tagErotic CouplingsHedonism Ch. 04

Hedonism Ch. 04


Hedonism 4

The sun had only just begun to sink over the Western tip of the island when Adele and I sauntered into the bar and ordered some drinks. Adele chose a small beer to cool her down whilst I went for my favourite tipple of rum and coke. The barman started to pour a cheap rum from the bottle on the sunken part of the bar in front of him but I stopped him and told him I wanted Appleton rum. Smiling at me he gladly poured my desired beverage and we found a table and sat down. The room was half full of couples and singles and Adele and I felt that many of the single guys were already eyeing us up. With our sexy wrap around scarves barely covering our waists and panties, accompanied by our tight t shirts tied around the waists, it came as no surprise that we were being eagerly watched by many pairs of male eyes; along with some female ones.

Adele and I had decided to dress alike, for fun, only my wrap around was pink and lemon while Adele sported a pale blue one. Our panties matched our waist scarves and our t shirts were both white. Without a bra we knew the blue fluorescent lighting would show our breasts to the full once we hit the dance club.

Dave and Alan had decided to go into Mo’bay to ‘check out the local talent’ as they had put it and, to be honest, Adele and I had seen enough of them for one day, literally, and we had both felt like a change for tonight at least. Tonight we were on the pull. Or, to be precise, ready to be pulled.

Several guys of various shapes and sizes approached us and offered to buy us a drink. By ‘buy’ they actually meant fetch as the drinks were all inclusive. We declined all offers as neither of us fancied any of the ‘talent’ that had approached us; besides the night was young and the club was about to open. Once on the dance floor we could assess the male inhabitants more closely as they gyrated their bodies in an effort to impress. Once we had adjourned to the club Adele and I danced together for a while before returning to a table on the side of the dance floor.

Most of the inhabitants of the club were dressed scantily in shorts or tiny dresses that hugged their bodies and showed off their youthful figures. Even the older couples wore clothing that was far too young for them. But what the heck; they were on holiday.

A tall American approached our table and asked for a dance and, smiling, Adele accepted and I watched as she gyrated her slender hips around the floor. Her breasts, hugged tight by her T shirt, were highlighted by the lighting and I felt my pussy moistening as I watched her movements that emanated sex appeal. Her panties could easily be seen beneath her waist scarf and I could swear I could smell her pussy scent. But it was just my imagination.. or more likely my desire.

During the next four hours we both danced with many guys as well as with each other; some in close contact with our partners and most of those soon produced a hardness inside their shorts once their arms and hips had met ours. But, in the end, it was none of the guests that ‘did’ it for either of us.

Winston and George were local boys who worked behind the bar and it was them that Adele and I ended up becoming involved in deep conversation with during one of their breaks towards the end of the evening. It was them that we took back to our room once the club closed around 3.00am.

The two Jamaican lads had sneaked a couple of bottles of coke from the bar after we had told them we had bottles of rum and whiskey, from the flight over, inside our room. Once inside we filled the glasses and switched on the portable cd player Adele had brought and, for a little while, we just sat on the balcony drinking and laughing and getting to know each other. A slow track came on the player and Adele stood up and reached her hand out for mine.

“Dance with me Princess” she murmured softly. Moments later we were in each other’s arms with our hips and breasts pressed tight together as we slowly danced around the balcony. Winston and George sat back, glass in hand, and their wide eyes glistening from out of their dark Jamaican faces as they watched us gyrating together sensually and erotically. Adele kissed me and I melted into her as our tongues reached deep into each other’s mouths. Our nipples grew erect as our bodies heated up in the cool of the morning air. We both knew that the boys were being turned on by our show of affection for each other but we were oblivious to them as we concentrated on each other. Our hands began to roam up and down each other’s body as our passion grew in intensity. Our kisses became more sensual until our legs started to tremble beneath us and we knew we just had to have each other. Adele pulled her lips from mine as she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Glancing at the boys we both noticed the large bulge that their cocks were making inside their black, uniform trousers and I smiled at them as we stepped from the balcony into the bedroom.

“Finish your drinks and watch if you want to.. but for now I need to be with my girl.” I whispered to them as we passed.

Once on the bed our sexual passion could not be held back any longer and we virtually ripped each other’s clothing from our bodies and our mouths met again as we stroked and fondled each other’s breasts and thighs. We didn’t notice the boys leave the balcony and take up 2 chairs in the bedroom as our minds were only on each other. I felt Adele’s fingers suddenly touch my wet pussy and my body jerked into her hand as her fingers slid inside me. I almost bit her tongue off as my hips rammed forward to accept her probing hand and my juices began to flow freely as Adele finger fucked my slit like the expert she was.

With her fingers still inside me I dropped my head to her nipples and began to suck and nip at them sending shivers rippling through her whole body as our passion grew and grew. My first orgasm hit me suddenly and I almost screamed as I writhed on the bed. My teeth bit a little too hard on the nipple in my mouth and Adele jerked backwards. I managed to murmur a ‘sorry’ and she replied she was ok just as her fingers drove that little bit further into me and my juices flooded down her hand.

Moments later we were in a 69 and her pussy was heaven in my mouth as I licked and sucked at her wet slit. Meanwhile my second orgasm began to build just as Adele erupted into her first. I tasted her juices on my probing tongue as she spurted her love nectar freely over it and her sweating body jerked frantically beneath me. I came again moments before I felt a hard pair of hands on my thigh. I looked around and saw Winston kneeling on the bed beside me. He was stark naked and his cock made my eyes water and my clit jump in anticipation. I had heard stories of black men’s cocks but the size of Winston’s was beyond belief. I glanced up at Adele’s face and saw George knelt over her head, cock in hand, and Adele gazing up at his balls from beneath him. Not quite so big as Winston’s but it was still a good 10” long and as thick as any girl could take with ease. I slid my body from between Adele’s legs and lay on my back beside her, my head at her feet, just as Winston lowered his hands to my still wet slit. A moment later his head dropped and, just before my vision was blocked, I saw George lower his cock into Adele’s upturned mouth. The smile on her face was a delight to behold as her mouth opened and, somehow, the huge cock entered it almost to the hilt. Adele was an expert at Deep Throat and with these two cocks to play with we both needed to be.

I screamed as Winston’s tongue entered my slit and his hand began to pinch at my nipples. He was between my open legs with one arm stretched up my waist to my breasts and was alternating between right and left as he fondled, moulded and pinched gently at them. Meanwhile his tongue was driving my clit wild as his other hand slid beneath me and I jerked my pussy up into his face as his finger found my anus and probed just inside. His tongue then began to flick from my slit to my clit where he flicked at it smoothly and expertly sending ripples of pleasure through my body. I could hear, through my own moaning, Adele as she sucked greedily on the cock in her mouth and, as I glanced to the side I saw George bend his body over hers into a 69 and heard Adele’s scream of delight as his tongue entered her womanhood.

Meanwhile Winston was sucking greedily at my slit and sending the same sort of ripples through my own body as he brought me to yet another orgasm. My pussy was now so sensitive I just had to let it have a rest and slide from beneath him and motioned for him to lay down on his back. As I scrambled to my knees I looked at Adele who’s mouth was still sucking greedily on the big, black cock inside it. Her eyes rested on mine and she smiled, as best she could with her mouth so full of cock, and I smiled back and blew her a kiss. I then turned my attention to the huge cock waiting for me. My head dropped and Winston let out a loud moan as my mouth encompassed his thick shaft and I took it just over half way down the long length. Flicking my studded tongue over the tip I felt the monster jerk in my mouth and knew he would explode quickly.. But I wanted that cock in my pussy first. I eased up my attention and just licked at his balls for a while, then back to his cock, a few sucks on the shaft then off again and back to his balls.

He almost screamed when my finger slid under him and entered his arse. His cock jerked and I knew if I didn’t mount him soon it would be too late. Meanwhile George had decided it was time to feel Adele’s pussy around his cock and he changed positions so that her legs were over his shoulders and around his neck. I saw the look of anticipation on Adele’s face as she felt the tip of the monster at the entrance to her slit. I bent my head to hers and kissed her before straddling my legs over Winston’s waist and lowering my pussy onto that thick, jerking cock beneath me. I looked deep into his eyes and smiled as I lowered myself onto it. Slowly I fed it into me until the whole length was buried in my soaking wet slit. And then I rode him. Like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco I rode him. Up and down I plummeted on and off that thick cock as Winston groaned in pleasure beneath me. I suddenly changed position from being on my knees to standing, crouched above him. I lowered my pussy onto him again and then began to raise and drop myself onto his throbbing cock. He raised his head and I knew he could see his cock sinking in and out of my slit as I brought him almost to the end. But he was lasting longer than I thought he would so decided it was time for a different position. I leaned down to his head and whispered sexily..

“You want to take me in the arse hon?”

The handsome Jamaican’s eyes widened with delight as he murmured back. “Oh God yes Linda.”

Moments later I was on my knees with my back to him as he knelt behind me. Adele was still on her back with her legs around George’s shoulders and her pussy was being pummelled like crazy and her eyes were watering in pure pleasure from the hard fucking she was getting. I moved my head down to her face and we kissed frantically just as I felt Winston’s hands on my hips. The tip of his cock touched the entrance to my bum hole and I relaxed my muscles in anticipation of the arse fucking I was about to get. I smiled as I felt Adele’s hand move from her side and her fingers slid deftly inside my pussy as our tongues flicked wildly back and forth in each other’s mouths. I screamed as Winston entered me. I knew it would hurt; my arse had never taken a cock as big as his, but a small amount of pain is a turn on for me and, with Adele’s fingers fucking my slit I went to heaven.

Winston started to shout as he drove into me.. “Oh my God. Oh God Linda your arse is so tight. Oh yes Yes yes.. Take me. Take my cock you sweet thing. Take it all.

And he fucked me. He fucked my tight arse like it had never been fucked before. I screamed into Adele’s mouth and felt her body shake as another orgasm swept through her. George was still fucking his huge cock into her as she gripped his neck tightly with her ankles and he, too, was shouting obscenities as he reamed into her. How these two guys lasted so long I will never know. But I was in heaven as Adele finger fucked me and Winston arse fucked me with long, deep slow strokes.

Suddenly he shouted to George. “Change over. Quickly. I want to spunk into Adele’s mouth while you spunk into Linda’s. My mind erupted in anticipation of this change of events and moments later I was on my back, head side by side with Adele, while George sat astride my tits and Winston sat astride Adele’s. Their huge cocks were poised at the entrance to our mouths and, as if it had been well rehearsed, they lunged their thick cocks at our mouths and we opened wide to accept them.

Winston came first and I glanced sideways at Adele just as a load of white cum seeped from her mouth as she swallowed greedily at the remainder. Next moment I felt George’s cock stiffen just that bit more and then I felt the onslaught of hot sperm as it shot into my throat. I gulped it down as fast as I could but some escaped and trickled out of my mouth. George continued to fuck my face hard as his spunk spurted out in thick globules inside me. Suddenly he pulled out and he began to spurt over my face and hair and finally my tits. Looking sideways at Adele I saw that she too, was covered in white spunk but had a wonderful look of satisfaction spread over her sweet face.

George climbed off me and headed for the bathroom and seconds later I heard the splashing as he relieved himself. Winston collapsed into a chair and Adele moved onto her elbow and looked down at me as I lay there covered in cum and smiling broadly. She bent down and kissed me before commencing to lick George’s spunk from my face and tits. When she had finished I cleaned her up in a like manner and we then headed for the shower.

The warm water flooded over our tanned skin as we began to soap each other down and it wasn’t long before our lips were touching and our fingers exploring. But maybe that is another story….

If you like my stories then please feel free to send me feedback. Your votes would be appreciated as well.

Stay Safe. Sweet Linda

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