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Heaven in You



They both met in college and after a few dates everything seems to fall in place for they fell in love. They loved, they fought, they cried, they hugged, they kissed- everything they did together. They would wait for everyone to leave the class so they could be lost in each other and forget all about the world.

He would hold her tightly a mixture of love and lust showing through his grip around her waist indicating possession, telling her she was only his to touch, to lick, to excite, to rub- no one else's and she happily agreed by tightening her grip around him. The close proximity sending a jolt of excitement to her core making her nipples hard. Only he could elicit such a response from her, only him.

He opened his arms wide only for her to come into them. They hugged for a few minutes and then looked at each other, the raw animalistic lust coursing through both of them. There was no hesitation or wait for even a single second as both of them started kissing fiercely, their tongues mingling with each other fighting and tasting. His hands started from her waist and went up to her boobs- they were so fleshy and meaty, he liked that very much, so much that he could feel his dick getting up. He wanted to push her on the ground, rip out her clothes and have his way with her but he knew better.

He pressed her boobs hard enjoying the feeling of them being squeezed. Her heart rate palpitated and she started kissing him hard giving a signal to not stop. After a while they separated and he opened her shirt buttons and pulled her bra down. He wanted to taste her nipples so that's what he did putting his lips around them he started sucking while swiping his tongue on it and biting occasionally.

God knows how she wanted to moan but had to keep quiet for the fear of someone listening. His one hand was pressing her boobs and the other was on her pussy rubbing it vigorously. She held onto him tightly when he abruptly turned her around and started grinding his hard on onto her ass.

Their breathing was heavy and their heartbeat fast. Though they wanted to continue but they had to stop. Putting their clothes in order they walked out of the class thinking that soon their time will come when no one and nothing would interrupt them and they could have each other in every way possible.


The day came earlier than they anticipated. All of their friends have planned a trip and they were eager to go explore the place and each other. They packed everything necessary. She waxed and shaved all the hairs. She was excited yes but she was also nervous. Although they didn't wanted to have sex but being naked in front of a person of another gender was a big thing. He would be able to see all of her and she him. How would he look like? What will it feel like when he will touch her? How will she react when he will eat her pussy? Those were the thoughts running through her mind. She wanted to spend more and more time with him.

They left for their destination with all of their friends and chose the backseat of the 7 seater car for obvious reasons. They were holding each other's hand tightly waiting for everyone to sleep. Occasionally they would steal kisses here and there, caress each other. She slept for some time on his lap while he skimmed his fingers through her hairs. It was relaxing and sweet. She didn't expect such an act from him.

Nevertheless, she wanted a lot of romance in her life. She wanted him to be sweet and caring. He was but he had a problem in showing that. She wanted him to show her how much he cared and loved her. She wanted him to make her feel special, like she is the only one for him.

After a while when everyone slept they were left alone in darkness of the night with only the occasional glare from the passing vehicles. He pulled her towards him and started sucking her juicy lips with all his might. She responded the same way as him. He left her lips and started trailing kisses down her jaw till her neck. His hands were on her boobs pressing and playing with them.

He pushed her down on the seat and inserted his hand under her dress. He pulled aside the thin material of her panty and started rubbing with two fingers. She was getting more and more aroused with each passing second. He then inserted his one finger inside her virgin hole. Her fingers tightened on his shoulders. He started finger fucking her with an incredible speed making her let out a moan.

"Oh my god... mmmhhh..."

Encouraged by her response he increased his speed yet again. She started moaning louder while all the other slept completely oblivious to the happenings in the back seat.

He stopped afraid that their friends will wake up by the loud meowing of his wild cat.


They reached their destination early in the morning. Everyone was sleepy and not in the mood to get up. She loved her sleep very much so you can imagine the pain it took her to wake up that early and that too for a stroll in the park but nevertheless she had no choice. All the while he was enjoying her reactions. How she was scowling at everything!! How she scolded him when he asked her to walk!! That was just so amusing.

After enjoying in the park for some time they went to a waterfall where they brushed their teeth together all the while looking at each other lovingly. She wanted to pounce on him then and there, wanted to tear his clothes and dominate him. He was hers and she wanted him badly.

They explored the place some more seeing all the scenic beauty and then went to their hotel room to rest. All of them were dead tired and ready to hit the bed. Two of them were in the same room and rest 3 in one. He took a bath first and came out with just a towel around his waist. She could clearly see all the defined muscles and the water dripping down his chest sent fire to her entire being. He was teasing her even if he hadn't meant to but then it was her turn so she decided to take her revenge.

She went inside and removed her clothes. The water was not enough to extinguish the fire burning inside her because of him. She put on her bra and panty and wrapped a towel around her and came outside just like that wanting to see his reaction. He had his back turned to her and was taking something out of his bag but when he turned around and looked at her he froze genuinely shocked and aroused. Seeing her almost naked ignited a response from his penis and it hardened wanting to be released and fuck her brains out.

She smirked at his reaction while he continued looking with an open mouth.

"What... I wanted to see your reaction..." she shrugged feeling smug.

She was teasing a lion and she knew damn well what the consequences will be but that didn't stop her. When their friend went to take a shower he grabbed her and started kissing her hard while pushing her down on the bed. He trapped her with his body so she could feel all of him and his hard on. He kissed her until she was out of breath, his hands wondering to the hem of her t-shirt pulling it upward and throwing it somewhere. She reciprocated his actions and traced his muscles with her hands.

He pulled her bra off freeing her boobs and began squeezing them. He put his mouth on one nipple and sucked it hard while the other hand was giving full attention to her other boob and then the other one received the same treatment. Soon her lowers and panties were gone and so was his. They grinded on each other while kissing and squeezing but their moment was interrupted by the voice of their friend.

"Are you guys done...????"

They brusquely parted and started putting on their clothes.

"Just wait a minute..."

They hastily put on the clothes that were scattered everywhere and told their friend to come out. She came and looked at them with an I-KNOW-IT-ALL look which made them to blush and look away, embarrassed that they have been caught.


After the much awaited and relaxing shower they wanted to take rest so that's what they did or at least that's what their friend did. As soon as she was out, they were at it again like animals waiting to catch its prey, hiding in the shadows and pouncing at the right opportunity. In a second their clothes were gone and they were feeling each other.

He started playing with her boobs - his favourite, rubbing them, squeezing them, kissing them, sucking her nipples so hard like a damn vacuum cleaner. It pained but she liked it, she didn't want him to stop. Her breathing laboured, every touch of his was heavenly. They were so close that she could feel his breath on her cheeks but that wasn't what she wanted so she kissed him hard trying to savour the taste of his tongue. Her hands trailed down feeling his skin clench under her hand till they reached their destination - his hard and hot rode. He was big and she wondered what it will do to her once it was inside her. She started rubbing him up and down making the beast inside him awaken - her beast.

"Baby, I want your mouth around my dick and suck it." His words, his voice sent shivers down her spin.

She went down while holding onto his junior which was throbbing, begging for some kind of relief so she gave it to him by putting her mouth around him. As soon as she did that his hands went to her hair holding her in place wanting more. She started bobbing her head up and down while swirling her tongue on his tip. She took her time making him suffer with need but when he had enough of it he kept her head in place and started fucking her mouth going deeper with every thrust.

He loved seeing her choke and gag. She twisted his balls applying a bit of a pressure on them and he thrust even deeper telling her he absolutely loved it. She was an expert at this even when she was absolutely inexperienced. She was his little devil in the face of an innocent angel.

He released her when he was about to cum so that it didn't happen in her mouth. They were both panting- one from the need of much needed oxygen and another from the nearly orgasm.

She crawled back to her original position and started pumping him. He closed his eyes because the sensations in his body were too much at that moment, she wanted to see him cum- feel his hot seed on her hand, see how it leaks from his tip and after a while she got her wish- he erupted like a volcano his hot cum spilling out of his dick onto her hand. She looked on with wide eyes, this was the first time she has seen it in real but it was weirdly satisfying to make him cum for her.

His eyes were still closed and he was breathing deeply. She got sweet pleasure by seeing him at her mercy. He was hers and she couldn't be more sure about it then at this moment when he opened his eyes and looked at her with wild passion.

They laid facing each other deeply looking into the eyes of one another not saying a single word but looking with passion, care, love, lust and a want to be like this forever. She raised her hand to caress his face letting her fingers memorize each and every feature. His skin was like leather soft yet still strong. He leaned his face against her hand enjoying the feeling of her fingers exploring his face. She lovingly kissed his nose- a gesture saying 'I Love You'.

His heart was filled with joy- no matter how many times she tells him it feels like the first time. He loved her with all his heart, she was his heart and to express that he pulled her close against him letting her rest her head on his chest while kissing her head taking a deep breath. He loved her smell, it was seducing him to do nasty things with her, things that only he can do but he had to wait for some more; for now he will sleep with her in his arms.

Soon she drifted off to sleep with the sound of his heartbeat acting as a lullaby.


It was night time when finally everyone woke up from their slumber and man they were starved. Being undecided on what to eat they decided to explore the place and eat wherever they feel like it. When everyone went to get ready she went to where her lover was sleeping shaking him slowly in an attempt to wake him up but he was so out of it that he didn't even raise his finger. Worried about him not having his dinner she shook him some more "Baby, wake up, we are going for dinner."

"No... you guys go... I don't want to." He said groggily.

She tried waking him up some more; everyone did but he was out cold, sleeping like a baby. They all went and she looked back at his sleeping form sighing deeply wishing he was with her. She was already missing him even if he was a big idiot who loved his sleep more than anything.

All the while roaming outside she couldn't help but feel like missing a piece of her. She wanted him even when she was with her friends she wanted him here bad. I have gone totally mad. She thought amusingly.

After having dinner they went back to the hotel only to find him still asleep. Oh my god... How much is he going?? At this rate nothing will happen.

Seeing him sleeping she got more irritated by the second so she did what every sane person would do- she started hitting with a pillow.

"Wake up... You nincompoop... Wake up wake up wake up."

"Hey, why are you doing like this. I want to sleep." He told her angrily and went back to sleep to which she got angry and went outside the room while banging the door hard.

He got up abruptly on hearing the loud bang and upon not finding her in the room he knew he had messed up and had to go immediately to his princess. So that's what he did. He found her sitting in the dark on a couch in the corridor. He slowly went towards her afraid if she might lash out on him.

She knew he was there watching her but she didn't turn her head and look at him because she was waiting for him to say something.

"Hey baby... why are you sitting here alone. Let's go back to room and fuck."

"No no you go and sleep some more because that's what you have been doing."

"Aeee... come on..." He pulled her up and took her to the room.

After locking the door he turned around and eyed her like she was his dinner. She waited in anticipation of what was going to happen next.


He stalked towards her like a predator would towards his prey. She was his meal and he was going to enjoy eating her thoroughly. She took a step while looking into his eyes teasing him knowing full well how much he will enjoy chasing her and have his way with her. She wanted him to have his way with her in every position in every corner of this room.

He understood what she wanted by looking into her lust filled eyes. His eyes and actions mirrored hers as he took more steps towards her. She wanted him to consume her entire being, eat her up till every vein in her body was alight with the fire of their passion.

The back of her knees hit the edge of the bed and she fell on it. He was upon her within a second not touching her but teasing her, making her anticipation grow.

He leant down bringing his lips close to her and when she closed her eyes thinking that he will kiss her lips he just kissed her on cheeks. She was frustrated because she was not getting what she wanted and seeing the smug look on his face confirmed that he was just playing with her, so she got up and pushed him on the bed and straddled him. She sat on his penis and started grinding back and forth fuelling his arousal. She could feel his dick getting hard from under the pants.

An animalistic sound came from his throat when he grabbed her and quickly turned them so now she was under him. He quickly removed all of their clothes and started squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was hissing in sweet pain from the abuse her boobs were going through but she knew this was just the beginning as her beast has woken up.

He thought of giving her some relief and so his mouth descended on her nipple sending her into a lust frenzy. He sucked them so hard that she was sure there were a lot of red marks all over her boobs.

He kissed the underside of her breast biting there and continued moving downwards- kissing and biting. Her heart rate increased knowing full well where he is headed. When he reached her pussy he buried his nose and took a deep breath, the scent of her damp womanhood sent a fire to his loins and then he gave her a long slick lick which made her arc a little. He continued licking her folds while holding her legs in place with his strong hands to keep her from moving. His tongue felt amazing, addicting. He was like a drugs and she was addicted.

He licked her pussy lips and then attacked her clitoris - sucking it like a candy.

"Oh my god... baby...oh god...mmmmm..."

When she was on the verge of cuming he stopped much to her dismay which made a sound of protest come from her mouth. He just chuckled "Patience baby... there is more to come... you will be screaming my name..."

She blushed at his words and at the shameless sounds coming from her. He smirked at her and started grinding their privates together. She got scared that his pre cum will leak and get inside.

"Baby please wear a condom." Hearing the fear in her voice he complied and came back to bed. He took hold of his dick and started rubbing on her pussy. It was hard and hot. He told her to lie down so that her head was hanging from the bed and then he put his dick in her mouth while he bent to lick her pussy. They both caressed and eat up each other.

He turned her and now her pussy was in the place where her head was. Then he tried to insert his cock inside but she got up and told him not to do it as they have decided no sex but he wanted to feel her insides so he convinced her about it.

When he again tried to insert she cried out in pain scooting away from him. It was her first time and she was very tight. He tried again but the result was same, the pain was too much that it brought tears to her eyes. She immediately refused to have sex, seeing his baby cry he hugged her and kissed her forehead assuring that everything will be ok. He then changed his approach and after pushing her back on the bed he stood at the edge of the bed and pulled her to the edge where he started fingering her. Then he inserted two fingers slowing widening her hole; she was in a bliss and didn't even realise when his fingers were replaced by the head of his dick. He quickly pushed half of his dick inside and when she tried to scoot away he held her there and went all the way in.

It did not pain as much as before but still it pained. Loosing virginity always pained and he was filling her so much. She could feel him inside. It was an uncomfortable feeling and when he started moving she felt like her insides were being moved here and there. She didn't feel any pleasure first because it was an odd feeling so odd that she even said to him that it was boring; she didn't know to express her feelings.

Nonetheless, this comment made him feel a little mad and he increased his speed.

"What did you say...huh... boring!! I will show you what's boring now!!"

He began pounding into her hard, his balls hitting her pussy making slapping noises. He took hold of her legs and bent them upwards holding them there and increased his speed yet again. Her boobs were bouncing matching his speed; a treat for his eyes. She could only let out moans of pleasure and pain. He tried another position with her on top but due to her inexperience she couldn't do it properly, so he shifted to the previous position.

He fucked her for half an hour when she finally felt it, her walls clenching against him. She held onto him tightly her nails digging in his back and started letting out loud moans screaming his name. He kept his hand on her mouth to silence her as she cummed and squirted but regardless he didn't stop because he wanted his own orgasm. After a few minutes he too released with a grunt.

He rolled off of her with a satisfied smile and pulled her into him. She laid her head on his chest feeling content and complete. It was amazing, she had never experienced an orgasm before not even when she used to masturbate.

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