tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven & Hell Part 5

Heaven & Hell Part 5


Part Five: Angels and Demons

Nicolai when to bed after Catherine had come down stairs to meet with him. He'd seen how happy she looked with Neganda and he could not deny that happiness. He had kissed her on the cheek, bowed to Neganda then moved into the rooms upstairs from where they slept. Negand rose as Catherine entered the room and held his arms out to her. She stepped into his embrace, closing her eyes and breathing in his scent, loving to be so close to him.

"You and Nicolai spoke then? Is everything all right?" Neganda sighed softly and sat down, pulling Catherine into his lap.

"I wish it were, mon amour. I fear your brother will be in danger for helping me rescue you. I have put the decision before him, love. If he wants to remain with us, then he will be allowed to do so. I will bring him across into our world." Catherine looked into Neganda's eyes and frowned thoughtfully.

"You haven't even done that with me," she said quietly. Neganda nodded slowly. That much was true. In order to complete the transformation, he had to drain her and allow her to feed from him on five separate occasions. They'd already done so four times, but he'd been waiting for her to make the decision. He sat her back on his lap some and cupped her face in his hands.

"Is that what you want, Catherine? Do you truly want to be part of my world forever? You will be forever changed by this decision. Once it is done, it cannot be undone. Can you live with that, my love?"

"What will happen to me?" Catherine asked quietly. Neganda sighed softly and stroked her cheekbone with his thumb softly.

"Your divinity will be gone. You will not be able to communicate with your gods any longer. As a female you will lose your wings. Your skin will become pale and you will need blood to survive where as now you only take it when it comes from me. Once the transformation is complete you will need blood on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day depending on your strength. You will continue to feed from me on occasion so that you continue to become stronger and more in tune with your vampire nature." Catherine nodded slowly and slid from Neganda's lap. She walked over to the window and glanced out at the moonlit sky. She sighed softly then nodded and turned to face him.

"That is what I want. I want to know I will remain with you for eternity. Your love is a love the likes of which I have never known. Without you, I would surely die." From out in the hallway there came a soft sound. Neganda stood and looked out towards the hall to find Nicolai standing there, a serene yet sad look upon his features. Neganda walked over and took the young man by the arm drawing him towards him, embracing him gently. Catherine turned to see this and marveled at how gentle Neganda could be with those he loved. Finally, Neganda released Nicolai and ushered him towards the couch.

"You made your decision, Nicolai?" Nicolai nodded slowly.

"I did, Milord. To be separated from my sister again would destroy me. I want to remain with you both. For eternity." Neganda took a deep breath and nodded.

"Catherine will not be strong enough to bring you across. I must do that. Does this bother you in anyway, Nicolai?" Nicolai shook his head.

"Not in the least," he spoke quietly. Neganda nodded and beckoned Catherine to him. He did not want her to witness this. "Return to our chambers and wait until I send for you. Do this for me and for your brother, Catherine, and do not ask for a reason." Catherine looked at Nicolai then back to Neganda. She nodded slowly and turned, leaving the room, closing the door behind her as she did so. Negand sat down on the coffee table and faced Nicolai. "Your transformation will not be as difficult as her, Nicloai. It will only take one time for this to become permanent with you. Your wings will likely remain. Your divinity will be gone and you will not be able to communicate with your gods."

"I have no wish to do so even now, Milord. Do what you must, only, bring me into this world so that I will never be apart from her…or you…again." Negand nodded and scooted forward. One hand moved around Nicolai's neck and tilted his head to the side. Nicolai closed his eyes and sat perfectly still. Neganda's other hand moved to his back, holding there tightly. He growled softly and felt his fangs move into his mouth. Dropping his head slowly, his fangs scraped across Nicolai's neck and Nicolai shuddered at the feel, one hand coming up to grip Neganda's arm. Neganda let him do so as his fangs slipped into the tender skin, feeling the blood flow into his mouth. It tasted sweet, pure, inviting. He locked his mouth around Nicolai's neck and drew him closer to his own body. Nicolai gasped at the quick pain, his fingers tight around Neganda's arm. He felt his heart begin to slow, the blood that continued to move from his body into Neganda's mouth. After a few more moments, Neganda drew back and lay Nicolai down on the black velvet couch. He knelt at the young man's side. He looked at him a moment then bit into his own wrist and held it to Nicolai's mouth.

"You have to drink in order to live, Nicolai. Drink, my son, and come back to myself and Catherine forever." Nicolai could do nothing more than obey the voice of his creator. He opened his mouth and latched on to Neganda's wrist, feeling the blood fill his mouth then slide down the back of his throat. Neganda closed his eyes and pressed his wrist harder against the young man's mouth. His bloodlust rose another notch. He'd have to take Catherine quickly or else he would not be able to control what he felt. His mind touched hers briefly ordering her back to his side. Nicolai finally released Neganda's wrist and Neganda withdrew his wrist just as Catherine entered the room and walked to his side. Nicolai would sleep for a few hours at least. Neganda stood and grabbed Catherine's arm moving her to the other side of the room, trapping her body between his body and the wall. His hands moved across her chest to the back of her gown, unzipping it and allowing it to fall to the floor at her feet. She wore nothing beneath which just made the bloodlust within him rise another notch. She could feel his heat and she brushed a hand over his hardness. He growled and dipped his head, sinking his fangs into the side of her neck even as he grabbed both legs from beneath, lifting her onto his hardness, sinking deeply inside of her. Catherine gasped at the movement, her hands moving to his shoulders, her head tilting to the side allowing him more access to her neck.

Neganda rode out his bloodlust for as long as he could with her, thrusting in and out of her with such force that, in the back of his mind, he was afraid of hurting her. When she climaxed he followed suit and released his hold on her neck. He held his wrist to her mouth and let her fangs slip into his skin. A second wave of pleasure ripped through his body and exploded inside of her as she drank from him deeply. They sank to the floor together, her legs still around him still. He lay back on the rug as she continued to drink from him. After a moment or two, she released her hold on him and closed her eyes. Neganda turned on his side, watching here carefully. A silver light surrounded her body as her wings began to disappear from sight. Her features turned pale and her hair became fiery red, more so than it already was, if that was possible. When she opened her eyes, the dark blue was brighter and more intense. Neganda leaned over and kissed her lips softly.

"Welcome to my world, Catherine." Catherine smiled softly, seductively and returned his kiss.

"Merci, mon amour." A gasp of breath caught their attention and they both turned as Nicolai woke. His pale skin seemed even more beautiful beneath the black hair, dark eyes and silky black wings as she stood slowly. Catherine smiled up at him and stood slowly, pulling the dress back up around her. Neganda zipped it for her and stood next to her. He stepped back from a moment and watched the two look each other over. Nicolai made the first move towards Catherine and stopped in front of her, his hand brushing softly down the side of her face. He leaned down and kissed her softly. From behind her, Neganda whispered softly.

"Share his blood and his bond, Catherine. It is what will bind the three of us together from this day forth." Catherine reached for his arm, bringing his wrist to her mouth, sliding her fangs into the skin there. She closed her eyes, tasting the blood as it flooded her mouth. Nicolai looked over her shoulder at Neganda curiously. Neganda smiled and nodded. He reached out and pushed Catherine's hair away from her neck, tilting her head to the side. Nicloai understood now and dropped his head, his fangs slipping into the skin at her throat. Neganda felt complete as he watched his exchange. His beautiful children of the night would keep him company for eternity. They loved him…they loved each other. It was enough. There was time enough to figure out all else another night…

To be continued...

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