Hecate, Witch of Darkness

byMaggie Red Rose©

I was still confused about all this an' sheepishly asked ta witch, "Yes, I know I had been wonderin' this, but how did ya know what me wish was?"

Ta witch arched her left eyebrow as if somewhat frustrated with me while placin' her hands on her shapely hips.

"Come on, Shannon, your wish came from your darkside, bringing me to you, and who better to tell you about your darkside than someone like me?

"I don't really know," I honesly answered, "but I...I guess someone from ta darksoide. Loike you. But other than your tellin' me you are a witch, I really don't know who you are."

"I have already told you, Shannon. I am a witch, but not only 'a' witch. I AM WITCH! My name is 'Hecate,' the Goddess of Sorcery, but most of the time I am just Witch," she answered, winkin' playfully at me. An' Witch's allurin' smile showed her beautiful, white teeth in sharp contrast ta her dark, blood-red lips outlined in black.

Witch's mouth really did remind me of a woman's pussy.

Well, whether Hecate was real or a figment of me overactive imagination an' hormones I wanted her ta stay. I didn't want her ta go. She was too beautiful ta let go. In fact, while I thrilled ta her sensual charms, I had ta deepest desire ta make love with her. I wanted ta have her remove her sleek, black, sexy dress, an' under garments; spread her long, lithe legs; order me ta crawl over ta her where she was leanin' against ta tall back of ta rattan chair with white covered cushions; an' eat her luscious, wet pussy that I could only imagine would be covered with long, soft, black pubic hair that matched ta hair on her head.

Just thinkin' about eatin' her sweet pussy got me so excited ta cotton crotch of me black panties were as wet as when I had me first period when I was twelve an' had no idea what was wrong with me since me ma had never told me about a woman's mensus or discussed it with me until after-ta-fact.

But, Oh, how I wanted her, witch or no witch. She turned me on so much I would have done anythin'...anythin'...ta tip ta velvet an' eat her pussy ta way I saw ta women eatin' one another in those pics an' mpegs on ta Internet. I saw in her all ta girls an' woman I had fantasizesd about me whole, but short, loife.

"Sooooooo," Hecate whispered softly just loud enough for me ta hear her, "you would like to eat my pussy, Shannon?"

Witch's question brought me out of me sexual reverie, an' I felt so self-conscious an' embarrassed, knowin' she knew what I had just been thinkin' an' that I wanted ta eat her pussy. I was so embarrassed I lowered me eyes agin, but I couldn't deny what she had just asked me, so I thaought I moight as well own up ta it.

"Yes, Witch," I said softly, "I would love ta eat your pussy, but I've never done it before in me loife except in me imagination. Ya know, cunnilingus?"

"Cunnilingus?" Hecate asked, drawing out the word so very slowly. "My, my, are 'we' not being technical to describe your getting down on your knees between my legs, pressing your face into my wet pussy, and eating me out?"

"Yes, I guess so," I said somewhat embarrassed once again but amused at ta same toime.

"Not to worry, Dear," said Witch, "but I personally prefer 'lick my cunt or cuntlicker.' It sounds so much nastier and erotic. Do you not think so, Shannon?"

"I didn't want ta sound vulgar. That's ta reason I used ta word cunnilingue, but now that you say so, it does sound better. It's ta way I think of it an' imagine it."

"Now, is that not a good name for you, Shannon? You want to be a cunt licker?" Witch asked. "But, once again we digress, Cunt Licker," she continued, grinnin' at me in a non-insultin' way. An' I knew she didn't mean ta hurt me feelins by callin' me Cunt Licker.

"I have been telling you I came at your darkside's request to fulfill your wish: To know what it is like to eat another woman's pussy. Is that not your heart's desire?"

"Yes, Witch. That is exactly what I have been wonderin' about an' wishin' it were so. As you said...a cunt licker."

"Ah, Passionate One," Witch asked, "Is 'Tipping the Velvet' that important to you that you would conjure up someone from the darkside to fulfill your wish?

"Oh, yes."

"All right then, Cunt Licker," Witch said an' she started a girlish giggle.

"A cunt licker," I repeated her words, burstin' inta a soft laughter mayself.

Now we were both in on ta joke about ta name she had called me in jest. Cunt Licker.

But I wasn't embarrassed at' all. Not any more. In fact, I was now quite at ease in ta presence of Witch, an' seein' this, Witch said ta me, "Well, Shannon Love, I think it's about time to make your wish come true. Don't you think?"

I looked deeply inta Witch's bewitchin' eyes an' knew what she was askin', an' within mayself I was ready ta have me wish fulfilled, ta learn about ta art of Sapphic love.

"Yes, Witch, or should I call ya by your name? Hecate?"

"Witch will do just fine, Shannon. It gives meaning to the things I do. Things I am about to do with you, Love," she whispered slowly and sensually.

Witch's words an' expressions sent waves of lustful sensations t'roughout me youthful body. Me nipples became erect an' firm, an' I felt ta warmth radiate between me legs where me pussy was already formin' cream around ta outer edges of me labia.

"Oh, Witch, I'm ready. I'm so ready I'm wet 'tween me legs," I moaned in anticipation.

Witch's lucious red lips turned up seductively as she knew me wantin' ta have her do with me as she pleased.

"Shannon," Witch brought me out of me sexual daze. She reached down an' put her hands on her hips, an' with her fingertips she began ta raise her dress up over her hips, bunchin' it around her waist, revealin' her tantalizin' flesh.

I watched every little movement an' became more an' more sensually aroused by ta sight of Witch's flesh, but what caught me attention was ta fact Witch was wearin' only a lacy, black garter belt that was snapped ta her sheer, black nylons that seemed ta go on forever down her long, shapely legs, thus exposin' her womanhood. I couldn't take me eyes off ta mound of Witch's hairy "V" of long, black pubic hair that also was at ta top of her thighs in ta creases of her legs. An' peekin' out of this black forest was Witch's crimson labia crowned with ta hood of her clit.

Witch had been watching Shannon's reactions as she slid her dress up and over her full hips until it rested around her narrow waist. Witch held up the dress with her hands, and she was pleased with Shannon's reactions, knowing that what she was about to do next wouold be relatively easy to get Shannon to do.

While Shannon remained mesmerized by Witch's beautiful pussy framed by the garter belt and sheer, black stockings, Witch slowly moved toward the back of Shannon's bed and leaned against it where she was able to take hold of her dress that she had slid up to her waist. Witch moved her hands to the thin straps that held up her dress and slid them off her shoulders and took it down to her waist. From here Witch easily slid her dress over her sculptured hips and removed her hands, freeing the dress so that it slowly slid down her legs and fell around her feet that were still in her shiny, black, spiked heel shoes. Witch kicked her dress off to the side of her.

Shannon's eyes moved from Witch's delicious pussy to her magnificent, full breasts. They were perfectly shaped, being full and round, and her nipples were erect and hard. Her areolas were round and the size of silver dollars. They were rose pink on the outer edges that blended into a light crimson, ending in red nipples, the same color as her lips. To see them was to want to lick them...flick them back and forth and circle them with your tongue...and finally take them into your mouth and suck while caressing them with your hands.

Being now completely naked, Witch was ready for Shannon. She supported herself with her hands on the back of Shannon's bed and spread her legs so that her labia opened wide enough to be able to see more of her crimson and pink pussy through her black pubic hair. What an invitation to her womanhood, her essence, the entrance to her Nirvana...her Paradise.

"Shannon, Love," she whispered seductively.

"Huh?" I murmured. I looked around ta room since Witch was no longer standin' where she had been. I saw her leanin' against ta back of me bed, only this toime Witch was completely nude. I now saw Witch in all her feminine glory. She was flawless. My eyes opened wide from under me eyelids ta take her all in my range of vision.

"Oh, Witch. You are so, sooo beautiful. Perfect in every way," I said.

"Why, thank you for the compliment, Shannon. But now it is time...your time...to know what a woman tastes like, and I am all yours to do with as you want to satisfy your wish and sensual needs. However, remember. I am in control. You will get your wish as I give myself to you Understand?" Witch said in a very agreeable way.

"Yes, Witch. I understand."

"Now, before I let you eat my pussy, the first thing I want you to do is take off all your clothes. Since I am naked, you should be naked, too. It will make it so much better if both of us are naked. Do you not agree, Shannon?"

I never thaought of mayself bein' naked in front of Witch, an' I was more than a wee bit self-conscious about it, afraid she wouldn't loike me body with hers being flawless.

"Come now, Shannon. Do not be shy. I know what you are thinking, but do not give it another thought. Now take off your clothes, or we shall not be going any farther."

Sheepishly I answered Witch, "Oh, all roight, if that's ta way it has to be."

"Yes," Witch smiled at me, "that is the way it has to be."

So I unbuttoned me blouse an' shrugged it off me shoulders an' let it fall to ta floor, an' then I got me shorts off, slidin' them over me hips an' down me legs. Boy, did I feel self-conscious standin' there in front of Witch loike this.

"Come, come Shannon. Now your bra and panties. That is all that is left since you already had your shoes and socks off. And by the way. I like the color of your bra and panties, black. Just my color."

"Oh, all right. Here's nothin'."

I reached behind me back an' unhooked me lacy, black bra, slid ta straps off me shoulders, bent over a wee bit, an' let me bra fall to ta floor next ta me feet, an' then I stood up.

"Well, now, that was not so hard. Was it, Shannon?"

"No, Witch. That wasn't so hard."

"And speaking of hard, Shannon. I see your nipples are hard already, and your areolas are puckered an' puffy," Witch teased me. "And I must say, you have lovely breasts, Shannon. About a thirty-four 'C' cup?"

"Yes, Witch. Tat's what I wear, an' I'm not even goin' ta ask ya how ya know."

"Well, now that your bra is off, there is only one more thing to take off, your panties. I want to see your pussy, Shannon."

I put me fingers beneath ta elastic of me panties, stretched it a wee bit, an' slid them down me thighs until they fell to ta floor around me ankles. I then stepped out of them altogether. Now I was standin' in front of Witch as naked as ta day I was born an' as naked as she was.

I waited for Witch ta say somethin', anythin', but she was silent as I saw her look at me body, goin' up an' down from me feet ta me head. Oh, boy, I thaought. She doesn't loike what she sees.

"Sooo, Shannon, I see you shave your pussy. Do you like having your pussy shaved? I must admit, the smoothness makes you look like a little girl, and your clit stands out very invitingly."

"Well, yes. I guess so. Me roommate encouraged me. She shaves her pussy, an' one evenin' when I was takin' me shower, me roommate Tammy came inta ta bathroom an' said she'd shave me pussy. She said I would loike havin' me pussy shaved."

"And do you like it shaved, Shannon?"

"Yes. It feels different than havin' me pussy covered with me reddish pubic hair. It feels smooth an' slick, an' as ya said, it looks loike a little girl's pussy. But, I also loike me pussy covered with hair. I know you prefer havin' hair on your pussy, but with such long, silky, black pubic hair, I can see why ya loike it that way."

"Yes. I have had my pussy covered with pubic hair for hundreds of years now, and I am just used to it that way."

"I can understrand that."

"Well then. Now that you are naked as I am, Shannon, you are ready to have your wish fulfilled and find out what another woman's pussy tastes like."

"Oh, yes. I'm more than ready," I said.

"Then I want you to get down on your hands and knees and crawl over to me."

Doin' as Witch commanded, I got down on me hands an' knees an' crawled over ta her.

"That is a good girl. Now I want you to turn so you are facing me."

Agin, I did as Witch asked me ta do.

Now I was lookin' straight at Witch's luscious pussy that by now was emanatin' her musk, her special Witch's musk, a musk unloike any in human women. It smelled sweet an' had ta aroma of a field of wildflowers.

Intoxicated by Witch's pheromones, I inhaled deeply, an' her fragrance filled me senses an' increased me sensual eroticism.

"It is time for your wish to be granted, Shannon," Witch said as she took her face between her hands and pressed gently but firmly against Shannon's cheeks while sliding her long fingers into Shannon's lovely red hair. She wanted to have a good hold on her head.

"Now, Cunt Licker, I want you to push your head between my splayed legs and press your face against my wet pussy. And I mean press."

Knowin' me wish was about ta come true, I made no hesitation obeyin' Witch. I slowly moved me face towards Witch's furry pussy until I felt her soft pubic hair against me nose. Breathin' deeply I smelled Witch's exotic womanhood, one that was very different than moine. Ta aroma excited me senses an' made me mouth salivate from ta very idea that I was about ta taste her.

While these thaoughts went through me moind, Witch slid her hands to ta back of me head an' pushed forward until me nose an' mouth were buried within ta forest of her ebon pubic hair. I touched her cool flesh with me hands as I reached out ta brace mayself on her full hips.

I was at first surprised at ta coolness of Witch's skin against me face but overwhelmed by her cunt's warm essence, so I didn't have ta be encouraged any further ta do as Witch commanded me. I moved me face around Witch's "V" an' felt her silky pubic hair against me face. I stuck out me tongue an' tentatively licked Witch's pussy.

Oooooooo. She tastes so bloody good even though I don't know what a woman's pussy would taste loike. Well, except for me own pussy cream an' juice. But never another woman's pussy cream let alone a witch's pussy. And this was me first lesbian experience an' with one from ta darksoide. But for me Witch's pussy tasted as good as was her beauty intoxicatin'.

I was so taken by ta thaought of eatin' Witch's pussy, I began ta lick her pussy all over, an' then I bent me head down so me mouth was at ta bottom of Witch's pussy just inches away from her arse.

I was about ta make me way upwards 'tween Witch's pussy lips when I felt ta urge ta move me head down so I could flick me hot tongue against Witch's anus. I first licked back an' forth an' then circled it with ta tip of me tongue. I even folded me tongue so that it was smaller at ta tip than before. With me hands on Witch's hips I pressed forward an brought me tongue directly over Witch's anus, felt around for ta openin', an' when I found it, I pushed me tongue insoide her anal hole as far as I could go. Even Witch's bum hole tasted good ta me as I moved me tongue in an' out an' around insoide it.

Witch bent her knees and pushed her arse out ta me so I could have a better angle ta her arse hole.

"Oh, Shannon. That feels so good. Do not stop, Baby. Eat my ass hole," Witch moaned.

I needed no encouragement from Witch. I continued explorin' Witch's anus with me tongue. Knowin' Witch was excited by me eatin' her arse hole heightened me arousal, too, an' me pussy became very, very wet with me pussy juices. I could feel some of it runnin' out of me love canal an' sloiding down ta insoide of me thighs. Now me sexual fragrance combined with Witch's, an' I breathed both of them deeply through me nose an' filled me senses with them.

An' yet while I was enjoyin' givin' Witch analingus, I really wanted ta eat her pussy, so I gave one last flick of me tongue insoide Witch's anus an' then withdrew it.

"Oh, Shannon, Love. Do not stop," Witch moaned.

However, no sooner did I remove me tongue that now had ta taste of Witch's anus on it then I began ta sloide it upward along ta flesh between her anus an' pussy.

"Oh, yessssss. Lick me, Shannon. Spread my pussy lips and lick me."

I stuck out me tongue an' licked me way slowly up Witch's pussy, separatin' her pussy lips as I went. An' as I continued me upward movement, I reached over with me hands, put me fingers onto Witch's engorged labia, an' spread them so they opened like petals of a flower. I flattened me tongue between Witch's labia an' touched more of her sensitive pussy.

Once there, I continued me steady track 'tween Witch's labia until I came ta her vaginal openin'. It was opened an' ta edges were fluted from her highly sexual arousal. Pussy cream already covered ta openin' an' clung to ta edges of Witch's wet pussy, so by ta toime I reached ta openin' of ta Witch's vaginal channel, I thrust me tongue easily insoide with no trouble.

Ahhhhhhh, I have reached Nirvana I sighed at ta first taste of Witch's cum, an' ta feel of me tongue insoide her well-lubricated love tunnel was pure heavenly. I never thaought pussy would taste so good an' sweet, an' yet there was a hint of saltiness ta it. But Witch's pussy cream was absolutely delicious.

I tried ta speak with me tongue insoide Witch's vaginal sheath an' me mouth coverin' her pussy hole, but me tellin' Witch she tasted so good was heard as nothin' more than a mumble. However, Witch must have read me thaoughts because she knew what I had said.

"I am so glad you like the taste of my pussy, Shannon. Your tongue is making me so very horny and sexually aroused," Witch said.

How did she know what I said I thaought before I realized this was Witch's pussy I was eatin' an' she could read me mind an' know what I said just as she had done before me tryin' ta tell her how wonderfully deliciouss she tasted. I smiled insoide mayself an' was very happy because I knew I could think whatever I was feelin' as I continued ta eat Witch's pussy an Witch would know me thaoughts.

No human woman could do that I thaought, an' I smiled around Witch's vagina with me pussy, cream-coated lips.

Witch must be smilin' with me at ta very thaought, too, knowin' I figured this out by mayself without her havin' ta remind me she could read me thaoughts. That was ta reason she came ta me in ta first place when I wondered what a woman's pussy would taste loike.

Satisfied with mayself, I slid me tongue in further an' felt ridges on ta top of Witch's pussy sheath, an' when I began ta sloide me tongue over ta ridges, Witch gave a slight jump an' pushed down with her hips, lettin' out a slow, soft moan that seemed ta echo throughout ta room.

I felt Witch's slight jump an' heard her soft moan as I slid me tongue back an' forth over her sensitive ridges. This was somethin' I never really realized when masturbatin'. I usually just shoved me fingers insoide me creamy pussy as far as they would go an' mainly concentrated on rubbin' me clit with me thumb until I came. I shoved fingers insoide me wet pussy so I could lick me own pussy cream when I pulled them out all covered with a wet, creamy treat.

Ta first toime I did this was out of curiosity. I wanted ta know what pussy cum tasted loike, so I tasted me own, an' I thaought I tasted pretty good. I also thaought it certainly would not be ta same as eatin' out another woman's pussy an' tastin' her pussy cream when she came. I wanted ta know this, an' it was me curiosity that brought Witch ta me from ta darksoide.

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