tagBDSMHeeding the Call

Heeding the Call

byEnshrouded Cutie©

Valari clicked off the computer monitor, her hand shaking as the button depressed. Her courage faded with the image on the screen. One thought ran through her mind-I shouldn't have done that. Shouldn't have given him my number. As she bit her bottom lip the subtle flavor of her cherry lip gloss filled her mouth. She pushed back the desk chair and took a sip of water, sloshing it around in her mouth before swallowing it.

She left the computer room, her bare feet making small shuffling noises as she paced the livingroom. She turned on the television and sat down on the sofa. She flipped through the channels until she found Dexter's Laboratory, then tossed the remote to the cushion beside her.

She glanced over at the cordless phone. It was on the table opposite her. She moved from one end of the sofa to the other so she could be closer to it. She pulled her bare feet up, tucking them beneath her and ran her thumb over the nail of her big toe. She needed to repaint them. The light green polish was badly chipped on all of her nails.

She turned her hazel eyes to the clock beside the television. Only one minute had passed since she logged off the Internet but it seemed as if an eternity had gone by. The phone taunted the corner of her eye. He's not going to call you, it said. He just wanted to see if you'd be stupid enough to give him your digits. What could be possibly want with a twenty year old? Valari shook her head. She wasn't going to listen to that. He cared. He wouldn't have asked for her number and then told her to sign off if he didn't intend to call. He was honest. He was one of the good ones. She could trust him.


The second hand on the clock moved. Two minutes. Valari ran her fingers through her black curls. She was beginning to give in to the phone's way of thinking. A breeze blew in through the open French doors, tickling her, teasing her in a way.

The phone rang as DeeDee's screeching laughter erupted from the television and Valari jumped. Her eyes darted to the phone as her dachshund ran through the room, barking. She kept her hands on her thighs.

One ring seemed to desperate.

Two rings and the dog was still barking too much.

Three rings and she picked up, her pet running now through the kitchen. Her fingers were shaking as she picked up the phone and pressed the answer button.

"Hello?" she said, wincing as she heard how her voice shook.

"Hi," a soft voice said, calm and expectant. "Valari?"

She nodded. "Caleb?"

The soft voice laughed, a tickle of the throat. "You sound nervous." She couldn't hide it. She admitted it to him. "I like that."

Valari let out a shaky breath and smiled. "Somehow I knew you would."

"Where are you now?"

"I'm in the living room. On the sofa."

"Are your feet up? On a table?" Valari shook her head. Her feet were tucked up beside her on the sofa. "Socks and shoes?" She was barefoot. Caleb gave a pleased chuckle. "You must look so shy sitting like that."

There was a pause and Valari bit her bottom lip, squeezing her eyes together. This was a mistake, she thought. He's going to hate me after this. She was shy, quiet to a fault even when she wasn't having phone sex for the first time. But now it seemed like so much more of a curse to her.

"If I were to walk in and find you sitting like that-I bet you're biting your lip aren't you? Nervous, a little scared. But extremely excited at the same time, aren't you?"

Her mouth was dry. "Yeah." She wished she had brought her water with her.

"Good. Good," Caleb said. "Now, if I were to walk in and find you like that, what would you do? What would you want to do to me?"

Valari paused. They had chatted a few times on-line, role-played, so she knew what her character would have done there. But this was no longer within the confines of a computer screen. She had no clue what to do now. "I don't know." This time she managed to control the shaking of her voice. "I don't know what you'd want me to do."

"But you have some ideas. You'd want to come to me. Hug me. Kiss me." His voice grew lower as he continued his list. "Please me. Give yourself over to me."

She nodded. "Yes."

Caleb sighed loudly, then let out a low growl. "Don't mind me. I just slid my hand into my jeans. You arouse me so much, Valari."

Valari let out a nervous giggle.

"Where is your hand? In your pants yet?"

She shook her head. "Not yet."

"But your hips are moving. Pushing you down onto the sofa?"

Again, "not yet."

"You know, if I did come home to find you sitting on my desk, it would be the highlight of my day." Valari smiled. Earlier in the day she had seen Caleb's status as "away from my desk' and sent an Instant Message *Sitting naked on your desk Indian-Style* for him to see when he returned. "And if I did find you like that I'd push you back gently, not saying a word. Never saying a word. I'd spread your legs and step between them."

Valari's eyes drifted closed, the image Caleb was detailing playing out in her mind. "And I'd take you right there. Never saying a word. Just using you like you need to be used. Because you do need to be used, don't you, Valari?"

She nodded. "Yes." Her voice was low, but Caleb heard it.

"You're a little slut at heart, aren't you?"

She nodded again. "Yes." She stood, unable to behave any longer. She glanced out toward the street, making sure her parents' van wasn't coming now. She moved to the kitchen, peering through the back door to make sure the garage door was still down.

"What are you doing? I can hear you moving."

"Making sure we're not going to get caught."

Caleb laughed. "You like that, don't you? The thrill of getting caught? We might have to experiment with that sometime. Just not with your parents." He laughed again.

Valari entered her bedroom, leaving the door open so she could hear. She left the light off and moved to her bed. She lay down on her back.

"What are you doing now?"

"I'm undoing my jeans," Valari said as she did it. She pushed her jeans and panties down and tossed them to the floor beside her neatly made bed. She held the phone between her shoulder and ear and unbuttoned her shirt, removing it and her bra.

"Good girl," Caleb said. "Now lay back." Valari did as she was told. "Are your legs spread wide for me?" Valari shook her head and described how her legs were-pressed together and leaning toward the wall.

Caleb made a pleased sound. "So shy about your arousal."

"I'm sorry," Valari whispered.

Caleb laughed. "Don't be sorry. Just spread your legs. Slide your hand down. Feel your clit for me." Valari obeyed, her legs parting and sliding down. Her fingers parted the lips of her labia, her index finger sliding over the tip of her clitoris. She was surprised by how wet she was already. She couldn't remember a time she had been soaked as she was now. Her eyes fluttered shut as she sighed into the phone.

"What's Valari doing? Is she being a good little slut for me?" His voice was deeper, lower now. She nodded and murmured a "yes" even though she was certain he wouldn't hear it.

"Answer me, Valari. Where's your hand now?"

Her mouth was dry. She tried to swallow. "At my cunt," she said.

She could hear Caleb's smile. "Good girl," he said. She let out a noise that was halfway between a moan and a whimper. She liked the way he said that. "Would you like Caleb's fingers there? Nice and strong. Long."

Valari's fingers slid through her wetness, sinking into her. She gasped as she pressed her fingers deeper. Normally she only played with the hard nub of flesh. It had been quite a while since she had anything inside.

"Good girl, Valari," Caleb said. "Think of my watching you. You thought you were all alone but I returned early. Found you on my bed. And just stood there watching you. Pulling out my rock hard cock. Pumping it while I watch your fingers slide in and out of your cunt. Your dripping cunt. You hand getting nice and slick."

Caleb moaned, another soft sound. She focused on the wet noises coming from between her legs. A day before she would of thought the noises disgusting, would have turned on the television to drown them out. But now it seemed like they needed to be there. The sounds were a part of this too.

Her fingers began working a little faster, in and out, when she heard Caleb groan. "God, you make me so hard, Valari," he said. "The thought of you there, doing this for me, trusting me enough for this-Move your hand back to your clit. Pinch it." Valari did as she was told. A small gasp escaped her lips.

"No, not like that. That's not how a slut's clit is treated." Valari pinched harder, Caleb's hard strong voice skirting through her brain. "Use your nails," he said. "Like they're my teeth." Valari yelped as her fingernails sunk into the tender flesh. "Biting you. Pulling." Her fingers tugged her clit hard. She yelped again, a deeply pleased moan. "Such a good little fucktoy you'll make me someday, Valari."

She had never thought she would enjoy being called such a harsh thing, but it sent her fingers working faster, harder. The wet sounds grew louder.

"My tender young fuckmeat," Caleb crooned in her ear. "Would you like that? You need to be my slut, don't you?" Valari moaned an affirmation. "You need to please me. Let me use you however I will. Isn't that right, fucktoy?"

Valari cried out in answer, her hips twisting, thrusting upwards. Her mouth was open, dry as if all of her fluid had flowed to the center of her body. Her fingers worked faster still, pressing harder. Slicing through her folds as they mashed down against her rigid clit.

Caleb growled in her ear. "Do it, Valari. Come for me like a good little slut."

Her soft moans grew louder when Caleb announced that he was about there. Her fingers pressed harder, pointing downward to let her nails aid in the assault. Caleb moaned her name, his voice jerky, and Valari knew he was coming for her. The thought that she-she mousy bookworm that she was-had had a hand in making a man climax made her own orgasm even more intense.

Her head bore down hard into her pillows as her entire body arched. Her legs pressed further apart and she was all too aware of the vain grasping occurring deep within her. She wanted desperately to plunge a hand into the wetness, give it something to spasm around. But that would mean either abandoning her clit or dropping the phone and she was not prepared to do either.

"Do it, Valari. Keep going," Caleb coached.

Valari's body jerked, spasmed. She gave a long low moan as the whole of her tension left her. Her right hand jumped away, resting on her thigh. As usual, she was way too sensitive to continue right after an orgasm.

Caleb groaned and Valari could hear his smile. "You told me you were quiet," he said, "but I still got to hear you. Thank you."

Valari purred softly. Her knees came up, pressed together. They swayed back and forth, squishing her wetness while her hand toyed idly with her Mound of Venus. "Thank you" she said.

"You're welcome." His voice grew a tad serious. "How are you feeling?"

"Wonderful," she said. "I don't want to move. I'm afraid that if I do, I'll loose this feeling."

Caleb chuckled. "Oh really?"

"Really." Valari nodded. She brought her hand up and smile at it. It was coated with a mixture of clear and white where it had gathered most, and wrinkled as if she had left it in a sink too long. She licked her fingers dry, then draped her arm across her forehead. She sighed happily.

"What are you doing now? Where is your hand?" Valari told him. "Where's the other?"

Valari laughed. "Holding the phone."

Caleb laughed with her. "Brat."

Valari's smile grew as she slid off of the bed. She stepped into the bathroom beside her room and turned on the faucet.

"What's the water I hear? Are you washing your hands?"

"Yes. My fingers are still all sticky."

Caleb made a pouty growl. "I wasn't done with you just yet." Valari's hand froze under the stream of cold water. She glanced at herself in the mirror, strangely excited by her own reflection. The wicked grin, flushed breasts, didn't seem to belong to her. The matted curls weren't owned by the college sophomore who spent most of her free time hiding in the library stacks. The wanton girl staring back at her didn't waste her time with the printed word.

She liked the look of this new girl.

"Get back on the bed," Caleb said.

"Yes." Valari hurried back to her room.

"Sir," he corrected. "Yes, sir."

Valari nodded as she sunk against the multihued bedspread. "Yes, sir."

"Good girl. Now, remember I told you I was going to push you some each time? That's part of your training, right?" She nodded again, her hand shaking a little against her raised knee.

"Spread your legs." Valari obeyed, her eyes closing slowly. "Play with your clit for me. You didn't clean up did you? You're still wet?"

"Yes, sir."

Caleb moaned his approval. "Excellent. Now, finger your sweet unused cunt. Two fingers. Deep." His voice was gentle now, no longer the barking driver who had christened her his fucktoy. "Get them very wet, Valari."

She did, stroking her fingers slowly in and out of her, curving them to hit her favorite spot.

"Now stop fingering, Valari." A few more times in and out and Valari obeyed. "Slide your fingers back, away from your cunt. Get your hole nice and wet."

Valari whimpered but her brain was incapable of telling her fingers to stop. Though they were on opposite ends of the country, she was totally at Caleb's mercy-or lack thereof. "Caleb, please," she whispered. "I can't."

"You can. Just stay relaxed." His don't didn't change from that of a caring coach. "Just relax. Valari tried to obey. She took a deep breath and spread her wetness around her starred hole.

"Good girl," he whispered. "Now, get another finger wet. Extremely." Valari obeyed, sinking her finger deep. She curved it, trying to scoop out some of her slickness. "You know what I'm going to say next, don't you? You know because you're a good girl and good girls anticipate what their master is going to ask of them."

Valari made a little moan. Part of her had been hoping that Caleb would hear her apprehension and not make her go through with this. Another part of her knew he would take no such pity on her.

"Relax, Valari," he said again. "Take a deep breath. Let me here it, baby." Valari obeyed. "Good girl. Now press. Press your finger into you ass, baby."

Valari whimpered but still found herself unable to stop. She concentrated on making her body relax as she pressed against her hole. She but her bottom lip as her finger dressed deeper into the tightness. Caleb made a pleased sound when he heard her.

"I'm stroking myself again," he whispered. "Just imagining you doing something you've never tried before. Knowing you're doing it all for me. My good little slut." He groaned again and Valari's finger sunk deeper.

"You like that, slut? Does it feel good in your ass?" Valari whispered that it did, her stomach churning at the thought of being untruthful with him. "Pump your finger. Nice and slow." Valari obeyed. Each time she pulled out, her finger was sucked back in. Like her body wanted, needed the finger there. Her brow furrowed as she concentrated on the new sensations. She had been aroused by the idea of doing something so new, so taboo to her naïve mind, but now that the initial surprise had worn off she found it a little unsatisfying.

"You'll like having my cock there, wouldn't you?" Caleb asked. Valari's fingers moved back to her clitoris. She didn't imagine the feeling would be very pleasurable, but her enjoyment would be derived from his, so she nodded.

"Yes." Her fingers danced across her clit, her pinky and thumb holding her lips open, pressing them down. Caleb groaned into the phone, sending Valari's fingers working harder, pressing her clit back into its hood. They came in relatively in the same instant this time. Caleb called her name thrice, Valari answering each with a moan or cry louder that the first.

For a few moments the only sounds were of their ragged, pleased sighs. Valari laughed a little. "Oh my God," she said.

"What? What's wrong?" Caleb asked.

Valari smiled and closed her eyes. "Nothing. I just can't believe I'm naked on my bed in the middle of the afternoon. I can't believe I just did this with a guy all the way out in California."

She could hear Caleb's smile. "I hope you wouldn't be opposed to doing it again some time soon?"

Valari shook her head. "I would so not be opposed to it."

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