Heavenly Bodies in the Hot Springs


"Kyle here takes photos of the stars," Sisi boasted. "Isn't that cool?"

"Really?" asked Ayaka, her dark brown, crescent eyes wide with interest. "How did you get into that? It sounds like a very specific line of work. Or is it just for pleasure?"

"It's for pleasure, but I get paid, too. I've always been fascinated by the stars."

"Oh, me too," gushed Sisi. "I begged my parents for a telescope when I was a kid, and when they finally got me one, I dragged them outside late at night so I could watch the planets and the stars and comets whenever one came by." She giggled and sighed. "They must have regretted buying me that telescope, but I ended up going for a degree in astrophysics, so they probably got over it. Now they brag about their almost-a-doctor daughter to all their friends."

Irene's eyes caught Kyle's arm. "Oh hey, awesome tattoo," she gushed, taking his arm in her hand to get a better look, almost knocking him off balance and sending him careening into Sisi's lap. He jerked himself back upright, panicked, but she was too focused on the pattern. "What is it?"

"The solar system," he explained. "That's the sun, in the center, and then around it you have the orbits in dotted lines and the planets. That's Jupiter, and Saturn, and Mars..."

"Venus has always been my favorite: the goddess of love," Irene commented. She looked into his eyes, still holding onto him. "Do you have a favorite?" she asked.

His eyes glanced down to her full, pendulous breasts, barely concealed by her wet towel, almost ready to fall off of her chest altogether. Her hard nipples poked through the white fabric. "Well, it's really hard to pick one when they're all beautiful in their own way, but I guess Jupiter's my favorite."

"Mine, too!" exclaimed Sisi. "It's so beautiful! I always wonder what it would be like to be able to experience those storms. I bet it would just be amazing to feel the wind and see these thick, colorful winds and clouds rushing around. Plus it has the most interesting moons. You could visit Io and see all those volcanoes, or swim under the ice on Europa..."

"And it has the best piece by Holst," Kyle added.

"Better than Uranus? I don't believe that for a second." Sisi stated.

"As...fascinating as this conversation is, do you mind if we bring things back down below the stratosphere?" asked Ayaka.

Sisi flushed. "Sorry, I just don't get a lot of chances to gush about planets like this."

"Yeah, real shocker..." Ayaka leaned back and sighed deeply. Aquamarine streaks ran through her shoulder-length hair. She gently pushed her bangs out of her eyes, and tucked her hair behind her ear. "You're just lucky that your parents are so supportive, Sisi. Mine are still disappointed I'm not a brain surgeon engineer. I get that they want me to try my hardest, but sometimes it's just time to lean back, relax, and say, 'I did a good job.' Ah well, at least now that I've got my degree they can push me to get a husband and start makin' grandkids. That won't get old fast..."

"Yours, too?" asked Desiree. "Mine want me to settle down with a nice man, too. I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet, though," she confessed, staring down into the water. Her tips of her long, chestnut hair dipped into the water. Her pink lips frowned. "It's just such a change. They spent so long trying to keep me away from anyone with a di—" she glanced at Kyle, and crimson began to flood across her cheeks. "A Y-chromosome," she finished, turning her hazel eyes away. "And now they want me to find the perfect one right away. How do you know who's right for you?"

"Don't worry about it too much," counseled Irene, clapping her hand onto Desiree's shoulder and giving her a shake of encouragement. "You'll find the right guy. You just need to sift through all the bad ones first."

"But I haven't even sifted before..." she groaned. "I miss match-makers. Computers can beat grandmasters. Why can't they be matchmakers, too?"

"Everyone lies," suggested Ayaka. "People would just get the perfect match for the person they want to be, not who they are. You could have it be like Pandora, where you break people down into traits, and it picks the best for you based on what similar people have chosen and on your past choices... The biggest problem is correct data, but I think you could make it work."

"Or we could use ask our resident guy expert what he thinks," offered Irene. All eyes turned to Kyle.

"I'm not an expert," he protested.

"Oh nonsense," Irene countered, batting her sky blue eyes at him. "You've been one for, what, twenty-five years? You must have picked up a thing or two. Tell us, what's the best path to a man's heart?" she asked, placing her hand onto his knee, dangerously close to his bare crotch. He pulled away slightly, and she briefly frowned, but quickly resumed her anticipatory grin.

"Well, to me, the most important thing is having that connection with someone. If you're going to marry someone, they should be your best friend. You're going to be spending day after day with them, after all. You need to be able to talk to them, play with them, have fun with them. Passionate, burning, fiery romantic love is good, but fires don't burn forever, and you're going to want something to keep you around even when things are just warm."

"Well said," judged Sisi. "Do you...have anyone like that in your life right now?"

He shook his head. "No, not yet anyway. I just can't seem to find the right woman."

"Well, maybe you should spend a little less time looking at the stars, and more time looking at the beauty all around you here on Earth," Sisi opined. She rested her hand on Kyle's hip to lean in closer to him, and froze.

Kyle's chest began to burn. His heart pounded. The entire world froze and was reduced to just him and Sisi. His eyes went wide and met Sisi's. Her brow furrowed as she rubbed his thigh back and forth, checking for fabric, but finding none. She stared at him as realization slowly dawned. "Kyle... Are you...are you not wearing anything?"

"Uh, well, I mean..." he began.

"What?!" shrieked Desiree, her eyes dancing back and forth between Sisi and Kyle. "You're naked?!"

"No way! ...really?" asked Ayaka. She craned her head, trying to get a clear view through the bubbling water to confirm for herself.

"What's the big deal, Desiree? It is a bath, after all," Irene stated. "You go naked in your bath at home, don't you?"

"But there's no one else in it! This guy is a-a-a deviant! A pervert! We've been talking to him and the whole time he's been naked. Isn't that sketchy?"

"Wait, let me explain!' Kyle interrupted. "I was out here alone earlier, and I wanted to try it nude. I didn't think anyone else was going to be around. It was just so peaceful and calm out here that I couldn't resist, and once I had tried it, it felt so freeing, so relaxing, so natural that I didn't want to stop." He looked to Sisi for support, knowing that she, at least, shared his feelings on the subject. "I took off my towel, and when I heard you coming, I tried to get it back, but I didn't have the time, and once you were here, it was too awkward to ask about it, and I didn't want to expose myself in front of all of you, so I was just trying to wait you out. I promise I'm not getting any sort of sick thrill out of this."

"I think we can trust him," said Sisi. "I understand where he's coming from. Besides, he was alone until we showed up. You can't really blame someone for giving skinny dipping a try when there's no one else around. It's not like he waited for us to show up and then he stripped."

Desiree crossed her arms in front of her chest, just in case this exhibitionist intruder had X-ray vision, too. "I still don't like it. Can't we report him to the manager? What if he's dangerous? It's not natural for people to just be starkers outside..."

"Well, then, you'll have to report both of us, because I'm joining him," said Irene as she stood up and undid her towel while four pairs of eyes watched in silence. The wet towel dove into the water, almost capsizing a nearby floating candle. Her wet, large breasts shone golden in the light of the flames. Her nipples were pierced, the small, silver barbells visible on either side of them. Kyle's eyes caressed her full curves, her plump hips and thighs, watching the water drip down her shapely form. A small tuft of dirty blonde hair lay between her thighs, catching his eye, before, guiltily, he returned his gaze to her face. She tossed her long, tawny hair from side to side briefly and smiled. "Besides, it doesn't feel right to wear something in a bath. It's like wearing a swimsuit in a hot tub or pajamas to bed: it feels so much better au naturel. Why wear special clothes for something that's meant to be done naked?"

Kyle stared at his angelic savior as she sat back down into the water, her full breasts splashing into the water. He felt his cock stiffening, and prayed that no one else bumped into him. The water reached just to her nipples, affording him the slightest glimpse of her pink tips every time she moved around, a torturous tease. "Thanks, Irene. I really appreciate you putting yourself out there for me."

"Well, I've never been one to shy away from putting myself out there, as you can tell," she giggled with a glance towards her bosom. "Besides, I've been wanting to do the same thing all night. You just gave me an excuse. Anyone else want to try it out?"

"No!" cried Desiree, tightening her towel around her torso.

"Suit yourself," said Irene. She tilted her body back and released a long, deep sight of contentment, as snowflakes gently tumbled onto her steaming hot body, melting as soon as they reached her, their brief existences ending in an even briefer moment of heavenly ecstasy. "It really does feel amazing, doesn't it, Kyle? I don't blame you for giving it a try. It feels so right; it's so warm and natural and...and Zen. It's like meditation. It's so relaxing. It's like being in that warm little spot of contentment right after you have an orgasm..."

"It definitely feels good," Kyle agreed, scarcely able to take his eyes off of her body. Her large breasts bobbed like buoys in the water as she moved, sending out small ripples towards him. Her wet blonde hair clung to her chest. Her total lack of shame, her candid nudity, her confidence and comfort in her own body weren't only inspirational, and he could feel his cock responding to her.

He wondered what she would think if she could read his thoughts. Would she be flattered to know the effect that was having on him? What if he stood up right now, as she had done, and showed off his own body, baring his manhood to this audience of pulchritudinous maidens? Would they be impressed? Delighted? Disgusting? Aroused? His teeth tingled as he contemplated the possibilities.

"You've only known him for, like, half an hour, Irene. Aren't you embarrassed to be naked in front of him?" Desiree asked.

"He's only known us for half an hour, and look at him," she countered, letting her eyes lazily caress Kyle's muscled arms and chest. "Besides, what's embarrassing about being naked? I'm not ashamed of having tits, and mine look amazing. I bet if you tried it, you'd love it."

"I bet you're wrong," Desiree grumbled.

"I'll give it a try. I mean, actually, I tried it earlier, when I was out here alone," Sisi confessed in a low whisper. Aiming her eyes down at her work, she kept her body below the water, but her deft hands worked quickly, and soon she gracefully slid the towel out from underneath herself, setting it onto the snow before sitting upright, exposing her breasts above the water. Small freckles dotted her proud breasts. Her peach nipples stiffened in the cold air. Her arms trembled, as though she had to force herself not to cover her body, and she averted her eyes from Kyle's gaze, but she had done it; she had shed her clothes, and now sat in the hot springs a child of nature. A broad grin spread across her face.

"So that's what you were doing... No wonder you were gone so long..." Ayaka mused. "We were starting to wonder if you had gotten lost." She turned to Kyle and grinned. Her hand slowly crept across his thigh under the water as she spoke. "You must just be loving this, huh? Alone in the hot spring with beautiful, naked women? Are you sure you're not dreaming? I can pinch you, if you want to be sure." Her fingernails stopped just inches from his shaft, twirling small circles against his flesh. Goosebumps spread along Kyle's arms as he pulled back from her slightly. Through black and teal bangs, she stared into his eyes as she whispered, batting her eyelashes: "Do you want me to get naked, too? I will if you ask me to. Just say the word and this towel will come right off..."

A choked gasp was all that escaped Kyle's throat. Ayaka pulled back and laughed. "Men: they're so much fun to play with... Still, I think that counted as a yes," she teased, grasping his hard cock beneath the water, unseen. He sharply inhaled in shock, trapped in her grip. Her hands softly stroked his hard shaft as she looked at him through heavily-lidded eyes, her fingertips grazing along his thick, solid manhood.

Her hand pulled back, and she brought them both to her chest. "Just be gentle with me, Kyle..." She reached her fingertips beneath the towel's fabric and pulled out, loosening it from her chest. She let go. The towel fell from her hands, but she continued to cover her chest with her palms. She bit her lip and peeked at Kyle through her bangs. Slowly, she pulled her hands away, revealing her pert, petite breasts, just barely swelling away from her body. "Do you mind small breasts like this, Kyle?"

"No, I think they look incredible. There's something beautifully elegant about a petite chest."

She guffawed. "Such a ladies' man... You always know what to say, don't you? Well, one gifted tongue deserves another, don't you think so?" Her eyes focused on his lap. "Now that you've seen all of us, don't you think it's your turn to show off?"

"My turn?"

"Yes, yours. You've been naked this whole time: you can't get modest now," Ayaka retorted. "You wouldn't disappoint four lovely ladies, would you?"

"I'm not sure anyone wants to see m—"

"I do," Ayaka stated plainly.

"Me too," Sisi and Irene added.

Desiree remained silent, but her flushing cheeks gave all the answer he needed. She was far too pink to simply be over-cooked by the waters of the onsen.

He sighed. Eight eyes looked at him in eager anticipation. There was no way out. He couldn't help but feel a twinge of excitement, though, despite his embarrassment. He'd be bare before these women, but they were asking him to display his body. Did they really want to see him nude? What if it were just a cruel trick? What if it weren't, and they simply wanted to see his body, stare at him, carefully observe his body's details and examine his manhood? Would he really be fool enough to run away from such a possibility?

"Fine. I'll do it..." he said, trying to keep the rising excitement out of his voice. He hoped that his blush would be mistaken for a result of the heat of the water, rather than of his desire. He took a deep breath and braced his arms against the stones. He closed his eyes, and stood up.


The girls gasped. "Wow," said Desiree softly. He opened his eyes. They weren't running, or hiding, or taking out their cell phones to call the police and report a dangerous exhibitionist. They were looking upon his cock in ecstasy, as though beholding a sacred object, their eyes locked onto it in abject worship.

He had never had such an audience before. He was used to being naked in front of one person, alone, in a private room. He had never been naked outdoors, in public, in front of so many before. His cock twinged at the thought, lightly bobbing in the cold air. Steam rose off of it, as the last few drops of hot water dripped off of its swollen tip. It took all of his self-control not to cover himself up, not to sit back down, but to continue to stand and display himself to them. He wished he could read their minds and pick at their thoughts.

"What are you thinking about, Desiree?" asked Ayaka.


"Oh, please. You look like Wile E. Coyote eyeing the Roadrunner. You're either planning to eat the thing," she said, glancing down at his crotch, "not a terrible option, or you're having some interesting thoughts about it. So spill."

She lowered her eyes and blushed crimson. "Well...can...can I touch it, Kyle? J-just once... I've never felt one before..."

Kyle's eyebrows shot up at her request. "Look at you, sifting after all," praised Irene. "You know, Desiree," she whispered, raising her hand to the side of her mouth, "that's where babies come from."

"I know where babies come from! Mostly... N-nevermind," she relented, fiddling with her towel.

"No, it's okay," Kyle encouraged. "I really don't mind."


"Go ahead. Just don't be too rough or anything," he instructed.

Desiree approached closer, her face as red as a boiled lobster. Her hand reached out, trembling. Her fingertip brushed gently against his rigid shaft. She pulled back as though it were white hot, but she slowly brought her hand back. Her eyes were locked onto his cock as she pressed her palm against him, sliding her hand along his shaft. She closed her hand around his shaft, giving it a gentle squeeze. His hot cock throbbed inside her hand, pulsating strongly. Her lips parted slightly as various fantasies ran through her mind. What would it feel like inside of her, between her lips, between her thighs? Could she really fit something so large inside of her, where she could barely fit a finger? Her breaths came slowly and deep. Time seemed to stand still while she held his manhood inside her grip.

Ayaka broke the spell. "Enjoying yourself?" she asked.

Desiree squealed and immediately released Kyle, tossed out of her fantasies. Ayaka and Irene chuckled at her sudden chagrin.

"I have an idea..." Ayaka mused. She retrieved one of the abandoned towels from the floor of the bath and wringed it out. A wide, mischievous grin spread across her face as she approached Kyle.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"You'll see..." she replied, almost singing. The other girls backed away slightly to make room for Ayaka as she turned Kyle around, so that his back was facing her. She pressed herself against him as she slipped the towel over his eyes and ties the ends behind his head. Her hard nipples grazed against his back, softly caressing him as she moved. The world went dark: a grey blur.

"Okay, now what?"

"Now," Ayaka explained in a low, husky whisper, her lips brushing against his earlobe, "we're going to have some fun." Fingernails softly raked along his inner thigh, stopping a hair's breadth short of his balls. He jerked and gasped. The girls giggled at his reaction. "Now, now, no need to be nervous. Just relax," she cooed. He tried, but all he managed was to slump his shoulders slightly.

His world was now only sound and touch. Ayaka gently pushed on him, slowly easing him back down into the water, safely guiding him to his destination. She grabbed his ass and giggled just before he entered the water. Once he sat down, he waited. The girls whispered, a conspiratorial susurrus. He wished he knew what they were planning, although Ayaka had hinted pretty strongly at their plots. He waited, the drumming of his heart marking the passage of time. What were they talking about? How much longer would they take?

Without warning, a hand wrapped around his cock, tightly gripping him. "Desiree! You're so voracious, my my!" Irene teased.

"It's not me! That was Ayaka!" Desiree defended.

"So it is," the culprit admitted. Her hand loosened, and began to stroke his shaft painfully slowly, up and down in long, lazy motions. "Here, lie down," she offered. Kyle reclined, letting the water and women support him. He felt their soft thighs beneath him. He parted his legs, making room for Ayaka's body, or whoever had their hand around his shaft. Her hands ran along his cock, softly tugging at his manhood. Her fingernails played along its length, while her other hand cupped his balls and began to caress him.

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