tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven & Hell Part 1-2

Heaven & Hell Part 1-2


Baron Vos Neganda was walking home late that evening when he decided to stop by the local slave auction and see what was available. He'd never made it a habit to own slaves or sell them, but it never hurt to see what sort hung out at the place. The Baron stepped into the auction house and let the door close behind him. A gust of wind kicked up his black cape, swirling it around him in a mysterious manner. Dressed all in black with a white wool scarf and top hat, walking cane in hand, the Baron was quite handsome indeed. Black hair cut short to the collar and piercing green eyes that could look into anyone's soul...or so it would seem. Ah, but the Baron was no ordinary man. He was a vampire, and the oldest of his kind...the most respected in the community of his kind. His word was law and there was hell to pay for going against the Baron.

He leaned against a side wall and looked around. He almost overlooked her, sitting in the bottom of a cage...the look of pure innocence in her eyes. Pushing from the wall, Neganda walked towards the cage and was quite surprised to find that the inhabitant was a female angel. Her clothing was ripped and torn in several places. There were bruised on her face and arms, and white wings wrapped around her think body. Neganda felt a sense of rage inside of himself. No one should ever be treated the way this woman had been treated. He turned and looked at the slave trader that was trying to sell her.

"How much do you want for the child?" The slave trader turned and looked at the well dressed man and smiled almost maliciously.

"How much you willin' to pay for the chit? I'm askin' a maximum bid of 5000 gold pieces." The Baron thought for a moment then nodded.

"Very well. My men are just outside. They will carry a large trunk to your waiting carriage in return for this child." The slave trader narrowed his eyes slightly, but the prospect of actually getting 5000 gold pieces was too much for him to turn down. He handed the Baron the key to the cage and walked outside. Neganda squatted down and looked at the young woman.

"Do not be afraid, ma chere. I will not harm you. I'm going to let you out and then you must come with me so we can see to your wounds." The angel looked up at him and the sadness and pain in her eyes touched something so deep within Neganda that he didn't even know existed. He unlocked the cage and reached inside, gathering her into his arms and standing once more. She locked her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest. Stroking her hair as he held her, he turned and walked back to the entrance of the establishment then outside where his men waited by his carriage.

"Did you take care of the slave trader?" he asked quietly. The men nodded wordlessly as Neganda stepped into the carriage still holding the angel. The carriage drove off into the night and Neganda never released his hold. The angel seemed to relax and by the time they arrived at the Baron's castle, she had fallen asleep in his arms.


(The next evening)

Caterina woke after the sun had set for the evening to find herself lying in a bed of satin sheets under a canopy of silk. She sat up, letting the covers fall from her body to find she was wearing a midnight blue silk sheath. She slid from the bed, her feet touching the dark red carpeting softly. As she walked around the room she tried to remember the events of the previous evening. There'd been a man who had come for her and had taken her out of that awful place. She walked into what appeared to be the bathroom and looked into the full length mirror that was there. Her bruises were completely healed on her face and arms and her wings seemed whiter than they ever had before. As she walked back out into the bedroom she saw the man standing there waiting for her. He was dressed as he had been the night before except he did not wear a cape or hat. His black pants and shirt fit him well and his pale skin seemed almost translucent against the black fabric. He bowed towards her slowly.

"I am Baron Vos Neganda at your service, Milady." Caterina smiled softly to him and approached him.

"A pleasure, Milord. I am Caterina Rafelli, daughter of the Angelics." Neganda took her small hand in his, brought it to his lips and kissed it softly.

"I trust you slept well, Caterina. I have dinner ready if you are hungry." Caterina nodded slowly and let him take her by the hand and lead her from the room out into the main hall where a large table was filled as if waiting for a celebration. Caterina looked up at Neganda and smiled brightly.

"Thank you, Milord. This is more food than I've seen in months." Neganda nodded and smiled back at her before leading her to a chair and pulling it out for her. When she sat, he pushed it closer to the table then sat in the chair across from her. Servants of every kind seemed to appear from nowhere and began serving them plates of food and goblets of wine. Dinner lasted almost an hour before they both seemed full. Caterina did not seem to take notice that Neganda ate nothing of his food but drank almost four glasses of his wyne. The servants cleared the table and Neganda rose and walked back over to Caterina. She looked up at him and took his hand in hers.

"Thank you for taking me from that dreaded place, Milord. Whatever you paid to do so, I will see to it that it is returned to you twice over." Negand knelt and shook his head.

"Nay, Milady. No one as beautiful as yourself should be locked away in a cage nor sold as a slave of pleasure. I did what was right and in time my reward will come." He helped her to her feet and led her into a living area of sorts where a fire was already lit and the warmth in the room made Caterina's face flush lightly. They sat on a velvet covered couch and Neganda pulled her legs into his lap and rested his arms on them.

His was the art of seduction, but he had no desire to kill the woman next to him. He wanted simply to see her happy and he had a feeling he could make her happy if she would only give him the chance to help her experience his love. She did not shy away from him as he moved closer to her and brushed a hand across her soft face.

"You are the most beautiful creature I have ever encountered, Caterina. An angel of pure innocence to be sure." Caterina blushed but leaned into his touch, closing her eyes for a brief moment before opening them and looking back at him once more. Without another word, Neganda leaned forward and kissed her lips softly. Caterina did not resist. She leaned closer, opening her mouth to him and feeling his tongue move around her warm mouth. She moaned softly and felt his hand go to the back of her neck and draw her into his lap. The silk sheath easily rode up around her legs as Neganda's hands brushed up and down her thighs. Caterina slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it from his broad chest. Neganda broke their kiss and licked and kissed a trail down to the side of her neck. Caterina leaned her head back, allowing him free access to wherever his mouth and hands wandered.

Neganda felt his teeth begin to lengthen and brush against his bottom lip. His tongue darted out and he licked the sensitive skin at Caterina's throat just before his teeth sank slowly into her soft skin. Caterina gasped quietly then moaned in pleasure. At the same time his teeth sank into her skin, Neganda's finger sank into her wet pussy, fingering her slowly as he sucked at the blood. Caterina moved her hand behind his head and pulled him closer even as her hips moved against his fingers. Neganda broke the hold on her neck and stood, holding her in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist. He moved to the nearest wall and braced her small body between the wall and himself. He unzipped the pants and let them fall to the floor. He pushed his hand down between her legs, opening her to him. Just as he thrust his hard cock into her, he bit into her neck again. She arched against him and moaned loudly.

Neganda thrust into her warmth over and over again, each thrust met with moans of pleasure from the angel. As Neganda began to near his own climax, he broke his hold on her throat once more and opened his wrist with his own teeth. He held it up to her mouth.

"Drink, my beauty...drink and stay with me forever." Caterina looked at him then opened her mouth slowly taking his wrist into her mouth and sucking from the blood there. Neganda felt his climax at that moment and thrust harder into Caterina as she too climaxed, her cries muffled by his wrist held at her mouth. When her moans subsided, her took his wrist from her and they collapsed to the floor. To weak to move, he pulled a blanket from the chair and covered them both as the sun began to rise....Caterina's last thought as the sleep overtook her was that she was now caught somewhere between heaven and hell and she did not know if Neganda was the devil or her saviour....

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