Author's note: This story was a contest piece that went up unedited and without a proper ending -- so this is the full Monty now.


It had been an odd summer. First spring had been unseasonably warm, promising a great summer and then nothing but rain throughout May and June. Now, in the first days of July, it became unbearably hot, temperatures above thirty degrees Celsius almost every day and hardly any less during the nights.

Having just returned from South America, I should have been more used to those temperatures, but in that crammed little room under the roof at my parent's house it was much worse than anything I had experienced there. I had returned from a year's field research three months earlier, had given up my own flat, and stored all my belongings at my parent's. It was supposed to be a temporary thing until I found a decent place for myself again. For the first two months it hadn't really bothered me that much since I had been busy going through the data I had collected and started writing on my paper. Now that this was nearing completion I realised that I had done virtually nothing to find a place of my own, and it started getting on my nerves.

My parents were ok as far as parents go and tended to get out of my hair most of the time, letting me focus on what I had to do. My older brother had moved out years before me and lived in another city. Only my little sister, who was two years younger than me, still stayed with them as she had not finished her employment training as an accountant yet. She somehow found it preferable to keep the little money she got for herself, rather than having to spent it on rent and food. I think she gave my parents a token payment for rent, but knowing my father she probably got it back in little handouts and gifts anyway.

My sheets were soaked when I woke up; little rays of sunshine broke in the curling smoke of my good morning fag. There was the distinct smell of coffee wafting through the house, informing me that Claire had woken up before me. My parents had left for Spain the day before yesterday and Claire had opted out of joining them after a bad break-up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks earlier. We all thought it would have done her good to go on a holiday, which she had already booked anyway, but she wanted to stay where she was and spend it with her girlfriends.

It was all the same to me anyway. Somehow I had looked forward to having the house to myself, but then again she was actually much more agreeable than she had been in our childhood and youth; although we had never been particularly close, we had never got on each other's nerves either, as many of my friends' siblings and sisters in particular had reportedly done. From the sounds downstairs, she was either busy preparing breakfast or putting stuff away. That meant the shower was free and I took advantage of that.

The upstairs bathroom had the only real shower in the house, downstairs was a bath tub. If there had been one singular piece of friction between us it had been the use of the bathroom, as we both preferred showers in the morning and both long ones for that matter. I didn't know why she spent ages in there; I usually started my day in the shower with a good morning wank, at the time my sole source of relief.

That morning I didn't feel like tossing off, I just needed to feel fresh and cooler again -- which I did for the duration of the shower itself, but even when drying off I started sweating already again since the upstairs bathroom was pretty small and had transformed into a sauna. I stepped into some running shorts and went downstairs into the kitchen. It was empty, Claire had apparently taken her breakfast into the living room or outside into the garden. It was very quiet and still. I helped myself to a cup of coffee and decided to look for her, without really knowing why.

We hadn't talked much during the last weeks. After my arrival I had told her a bit about Chile and Peru, but other than that we hadn't really spoken that much. She had been preoccupied with her boyfriend and the break-up, which had apparently been coming for a long time. According to my mum he was a cheating bastard who had treated her like shit and it had been long overdue that she dumped him. I just saw him a few times, a tall, bland guy with rather boorish manners and a narrow brow that made him look violent and stupid at the same time -- although neither was true, since he was a law student and not prone to physical violence.

I had not seen her shed a single tear but she withdrew into her room a lot, or went out with her girlfriends when they managed to drag her out. I found her on the terrace on her favourite deckchair, a book lying next to her on the coffee-table together with half-eaten toast and an empty cup. She gazed at me with vacant eyes and lit herself a cigarette. She liked to wear these oversized t-shirts that went almost down to her knees. Her dark hair was still wet from the morning shower and I noticed how pale she was in comparison to me.

"Morning, sis. Thanks for the coffee."

"You're welcome."

I sat down on a wicker chair opposite her and sipped my coffee.

"So what are you up to today? Going for a swim or something?"

She shook her head emphatically.

"No ... too bloody hot. Too lazy. No idea, really, might just hang around here in the garden and read. You? Are you going to work on your paper?"

I sighed. Yes, I knew I should. But I also knew I wouldn't.

"Don't think so. I can't concentrate properly in this heat. You at least have two decent windows in your room. Mine is like an oven."

"Yeah, I remember."

She was living in my old room now, which she got when I had first moved out.

My parents had left us their car, although they had intimated that they would prefer we used it as little as possible. However, since we lived in the outskirts of the city, we definitely needed it if we wanted to go shopping, or in my case, if and when I needed to go to the library.

"Do we have to do any shopping for today?"

"Don't think so, mum filled the fridge to the brim and there is still bread and stuff too. There is pizza in the freezer for later on, don't feel like cooking anyway."

"Don't feel like eating at all actually. But I suppose I will get hungry sooner or later."

That was the longest conversation we'd had for days, and as if becoming aware of that we both fell silent again.

The sun peeked through the foliage of the few trees in the back of our garden and painted patterns of light on my bare upper body. I noticed that I had forgotten my cigarettes upstairs, so I asked her for one of hers. She picked up her book again and started reading. I quietly enjoyed the peaceful morning and closed my eyes for a bit. When I opened them again, I found Claire staring at me with an odd curiosity.

"Something the matter?"


Her eyes returned to the pages of her book. She looked cute as a button, petite, yet more womanly than girlish, her brown eyes looked always slightly melancholy even when she smiled. I realized how little I knew about her and her life.

"Would you mind if I get my old tape-deck down here and we listen to some music?"

"Not at all, go for it."

I went back upstairs and gathered the machine and some tapes. It occurred to me that I didn't even know what kind of music she liked. We had both listened to rock when we were younger, but I had grown fond of electronic music and some South American bands and singers. I made sure that I picked a selection for all eventualities and looked for a book, then aborted the search because I was pretty sure I was too lazy to even read. When going through my bookcase I found my little bag of weed that I had stored there and, following my impulse, I took that and some skins along.

The few minutes in my room had caused me to sweat profusely and I was glad that the temperatures on the terrace were almost bearable in comparison. Claire had put the book aside again and observed me setting up the music.

"You know what, I have no idea what kind of music you are listening to these days."

"All sorts, doesn't matter really. Reg was into hip hop and stuff, but I don't really like that."

First time she even mentioned his name for days now.

"Well, I have this Argentinean band here which combines electro and dub with tango. That ok?"

"Yep, sounds interesting."

I put on the tape and pulled my chair a bit closer to hers, as the sun was coming around the trees now and I didn't fancy baking in the sun as yet. I showed her the weed.

"Fancy a spliff? Since we are both not up to much today, we might as well get shitfaced."

She smiled for the first time in days.

"Yes, sounds like an excellent idea. We still have coffee in the kitchen; shall I go and get you some too?"

"Dunno, I'm starting to sweat like a pig already, maybe something cold instead. Darn, it is fucking hot already."

"True, maybe you're right, I'll get some Coke instead."

By the time I had finished rolling the spliff, she returned with two glasses of Coke, even with ice cubes.

"There is some ice-cream in the freezer also, mum really thought of everything. Might come in handy later, in case we are getting the munchies."

"Oh, cool."

I handed her the spliff to light and watched her enjoying the first puffs. This was nice. We had never done this before together, although I had known that she was smoking too. How tiny her hand looked in comparison to mine when she handed it back. There was a content smile adorning her face as she seemingly relaxed and listened to the music.

"I like this. What's the name of that band?"

"Gotan Project. La Revancha Del Tango."

I gave her the spliff again and took a sip of Coke. Weirdly enough, I suddenly found that she looked almost South American, with her dark curls and brown eyes. Only the pale complexion didn't quite fit.

"You haven't had much sun this year yet, have ye?"

"Not really. Why?"

"Dunno, just came to me that you might look almost like a Latina if you had a bit more of a tan. Never noticed that before."

She giggled.

"What, me? Rubbish. Why, do you miss the hot Latina chicks?"

I felt that I started blushing. That was a bit of a sore point actually, but she couldn't have known that. I'd had crushes on several girls during my trip, but never really approached any of them -- not because I was shy or anything, more because I didn't feel like starting something with someone that wouldn't last. And I wasn't really into casual sex.


She grinned, and then looked at her arms disapprovingly.

"Yeah, but you are right, compared to you I look ridiculously white. Maybe I will catch some sun in the garden later on."

"Be careful though, you might burn quickly."

She was about to retort something, but then bit her lip and took the spliff again instead. All of a sudden the nice, relaxed atmosphere got an undercurrent of something else, although I couldn't quite figure out what it was.

The wicker chair became a little uncomfortable. To the right of the terrace was a stretch of lawn that still had some shade at this time of the day.

"Do you know what? I am going to get a blanket and some cushions and am going to lie down on the lawn for a while."

Again she looked as if she wanted to say something but held back, just nodded in approval. When I returned from the living-room with the rug, she got up from her chair too and gathered her possessions.

"I'll join you."

The garden smelled of summer, rich and sultry. The grass was still soft and lush, as the heat wave had not yet managed to dry out the ground. I noticed that I was pretty stoned when I sprawled out on the blanket. The sky had a wonderful deep blue colour, not a single cloud disturbed this effigy of a perfect summer's day. Claire brought her things and an ashtray and sat down cross-legged on the blanket, pulling her shirt over her legs. She appeared a bit pre-occupied and nervous. I noticed that her hand was trembling a little when she lit a cigarette.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah, sure."

She paused and avoided looking at me.

"I am pretty stoned actually."

"Sorry, didn't want to get you that wasted early in the morning."

"No, it's great. It's just the heat I guess. I feel a bit light-headed. And hot."

"Same here."

As a matter of fact, I was sweating profusely in the synthetic fabric of my shorts. No breeze whatsoever alleviated the heat of that late morning. I noticed that her long hair had dried already. I was considering going back to my room to put on some trunks.

"Aren't you sweating in that shirt? Don't you want to put a bikini on or something?"

"Hmm. I was thinking about that just now. I don't know how to say this ... Would you mind if I don't?"


"Well, I know this is kinda weird ... but you know, most of last summer I went to this nudist beach with Reg and the girls. I liked it a lot. Would be a bit weird to lie here with you though."

I felt the sudden rush of blood in my head, but I hastened to answer, "No, that is fine with me. Actually, I am sweating in these bloody shorts too. So ..."

Now it was awkward. I think if I hadn't been stoned and relaxed in the first place, I might not have stepped out of my shorts so readily and quickly, babbling on to reassure both of us.

"Not that we haven't seen each other naked before. I mean, well, that has been a while though."

She took off her t-shirt and panties with equal expediency. She was not wearing a bra. We both avoided looking at each other directly at this point, waiting for the strangeness effect to pass. The music stopped, indicating it was time to turn the tape or put something else on.

I remember thinking how lucky we were that the only other houses on our street were facing away from our house and land. It had been an old farm before we bought it; my father had demolished the old farmhouse, drawn up the blueprints for the new house himself and more or less built it with the help of some friends.

It was true, as children we used to run around naked in the garden all the time until we were ten or something. That must have been the last time I saw my little sister naked before that day. No, not true, I accidentally ran into the bathroom when she was drying herself off as a teenager. Casting a few furtive looks while going through my tapes I realized that she had changed quite a bit since then. Her breasts were small and perky, her waist was pretty thin, her pelvis had always been a bit more on the broader side, but she simply looked great. I noticed a couple of tattoos on her shoulder and close to her belly button. And apparently she wasn't a big fan of pubic hair, as I saw none.

I had chosen some chill-out atmospheric house and returned to the blanket. I was stoned, sure, but I felt the urgent need to get even more stoned to soften the blow of lying next to a naked woman who just happened to be my sister. I noticed that she was checking me out with furtive yet determined glances and as inappropriate as that felt, I couldn't help but feel a surge of blood, this time not in my face but down below. I quickly turned to my front and started skinning up again.

"Uh oh, another one?"


I just couldn't think of something reasonable to say. It was strange -- I started being more relaxed about being naked and at the same time I felt a rising tension. Contrary to my sister, I had never been to any nude beaches. Not that I had anything to feel ashamed of, to the contrary, I had quite a nice body. I had been involved in one type of sport or another for most of my life and in the tool department I didn't feel short-changed either, unless when watching porn of course.

However, after the second spliff I relaxed more and more, and soon it seemed normal enough to lie there in our garden, by then reasonably off our faces. The sun stood higher and higher in the sky and soon we wouldn't have any shade where we were lying. At the same time I started feeling hungry, as all I'd had so far that day was coffee and Coke.

We resolved to put the pizzas in the oven and go inside for the meal, as Claire wanted to make a salad too. She seemed much more at ease with her nudity and made no attempt to put on any clothes for that either, so I just followed her lead. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't look at her body whenever I had an opportunity to do so clandestinely. Sister or not, when bending over to get the salad bowl out of the cupboard under the sink, there was a near-perfect arse and the outline of her pussy beckoning at me and I couldn't help but savour that sight.

While she prepared the salad, I got the table ready. Passing close to her in the kitchen, it felt like little waves of energy connecting our bodies and I got goose-pimples on several occasions despite the sweltering heat. At those moments I wished I hadn't forgone my morning routine, although I doubt that it would really have made any difference. I resolved to have a cold shower after lunch, maybe a presumably short wank to rid myself of that excess energy that seemed to build up despite me continuing to assure myself that I wasn't aroused by my sister, just by female parts that happened to be in sight.

We didn't speak much during all this and our lunch was equally quiet. From the kitchen table you could see the part of the garden where our blanket was, and by then there was no more shade left.

The food tasted sublime and some ice-cream rounded off our meal.

"That was great, I feel much better now. So what now, go back in the garden?"

"Well, if we do, you have to help me put some sunscreen on; otherwise I will get a sunburn in a jiffy. I think we have some factor twenty upstairs in the bathroom from last year."

I had to clear my throat before answering, "Yeah. Sure."

I hadn't thought about that before. I had felt reasonably comfortable with the idea of having one or perhaps more nude days with my sister, I'd probably loosen up about the whole thing after a little while. To actually touch her naked body and rub some sun blocker on her, however, had a different quality.

Nevertheless I found myself with a pounding heart in the garden, first watching her applying the sun blocker to her front, then turning around and waiting for me to do the other side. She closed her eyes. I was pretty grateful for that as my cock had grown already during her own performance and turned into a raging hard-on when I started massaging the somewhat obscene white creamy stuff into her backside. Darn, this was too much, but I was determined to brave through this no matter what. My hands were trembling when I got to her buttocks, and for the first time I started wondering if she felt anything at all too because of my touch.

Her face looked very calm, her cheeks rather rosy, but that could have been an effect of the heat. By now it all didn't seem to matter much anymore, what was appropriate and what wasn't, I wanted her to enjoy my touch. So instead of quickly finishing my job as I had originally planned I took my time massaging the blocker into her skin, down from her buttocks to the back of her thighs, parting them slightly even to get better access, all the while trying to observe some reaction. Her breathing seemed a bit more irregular and she opened her lips occasionally, but those were the sole changes I could perceive. I had worked my way down to her calves and the relief was mixed with some disappointment. I made sure that I landed on my front side before she opened her eyes, though.



Her body glistened in the sunlight. She looked at me, calmly, with the hint of a smile.

"I should do your back too, although you are quite tanned already, in some places you are definitely not."

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