tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven & Hell Part 6

Heaven & Hell Part 6


(For Nicholas…my true inspiration.)

Catherine contained to drink from Nicolai, tasting how sweet his blood was as it moved into her mouth and down her throat. But it did not hold the sweetness of Neganda's blood, though this did not matter. It was the blood of her brother, and that made it sweet. She kept his wrist at her mouth a moment longer, feeling Nicolai's fangs still at her throat. She sighed softly, pulling her fangs from his wrist, wrapping both arms around his waist. She whispered softly to him, " Nicolai. I am glad you wanted to remain with me and Neganda." Nicolai turned his eyes to her, Whispering softly in her mind [ I did not want to loose you again, my sister. I could not bear that thought].

Catherine smiled softly as Nicolai took his fangs from her neck, kissing the wound so it would heal over. He turned his head, and brought his lips to hers, kissing her softly. Catherine smiled softly under his kiss, brushing her hands slowly across his black wings, feeling that they were softer than before. His change must have done this. She whispered against his lips as the kissed, " Nicolai, your wings are softer… smoother.” He smiled against her lips " Yes, that is true. I could feel them change, as I changed on the inside, and out. Neganda's blood is strong, and powerful enough to cause these changes." He kissed her softly a moment longer, then sighed as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. Catherine sighed as he brought her closer, seeing Neganda smiling out from the corner of her eye. She could tell he was happy. Their bond would be strong, and their love would be even stronger.

Neganda moved to stand behind Catherine, his hands on her arms, moving up and down slowly and softly against her silken skin. The dress she wore was sleeveless, the back of it tight and the front daringly cut quite low indeed. Neganda ran his fingers over the place where Nicolai had fed from her. Catherine closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side even though she remained in Nicolai’s embrace. Nicolai’s arms remained around her waist, holding her tightly against him, his eyes ever watchful as Neganda’s fangs slid into his mouth and brushed against Catherine’s neck ever so softly.

Nicolai heard her sigh against his chest then watched in wonder as Neganda’s fangs slipped into her neck slowly. The blood flowed from Catherine’s neck into Neganda’s mouth and down his throat. Catherine gasped and Nicolai felt her grip on his waist tighten, pulling him closer to her. He was enthralled… watching Neganda take from her caused his own bloodlust to raise a notch. He slide one hand up her side to her arm then brought it to her mouth, kissing his wrist softly, his eyes changing from black to an orange-red in color. His fangs sank into her wrist and again she gasped. She had never been fed from by more than one at a time. The effect was intoxicating. Neganda opened his eyes and watched his new ‘son’ as Nicolai drank from Catherine, his need obviously rising quite high. Neganda moved one hand down Catherine’s side and slowly pushed the dress up along her thigh, his fingers brushing against the soft skin of her leg then moving to her inner thigh.

Nicolai heard and felt Catherine’s breathing pattern change. She pushed her wrist harder against his mouth. [Take what you need, Nicolai. I belong to you both now… just as we belong to him.]

Nicolai growled softly in the back of his throat as his hand over hand moved up to her back, which was pressed against Neganda’s chest. Neganda felt his movements and moved back just a little though never releasing his hold on Catherine. Nicolai slowly unzipped the dress then moved his hand along the inside of the dress and up to her shoulder, pushing the gown away from her slowly. His other hand released her wrist as she held it to his mouth and slowly he pushed the gown down, letting it pool at her feet on the floor. Neganda smiled against her neck, his fingers now brushing higher against her inner thigh. Nicolai locked his gaze with his creator. Neganda touched Nicolai’s mind softly. [This is how it is for us, Nicolai. Do not deny what you are, what you feel, what you see or what you want. There are no boundaries here, young one. Even she has learned that.] Nicolai growled softly in her throat, his eyes now dark red, matching Neganda’s. He pulled Catherine’s wrist from his mouth just as Neganda drew back from her neck. Nicolai kept hold of her wrist and drew her up and around, her arm and his held tightly around her shoulders, both of them now facing Neganda, Nicolai pulling Catherine tightly against his own body, his free hand moving slowly down across her chest and her flat stomach. Neganda unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, letting it fall to the floor. Catherine moaned softly feeling Nicolai’s hand moving across her body softly and slowly. Her own hand moved behind her, rubbing gently against the hardness she felt beneath his tight pants. Nicolai gasped softly and growled again against her ear, kissing the side of her neck softly, but his gaze never left their creator.

Neganda stripped off the black silk dress slacks and moved towards a chair sitting down in it, his eyes moving over Catherine and Nicolai both. He held a hand out to Catherine. Nicolai kissed against her ear softly then released her, pushing her towards Neganda. Catherine dropped her hand into Neganda’s as he pulled her into his lap, facing him, his hands going to the sides of her face, brushing there lightly then moving down along the sides of her neck then down to her arms. He looked past her a moment at Nicolai who had pulled off the black shirt and pants he wore and was watching them intently. Neganda again touched his thoughts. [No limits, Nicolai. No boundaries. We love whom we want, when we want, as often as we want. Do what you wish…do what you feel…] Nicolai stepped forward, just behind Catherine his hands resting on her shoulders. He hooked his foot around an ottoman and pulled it to him, sitting on it his hands moving up and down her back, his mouth softly kissing against the back of her neck. Neganda smiled softly.

Catherine felt Nicolai’s hands on her back and Neganda's hands on her arms and closed her eyes, her own bloodlust now at a height she had never experienced before. She growled softly. “Please…” she pleaded softly. The intense pleasure she knew she wanted and could almost feel just through their hands caused an intense desire to ignite inside of her body. Immediately, she felt Nicolai’s hands at her waist, lifting her onto him, sliding inside of her wet, hot body at the same moment his fangs slid into her neck and his wrist went to her mouth. She slid her fangs into his wrist, her eyes locked on Neganda’s gaze. Neganda moved his hands from her waist up against her breasts, kneading them in his hands slowly, gently, then leaning forward to kiss each one in turn. As his mouth moved to her left breast, his fangs slid into the skin there just above her heart and one hand moved down her body between her legs, his thumb rubbing against her even as Nicolai moved in and out of her from behind. His other hand rested against Nicolai’s leg. Catherine’s hands went to he back of Neganda’s head, drawing him in closer, her body completely on fire now between his fingers and Nicolai’s hardness inside of her.

Nicolai touched Catherine’s mind as he moved in and out of her slowly but not all that gently. [Feel what we are, lovely. Intense…loving…all powerful. You are more desirable than the goddess herself, Catherine…and we intend to make you feel that way forever.] Neganda nodded to himself hearing Nicolai’s thoughts in his head as well. [Nicolai speaks the truth, Catherine…. always.]

Catherine moaned against Nicolai’s wrist as he moved harder inside of her. She felt herself reaching her own climax and when she came, it was so hard and intense; she stopped breathing even as his blood continued to flood into her mouth. She was very aware of his mouth at her neck and Neganda’s mouth at her breast. Neither of them released her even when Nicolai came hard and hot inside of her. Neganda’s fingers continued to move against her slowly, gently, bringing the fire inside of her to ignite once more. It was going to be a long and pleasurable night indeed…

To be continued…just as soon as I get some much needed sleep. [Chuckles]

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