tagIncest/TabooHeaven Ch. 08

Heaven Ch. 08


Warning! The sex described in this story is extremely casual. There are also a lot of incestuous encounters. If any of this bothers you, I advise you to read another story. If not, enjoy!


Who-is-who: (returning characters)

Jamie, the protagonist of the story, has one younger sister Cindy, who is engaged to Jason.

Their parents are Cynthia and Mark.

Their neighbors are Simon and Caroline.

Jason's mom is Lorna.

Miranda is Cindy's best friend.


Aside from transporting Heaven residents from and to Heaven whenever required, our busses also bring in new arrivals; people who, through secretive channels and after a scrutinous selection process, were invited to come and live in our little town. All new arrivals are isolated from the rest of town until they've been properly briefed and instructed. Mom, along with a few other sluts from town, was on the volunteers list to welcome and brief the new arrivals. Usually, there were only one or two, but as there were seven persons scheduled this time, mom had asked me to tag along. With that many people, she could use another pair of hands – amongst other body parts.

Mom was wearing a grey business skirt, stockings and a white blouse. Her black bra was visible, not only through her blouse, but also by means of her cleavage which was obscenely revealing. Black high heels complemented her ensemble. I had put on some jeans and a red halter top, white undies, white bra and red high heels.

We arrived on site – a hangar at the edge of town – way too early, which gave us ample time to make coffee and prepare an entire breakfast buffet for our guests. Right on schedule, a few minutes after nine, the bus rode into the hangar and parked right next to our car. Although mom had a clipboard, containing detailed information on all of the initiates, mom was a firm believer in 'winging it', trusting her own perception and judgement over that of some overpaid psychologist.

First off the bus was a young couple in their mid-twenties; the woman had short, black hair. Next, were two couples in their late thirties, one of the women had brown hair, the other blond. A young, single man in his early twenties completed the lineup.

After opening up the luggage compartment underneath the bus, the driver – who was, for obvious reasons, always a local – signaled us to follow him.

When were about twenty meters from the bus, mom asked, "What do you have for us today, Cyrus?"

"The brunette seems like a handful," Cyrus replied, briefly glancing over at the initiates.

"I don't think the rest will give you any problems," he added as he cupped his crotch and redirected his gaze at mom's voluptuous bosom.

"Need some relief Cyrus?" mom smiled.

"That would be great, it's been four days," Cyrus whispered.

She smiled and nodded as she unbuttoned a few more buttons on her blouse. By the time her bra was fully exposed, I had already sunk to my knees and was taking out Cyrus' cock. I was really in the mood for some cock sucking! While mom reached in her bra and hung both her melons out for Cyrus' viewing pleasure, I was bobbing my head up and down his big pole. Meanwhile, our guests had noticed what mom and I were doing and were gawking at us, in different stages of amusement and embarrassment.

The two couples in their thirties were clearly uncomfortable with the situation, while the younger couple was visibly amused. The young woman was even leaning in against her man and was caressing his bulge while switching her gaze from us to her man's face, intently watching his arousal grow. The lone, young man was also rubbing his crotch. If he'd only had a smidge more nerve, he would probably have taken it out on the spot and jacked himself to a finish right then and there. Nor the young couple, nor the single guy were going to be much of a problem during initiation, I reckoned.

Meanwhile Cyrus squeezed mom's nipples, wobbled her melons up and down and did pretty much anything he wanted to her tits while getting a sloppy blowjob from me. After a few minutes, I felt Cyrus explode in my mouth. He tilted his head back and moaned rather loudly as I swallowed and continued sucking and jacking him off until he had shrunken to his original size. As Cyrus zipped up and walked away, I got back up and swallowed the mouthful of cum he had shot into me, while mom stuffed her tits back in her bra and closed her blouse back up a little bit. With that over with, mom and I walked over to the initiates.

"Good morning and welcome to Heaven, my name is Cynthia and this is my daughter Jamie."

With the suspicion that we were related now confirmed, there was some brief whispering and gawking, but mom ignored it and continued, "Please leave your luggage by the bus, you can pick it up when we're done here."

We led our guests towards the north-west corner of the hangar where a class room had been fashioned specifically for these kind of initiations.

The room's design was plain and simple; four walls and one door – no windows. There were two white boards in the front of the class room, along with a large desk for the instructor and twelve student desks. In the back, there were two staging tables where mom and I had set up a breakfast buffet for our guests.

"Help yourself," mom said, pointing towards the buffet, "No point in starting on an empty stomach!"

I grabbed one of the empty chairs and sat down next to mom at the instructor's desk, staying out of the way for now, giving the new arrivals some time to get to know one another, while enjoying their coffee, tea, fresh bagels, orange juice and croissants.

After about twenty minutes, when everyone was done eating and drinking, mom got up and walked around the desk, standing in front of it like a real teacher.

"All right, let's get started," mom said, prompting the few people who were standing to take a seat.

"Welcome to our little town; I am sure we all know why we are here. Heaven is a unique place, full of adventure and sexual freedom, but along with the many perks, there are also some rules that must be obeyed. Upon boarding the bus, you were all given a binder, which contains a comprehensive explanation of all the rules and guidelines. To be frank, there is only one rule that actually matters: no sexual activity around minors. During school hours, all minors must be at school, no exceptions! There is no home schooling in Heaven and there are medical facilities at school to deal with any sick children.

After school hours, during the weekends and on off days, public lewdness is forbidden in general public areas. There are plenty of locations, marked with red stickers, which are off limits to minors, where relief can be provided, if necessary. You will find an exhaustive listing of such places in your binder."

After allowing about twenty seconds to pass – time for the initiates to browse through the binder and locate the cited information – mom asked, "Well, if there are no questions, we can conclude the theoretical part..."

She waited another ten seconds. When no questions or remarks came, she continued.

"Well then... which one of you men would like to give me a facial?" mom asked bluntly.

A lot of whispering and a few dirty looks from the two older women ensued. It was safe to assume that their husbands weren't going to be allowed to volunteer. The young couple seemed to be entertaining the possibility, and while the lone guy was obviously very eager, he lacked the courage to step up, just yet.

"Come on, the offer expires in five seconds: who would like to jack off in my face? Five, four, three, two..."

"Me!" the lone guy blurted out, surprising everyone – including himself.

Mom smiled and extended her hand towards him, inviting him. The young man got up, nervously, and took a few small steps towards us. He didn't know what to say or do, or even where to look, as mom sank to her knees right in front of him.

"Go ahead," she whispered as she looked up at him with the most seductive smile she could muster. Hesitantly, and briefly looking over at his audience, he unzipped his pants and took out his fat cock. It was already fully hard and therefor required some agility to pull out of his zipper. Once his hand was wrapped around his thick shaft, he no longer paid any attention to other initiates. He just tugged on his dick, while staring into mom's eyes. She just sat there, not moving a muscle. The 'poor' guy clearly had trouble performing for a live audience, but he did all right. After about six or seven minutes he was getting ready to explode.

"Can I?" he moaned.

"Uhuh," mom nodded her head eagerly, faintly smiling.

Not two seconds later, he arched his back and began ejaculating, as he moaned, "Oh fuck, oh yeah... oh fuck, yeah."

During the next twenty seconds, he splattered an insane amount of sperm on mom's slut face, covering her from cheek to cheek, and from chin to forehead. Visibly relieved, the guy then squeezed out the last few drops, wildly flinging them into the air before stuffing his half-flaccid cock back into his pants.

"Thank you, you can take your seat again," mom said.

As the guy zipped up his pants and retreated back to his chair, mom remained in her kneeled position and stumped everyone by asking, "All right, anyone else?"

The three remaining men were – off course – all very eager. It was just a question of getting their spouses on board. The young couple straightened out their business first. After the young woman had visibly – and reluctantly – agreed, the young man got up and approached mom, assuming the same position as the lone guy before him.

Mom relaxed and continued to offer her face as target practice. The young man started jacking off his rather average cock, inches from mom's already plastered face. His girlfriend looked on, and seemed perfectly at ease with the situation, although I assumed that was largely an act. The guy didn't moan, didn't say anything and even did his best not to breathe louder than normal, probably because he didn't want to offend his girlfriend or make her even more uncomfortable than she already was. As a result, his climax was a discreet and unglamorous.

After a single, almost inaudible, grunt, the young man shot his creamy, small load onto mom's face. He didn't linger and hurried back to his chair as soon as he possibly could, striking up a conversation with his girlfriend as soon as his ass touched his chair, clearly feeling some guilt over what he had just done.

Meanwhile, mom sat there, now with two loads of spunk on her face and asked, "Any other takers?"

It was pretty obvious neither of the two remaining men was going to risk it and so mom got up and said, "Okay then, if you guys aren't going to jack it out, I'll just have to come over there and do it myself."

As she scooped most of the cum off of her face with her hand and then wiped it off, on her grey skirt – staining it pretty bad – she walked over to one of the two remaining men.

When his wife – the brunette – started to object and even tried to intervene as mom got on her knees in front of him, I decided to intervened and said, "You and your husband were made aware of the uniqueness of our community, weren't you? You knew what you were getting yourself into."

"Yes, but not this... this is just crude and plainly disgusting!" the woman replied, trying to keep mom's hands away from her husband's crotch – unsuccessfully I might add.

"As is everyday life here in Heaven," I replied as mom skillfully circumvented the woman's hands and slid her hand into the guy's pants, "If you don't have the stomach for it, maybe you should get back on the bus!"

"Then maybe I will!" the brunette shouted angry as she got up and started to leave.

"Come on, Charles," she barked – honestly expecting her husband to follow her out. Mom knew better and bent her head down in his lap, sucking on his already fully erect cock. While mom's head was bobbing up and down the poor's guy pole, the brunette stormed out and angrily slammed the door shut behind her.

After that kind of reaction from his wife, the guy started getting nervous and was about to reconsider his participation, but mom caught on and beat him to the punch. She quickly poked her head up, looked at him and said, "Relax, I'll go and see if I can't calm her down."

While getting up, mom glanced at me and asked, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Can you finish up here, Jamie?"

"Sure mom," I said as I walked over to the lucky gentleman and kneeled down in front of his chair, taking mom's place. While I swallowed his meaty circumcised cock and bobbed my head up and down a few times to get the feel of it, mom walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Quickly, all eyes in the room turned towards me as I began slobbering over the guy's dick. After about half a minute, I am sure he had forgotten all about his wife's little fit.

I had him spurting in my slutty, little mouth in just under four minutes. I was still swallowing his load and cleaning his tube when we started hearing faint moaning and panting coming from the hangar. As long as I kept sucking and licking the guy's cock and balls, I was able to keep the attention of the group on me, but once I got up, heads started turning towards the closed door. As I figured it was only a matter of time before one of the initiates had the nerve to stand up and open the door themselves, I decided I might as well do it myself and maintain control over the situation.

As I walked over to the door, several initiates already got up from their seats, clearly eager to learn what was going on out there. The sight before me hardly surprised me. The brunette, who had stormed out furiously, just a few minutes before, was now lying butt naked – except for her high heels – on the concrete floor, with mom on top of her in a 69-position. She was eagerly lapping and sucking on mom's cunt, while getting the same treatment from her. I opened the door further and stepped into the hangar, effectively inviting the rest of the group to come out and watch the spectacle from up close.

After a few seconds, mom poked her head up, licked her lips and looked at her audience, saying, "The bitch just needed some encouragement, that's all."

As she looked back and grinded her cunt extra hard into the woman's face, she asked, "Isn't that right, you little slut?"

Eagerly lapping at mom's moist cunt, the woman gave a muffled high pitch moan, indicating her submissiveness as well as her enjoyment. It was a popular initiation technique: there's a party pooper in almost every group, and it's usually a woman, find her, break her and the rest will fall in line.

"Now let's see if we can't get some dick into you," mom said, crooking her finger at the only man who hadn't cum yet. Nervously, the man glanced at his wife – who realized she had little other choice than to consent. Sporting a huge boner through his pants, the man approached the two women, rubbing his crotch in anticipation.

"Take off your pants and kneel down, right here," mom said as she stuck two fingers up the woman's cunt, preparing her for the pending penetration. Meanwhile the woman eagerly kept lapping at mom's cunt, clearly enjoying herself.

When the guy was in position, mom whispered, "First, put it in my mouth."

Nervously, the man leaned forward and pushed the head of his cock into mom's mouth, who quickly lounged forward and started sucking the whole shaft as well as his cock head. Needless to say, he was throbbing hard and moaning like a little girl in twenty seconds flat.

"Now, penetrate this bitch... gently," mom said as pulled her fingers out of the woman's cunt and pushed the guy's swollen cock head against her entrance. Horny as fuck, the guy had to restrain himself not to ram it in and start fucking the shit out of her! The brunette's husband was clearly a little jealous, but he considering he had just shot his load in my mouth, he was hardly in a position to object.

As the guy entered her – still rather rough – the brunette stopped lapping at mom's cunt for a moment and screamed, doing her best to sound upset and offended, but not really convincing anyone.

"I think she likes it," mom smiled as she looked up at the guy, "Why don't you fuck her a little faster?"

The guy immediately complied and got a nice, steady pace going. A few seconds later, mom slowly dismounted the woman's face and got on her knees next to the horny couple, giving them a chance to finally look at one another.

Looking each other in the eye for the first time during their intercourse was an intense moment, and their bodies reacted accordingly. The woman involuntarily opened her legs a little wider, while the guy started fucking her harder and faster.

Mom leaned in closer to the guy and whispered, "Easy tiger, slow down... that's it... just a little more... now, keep fucking her at this pace... now play with her, don't be shy... you've got your dick inside of her, she's already yours!" Go on, grab her tits!"

Using his right hand, the guy grabbed her left tit and started squeezing and jiggling it up and down, moaning and panting. The woman gawked at his hand mauling first one tit, then the other.

After about a minute of this, mom whispered, "Now, why don't we try putting a finger or two in her mouth!"

A little hesitant, the guy reached out and gently touched the woman's lips – while keeping up the pace; the brunette, equally hesitant, gently opened her mouth, allowing the guy entrance.

"Good, she's opened up... she wants it," mom edged him on, "Start moving them in and out."

As he started sliding his fingers in and out of her mouth, she closed her lips around them, clearly horny.

"Now fish hook her," mom whispered softly. At first, there was a look of panic on the woman's face, but as soon as the guy pushed his index and middle fingers against the inside of her cheek – degrading her, but not hurting her – the brunette again opened her legs a little further and started bucking against the guy's thrusts harder and harder, getting off on being used and abused.

She started orgasming and visibly surprised her husband with how loud and uninhibited she could scream and squeal. It was clear that he hadn't made her cum like that in quite some time. As soon as he noticed that she was climaxing, the guy fucking her, took his hand out of her mouth and grabbed her hips, getting ready to fuck himself to a finish.

Mom however, gently stopped him by placing her hand on his arm and whispering, "Don't cum yet, keep fucking her... just a little while longer... let her enjoy her orgasm."

The guy, although visibly frustrated that he had to hold back, did as he was told and paced himself for another minute or so.

When the brunette's orgasm had completely subsided, mom leaned in towards him and said, "Good job, now it's time to claim your prize; pull out and come sit over here!" as she tapped the floor right next to herself and next to the woman's head. It was clear from the guy's facial expression that he didn't believe he was going to be that lucky, but, he was more than willing to give it a try.

"Now, point it at her face," mom whispered as the guy was getting into position.

Hesitantly, the guy looked at mom as he did as he was told.

"Don't look at me," mom whispered softly, "It's not my face you're going to cum on."

Slowly, the guy looked down at the brunette, who was still panting and enjoying the aftermath of her wonderful orgasm and who, to his astonishment simply looked back up at him and had apparently no intention of getting up, moving her head out of the way or objecting in any other way. Her stare just went back and forth between his face and his fat cock, while her chest heaved up and down.

The guy, realizing that this was actually going to happen, violently convulsed. For a moment, it seemed as if every muscle in his body was working together to expel his creamy cum from his balls. The brunette simply closed her mouth and clenched her eyes shut – indicating that she didn't particularly care for the upcoming facial – but kept her face perfectly still, allowing this perfect stranger to cover her face in his warm, thick cum.

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