tagInterracial LoveHeating Up the Frozen Aisle 01

Heating Up the Frozen Aisle 01


Suburban girl next door Julie, (well really wife next door) needed to do some grocery shopping for the weekend to prepare for a "vanilla" party she had to attend. Ok, to say this party was "vanilla" was an understatement. When she agreed to go, she didn't realize the friend that invited her had also invited mostly "churchy" friends of hers and there would be no booze. "Really?" Julie thought to herself. It would be bad enough it if was a regular party, but this was a Super Bowl Party! "You can't watch fucking football without a cocktail or six!" thought Julie.

Well, she had agreed to go and was going to make one of her signature dishes so she headed off to the market. She really wished her hubby was in town and they could have hosted their own Super Bowl Event. At least then she knew he would play bartender and they could do the annual "5 dollar" a square on the game. As Julie was thinking about what she would miss about Super Bowl, she also really missed her hubby's cock! He was traveling a lot lately and she had not seen him for almost 3 weeks! She just had not been feeling horny much of late, but that thought got her going.

Pulling up to the market and parking, Julie headed for the door and grabbed a cart. Like always, she started in the produce section and had just finished picking some limes and noticed a younger black man standing near the lettuce, watching her. They made eye contact and smiled at each other. Julie grabbed her cart and moved towards the bread. She looked at her list and continued shopping.

A couple of aisles later Julie turned the corner and just about ran into the same young black man who she had smiled at in the produce section. He said "sorry ma'am, I didn't mean to startle you."

Julie replied, "That's ok, no harm no foul right?" and smiled at him again. They passed each other and just a few steps later, Julie had the urge to look back and noticed he was checking her ass out. He knew had been caught and quickly looked away and rounded the corner.

The next aisle was the frozen section and sure enough here came her sexy younger black guy looking a bit embarrassed now. Julie decided to have some fun with him. "Oh hello again, we need to stop running into each other like this." She said.

"Yeah, someone might get the wrong idea." Said her new friend....

"Really, especially if they saw you checking out my ass like you did. You were checking it out weren't you?" asked Julie.

" Ummm guilty as charged ma'am. But you can't blame a guy when you are wearing those tight pants." said the man.

Julie was wearing yoga pants. A big favorite of her hubby, and obviously this gentleman too! At that, she noticed that familiar tingle between her legs. Her pussy was starting to fill and get plump. There is not much to hide that wearing Yoga pants. "Ok" Said Julie, " First, I might be old enough to be your mother. And second, how old are you?"

The man said, "Listen, the things I was thinking about doing to you have nothing to do with how old I am. I am old enough to give you what you obviously need."

Julie's heart raced as the wetness between her legs began to flow and she decided see if he was bluffing. "Well "Mr Old Enough." I don't live too far from here and if you would like to show me what you want to do to me, I'm game. Are you?"

It seemed like an eternity as he looked her up and down, pausing to pay attention between her legs and then making eye contact and saying, "What do you drive? I'll watch for you in the parking lot." Julie told him and he quickly walked away.

Julie's legs felt weak and she was light headed, but she was also very excited about what might come. She hurried to the self check out and surely looked like the bionic woman checking out to anyone who saw her. She got out to the lot and to her car. She looked for him, but didn't see him anywhere. She backed out and started to pull away slowly.

She then noticed a black BMW pull in behind her. There he was! He got in behind her and followed. Just a couple miles away, she pulled up to her home and hit the garage door and pulled in. She thought about waving him in so nobody in the neighbor hood would see, but it seemed more exciting to have him park out front. He got out of his car and followed her into the garage. They said nothing as he followed her inside and up the stairs to the bedroom she shared with her hubby. She was so excited and it seemed so naughty to be doing this, even though her hubby always encouraged her to explore and would thoroughly enjoy watching what she was about to do.

As soon as they got in the room and closed the door, he grabbed her, turned her around and started kissing her. His hands were all over her, as hers on him. She wanted his cock so bad she could taste it. And she was going to do just that. He started to take control and said. "Get on your knees." She loves when they take control.

Julie loves being a slut wife, and especially loves black cock. She sank to her knees and knew what she was supposed to do. She unbuckled his pants and pulled out his black cock. She started to lick and suck his semi hard cock. She loves the smell and taste of it. It's just so different from white cock, more primal and musky. Julie gets lost sucking it, her breathing speeds up and she will just keep going until told to stop. She will do anything for them once in the moment.

He said, " You like that?"

"Ummm hummm" said Julie still sucking.

"You like that black dick don't you"

"Ummmm Hummm".

"I'm gonna give you what you need, girl." He pulled himself from her mouth and said, "Take off your clothes." Julie stood up and stripped down. Her pussy was leaking down her leg and she really needed that big dick in her.

"Get on your knees on the bed" He said. She got on all fours and pushed her ass out waiting for that big cock. He was right on it and started to slide it in... "Here you go. You feel that? You want that big black cock?"

"Yes! Please!, I need it!" said Julie. He started pumping her from behind and she reached up and started to play with her clit. She loves to come on a big black cock and it wasn't going to take long.

He said, "Oh that is good white pussy, girl!" "Give me that married white pussy!"

"Take it!" She said. "Take my pussy!" "It needs cum!" "Fill it!" As she was frantically rubbing her clit. "Pump me with your seed!" She was really close to cumming.

"Yeah, girl! You gonna cum on this dick? You gonna cum on this big black dick, right before it fills your pretty little pink pussy?"

That was all it took for both of them. She let out a scream, not caring which one of her neighbors heard and came hard. "Ohhhhhhhh God, OOOOOH God, FUCKING FILL THAT WHITE PUSSY!"

He in turn did just that and blasted all of his seed as deep as he could.... "YESSSSSSSS, I LOVE THIS PUSSY!" He slowly kept pumping his black cock into her until it was empty.

He pulled out as she laid down on the bed. He began dressing. "Ma'am, I must say, I will have to shop there more often." He said with a smile.

Julie turned around and smiled back. "Thank you for heating up the frozen section today. It has been a while."

They kissed and she walked him to the door. Julie was very satisfied and couldn't wait to tell her hubby how she spent the afternoon.... "Oh Shit" she thought. "The groceries were still in the trunk!"


Two days later Julie found herself at her friends total "Vanilla" Super Bowl party. She couldn't help but smile and think about how much fun she had the other day. If her nilla friends only new! They would just die and disown her most likely, but deep down they would be jealous. At that moment, her friend Stacy called out to her. She turned towards the kitchen. "Julie, I wanted to introduce you a friend of ours. He is a friend of Bob's from work." Julie looked up to see the man who had just filled her full of black cock two days earlier.

She did her best to stay calm. "Hello, nice to meet you.. ummmm?"

He looked just as shocked, but covered it up well. "Oh, Hi, I'm James, nice to meet you as well."

Stacy said, "James is from Chicago, I thought you two might have some things in common."

Julie didn't miss a beat. "Oh I'm sure we do. But I have one question for you. Cubs or Sox?"


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