tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven or Hell?

Heaven or Hell?


The first sensation David became aware of was smell. The air was different, fresher somehow. Was that the ocean? It certainly smelled like the salty air he had experienced each summer vacationing with the family in Hawaii, but how...?

Wait a minute, he thought. How do I smell the ocean air during rush hour in Los Angeles? He tried to open his eyes, but nothing happened. He could feel his pulse start to race at the thought that he was falling asleep while driving down the interstate, but then he remembered.

He was flying down the expressway, locked into the mad race with the rest of the evening commuters, when he heard the squeal of brakes and stopping tires and saw the cars in front of him swerving to avoid...what? His last memory was looking into his rearview mirror and seeing the oncoming tractor trailer filling the reflection, its trailer skittering sideways as he locked his brakes to stop, the driver's panic stricken face getting closer and closer...and now blackness.

David was a middle-aged, middle manager for a distribution company in the LA area. Everything about his life could be defined as middle. He had the modest home in the suburbs, modest wife and two normal, semi well adjusted children. Even his dog was unremarkable. Everything about his life was middle of the road and had been for as long as he could remember. He put in his time each day, came home, had a few drinks, went to bed and woke up each morning to repeat the process. He played golf on the weekends, fucked his wife once a week, twice if she let him, and went to church only as often as his conscience let him get away with. His taxes were paid, his housekeeper was legal, even though the landscaper wasn't and his friends were all like him: half prisoners of a life they couldn't or wouldn't break out of.

His only outlet, the one thing he hid from everyone around him, was his online life. While a lot of men were like him, seeking pleasure from the reassuring screen of their computer, David knew that his fantasies were outside the norm, not quite mainstream. Nothing outright perverse mind you, no bondage, scat or anything of the like. It was just that, somehow over the years, the same mindless images and videos no longer did much for him. He still thrilled over the big busted vixens and their feigned pleasure in the huge cocks that serviced them. He felt empty somehow, didn't get the same rush he used to and late at night, as he released himself into yet another wad of tissues, he wondered if there was something else out there. Something that would give him that same thrill again, something that could pump some life back into his nonexistent one again.

His self examination of his life was cut short when his eyes flew open. Was he dead? He was staring at a ceiling fan, slowly turning above him. Sunlight bathed the ceiling and he started to rise, but was unable. Well, if he was dead, it might take a while for everything to start working again.

He laid there the smell of the ocean still filling his nose, when he became aware that he could now hear the ocean! The faint crash of surf could be heard and he strained his senses for more input.

He next became aware of the feel of the soft mattress and cool sheets he was laying on. From the feel of the fabric on his skin, he must be naked. Well, we all come into the world naked, may as well depart it the same way, he thought.

David still wasn't sure if he was dreaming or not, but his mind turned to the ones he may or may not have left behind. While not loveless, the marriage he had was definitely in a rut, but his life insurance was paid up, the bills current and his wife would not be left in the lurch. His kids' futures were set, the college funds faithfully fed each month, and he took reassurance in this.

Something loomed at the bottom of his vision and David strained his eyes to tell what it was. As quickly as it was there, it was gone. His first thought was that he was seeing his penis rise up before him, but that hadn't happened in the morning in years and even if it had, his middle-aged gut would have hid it. In his attempt to get a look, he found his head slowly rising and he looked down his body.

First of all, his gut was gone, replaced by a lean build he hadn't had in thirty years and apparently, that had been his penis. It was now bobbing over his flat stomach, hard as a spike and eyeing him like a one eyed snake. He found that his arms worked and he reached down to grasp it and hefted it for examination.

This was definitely not his penis, he thought. His penis was just south of average, unremarkable in every feature. This penis, no, this was a cock. This cock was much bigger, not a monstrosity, but thicker and longer and more, more....beautifully shaped than his.

Well, he thought, it was attached to his body and was definitely working, so it must now be his. David raised his body off the big white bed and swung his legs over the side.

Where the wall should be was open to the outside, filmy curtains fluttering in the breeze. He could see a large lawn off the covered patio just outside, leading down to what was definitely a beach, the large waves splashing against the shore. David looked about the room. It was large and sumptuous, well appointed with expensive looking furnishings, thick, white carpet and two doors on opposing walls. Hoping that one of these led to a bathroom, he rose and walked over.

He entered a spacious, marble outfitted bath, with a large open shower and sunken tub. As he was walking past the vanity, he caught sight of himself out of the corner of his eye and pulled up in amazement. Gone were the lines and folds of extra flesh from his older face, replaced by the smooth, unwrinkled skin of a much younger David. Pressing his face close to the glass, he surmised that he now was only twenty or so. He spied a full length mirror on a door in the bath and stood before it. Definitely not 45, he thought. His body was tight and lean, no spare fat anywhere. It was his younger self, but in much better shape. Even at that age, he hadn't been this fit, he thought. What was going on here? Finding the toilet, he took care of business, and then reentered the bedroom.

That hadn't been there before, he thought. A thick, white bathrobe lay on the bed. He looked around urgently for any sign of where it might have come from, but saw nothing or no one. He shrugged into the robe and exited through the other door.

The side of the house facing the lawn was open to the outside the length of the house, allowing the fresh air of the sea to permeate the living area. He found himself in what must be the living room, similarly expensive looking furnishings filling it and the dining room adjacent. Looking past, he could see a door leading off the dining area and walked towards it. Coming close he could hear sounds from within: a cabinet shutting, a cup being placed on a counter and then the tinkle of a spoon stirring something. He took a deep breath and entered.

A black haired woman stood with her back to him in front of a coffee maker, stirring a cup of steaming coffee. She placed the spoon on the counter and lifting the cup, turned towards him.

"I remember that you took yours with two sugars and cream, right?"

That voice, that black hair...it was his mother!

As she turned to face him, David was taken back in time to his childhood. The woman before him was, like him, a much younger version of the person who had died of cancer not three years ago. Her blue eyes had a sparkle he hadn't seen in ages, her face smooth and unwrinkled from the strains of being a single mother. She wore a robe much like his, belted at the waist, but much more fitted. David found his eyes drawn down his mother's neck to where her robe opened slightly, allowing him to glimpse his mother's apparently unencumbered breasts, the large globes shifting as she walked forwards and extended the cup of coffee to him, a smile on her face.

"Same old David. Even in death trying to snatch a look at your Mom's tits."

Chastened, David jerked his attention back to her face.

"So, I am dead?"

His mother nodded, "As a doornail. It will definitely be a closed casket. Tractor-trailers are very unforgiving."

"What about my..."

"Family? They'll be fine. You provided well for them and in time, they will all move on with their lives."

David nodded and paused to take a sip of his coffee. It was perfect. In fact, it was the blend that he had first discovered on a vacation in Costa Rica. He hadn't had it in years!

"So, what is this place? Is it heaven?" He gazed around at the expensive appliances and fixtures. "It can't be hell. They don't have Viking stoves in hell, do they?"

His mother laughed. Unlike the world weary hack she had at the end, this one was full of life and care free.

"No, it's not heaven and definitely not hell, but we have time to discuss all that. How's the coffee?"

"Perfect! So, if I'm dead and you're dead, is this what happens after? We revert back to our younger selves?"

His mother paused before speaking.

"After a fashion, I guess that's true. I take it you have noticed that all is not what it was or even the same as when you were younger?"

David thought about his pe...cock and how it was the one he'd wished he had all these years. He noticed his mother looking at him knowingly, a smirk on her face.

"Wait a minute, you're not my mother are you?" he asked.

She shook her head.

"No, no I'm not David. It was felt that my presence would reassure you in this time of change. Have a seat."

David took a seat on the indicated bar stool before his "mother" continued.

"In truth, I can take any form you want me to. That's why I asked you to sit down. Go ahead. Try me."

He looked at her skeptically.

"What do you mean? Say the magic word, imagine you're..."

In an instant, his mother was gone replaced by David's wife or rather his wife as she was when they had married thirty or so years before. He almost fell off the stool in shock and gripped the marble countertop for support.

"My God! Oh, my god..." he stammered.

His wife smiled.

"God? Yes and no. You'll see as time goes on."

David noticed that like his mother, this version of his wife was different. Improved if you will. Her hair was more lustrous, her mouth fuller and her breasts and hips under the robe more shapely and full.

"But...but you're different."

His wife looked down at her chest.

"You noticed? Let's just say that I'm more in keeping with what you wanted me to be. A more improved version."

"Can you read my mind?" David gasped, her statement echoing his thought.

She laid a reassuring hand on his.

"Not per se. I know your wants and desires. That's my role here. To cater to you."

David definitely liked the sound of this and reflected on...

Instantly standing before him was Natasha Nice, a busty, brunette stroke vision of his dreams. She was rapidly replaced by Abby, then Sara, Tracy, Tamara, Velicity, all busty goddesses of porn he had obsessed and jerked off to over the years. How about...

"Enough David," his mother said, replacing Velicity. "It definitely works and is only limited by your imagination, up to a certain point."

He gleefully clapped his hands together.

"What point? Do they have to do what ever I tell them? Can I..."

"They will serve you, but you have obligations as well."

"What obligations? What do you mean?" He thought specifically of his high school health teacher, a young woman whom he had fawned over. His mother shook her head.

"No more. Not now. We will do what is best for you at all times." She paused and continued, "This afterlife is here to repay you but also to teach you. You led a good, solid life. You provided for your family, worked hard and were a good member of the community. But you also took from people over the years, without giving anything back."

David was confused.

"What do you mean? I never stole from anyone that I can remember."

She shook her head.

"No, not stealing. You took without giving back. As far fetched as it may sound, the women you obsessed over on the computer all those years, had their dignity and spirit stolen from them a little bit at a time, every time you cued them up and pleasured yourself at their expense."

David threw his head back and laughed.

"At their expense? They were actors. They were getting paid to do that. How is that taking anything from them? Surely they knew what men like me were using them for."

She nodded.

"They did. But that still doesn't make it right." She smiled and patted his arm. "Enough for now. Why don't you take a look around and enjoy that coffee. I'll make breakfast."

David looked at her suspiciously and tried once more. Laura Lion...

She sighed.

"Out!" she said, but not unkindly.

David spent the next half hour walking through the home, his home. He found a multi-media room with an enormous screen. Powering up the system with the slim remote, he noticed buttons labeled, "Sports, Movies, TV, Porn" and pushed them separately. At each command, the screen would fill with the requested genre. He looked for a channel button, but there was none. He wondered if...

Simply by thinking about a particular sporting event, movie, TV show, brought it to instant life on the screen. He pressed the "Porn" button. Vivid, high definition fucking and sucking filled the screen and changed as rapidly as he thought of seeing something else. He felt his "improved" cock swell at the sights of his obsessions performing every act he'd seen or wished he'd seen them do. He sat mesmerized in a big viewing lounger and unconsciously reached down and gripped himself through his robe.

It surprised him how big and different this new cock felt. He cast an anxious look at the door, then settled back, opened his robe and allowed his dick to spring free. He grinned at it like he was a kid with a new toy, which he was. He gripped the wide shaft and experimentally pumped it a few times. So hot, so hard and so unlike what he was used to. A big glob of precum oozed from the tip and he gathered it up and used it to lubricate his stroking. David began to stroke himself urgently, his gaze centered on the myriad of sex acts flashing on the screen. He felt an almost overwhelming desire to jack off, to find release and pleasure. Reaching down with his other hand, he cradled his big sack and lightly tugged on the cum laden balls sloshing inside. They felt enormous and he was sure would put out significantly more than he had in the past.

Suddenly on the screen was one of his all-time favorite scenes: Samantha was flat on her back, Peter's cock slotted between her big tits and he was pumping himself towards what David knew would be an enormous facial all over the blonde slut's face. David could feel his balls rising up as the actor withdrew his cock from the woman's tits and stroked himself in front of her face. In time with the actor, David fervently pumped himself and steeled himself for the orgasm upon him.

Then...nothing. He stroked faster and faster, but the fall off the edge never came and he watched disappointed as Peter painted Samantha's face. David's cock was as hard as a rock, but no matter what he did, he could not make himself cum. He was startled when his mother's face filled the screen.

"That's enough for now David. Breakfast is ready on the patio."

Horrified that he had been discovered jacking off by his own mother, he rapidly stood and cinched the robe shut, willing his cock to deflate. Wait a minute, he suddenly thought. I'm dead. What do I have to be ashamed of? And didn't she say that she was here to cater to his every desire? Emboldened, he strode towards the patio.

His mother turned towards him from the table set for two.

"I thought that we might..."

"Don't ever do that to me again," David barked his face red from anger and embarrassment.

His mother simply nodded.

"As you wish. I was simply trying to keep you from..."

David cut her off, brushing past her to sit.

"And what's with this 'improved' body you've given me? My equipment worked better on the 45 year old version."

His mother sat across from him before commenting.

"As I said before, you have obligations that must be fulfilled before you can receive and enjoy all the pleasures that this place holds for you."

"What a crock of shit," David muttered, digging into his omelet. He abruptly dropped his fork to the china plate with a clatter, his mother's head jerking up, and her big blue eyes regarding him. "So far this place is just a high end resort with free porn. What if I don't fulfill these 'obligations'? What happens then?"

"Then the pleasure and release that you seek will continue to be denied you. And it will only grow more and more difficult to resist your carnal desires. You will be compelled to act on your urges. It will grow irresistible."

"And what if I don't? Can I leave? Because so far, I haven't seen a whole lot that makes me want to stay and put up with this bullshit," he said, hoping that she wouldn't see through his bluff.

His mother merely smiled at him.

"David, my dear, we both know you're bluffing, but for the sake of argument I'll answer. See that gate over there," she said, indicating a here to fore unseen gate set into the ivy covered brick wall. "If you decide that you no longer want to be here, simply walk through that door."

He looked at the gate.

"What's through there?"

"Another place like this, but different. You see, this afterlife is made up of places full of the things we want, but each desire has a price. If you reject one and move on to the next, the sacrifice grows progressively steeper and the rewards decrease as well"

He crossed his arms across his chest. "Again, how do I know if..."

"If it's all worth it?" she finished for him. She pushed herself away from the table and stood. "Tell you what David; I'll give you a freebie. You can decide for yourself. Stand up."

He stood as his mother walked towards him.

"But what's the price? How am I supposed to know if this will be worth it?"

"You won't. You can't until then, but this should give you an idea of what awaits you." With that she dropped to her knees before him and began to loosen her robe. David's mouth dropped open and he shut his eyes, shaking his head.

"No?" she said. "Then how about this..."

When he opened his eyes, standing before him was Veronica Zemanova, David's web obsession since he had discovered the internet. Her hair was long, extending to the middle of her back, and jet black. Her eyes were as dark as her hair and shone with mirth as she smiled at him. She pursed her full red lips and blew him a kiss.

"Better?" she asked in her thick Czech accent.


Veronica reached down and undid her robe, shrugging out of it. As it slid off her shoulders, David held his breath in expectation of what he would see. The top slopes of her breasts slid into view. The valley between the firm tits was deep, dark and inviting. Her nipples came into view, hard points of passion jutting out. Her tits hung natural and full, sloping slightly upon her chest. The robe hit the floor and she looked up at him, batting the impossibly long eyelashes. She winked sexily and then cupped her tits offering them to him. He bent forward until his mouth was mere inches from hers. Her breath smelled of cinnamon as she opened her mouth invitingly. David kissed her passionately, their tongues entwining. Her mouth tasted like honey as she sucked hungrily on his tongue. He reached out and tentatively touched the firm sides of her breasts. When she moaned deeply in her throat, he palmed the large globes, the soft flesh spilling over his hands.

Encouraged by her reaction, David slipped his hands down her flat, firm stomach, but she stopped him.

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