to get inside her, which is, after all, what she really needed tonight.

They kissed passionately and Eric's hands caressed every inch of skin he could reach on her wonderful body. Heather loved the attention, but her mind was already drifting to feeling his cock deep inside her. She undid his shorts and in a moment he was undressed before her, fully erect and staring at her body. Heather backed up onto the bed, and Eric dropped down between her thighs. His tongue went to work and lit Heather up like an oven. She felt her wetness growing, and she felt her womanhood feeling more and more in need of filling.

"See," Eric shouldn't have spoken "You aren't getting dirty."

"Oh," Heather didn't like his bullshit "So if I offered you wouldn't fuck me?"

"Well, anything you want you know I'll provide, baby."

She didn't feel like playing the games, she needed to get fucked.

"Alright you ass, you know I want you to fuck me," Heather didn't see any way around this game "just fuck me hard."

Eric's tongue stopped lapping up her juices and fondling her clit and he slid up her body until their eyes met. She grabbed his rod and guided him in and he proceeded to screw her like every other night, firm but loving. She felt like that should make her happy, but she wasn't in a "loving" mood tonight. She rolled him on his back so she could get what she wanted.

She climbed on top and began to slam herself down on his cock, impaling herself on his tool. She could feel it deep, just like she wanted. She could also tell he was enjoying it. Eric obviously wasn't expecting the sudden change in energy and it excited him. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples. She let out a moan of pain. He was hurting her nipples, but in the moment that pain seemed to perfectly balance the night. By now she was slamming her entire body weight down on his hips, trying to drive his cock right through herself. Heather suddenly wished their bed was firmer.

"Oh God it's deep," Heather moaned.

Eric wasn't sure what to say, but he could feel that he wasn't going to last much longer. When suddenly much to his relief, she stopped impaling herself to catch her breath. She leaned forward and kissed him, and then he licked the sweat from her cleavage. In that moment Heather was given her inspiration for an intense orgasm.

Heather turned around and mounted him again, facing his feet and she started playing with Eric's balls and fucking him again. She looked over her shoulder, "Slap my ass. Slap it hard. Make it sting."

Eric was feeling great and began to start trying to turn Heather's ass as red as his truck. Heather continued impaling herself with body weight thrusts, wincing with each firm strike on her ass. All the attention Eric was putting into the spanking was taking his mind off things enough to help him last a bit longer. Suddenly Heather stopped, told him to lie still, and grabbed some scarves from her dresser and tied his hands to the headboard. Then she returned, mounting him backward again and thrust him deep into herself.

"Fill me up," she grunted "Give me a big load."

Eric threw his hips forward and drove deep. Heather could feel his dick swell inside her as he unloaded an epic load of cum deep into her hole. As his thrusting subsided, Heather stopped moving.

"I don't seem to have stayed very clean Eric."

"I don't know what to tell you."

Heather's hand shot between her legs. Still on fire from trying to drive Eric through herself, she looked over her shoulder, "You need to keep your promises Eric."

Eric was momentarily confused. Then he looked down and saw Heather grabbing her pussy and pinching it closed with her fingers as she slid off him. Heather grabbed his balls as she slid her hips toward his face.

"You said I'd be clean when we finished, so I guess we aren't finished."

"Wait a minute," Eric tried to protest.

She planted her pussy on his mouth, "Open up Eric. You need to clean me up. I know you don't want to, but I'm in charge tonight, and you are hardly in a position to argue." Heather's hand squeezed tightly on his recently drained balls and Eric's mouth quickly opened up. When her hand felt his mouth open up, she let go of her sex and let the cum flow into his mouth.

"You WILL clean me up," she barked "You will not spit any out, you will not spill any. I shave this pussy for you and it is time for you to help with the upkeep."

Eric's mouth filled up with hot cum and pussy juice and his body wasn't sure what to do so he struggled against his restraints. He was frozen for a second until she slapped him square in the balls.

"Swallow, Eric. Then get that tongue to work and get me clean, inside and out."

Eric started licking-up their combined juices, and after the initial shock wore off he thought he'd start giving her clit attention, assuming she really just wanted an orgasm.

"Mmm, that feels good Eric, but all in good time. You need to clean me up, I'm serious. This isn't a game. When we get done, I'm going to go to the toilet like usual, and if I'm able to get ANY cum out of me, we are going to repeat this routine the next time we have sex, and the time after that and every time we have sex until you either get it right, or you just get used to the idea that sex always ends with you eating your cum out of my cunt!" Heather hated that word "cunt" but felt in this situation, it would underscore that she was not kidding.

In a flash Eric's tongue-work intensified, fearful that he wouldn't do a good enough job. Heather could feel it plunging into the folds of her pussy, and into her hole. She reached both hands around herself and grabbed her pussy lips. She spread herself open over his mouth and squatted over his face. She could feel his tongue reaming out her well-fucked hole. He was licking and sucking her splayed open pussy. She began to strain her muscles to push more cum out. A second and then a third wave of Eric's own cum mixed with Heather's juices dropped onto his tongue as she strained harder, and then like the rest, it slid right down Eric's throat. Eric didn't seem to be resistant to swallowing anymore.

Heather was enjoying her position of power and the occasional shot from his tongue on her clit excited her. She took his dick in her mouth and Eric moaned into her crotch. He went to work trying to get her off as she sucked his half-hard member.

Eric's dick quickly returned to attention inside Heather's mouth as he focused on pleasing her womanhood. Heather began rocking her hips and she sucked on him. She could feel her orgasm building. Eric was excited and began thrusting his hips into Heather's face. He wasn't used to being able to get hard again so quickly.

He could feel the muscles in her thighs begin to tighten as her orgasm approached. The shuttering of her hips began and her body began to convulse in a powerful, quaking orgasm. He kept at her clit until she pulled away from his mouth and collapsed half on him. His erection subsided and he relaxed, reflecting on what the heck had just happened.

After a few moments, Heather turned around, kissed him and untied one hand. As Eric worked to free his other hand from its restraint Heather stepped into the bathroom and disappeared around the corner to the toilet. Eric stopped moving and waited. He heard he toilet paper tear.

Heather's voice chirped out of the bathroom with an odd upbeat energy, "Uh-oh Eric. That is definitely your cum I see. I guess we have some plans in a few nights. After you've had a chance to build up another big load of course!"

Eric was stunned. Mostly that he could feel the blood quickly engorge his dick again as those exciting words left her lips.

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Idiotic crap!!!

Only for real pervert ones!!! Divorce that madwoman and go on with your life!! That author has never heared about marital rape!! Even a woman can be a rapist!!!

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