tagInterracial LoveHeaven in the Desert Ch. 02

Heaven in the Desert Ch. 02


A/N: Hello loves! How are you? I hope you are all well and enjoying the warmth of spring as I am. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback. I read every comment and every email and take everything you say into consideration. I love to hear from you and the best way to send me anything is definitely via email, so keep it coming. Now...Some people have expressed concern over the accuracy of Heaven and the Arabic culture. Heaven is in no way shape or form based on one specific culture. It is not a portrayal of Islam, Muslims, Egypt, or anything of the sort. Heaven is my brainchild that pulls from Middle Eastern themes that are not limited to the ones I have mentioned. With that being said, happy reading!


The next day Ghita and Kadshah woke Ariana up at 10am. Instead of donning a dress as before, they instructed her to wear a burqa.

Dressed in her white burqa, Ariana left the palace.

The market place was a bustle of activity but it was unlike anything that Ariana had ever seen before.

All around her, Ariana's senses were stimulated. There was tea, and incense and food and spices. There were also many beautiful silks, pieces of pottery and art. It was like something out of good video game or movie.

There were tons of people milling about haggling, perusing and selling their wares.

Children ran and played, men walked through with camels and other animals and women shared a laugh together at the fountain as they ate a delicious treat.

Ariana also saw a few young children walking with dogs that Kadshah identified as Salukis.

Everything was so beautiful and peaceful.

Ariana had the strong urge to buy some art, but then she realized she had nowhere to put it. She didn't plan on staying her, so why redecorate?

As she entered deeper into the market place surrounded by her bodyguards and flanked by Kadshah, Ghita led her to a back corner.

Pushing open a modest looking door, Ariana entered into what appeared to be a clothing shop.

"We have been expecting you." Said the shop owner.

Although many women in Omash wore traditional Arabic clothing, it was not expressly dictated. Ghita explained to Ariana before the shopping trip that it was ok to wear some American style clothing but that Ariana should try to keep most of her skin covered.

Keeping that in mind, Ariana picked out long dresses and robes in her favorite colors. Unlike American dresses however, these dresses had beautiful embroidery and art where cleavage and skin would normally show.

Ariana was in awe of how much work went into the clothing.

Since her plan was to only remain in Omash for a short time, Ariana only picked out a week's worth of clothes.

"It will be nice to have some beautiful momentos." She thought.

She also picked out a few pairs of sandals to go with each dress.

After an hour of shopping she was ready to go back to the palace.

When Ariana arrived back at the palace, Ghita escorted her to the kitchen for more lessons with Ghaniyah.

Just as the day before Ghani taught Ariana how to prepare traditional Arabic dishes late into the evening.


A week and a half later.

Most of Ariana's days were spent with Ghani learning how to cook and be a proper housewife. Although the palace had chef's, Ghaniyah thought it was important Ariana learn to cook from her, how to make her son's favorite dishes.

Although this kept her very busy, in Ariana's down time she was very lonely and homesick.

Kadshah would come and keep her company for a few hours and for that she was grateful but most of the time she was left to her own devices.

"You should be happy." Kadshah said to her one day, "You have survived longer than most."

"That is only because your master has not yet returned and dismissed me." Ariana said as the continued cutting vegetables for a stew.

"I am very excited about your progress." Ghani said to Ariana with a smile.

Although Ghani was very strict with her, Ariana couldn't help but like the woman. Ghani was direct but caring, intelligent but reserved, and very very astute.

Earning her favor was beginning to be a goal for Ariana.

"Thank you, Ghani, you are a great teacher." Ariana said with a genuine smile.

Although she would never admit it, Ariana loved the attention and appraisal from Ghani. Ghani was very right when she said that she and her mother were estranged and Ariana craved motherly attention.

"Ghita and Kadshah have told me how you have been these past few days. Moping around the palace with your sad looks." Ghani said with disapproval.

Instead of answering, Ariana looked away sadly.

"Because you have been a good girl, I decided to get you a present." Ghani said with her eyes alight.

Unless the present was a one way ticket back to America, Ariana didn't see how this was going to cheer her up.

"It is waiting for you in your room. Please go and enjoy the weekend off of lessons. I will be back on Monday to introduce you to your new instructor. She will teach you the art of seduction." Ghani said and then left the room.

As Ariana left the kitchen accompanied by her shadows, Rafiq and Rakshan, she couldn't help but wonder what would be in store for her in her bedroom.

A million dollars? What would she do with that? Diamonds and Rubies? Again, what would she do with that?

When she opened the door she gasped in surprise at what was sitting on her bed. On her bed were boxes of her things from her apartment. Granted it wasn't a ticket back to America, but these few things made her feel at home.

In the boxes was her book of poetry, a bracelet her brothers had gotten her for her birthday, the last photo she had taken with her family, her favorite university hoodie, a few books, some clothes from her closet and a few pairs of shoes.

Ariana was ecstatic and touched that Ghani had went to the trouble of getting her things for her. She started packing her things away and proudly displaying them about the room.

She was full of happiness until she came across the picture of her family. She wondered if they were looking for her.

Remembering that there was a laptop in the corner, she decided to see if it was connected to the internet.

Why hadn't I thought of this sooner? If this laptop can get on the internet, I can get a message to my family and they can get me the hell out of here! Ariana thought.

As Ariana powered only the laptop she cross her fingers and stared at the computer hopefully.

"Come on, come on, please don't have a log in password." Ariana said aloud.

"Rats." Ariana said as the password protected screen came up. Ariana sat in front of the computer pondering her next move.

Maybe if she asked nicely someone would give it to her? Or maybe there was another laptop in the palace that wasn't protected? The library perhaps.

She opened her door and let out a sigh of relief that her shadows were nowhere to be found.

She slowly crept down the hall toward the library door, checking each corridor before she carefully ran across.

She could hear the voices of the servants further down the hall eating dinner in the kitchen. Aside from her shadows, and Ghita and Kadshah she had been kept away from most of the house staff.

As she turned down the last corridor and headed to the library she sighed in relief. She had made it.

"Going somewhere?" a deep voice said from behind her.

"Aaah." Ariana gasped as she turned around quickly and fell to the carpet.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack Rakshan?" Ariana said standing up and rubbing her sore bottom.

Rakshan just chuckled and took a bite of his apple.

"Where were you headed?" Rakshan asked.

"To the library. I..." Ariana began and came up short.

"You what?" Rakshan asked in genuine concern.

Ariana wondered if she should tell him she was trying to gain access to a computer or just lie. She really hated lying to people, but she thought if she told Rakshan the truth, he wouldn't give her what she wanted.

She decided to go with a partial truth instead.

"I was trying to find a computer I could use. I wanted to check my grades for last semester, they should be in by now."

Rakshan gave her a skeptical look, then started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Ariana was perplexed because this was the most she had seen Rakshan smile since her visit.

"You are a sly trickster, the master would be a fool to underestimate you. Come with me there is a computer in your room." Rakshan said.

When they arrived back in Ariana's room, he signed her into the computer and stood close by.

He didn't give Ariana the password so there was no way she could sign in without him and he was close enough that he could see what she was doing.

Keeping up her ruse, Ariana decided to check her school website for her grades. While waiting on that to load, she also checked her school email and her social media page.

Her school email didn't contain anything important so she deleted most of what was there.

She had a few messages on her social media page, friends asking if she wanted to get together for drinks or a movie.

She thought that was very strange. She had to have been gone for nearly two weeks and yet no one was looking for her.

"Rakshan, can I ask you something?" Ariana said over her shoulder.

"Speak." Rakshan said in his heavy accent.

"Did you guys by any chance leave a note saying I would be leaving for a while?" Ariana asked.

"No ma'am." Rakshan said.

Ariana was hurt, why wasn't anyone looking for her? She knew that at times she could be a loner but she thought at least one person would notice her absence.

And then she remembered. All semester long she had been gushing about taking a trip. Her friends probably assumed that she had went away to Italy like she wanted.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. You played right into their hands, Ariana thought. Her trip plans fit in well with what Ghani said about no one looking for her.

Clicking off of her social media page she noticed that her grades were up. She finished the semester with a 3.8.

Fist Pump! She thought to herself and she smiled.

"Congratulations miss." Rakshan said.

"Thanks Rakshan." Ariana said with a smile. If she passed all of her classes then she must have taken all of her finals. Since her last final was in the afternoon it only stood to reason that she had been taken after it. Probably once she had gotten home? Darn if she couldn't remember.

Closing down the laptop she decided to curl up and read a romance novel from one of the boxes. Rakshan took that as his cue to leave.

After five chapters of the sappy novel, she put the book down and went to sleep.


On Monday morning, Ghita escorted her to another side of the palace she had never been in before.

Walking through two big mahogany doors, Ariana looked around in surprise as she stepped into a grand ballroom.

Oak flooring covered the length of the ballroom. Beautiful artwork of what must have been the Aaban family covered the walls.

As she looked above her she noticed that light entered the room through beautiful mosaic tiles.

As she continued taking in her surroundings, Ghita approached her with a woman that was dressed in dance gear.

"Ariana, this is Dania, she will be your instructor." Ghita said.

"Hello." Ariana said as Ghita left the room.

"I will be teaching you Raqs shargqi, westerners call it the belly dance." Dania said.

"I'm pretty sure I know how to dance." Ariana said smugly. She had taken a few pole dancing classes to get in shape so she was sure she could roll her hips.

"Raqs sharqui is not what you westerners see, it's more than that. Dancing is an art, you must entrance and arouse your audience, but still keep your secrets." Dania said as she began to dance slowly.

Ariana had to admit that her moves were captivating.

"People spend many years trying to master this craft. It will be difficult." Dania said.

"I'm eager to learn." Ariana said getting into position.

"Let's start the music." Dania said.


After another four hour practice with Dania, Ariana was worn out. She had been practicing daily with the woman.

She missed the days when belly dancing was cute and not a lot of hard work. Her hips were constantly sore. The only good thing about learning the dance was it kept her abs tight and was a great workout.

After taking a shower she decided to cook herself something to eat. She dressed in her hoodie and some short shorts.

As she stirred over the pot, she mulled over what she would do. The sultan was due to return in less than a week's time and she still had no clue of how to get him to dismiss her.

She chopped up some beef for the stew as she sang her favorite song, her mind was scattered.

Meanwhile outside of the palace...

A Black Mercedes pulled into the drive and a tall elegantly dressed man stepped out.

"Aaryan sir, we were not expecting you for a few days." A servant said as he rushed to greet his master.

"I missed my homeland, Bashir." Aaryan said with a tired smile. He noticed the startled look in Bashir's eyes and a few other servants as the hustled about at his impromptu arrival.

"Strange." Aaryan thought. They seemed unusually tense.

"Please send Rakshan to my office." Aaryan said as he went to get a bite to eat from the kitchen.

All of the servants that saw Aaryan on his walk to the kitchen quickly darted away from him.

He was beginning to suspect that maybe he smelled. Sniffing himself he realized that couldn't be and that something else was a foot.

Nearing the kitchen he saw Rafiq standing closely by the door.

"Rafiq old friend." Aaryan said with a genuine smile as he embraced Rafiq.

"Sir." Rafiq said as he went rigid.

"Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?" Aaryan said as he stepped back and looked at his friend.

Rafiq appeared as if he wanted to be anywhere but where he was at the moment.

After staring at him in bewilderment, Aaryan decided to go into the kitchen.

A heavenly scent was drawing him in. He smelled that someone was cooking, but he also smelled a lighter scent.

Is there a woman here? Aaryan thought to himself.

He stepped into the kitchen and his breath caught. There is a woman! He thought.

Standing in front of the stove, unaware of his presence was a beautiful African American girl. She was singing as she slowly stirred the contents of a pot.

She was dressed like any college coed but on her the outfit was very provocative. Bare feet with her hair loose and flowing down her back, wearing what appeared to only be a hooded sweatshirt.

Now this is a welcome home I can get used to. Aaryan thought as he took off his jacket and looked the woman up and down.

Aaryan could have groaned. Her lightly tanned caramel skin was just his type.

He could already imagine her soft hands massaging every ache from his sore muscles.

But what was she doing here? Aaryan wondered. Was someone playing a trick on him?

"Hello." He said in a deep booming voice. The girl jumped and dropped the stirring spoon in the pot.

Darn it Ariana. Stop jumping every time a man talks to you. Ariana internally chastised herself as she tried to remove the spoon.

"Hi." Ariana said as she turned and then gaped. In front of her was the most handsome man she had ever seen. He looked like he had just stepped off the runway.

Dressed to the nines in an impeccably tailored black suit, the handsome adonis stood before her. He had warm brown eyes like Ghita's, and long black hair that peaked out from under a shora. He was tall, at least 6' 2" and when he smiled as he was doing now you could see pearly white even teeth.

He looked like Omar Borkan Al Gala but better.

This man was sex, Ariana could bet he had women fawning over him everywhere he went.

He was an orgasm just waiting to happen. Ariana's nipples puckered as delicious thoughts ran through her mind.

Stop it she chastised herself as she blushed and looked away from the man.

"And you are?" Aaryan said.

"I'm Ariana." Ariana said, trying once again to fish the fallen spoon out of her stew.

"This smells heavenly, Ariana." Aaryan said stepping closer and taking a whiff of the stew and her scent.

Ariana could have groaned. He smells divine, she thought as he moved closer to her. His scent was so masculine and dominant, she had to force herself not to move closer.

"Here let me help you with that," he said reaching close to her bottom. Before she could get startled and move away he had opened the drawer and retrieved a longer spoon.

He then used the spoon to remove the one from her stew.

"See all better." Aaryan said still invading her personal space.

My brother must have brought her here as a present after my long trip. I will have to thank him when I am finished. Aaryan thought.

"Ariana, what are you doing here, if I may ask?" Aaryan said looking directly into her eyes.

Ariana thought she would melt, "Well I..."she stuttered.

"You..." Aaryan said putting two warm hands on her shoulders and beginning a light caress.

"I.." Ariana said, completely enraptured by his spell, biting her lip and staring into his eyes.

Before she could even blink she was fully encircled in Aaryan's arms and his lips were descending toward hers. The spoon was once again forgotten and had fallen back into the pot.

In the back of her mind she thought, I don't even know who he is? Do I even care?

Somehow his touch just felt so right. Instead of scaring her like a man's touch usually did, it felt dominant but protective. She felt safe.

The first touch of their lips sent a line of fire coursing through them both.

Ariana moaned and moved closer, as Aaryan gripped her sweatshirt tighter.

Feeling bold, she pushed her tongue in between his lips and dueled with his tongue.

I just have to have a taste of him, she thought as she gripped his shirt.

Ariana could feel Aaryan's arousal pressing into her strong and hard, the feeling thrilled and terrified her at the same time.

She did not want to stop kissing him, but she refused to get carried away with this stranger.

She lightly pulled back from his embrace and he let her go.

Stupid, stupid girl. What are you doing? Focus! How is this going to help you get out of here? She thought.

Outwardly she coughed and tucked a strand of hair nervously behind her ear as she bit her reddened lips.

"I seem to have lost the spoon once again." She said with a chuckle.

Ugh, what is wrong with me! One kiss and I'm already giggling like a school girl.

Aaryan reached around and got the spoon once again. His thoughts were in turmoil. Although she responded to his passion it was clear that she was not some experienced courtesan.

"Ariana, why are you here?" Aaryan asked running a hand through his hair.

"Well I am..." Ariana began.

"She's a new maid." Ghani said entering the room.

"She's a harem girl." Haaziq said at the same time.

Gaining a quizzical look from Aaryan, Haaziq said with a smile, "She's a harem girl that doubles as a maid."

His words effectively doused the tension between Aaryan and Ariana and sparked a different flame.

"Now you listen here Mr. Haaziq," Ariana said angrily stepping around Aaryan. "I do not take kindly to being called a prostitute. It's bad enough you have me here to..."

"Ariana!" Ghani cut her off, "What are you wearing child?"

Ariana looked down at her state of dress and turned scarlet. Although she hated being chastised, she knew she was wrong for wearing something so revealing.

"I'm sorry Ms. Ghani, I thought there were not any men in the palace. I was only preparing myself dinner when Mr...?" Ariana stopped and looked at Aaryan questioningly.

"Razam." Aaryan supplied looking at his mother and brother directly in the eyes.

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