tagNovels and NovellasHeathrow Ch. 01

Heathrow Ch. 01


Thanks so much to BGMISFUN for the editing assistance with this story.

This is the first in a series; there will be more to come!


So, there she was. All alone in Heathrow Airport, having just come to London on what was now looking like a really foolish spontaneous decision. Well, now what? She wondered. She thought of all of the people back home who had told her this trip was a really bad idea. She could hear her mother's voice ringing in her ears...

"What exactly are you going to do when you get there?"

"I have no idea, Mom. That's kinda the point."

"Well, this seems like a really childish way to spend the money you received. I'm more than a little surprised at your immaturity in this."

Well, Mom, that's also the point, she thought as she looked around the airport. All her life, she had been the good girl. You know the type. All around goodie two shoes. She was always the dependable one, the one you could call in a pinch and she would drop what she was doing to do what someone else should be doing. She organized all of the family functions, played mediator when necessary, and smoothed everything over. She was on student council in high school, sang in the choir, and helped organize pep rallies. She had never married, which she knew pained her parents. Her mother never seemed to tire of reminding her of it, at any rate.

She had dated of course, but the guys always seemed so ... pleasant. It didn't sound like a bad thing at first, but there was always this small seed of adventure in her. Something prevented her from "settling down," as it were. She did all the things she did because there was a very strong sense of obligation, but she couldn't quite bring herself to commit to a life with someone and put down roots. Still, it probably would have happened eventually, if only she hadn't been ... no. She wasn't going to dwell on it. What had happened had happened, and it had given her the means to come on this trip.

She shook her head, trying to clear it. The entire purpose of this trip was to get away. She had just wanted to get away from the memories, from the responsibilities, from the person she was back at home. She wanted to be able to do things she had never done before, without looking over her shoulder to make sure there was no one standing there judging her behavior. If she had learned one thing growing up in the church community, it was that everything she did or said would inevitably make its way back to her folks. She just wanted to cuss every once in a while, you know? Well, maybe a little more than that, to be honest. And that was what this trip was all about.

So, there she was. Alone, in a different country, acting in a way that was totally contrary to everything she had ever done. And she had no idea what to do next. Shit.

"Hey. Are you lost? Can I help?"

She turned around to see a pair of bright green eyes, staring quizzically at her face. Those eyes were framed by a pair of dark glasses on a slightly tanned face, and dirty blond hair that just brushed the top of the frames. She was taken aback for a moment, and then regained her senses.

"No thanks. I'm fine," came automatically out of her mouth.

He looked at her for a moment longer, and then said, "Okay, you just looked a little confused. Cheers, then."

She struggled internally for a moment. She was definitely not fine. She had no idea where to go, no idea what part of London she should head to, and no idea where she was going to sleep that night. She may as well start relying on the kindness of strangers.

"Wait! Wait a minute, please," she called out at his retreating back.

He turned, smiling. A sort of smirk that made her think he knew she was going to call him back. It was also possible she was tired after a long flight and reading too much into this.

"I'm really not fine. I just flew in on a bit of a spur of the moment thing, and I have no plans or reservations, and I know almost nothing about the city. Can you recommend a nice clean hotel that's not too expensive?" she asked him, growing more and more irritated with the smirk he was wearing.

There was something behind the smug expression though, something that caught her interest. His eyes were kind. The type that you could really lose yourself in, ones that laughed all the time. Also, his body wasn't bad either if she were honest with herself.

He was still smirking at her. "Well," he said, "I could, but if you're here on a bit of an adventure, I may have something better." His eyes were looking her up and down, but she didn't let that faze her.

"Is it the backseat of your car? Because fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

He looked at her for a moment and started to laugh. She smiled too, even though she was still more than a little nervous about what she had done in coming here. Humor had always been a bit of a defense mechanism for her.

"I have a flat with a mate not far from here. It's not much, but it's clean and much cheaper than a hotel. I get a good feeling from you. You're welcome to stay with us, if you like."

She gaped at him. "Are you serious? You're serious. Do you do this often? Hang around the airport trolling for lost looking women you can invite back to your flat? Does it ever work?"

"That's a lot of judgment coming from someone who just hopped a flight to London without making any plans. Is that your usual way of doing things?"

She felt a little self-conscious. "No, actually. I'm usually a very well organized, ducks-in-a-row kind of person. But coming here is supposed to be the beginning of me not always doing what I've done in the past."

"Well, all the more reason to come to my place. I promise, you won't regret it."

With that, he leaned in and kissed her. It was, for lack of a better word, perfect. Not too hard, but not too soft. She knew exactly what he wanted, and what she would be signing up for if she agreed to go to his place. Her heartbeat sped up drastically.

She heard herself say, "Well, tonight is your lucky night, playboy. Lead the way."

He looked at her for a moment in surprise, as if he really hadn't expected her to agree. She briefly considered taking back what she had just said and walking away, but he recovered quickly. His face broke out in a wide smile as he held out his hand and said, "Name's Tom."

"Jenna. Jenna Rowle."


Oh my God, she thought to herself. She couldn't believe what she had done. How had this happened? Jenna looked over at the man lying next to her in the bed. His bed. The bed they had shared last night. He was propped up on one elbow, using those green eyes of his to see directly into her soul.

"So, that was ... awesome." He moved slightly, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. She felt a jolt of something. She had felt it every time he had touched her since he had kissed her the night before. She was starting to become familiar with the feeling, just as she was beginning to be able to identify it. Attraction. Pure, physical wanting. She was sure she had never really felt that kind of blatant lust with anyone before. She recovered from the fluttering in her stomach and smiled down at Tom.

"Yes, yes, it was. I have to admit being taken a little by surprise; I had mostly expected you to be a serial killer when I agreed to come back here with you." She was still taking in his appearance, as she really hadn't much time to do so last night.

"Well, truth be told, I am a serial killer. I've just put off killing you until I've had my way with you."

"Isn't that what you just did? Do I need to sleep with one eye open tonight?"

He grinned. "Oh, I don't think you'll be doing much sleeping tonight either."

He had a great smile. He had the kind of smile that changed his whole face when it broke out, like the sun came out from behind the clouds. Disarming, really. She very highly doubted she was the first woman to be asked to his flat from the airport. She suspected she had been right in her accusation the previous evening.

So what had happened? She had taken her luggage out to his car, and he had driven her to his flat. It really was not too far from Heathrow, so it hadn't been a long drive. It had mostly been spent in silence anyway. Jenna was still shocked by what she had done, and Tom seemed content to leave Jenna to her thoughts. She had seen him spending a good deal of his time looking at her, though.

She didn't mind that. To be honest, she enjoyed the attention. She had worked hard for it, after all. One hundred pounds lost in one year. It was amazing the difference it had wrought, both physically and mentally. She walked with her head a little higher, her shoulders thrown back a bit more, and she really liked showing off her boobs. Almost all of her clothes now were cut to emphasize her rather impressive bust line, something else she wouldn't have done a couple of years ago.

Jenna got out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Tall, light blonde hair (out of a bottle, but God had clearly made a mistake when He gave her the mousy brown hair she covered up), and a fair few freckles. She wasn't what anyone would call thin, but being as tall as she was meant you were never going to weigh ninety-eight pounds. She had very pale skin, but she had long come to terms with the fact that she was never going to have that lovely bronze glow that all of her friends seemed to be able to achieve effortlessly. Jenna was just checking out her ass, which she felt looked better than when she had graduated high school 15 years ago when Tom's voice interrupted.

"So, is this how you start off every morning?" he asked, that irritating smirk playing around the corners of his mouth.

"Pretty much, actually. I lost quite a bit of weight recently, I'm still getting used to the new me in the mirror," Jenna said.

"How much weight did you lose, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I don't mind, I worked hard to lose it! I lost just over one hundred pounds."

Tom blinked a couple of times. "Wow, that's like ... over seven stone! That's really impressive!"

Jenna felt herself blush a bit. "Thanks."

Tom was still looking her body over, so she did the same to him. She could see his tanned skin, and hated him a little. She thought when he stood up they would be almost even in height, Tom having the slight edge. This had always been a problem for her, finding guys that were taller. She didn't mind though. As long as they weren't chest height she didn't really care. He had the build of a tennis player, long and lean. He definitely took good care of himself, as Jenna had found out for herself. He had, shall we say, impressive stamina. It still blew her mind a little to think she had slept with this man without really even getting a good look at him. She had no idea what his last name was, for God's sake! And she was the one who had started it. What had she been thinking?

When they had walked into Tom's flat the previous night, Jenna had dropped her stuff and looked around. "I thought you said you had a flat mate?"

"Yeah. I'm not really sure where he's taken off to, but I'm sure he'll come back at the most inappropriate moment possible," said Tom.

"Don't you guys have some sort of sock on the door system?"

Tom had looked confused, so Jenna explained the system of putting a sock on the door when the person inside is getting lucky. Tom thought it was a brilliant idea and promised to discuss it with his flatmate at the next opportunity.

"Well, I usually leave a note that says 'I'm shagging someone, and she said no to the threesome. Sod off.' That usually does the trick, but he really does want that threesome so it doesn't always work."

Jenna snorted. "Men. What is it with you and threesomes? Of course, I generally assumed they were more into the two girls and a guy scenario ..."

"I don't know if you know this about guys, but we like sex in general. In pretty much any form. At any time."

"I had actually noticed that. I don't have copious amounts of experience with it, but it is hard to miss."

"And yet, here you are, going home with a man you barely know."

Jenna blushed again, and Tom noticed. "Are you blushing? This all is rather new to you, isn't it?"

Jenna shrugged, there were a few awkward seconds, and then Tom said, "Well, let me show you to your room."

Jenna looked at him and decided right then to leave the girl she was behind. "I would rather you showed me to your room."

He looked at her and didn't even hesitate. Before she could say another word his lips were pressed against hers, and he had pushed her up against the nearest wall. He wrapped one hand in her hair, and started to use the other to undo any buttons he could reach. He took her shirt off with force enough that she thought she may have heard it tear, not that she was concerned. She ran her hand up his leg as she wrapped her own legs around his waist, and felt how hard he had already become. Even now, she could feel the sheer wanting of him overtake her sensibilities. All of her reservations just seemed to fade into nothing as he ran his lips over her collarbone.


Tom ran his hands down her front, feeling the soft skin. Every time he stopped kissing her though, Jenna would once again find his lips with hers. She had never felt this kind of adrenaline rush, and was enjoying it immensely. Now that the decision had been made, she was ready to dive into the deep end. She ran her hands under his shirt and felt his nipples harden. She yanked the shirt over Tom's head and bent slightly to tease those nipples with her tongue. He moaned quietly, and then scooped Jenna up in his arms before she had really realized what had happened.

"Where are we going?" Jenna asked, slightly irritated at the interruption.

"Somewhere I can lay you down and fuck you properly," Tom answered. His voice was a little gruffer than it had previously been. Jenna felt a spark of excitement, as well as her panties get damp. She had never done this, never had sex with a stranger before. She would not have considered herself a "one night stand" kind of girl. It was all so foreign, but she liked the anticipation of not knowing what was coming next. She reached down again to feel him under his jeans and felt him throb as she let her hand linger there.

They reached his bedroom, and Tom dropped Jenna rather unceremoniously on the bed. Before she had time to say anything, however, he was on top of her. He took a moment to run his fingers over her lips, her cheeks, her jawline, her nose, and every touch gave her goose bumps. She could feel but not control her body rising to meet his. With practiced skill, he deftly removed her bra. For a moment, she felt very vulnerable. Here she was, in a strange bed with a strange man in a strange country with her top off. Then Tom very slowly lowered his head and gently kissed her nipple. There it was again, that rush of feeling that came from allowing a stranger access to her most private areas. He was running his hands over her breasts, feeling every inch of them. He paused for a moment when he reached the scars, and Jenna thought that he might pull back, repulsed. However, he just pulled her to him and started to kiss her neck. She reached down and managed enough dexterity to undo his jeans, so she tugged them down.

As a kind of bonus, his boxers came down with the jeans and she was able to look at him. All of him. And it was pretty impressive. Of course, she thought. 'Cause the random guy that picked me up at the airport can't possibly have a small cock. And suddenly she felt herself throb, imagining that cock finding its way between her legs. She looked up at Tom, who had been watching her stare at his dick.

"Fuck me, Tom. Fuck me now."

A couple of things happened quickly, as though Tom had been waiting for her to say those words. He reached down and unzipped her jeans, taking them down in a rapid movement. He then pushed Jenna further back on the bed, moved her striped panties to the side and pushed his cock hard into her pussy.

Jenna gasped. She had never been taken with so much force. Tom looked down at her, making sure she was still okay. When she nodded, he slid inside her again. It was a little easier this time, as she was a little more lubed up from the initial thrust. Waves of pleasure started to radiate up, and she felt the blood rushing around her body. Again and again he entered her, and with every stroke Jenna felt further away from her old self.

When she felt that he should be starting to tire (once again, impressive stamina), she decided that things should be changed up a bit. She brought herself to her senses and pulled away from Tom.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "I thought that was going rather well."

Jenna smiled. "Oh it is. But I thought I might take the reins for a while?"

Tom grinned and leaned back, his arms wide open. "Do with me what you will. I only ask that you be gentle."

"No guarantees."

"Oh? Is that what you like?"

"You are only being given a small taste of what I like," Jenna teased.

The grin on Tom's face was slowly replaced by a hungry look in his eyes. He stood up and picked Jenna up from the bed, but Jenna managed to wriggle out of his grasp. No, she thought. I'm in charge now. She pushed him against the wall and dropped to her knees. He stared at her for a second as she began to run her tongue over the head, and blow very gently on the tip. He trembled a little, and asked "Are you sure you want to do this?" She answered him by taking every inch she could into her mouth, and was rewarded by a sudden tightening of his grip in her hair. She moved her mouth up and down, sometimes slowly, and sometimes as fast as she could manage. She had only given a few blow jobs before, so she was doing what she thought he would like and trying not to use her teeth too much. . Tom fidgeted a couple of times but managed to stay relatively still. He was not, however, able to keep quiet. He moaned and grunted, occasionally tossing out unintelligible strings of words and profanity. When she finally surfaced for air, she asked him what he had been saying.

"I was wondering," he panted, "where in the name of all things holy you learned to give head like that?"

"Natural ability," Jenna replied. She felt quite pleased with herself, as that hadn't really been a stretch to say. "Shall I continue?"

She bent her head again, but in one fluid motion Tom had lifted her up and started kissing her again. His lips were warm and soft, but he was being neither at the moment. He pulled her panties off, reached his hand back up and put his fingers inside her. She tilted her head back and spread her legs a little wider, his urgency starting to pass to her. She found she was in no mood for gentle right now. She began to kiss him back with a vengeance, using her teeth when she could. He picked her up and shoved her against the wall, hard. She shoved him back off of her and was pleased to see the determined look on his face. They seemed to both want the same thing, and that was not a nice, calm romp. He grabbed her by the wrists and damn near threw her on the bed. She rolled and managed to slide away from him as he flung himself after her.

All of a sudden, she heard the door to the flat open. She froze, giving Tom the time to catch up with her again.

"I'm pretty sure I heard --," was all the time she had to get out before Tom had cut her off with his tongue. She wrenched her head away. "Seriously, I think -- "

"It's just Martin. He lives here too, remember?" Tom managed to get out, clearly annoyed at the break in momentum. "It's not like this is the first time he's come home while I have someone here."

"Yeah? Is your bedroom door always open?"

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