tagRomanceHeavenly Night Ch. 02

Heavenly Night Ch. 02


Joseph had to leave Miriam's house soon after their passionate night. He headed back to Sepphoris on business for his firm. He was convinced that his betrothed, given her background, would be faithful to him in his absence. Given that probability, his own sense of fairness forbade him to use the youths of Sepphoris as he had in the past.

As for Miriam, she was quite pleased to have lost her virginity, but she was also rather worried about it. All well and good for Joseph to claim that her cherry was his to take when he pleased, but she had to face the risk of being accused of "whoring in her father's house" and getting stoned to death for it. There was no guarantee that they would assume that Joseph had broken her hymen.

There was only one thing to do: convince Joseph to play a ruse on her parents. They had to find a way to ensure that there would be blood on her sheets when it was required as "proof" of her supposed chastity. Could she persuade him, she wondered. It would mean that one or both of them would have to cut themselves and spill their blood on the sheets, but just enough to pass for the result of consummation.

Two weeks later, another problem occurred to her. Her monthly period had not happened on schedule. There was no mistake in Miriam's mind for what that meant. She carried a child in her womb. It was undoubtedly Joseph's child. Then again, this might be the best thing for all concerned. Joseph might want to ensure that his child's mother did not get executed for "playing the harlot" during her betrothal. He might go along with her plan.

Meanwhile, the thought of what to do about Miriam had occurred to Joseph. He was, unknowingly, thinking along the same lines as his betrothed. He knew very well that he had to make it appear to his in-laws that their precious daughter had lost her "innocence" on her wedding night.

The best way was to cut himself. He would take on the duty, as he didn't want to inflict that pain on her. She was softer, had beauty that he didn't wish to harm, and had already suffered pain during her actual deflowering as it was.

When Joseph returned to Nazareth two days later, he was greeted by a rather anxious Miriam. She clearly had some secret that she hid from her parents, but was eager to tell him. As soon as he got some privacy, he confronted her about it.

"What's wrong, my love? Something is obviously bothering you, so tell me what it is," he demanded. "Joseph, I carry your child! I know this because I have not bled as women do every month at my age. What shall I do?" she asked him desperately.

"It's very simple, Miriam. I'll cut myself and make it appear that you bled on your wedding night. That way, your parents will assume that you were a virgin until our wedding. Calm down, my dear cousin," Joseph encouraged her.

Miriam relaxed a bit, but remained somewhat concerned. She just hoped that her parents were not too picky about the number of months between consummation and birth. If they were, both she and Joseph would have to explain a lot to her parents just to keep them from stoning her and even then they would be upset with her.

A week later, the wedding feast began, with everyone from the family gathering in Nazareth to celebrate their nuptials. Joseph's parents and siblings were there as well. Plenty of watered wine was drunk, much food was consumed, and there was even some entertainment in the form of musicians, which Joseph's prosperous family had hired for the occasion.

Benjamin, Miriam's father, approached Joseph at the end of the feast and embraced him, saying, "Good cousin, thank you for marrying my daughter. I wish that I had a better dowry to give you, but I appreciate that you would take a bride as poor as Miriam. Rebekah and I have always feared that she would not able to get a husband as worthy as you. She's a wonderful girl, despite her faults, and I'm pleased that you can see that instead of dwelling on her poverty."

"It is my pleasure, cousin, and I agree with you that she deserves a fine husband. I will make sure to be such a man," he reassured his father-in-law.

"It is a great man who sees more virtues than just wealth," a voice spoke behind them.

It was Rebekah, Miriam's mother. She was standing with her daughter, the bride herself.

"Thank you, cousin. I take it that you are now ready to give your child into my hand," he probed.

"Naturally, cousin. However, be gentle with our daughter. A husband is a master, so be a kind master to our Miriam. She will serve you well," Rebekah urged him.

"I promise you, cousins, that I will treat your daughter well. You need not worry on that point," he declared.

When they smiled and formally handed Miriam over to his custody, Joseph returned the smile and led her to his house. They were both completely quiet until they entered the house, but once they were free from eavesdroppers, they looked at each other and laughed.

"Well, my dear wife, are you ready to be deflowered?" he teased his bride.

"Yes, of course, my lord! After all, obedience is my duty, is it not?" she joked back at him.

"Well, your first duty is to hand me a knife, so that I can use it for something that desperately needs to be done," Joseph instructed her.

Miriam grinned and gave him the knife that he had kept beneath his blanket. He cut a gash in his left palm as she removed her dress and gave him the proper cloth for "her" blood. He let his own crimson fluid soak the garment. The fraud was ready. It was just a question of convincing their parents now.

"Kneel," Joseph commanded Miriam after he had disrobed.

"Yes, my dear husband," Miriam obeyed.

Joseph then put his cock up to her lips.

"Open your mouth, my love," he told her.

She complied and began to taste a man's dick for the first time. It was actually quite pleasant to her tongue, so she decided that this would be another wifely job that she would enjoy.

"Suck me," he ordered her.

Miriam understood that directive very well and started to suck his cock. She licked it as well. The sensation of having a man's genitals in her own mouth, with its veins and soft flesh, appealed greatly to her. The head of his circumcised manhood particularly pleased her taste buds.

While she was not experienced at all in fellatio, the bride's eagerness helped her performance considerably. Her enthusiastic attitude was quite a turn-on for the carpenter. She even began to lick his balls on an impulse and found that he reacted well to that stimulus too. Joseph did not want to waste his seed on his first night as Miriam's husband, so he gestured for her to let go of his cock. She reluctantly agreed and lay on the bed, spreading her legs wide apart for him. She knew what he wanted to do with her, as he had done it before.

"That's good, Miriam. Now, play with yourself for a bit to prepare your sex for me," he guided her.

She followed his direction and started to slide her own fingers in and out of her opening. She clearly wanted to keep him interested and erect long enough to enter her. As she became wet, she instinctively lifted her legs to invite him to take what was rightfully his.

Joseph knew that he wanted to empty his seed into her womb, even though he knew that he had already impregnated Miriam. He also knew that he wanted to use another part of her body, but he wasn't sure that she could ever be persuaded to let him have that. Perhaps, if he got her excited enough, she would completely obey her husband and give him what few wives did.

In any case, he slid his cock into her youthful pussy, once more consummating his marriage. As she had not felt him inside her for three weeks, she was still rather tight indeed. Even so, she was feeling more pleasure than pain as he filled her with his dick.

Miriam wondered if her mother had felt this when her father had taken her. She doubted it, as Rebekah seemed to think of coitus as a marital obligation, not a pleasurable act. She gave every indication of deeming it only a man's choice of recreation. The wife was just supposed to tolerate as well as she could.

This was something that made no sense to Miriam. The act described by her mother and the one in which she was participating now did not seem like they could POSSIBLY be the same exercise! How could anyone resent this kind of pleasure? The only explanation that worked for the wife presently getting her brains fucked out was that her mother had been somehow deprived of the full benefits of copulation. What a tragedy, she thought.

Joseph did not relent. He kept pounding his bride eagerly, taking full advantage of her evident delight to feel the warmth and wetness of her cunt. He was already aroused from being sucked off by this young peasant girl and now her tight pussy was milking his cock. He would not be able to hold out as long as he had hoped.

He blamed his miscalculation on the fact that he was more turned-on than he had been the last time due to the fellatio earlier. That did not mean that he regretted it, though. He was entitled to receive oral attention as well as give it, being the husband and master.

"Miriam, dear, I'm going to release my seed in you now!" he warned her.

That information encouraged Miriam to deliberately milk him. She wanted him to spill his manly juice inside of her cunt. She remembered how wonderful it felt from when she had lost her cherry and she wanted more of the same for sure.

After a few more seconds, the process that had begun minutes before finished itself, with Joseph shooting his load into Miriam's womb. He felt significant relief, but her tightness kept stimulating him, keeping him semi-hard.

He decided that now was the moment of his best opportunity. If he wanted to introduce her to buggery, this would be the right time to do it. He began by staying inside her pussy for several moments, wanting to relax her by making her climax. That would put her in the perfect frame of mind for his plan.

"Are you trying to bring me relief, Joseph? Is that why you are still in my womb?" Miriam asked curiously.

"Yes, my dear Miriam! That is exactly why I have not pulled out of you!" he replied.

"Well, it's about to work! Oh, thank you, Joseph!" she exclaimed as her pleasure took control of her.

For the 3rd time since she had been with her husband, she came, soaking his dick with her juices. Her sweat was also dripping onto the bed sheets as she lay upon the bed, but she sensed that he was not done with her just yet.

"What else shall I do for you, my lord?" she asked with some feeling of anxiety as he withdrew from her pussy.

"Turn over on the bed and grab your buttocks. I am about to teach you something that your parents would no doubt condemn, but which will please me very much," Joseph announced.

"Will it hurt me?" Miriam inquired.

"A little at first, but I will try to make the pleasure worth it," he responded.

This reassured Miriam somewhat, so she once again did as Joseph asked of her. He had not harmed her yet, so she had every reason to trust him.

Joseph took some advice that he had gotten in the baths of Sepphoris, picked up some olive oil, and applied it to Miriam's backside as a means of lubrication. He also put some of it on his cock, mounted his bride, and entered her bottom.

Miriam winced from the initial pain and shock of being buggered, which she had not expected from Joseph. She had heard of this act only as something that Greeks did and was frowned upon by the scribes and Pharisees. She did not think that Joseph would want to practice it on her. Besides, she always associated it with homosexuality, not proper, Jewish marital intercourse.

How did he learn to engage in this bizarre practice? Was it from his travels to Sepphoris? In any case, he seemed expert enough at it to know how to give her time to take it in (pun intended). She actually began to ENJOY having her arse used like it was a Greek youth's. This was what Joseph had told her and accepting it was her final test. Keeping his word was his moment of truth. They had both fully earned each other's trust.

Not accustomed to having her bottom used in that way, Miriam was nonetheless beginning to love the new experience. It was surprisingly sensual and pleasurable.

Something about being thoroughly controlled, pinned, penetrated, filled, and taken by her husband was the most intimate, delightfully submissive feeling that she had ever known. She was completely Joseph's now, without any reservations. Every part of her body was available to him from that night onward.

For a simple girl from Nazareth, this new sensation was too much to register for long without climaxing all over again. Even Joseph was taken aback by her stunningly positive reaction to the act of sodomy. He smiled to himself, knowing that she would never resent his advances during their marriage. He would be enjoying her in every way for the rest of their lives.

If Miriam's cunt was tight, warm, and wet, her arse was hot and even tighter. The incredibly sensual experience of buggering his young wife and feeling her orgasm from it made Joseph completely stiff once more. It wouldn't be long before he filled her sphincter with his seed.

"Miriam, it's happening again! I'm about to cum!" he shouted, then released his creamy fluid into her bum. Totally exhausted, Joseph slumped over Miriam on the bed and his softening dick slipped out of her arsehole. They snuggled together that night, fully getting to enjoy each other's arms for a change. There was no stress, no hurry, and no danger of being caught. They could sleep soundly and they did.

The "evidence" of Miriam's "deflowering" was taken at face value, just as they planned. When, about 8 months later, a boy was born, no taint of bastardy was applied to him by any suspicious neighbors or relatives. He was circumcised and accepted as the proper issue of Joseph and Miriam, born into wedlock as prescribed by the Torah.

"What shall we call him, husband?" Miriam asked him as she rested on the bed, with the midwives being absent to give the couple some requested time alone.

"Benjamin?" Joseph tentatively suggested. He had still not decided yet on a name.

Miriam surprised him by countering with a suggestion of her own. In her mind, the child's birth had guaranteed that Joseph was in the same boat as herself. While she doubted that a man like him would cowardly deny his paternity and denounce her as a strumpet, she liked the feeling of being sure that he couldn't go back on his word. There was only kind of name for the fortunate advent of a child to her.

"How about Joshua? It just sounds better," the normally submissive wife lied.

"Sure, why not?" Joseph agreed, relieved that his own internal debate over the name between his father's name and her father's could be settled with a neutral choice.

They both grinned with happiness, albeit for slightly different reasons. He was out of his familial dilemma and she was grateful that she had been guaranteed a future by this child's birth.

The newborn seemed less happy, due to his recent circumcision, but he smiled upon hearing his new name. He was just glad to be called something by his parents.

Joshua Bar-Joseph had no idea that he was going to be famous and neither did his proud parents. His mind was on his empty stomach, which he started crying to get filled.

"Okay, let's feed you," Miriam said, exasperated, as she put him to her breast. She was profoundly glad that all she had to worry about taking care of a child, not defending her reputation and life.

Joseph kissed her, looked at her, and sensed her thoughts. He agreed with her attitude. Things had turned out well and the future would be a happy, if not perfect one.

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