Heels and Honey


I pushed the buzzer and waited in the doorway. "Yes?" came a soft, tentative voice through the tinny speaker.

"Delia," I said rather sharply, "It's your Aunt Penny to visit you."

"Oh, dear, Aunt Penny." I could hear the fluster in my niece's voice. Then silence.

I waited a beat or two. Nothing. "Well, Delia, may I come up?" I asked with a slight edge.

"Oh, oh, yes...yes of course." Then the buzzer chirped and I grabbed the handle and let myself in to Delia's building. For once, the elevator was waiting open and empty. I rode up to her floor and knocked at the door. I could hear hurried footsteps and dashing about on carpeted floors behind the door. I waited. And waited. I knocked again. And the door flew open with no one there to greet me.

"Come in!" Delia's voice was flustered but my hostess was invisible.

I strode in and the door swung shut behind me. Delia was standing in the space that had been protected by the open door. She was naked save for a black velvet thong panty and extremely high heeled shoes. My niece looked flustered and she gave me a sheepish smile. "Sorry, Aunt Penny. I was, uh, in the middle of something."

I gave her a withering gaze from head to high heels. "Yes, so I see."

She gave a weak and unconvincing smile of greeting. I knew my niece well and she was famously skittish about meeting people – even me.

"Are you alone, dear?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, Aunt Penny. I was just....well, you know..." And she glanced down the length of her own semi-nude body.

"Hmmm, yes, I think I know." I said, appraising her form.

She jumped into the embarrassed hostess role and quickly moved to take off my long coat. I let her guide it off my shoulders and arms and she gasped. I was wearing my cheetah print sarong cut high on my thigh with fishnet tights and black pumps.

"Oh, Aunt Penny! Animal print. You know I like that." She purred.

"And you look lovely too, my dear." I said, drinking in her beautiful face and golden skin.

She quickly kissed me on the cheek and sashayed my coat to drape over a chair. "Actually," she said, "I was just thinking about you."

"Perfect, my dear, because I was thinking of you also...and I decided to pay you a visit." I had to keep from smacking my lips at the sight of Delia in her thong and high heels because this was exactly the mental image I had of her when I awoke this morning and began plotting my surprise visit to my sometimes evil pixie of a niece.

We stood about ten feet apart from each other, both of us giving the other the long, slow, once-over, with hot eyes and quickened breath. "Shall we retire to my...bed-chamber?" Delia asked in a hush with smoky eyes.

"No." I composed myself quickly. "Let's have a drink and chat." I smiled. "There's time for that later."

Delia seemed to come out of her over-heated trance and straightened up. "Yes, let's linger a bit....my dear Aunt Penny." And she went to the small bar and began putting up glasses and mixing two drinks. I must admit that my knees went weak to watch her shake the cocktails in her thong with her meaty ass cheeks quaking and watching her struggle to maintain balance in the ridiculously tall high heels.

She brought the drink over to me, seductively walking like a model, with one foot in front of the other, her hips rotating wildly with the exaggerated movement. "Here's to us." We both said simultaneously as we clinked the delicate stemware. Our eyes never left each other's.

The drink was nice. Strong. The way she always makes them for me. Our glasses both had heavy lipstick smears on the rim. I saw Delia shiver as the liquor glided into her. She looked down and smiled. Her face was already flushed. Was it the drink? Was it my presence? Was it the thought of what would be soon to come for us both?

"Niece, I must ask you: why are you dressed so provocatively if you weren't expecting me?

She looked up, her eyes as big as saucers. "Oh, Aunt Penny, I just bought these new panties and heels and I was looking at myself in the mirror when you rang."

"Ah, I see." I said sipping the drink. "Are you pleased with your purchases?"

Delia took a slow sip at her drink, looked up at me over her glass and said, "It's terrible to say this, but, yes, I am very pleased with the way I look tonight."

"Pride," I said, "is one of the seven deadly sins, my sweet niece."

"Will I be punished, Aunt Penny?"

"Perhaps you will be punished. Perhaps you will be rewarded." I answered.

Delia shook her dark hair and whispered to herself, "Oh, dear me."

I smiled sweetly to put her back at ease. "Why don't you give me a little show and tell, darling? You know I like to see you model for me."

Her face gleamed. "Really? You'd like me to model for you?"

I stepped up to her, put the flat of my palm on her soft cheek and said "Delia, have I ever hidden my feelings for you?"

Delia looked sheepish. "No." She glanced up at me from beneath her eyelashes and smiled coyly.

I kissed her quickly on the tip of her nose. "Go ahead, twirl, and let me see you, darling."

She walked to the center of her living room, again employing the hip swaying swagger of the catwalk. There was a newfound confidence in Delia as she unselfconsciously ran through a series of pinup girl poses for me, complete with eroticized pouting facial expressions, and a generous amount of postures designed to show off her gorgeous ass framed by the new thong panty. Her rakish high heeled pumps were extremely pointy-toed and every muscle in her leg from ankle to thigh was straining to maintain balance which created a very pleasing visual image. With her radiant dark hair swaying, her kittenish face, and all that flawless skin on display, my niece Delia was an erotic dream come to life before me.

"Bravo, my dear." I said and gave a polite, ladylike clap for her performance. "I must say that your bottom seems to have, uh, developed since the last time I saw you."

Delia giggled. "Yes, I think my ass is getting bigger and bigger."

I strolled over to her and kissed her – softly at first, but then passion overtook us. I patted her soft rump and said "I think it's a lovely, lovely bottom, my dear."

The young thing smiled devilishly and slipped her palm between my fishnetted thighs. I slapped her across the face, not so hard, I thought, but Delia tottered backward and lost her balance on the high heels. She spilled to the floor in a tangle of naked arms and legs. She turned her face and looked at me over her shoulder, her hair spilling across her face blocking her sight.

I descended onto her and tried to pin her arms and subdue her kicking legs. She fought with a surprising strength to keep her freedom but I had a considerable weight advantage and she was soon pinned beneath me. Delia was breathing hard, trying to puff her bangs off her face, still tensing her limbs under my overpowering strength.

"Damn it, Aunt Penny, you're too strong for me." She gasped.

I was only slightly winded from our struggle but my bosom was beginning to spill out of the animal print sarong. I had my haunches right on top of Delia's velvet-pantied crotch and I could feel the stirring of her involuntary excitement there. I rolled my hips on top of her sweet mound.

She looked up at me between her bangs and moaned a little. She was no longer fighting my hold on her. In fact, she curled her wrist so that she could caress my hands where I held her down. "C'mon, Aunt Penny, give me a little kiss, please?" she whispered.

I lowered my face to hers and nibbled her lips, let our tongues play together and kissed her slowly, deeply, passionately. Delia's mouth was warm – almost feverish – as we kissed. The poor thing had overheated herself with her new thong and high heels. I smiled to myself even as I rolled my tongue around in her hot mouth. Delia was moaning and I could feel her grinding her crotch into my hind quarters where I had my weight concentrated on her. I had to admit that it felt good to have that stiffness pointing between my ass cheeks as we soul kissed for a long time on her hard floor.

I pulled my mouth from hers. Delia looked dazed. "You're not very ladylike, dear." I said.

"No, I suppose I'm a bad girl." She said as she poked her least feminine body part into my soft behind.

"Are you trying to fuck me?" I asked teasingly,

Delia gave a small wink and said "Yes, my sweet Aunt. Your animal print sarong is making me horny"

There was really nothing else to do in the face of such insolence but slap the poor dear, which I did. That took the smirk off her face in a hurry. Delia opened her mouth to speak but I cut her off. "No, my dear niece, I have something else in mind for you tonight."

I relinquished my grip on her and lifted myself off her lithe body (with some reluctance I might add to myself). I walked over to where I lay my large handbag and removed a jar. I walked back to the sweet young semi-nude girl and showed her what I held in my hand. It was a 10 oz. jar of golden honey. Delia smiled up at me. I unscrewed the cap of the jar and the seal popped with a pleasant sound of freshness.

Holding the opened jar in my hand I said "Stand up and remove your panties, Delia."

She gingerly got to her feet in the unstable high heels and sexily scooched her thong panties down her hips, thighs, and shook them off her ankles, stepping carefully out of them one foot at a time. If Delia was a gorgeous sight in the panties, then words can't quite describe the pleasure it gave me to see her out of those same panties. For a slim and feminine little thing, my niece had a very handsome, sturdy and girth-some tool dangling between her thighs. She also possessed a set of balls that made my heart quicken with their appearance before me.

I got on my knees and placed the open jar of honey on the floor between her high heeled shoes. Looking up at her, I said "Dip your balls in the honey jar, my dear."

"Oh, Aunt Penny, you are devious!" she squealed with delight. Delia then slowly lowered herself in a squat so that her smooth dangling ballsac hovered over the wide mouth of the honey jar. Then with a precisely measured movement, she dipped her balls millimeter by millimeter into the sweet stickiness of the golden honey. I could see her lovely little twin globes displace the gooey honey so that it spilled out over the top of the jar as they sank into the nectar.

"Now pull them out of the honey and feed them to me, my sweetheart." I said as I assumed a reclining posture on the floor in front of her.

Delia got herself positioned over me and lowered her honey dripping ballsac to my waiting lips. I had a view that rivaled anything of loveliness ever created in this universe. Delia's golden coated balls were like plums in a kidskin wrapper of sticky, sweet, natural honey. The drippings covered my nose and chin as I awaited the ultimate pleasure of tasting them. At last, I opened my mouth and sucked first one ball, then the other, between my lips. I ran my tongue over each of those lovely orbs tasting the sweetness and enjoying the soft texture of my niece's generous scrotum.

Delia was moaning softly as I took my pleasure beneath her. As I sucked those golden balls, I delighted in watching the lengthy protuberance of her cock twitch and jump with the involuntary excitement brought on by my attentions to her dangling ball bags.

"Enough, my sweet niece" I said as I licked the final taste of honey from her delicious balls. "Assume the position you know so well." I commanded to the sweet young thing.

Delia scrambled to her knees, her ass high in the air. I regained my position as the topmost part of our twosome. I found the honey jar and dipped two fingers in it to coat them with the golden nectar...then smeared them in the cleavage between Delia's fulsome as cheeks. I took the liberty of inserting my fingers in her tight asshole, lubed with the sticky honey. My niece sighed, groaned, and finally yelped as I probed her nether area. "Open wide, my sweet." I said to the young Goddess before me.

She widened the gap of her knees, pushed out her sweet, bodacious assmeat and sighed out loud. "Is this sufficient, Aunt Penny?"

I examined her posture and the open darkness that she had spread before me. I gulped and tried to retain some semblance of dominance as I drank in her gorgeous ass displayed as I wanted it. 'Yeah, yeah, that's good, Dee." My descent into vernacular was indication enough of my desire. Just for good measure, I dipped my hand into the honey jar and spread more goo across her secret opening, leaving the excess to drip down to her balls and the floor as I stealthily stroked myself under my animal print sarong and fishnet tights. And then I pushed my tongue against that tiny little circle of joy that sat deep in the crevice of Delia's derriere. The honey made her ass even sweeter than usual and I licked with the desire to crawl right inside my niece and become her from the inside out.

I pushed my face into her ass and devoured her taste. As I did this, I stealthily rolled down my fishnet tights to expose my own un-feminine secret. My cock was rock hard and tender from all this foreplay. When at last I had licked away all the honey from Delia's lovely asshole, I croaked "Get on your back, my dear, get your legs in the air...I'm going to make love to you."

Delia gracefully rolled herself over and raised her bare legs to the ceiling, pointing her high heeled toes like a ballerina. Her eyelids were half drawn close and her thick main of dark hair was sexily strewn around her head and face giving her a demonically sexy appearance. Her dark-glossed lips formed a small "o" and she was breathing deeply, exhaling invisible rings of sweet breath towards me.

I took the honey jar and scooped out a generous dollop of nectar that I smeared into her winking asshole. Then I took another healthy scoop and coated my cock head and shaft, being careful not to lose my jizz right then, so excited was I by the thought of plowing into the sweetheart before me.

Finally, I got myself positioned with my cock brushing Delia's lubricated opening. She crooked her legs over my shoulders and with a little strength I pushed and rolled her back and up a little to really open her up. She moaned in anticipation. So did I. Then I let myself fall forward into her. I could feel the knobby head of my cock gain entrance to my niece's tight ass. She whimpered, sucked air into her lungs, and when I finally buried myself into her, she squealed in such a high pitch that I thought she would break every glass surface in her apartment.

I knew my orgasm would not long be delayed because Delia was simply too sexy, sensuous, and tight for me to withstand this much sensory overload. I mounted a fast and furious assault on the poor girl beneath me. Her ass gripped my cock so tight I had to strain to plunge deeper and then retreat, plunge and retreat, plunge and retreat...in the mating ritual of lovemaking.

Delia began a whispered chant "Fuck me, Aunt Penny, fuck me Aunt Penny, fuck me, Aunt Penny, fuckmeauntpenny, fuckmeauntpenny......"

My tenderized cock was no match for this hot little ass-queen. I screwed myself deep into her bottom, leaned forward and kissed Delia's hot mouth as I expended my essence into her dark channel. Delia's own cock orgasmed onto her bare tummy, leaving a pool of cloud-colored semen in her navel. Exhausted in equal measure, we collapsed together, smiling, sighing, giggling, cooing in unison.

"Delia...." I said with a sigh.

"Aunt Penny..." she said with a small exhalation.

"I love you" we whispered simultaneously.

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