tagGroup SexHedonism Ch. 03

Hedonism Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Linda and Adele

Linda lay on the bed looking coyly up at Adele as she stripped her bikini from her sun tanned body and approached her girlfriend with a glint in her eye and a lust in her smile that spoke volumes. The sight of Dave's spunk glistening on Linda's hair, face and body had stirred Adele's passion even further and she dropped silently beside her friend and kissed her. Linda's eyes closed as their lips met and she felt her naked pussy begin to weep in anticipation. Adele gently broke the kiss and smiled briefly at Linda before lowering her head to lick at the white cum that splattered her friend's face. The taste of Howard's spunk still lingered in her mouth as she began to lap at Dave's recently deposited load on her girl friends skin. Sexily she licked every drop as if she were cleaning Linda like a feline cleans it's young.

Opening her eyes as Adele cleaned her Linda smiled and whispered;

"I love you Adele. I love you so much."

The white cum now gone Adele knelt up beside Linda's reposing body and smiled back.

"I love you too Linda. I want you now more than I have ever wanted you. Howard has made me so horny and I can tell that Dave has given my baby one hell of a fucking. But I know you want more sweetheart."

It was a statement rather than a question. As Adele's fingers lightly brushed her nipples Linda just smiled back. No words were needed to confirm that Adele was correct. Leaning down Adele licked softly at the erect nipple on Linda's right breast and the moan that escaped Linda's lips was evidence that she was ripe for the taking. A gentle suck; a slight nip, another suck and Linda was moaning passionately beneath her lover. Adele could feel her own juices beginning to form inside her naked pussy and she longed to taste sweet female juice after the salty taste of male cum.

Without releasing the nipple from her mouth Adele slowly slid her hand down Linda's warm body until it touched the shaved area around her womanhood. A finger reached out and slid into the waiting slit and the moistness it found there sent a tiny tremble through Adele's body. A quick entry, followed by a quick retreat and her finger came away moist and juicy. Raising it to her lips she released Linda's nipple just long enough to suck on her own finger and taste the sweet nectar that coated it. It was enough for Adele to forego the pleasures of Linda's breasts and to head for the delights that awaited her eager mouth between Linda's legs.

Sliding down the bed she gently eased her lover's legs open and climbed between them. Dropping her head down she could smell the sweet aroma that awaited her and her tongue darted out and sank into the wet slit beneath it. Linda screamed. It was a scream of pure pleasure as she felt Adele's tongue slide into her now very wet pussy and her hips arched upwards to meet the welcoming tongue that probed her depths. Linda was captive beneath her captor as Adele began to slowly lick and probe with her tongue as she explored the pussy that she had explored so many times before but of which she would never tire. She could smell Dave's sex as it still lingered where his cock had so recently probed but the sweetness of Linda's juices overwhelmed the male aroma and she probed deeper by stiffening her tongue and sliding it gracefully inside Linda's pussy to bring forth yet another moan of pleasure from her mouth. Again Linda jerked her body upwards into Adele's face and again Adele licked at the flowing juices that demanded to be drunk.

Suddenly, gripping Linda's thighs, she opened her wide and drove into her. Linda's clit, free of it's sheath, stood waiting to be sucked and Adele obliged between flicking her tongue into the depths of the pussy beneath her and the sudden suck on the clit that awaited her. The taste of Linda's juices flowing over her face only served to enhance Adele's own needs to be licked and sucked and, without removing her mouth from Linda's pussy, she swung her legs over and twisted her body around so that her own pussy hung inches from Linda's upturned face. Raising her hands Linda grabbed Adele's bum and pulled her towards her as her tongue darted out and soon found the waiting female juices that flowed freely into her open mouth.

It was Adele's turn to scream. The sound reverberated into Linda's depths and the girls went wild. In a perfect 69 they licked and sucked at each other's womanhood as the sweet juices flowed freely between them. In and out Adele flicked her stiff tongue. Back and forth Linda rasped over Adele's erect clit. On and on they moaned and groaned as they ate and drank the juices of nature.

Linda came first. Her hips suddenly arched upwards as her orgasm rippled through her now sweating body and she screamed into Adele's pussy, smothering her face in juices and reaching out for more. The average eight second orgasm paled into the distance as Linda writhed beneath her lover's probing mouth and her orgasm rippled on and on sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout her entire body.

Adele came before Linda had finished and together their bodies trembled and shook until finally Adele collapsed on top of Linda and they lay there exhausted and trembling with their faces still buried deep inside their lover's pussy.

It was a good 5 minutes before Adele finally found the energy to slide off of Linda and twist herself around to lay naked beside her. Their eyes met and they smiled. A kiss. Another smile. A whisper of love and another kiss.

And then the door opened.

Howard and Dave stood gazing at the two naked girls they had so recently fucked. One look told them the story of what had just transpired and both men felt their cocks stirring at the thought of the two girls making love to each other.

Linda and Adele sat up and looked at Dave and Howard. Together, as if they were twins, they smiled and said, almost in unison;

"Cum back for more boys?"

Their trunks hit the floor before they reached the bed and, without speaking, they decided to swap girls and Linda found Howard kneeling at her feet and opening her ankles whilst Dave knelt at Adele's head with his cock inches from her mouth and a demanding look on his face. Adele obliged and slid her mouth over the bulbous head of Dave's cock and allowed it to sink to the back of her throat before she began to bob her head back and forth against his groin. Dave started to moan softly as his cock embedded itself inside Adele's mouth and he felt the delightful sensation of having his cock sucked by an expert.

Meanwhile Howard had lowered himself between Linda's open legs and his mouth was sucking hard at where Adele's mouth had so recently sucked. 'Not as gentle as Adele. Not as sensual' were the thoughts that ran through Linda's mind. 'But fantastic non the less.' And she bucked her hips upwards to get more tongue inside her now craving pussy.

Adele sucked on Dave's throbbing cock whilst Linda accepted the pussy licking that Howard was giving her so eagerly. Suddenly Adele released Dave's throbbing member and almost yelled at him.

"Fuck me. I need to be fucked."

Clambering between her opening legs Dave grabbed her ankles, opened them wide and slid his cock deep and hard into Adele's waiting wetness. Seeing his friend fucking Adele Howard decided to follow his example and seconds later he was knelt side by side to Dave as they fucked deep and hard into the two writhing girls on the bed. Linda turned to look at Adele and they kissed. Their tongues shot out and their arms went around each other's bodies as the two rampant males fucked their cocks deeper and harder into them; spurred on by the sight of the two girls kissing while they were being fucked. Linda's hand went onto Adele's breast and her fingers began to pinch and pull at her nipple. Adele moaned even louder and her fingers began to do the same to Linda's erect nipple and the two lovers began to moan into each other's mouths as the cocks fucked them harder and faster; bringing them both closer and closer to an almighty climax.

Finally Linda broke the kiss and began to yell at Howard as he pounded his raging cock into her slit.

"Oh God Howard. Yes. Yes. Oh Howard fuck me. Fuck me harder. Oh Fuck my cunt you lovely man. Oh my god yessssssssssssssssssss. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Howard gripped her ankles tighter, lifted her legs backwards and pushed her knees either side of her head. Dave decided to do like wise and together they fucked the girls deeper and harder, each one attempting to bring his fuck partner to an orgasm before the other and yet holding back his own eruption as long as possible. Side by side with their outer knees touching each other's Linda and Adele took their rampant partners to the brink as they accepted the fucking that the boys were giving them. Linda turned to Adele and moaned beneath her breath.. "I want to cum. I'm going to cum baby but I'm trying to wait for you. Cum with me sweetheart. Oh God I can't hold out much longer..."

Adele, not attempting to lower her own voice cried back to Linda.

"Oh sweetness I'm almost there. Oh Dave Yes Yes Yes Dave fuck me.. Oh fuck me. Give me your hot spunk oh Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd."

They came together. All four of them. Linda screamed and her body shook as her orgasm struck while Adele gripped Linda's hand tightly as her own orgasm sent wave after wave of pleasure rippling through her body. Both men withdrew their cocks at the final moment and torrents of hot spunk from two throbbing cocks erupted into the air and splattered over the faces and hair and tits of the two girls, still in the throes of their orgasms. Globule after thick globule of spunk landed on the girls as their bodies writhed on the bed. Clutching each other's hand tightly they slowly came down from their sexual high as the rain of spunk finally settled and the two men fell back exhausted.

Adele turned to Linda and smiled. "Oh sweetheart. You are covered in lovely spunk." And without another word they began to lick at each other's faces and breasts until the only white splashes of spunk that remained were in their hair. The shower will sort that out.

Slipping their trunks back on Howard and Dave kissed the girls and departed for their room and the shower. The two girls remained on the bed recovering and relaxing in each other's arms as the Jamaican sun began to sink beneath the western sea and the night took over from the day. They dozed briefly before sitting up and looking at the clock.

The night was young and there was more sex to be had amongst the many rampant males in the night club below.

Yes this was going to be a fantastic vacation...

To be continued...

If you have enjoyed this story, or any of my others, then please feel free to e mail me with your comments.

Sweet Linda

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