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Heidi and a Vixen


I was in New York City. It's so not like me, but one of my readers has an aunt who writes and she hooked me up with her editor, and one thing led to another. I was at 'Jack's Wife Freda,' a place lil ole me would never have gotten into if not for my so-called 'fame.' Whatever!

My me is all agog at who is in this place I'd never be without who I was with. And then, I saw her.

The December 2012 cover of 'Forbes Life' featured an article called "Heidi Klum Reboots." I've subscribed to 'Forbes' for a long time and 'Forbes Life' is a bonus of sorts. If you've read my stories you know I'm gay. And if you know anything about Heidi, she's not. She's been married twice and has (I think) four kids.

All I can think of is her. Have you ever seen a picture of someone you admire (dream of) and wonder what they might look like in person ... like close up? Her table wasn't ten feet away.

I'm not someone who would catch your eye ... especially if you're her! But fate, being the bitch she is, saw to it that her eyes and mine made contact. I nearly looked away ... but I thought, for just a blink of a second, that there was something there. No way!! Not her!! Not with me!! I'm ... lordie me, there's no way she would ... and certainly ... no way, not with me!!

But she held my gaze. Honest to god she did!!!

Whatever the largest and loudest drum you can think of ... multiply it by ten and you'll get a bit of the feeling in my chest.

My mind wondered ... Okay, I can at least smile. I did. So did she.

Oh My God!!

I saw her whisper to one of the others at her table. The young blonde rose, looked for me, and smiled. When she was within range, she leaned in and whispered, "Heidi would like to meet you, if that's all right with you."

Lord, let me die happy!!

I looked into her blue eyes, smiled, and nodded. She smiled, took my hand, and led me to paradise. I think!

The amazing brown eyes from the cover of the magazine watched me as I came closer. If I thought my heart was pounding a moment or two ago, I think it might register on whatever it is they use to measure earthquakes. This isn't possible was what floated through my (barely) conscious mind.

A cool hand was extended, the smile was brilliant, and the soft voice said, "Hi, I'm Heidi."

"I think you're amazing. I'm Morgan." Oh lord, let the earth swallow me to avoid further embarrassment.

"Morgan." She smiled. "So what brings you to the city that never sleeps?" Oh lord!

"I kinda, sorta am a writer. Lesbian erotica." Her eyes flickered. No way!! I shrugged. "Someone who follows my stories has an aunt who writes ... and I'm here to talk to her publishers about ... whatever."

Her amazing brown eyes twinkled as I fumbled. "You're popular? Should I know about you?" Oh my gawd.

What do I say? "Heidi, there are so many amazing writers on the site. I have a small but loyal following." I shrugged. "I've only been at this for a little more than a year." Her eyes showed her surprise.

"Well now, you must be pretty darn good to have garnered interest that quickly." She smiled. "What name do you write as?" I blushed and told her.

"How cute! How did you come up with that?" Geez. I told her. I saw her eyes cloud.

"I'm so sorry Morgan." She shook her head. "She must have been really special." Her eyes were laser-like. "Are you sure you're okay?" The best I could hope for was a wan smile. My world was about to change forever!

Her voice was soft, uncertain. "Would you care to share the night with me?" WHAT?

"Heidi, please. You're you. I'm not even ..." She leaned in and kissed me. No!!! She really did.

"I know Morgan. But I really would like you to ... if you would." WHAT?? Really?? I had no idea what to say or do.

"I want you to spend the night with me, Morgan." I looked around. I was beyond petrified that someone would have heard her, taken a picture of us, and that she would wind up in some tabloid tomorrow. She must have seen the fear on my face or in my eyes. She smiled and said, "It's okay. Really it is."

For weeks now I'd stared at that cover of the magazine. Yes she was on the cover but she wasn't looking at me. But here and now, in this moment, that very face, those same brilliant, fabulous eyes, were doing just that. Even her arms were folded in front of her -- like the magazine cover. Not that she'd remember!!

Her cool gaze was enticing and unnerving. Can you understand? Your Vixen, cool as ever, literally said, "Okay."

Her cover girl eyes twinkled. They lifted, blinked, and the entourage moved. I was in a world I knew nothing about. And I knew it was about to get even more ... oh god, I had no idea.

The limo was moving. Heidi sat close and held my hand. Impossible was one of the few cogent thoughts I had. But her gorgeous eyes and radiant smile were real. And captivating. Impossibly so. Was I dreaming? No ... the bumps in the New York streets were real!! And, impossible as it was, her soft lips pressing to mine were as well!!

I think I felt the car stop. I know we walked, hand in hand, to the elevator. Even though there were more than the two of us, she kissed me again. It couldn't be but it was -- urgent, needy.

The door opened. We headed to a doorway. When it opened, she led me down a long corridor. She opened a door. MY GOD!! I'd never seen anything so beautiful. I'd been in hotels but this ... this was ... sigh. Opulent, elegant ... pick a word, this topped it.

I turned to this amazing woman whose eyes registered amusement. I was embarrassed for a moment -- but realized I was just another someone who was seeing things she'd never seen before.

Her voice surprisingly husky, Heidi said, "You like?" Oh my god!!

I turned and took her in my arms. If this was what she wanted then I wanted too!! It can't possibly be but it was!!

I felt the groan deep in her throat. I knew, in that moment, that this was just for us. No one would ever know whatever this night would be. I would never do that to her.

As the kiss deepened I wondered, in the blink that was the moment, who should lead. When she didn't I did. The black blazer was long gone. I unbuttoned the off-white blouse and slid it off her shoulders. Do you ever wonder what she looks like under all that? I'm smiling.

She's gorgeous!!!!

The front clasp bra was gone in a blink.

I saw her eyes look at me.

I thought, 'I'm here. Do whatever you like.'

She did.

My blouse and skirt were gone. It seemed to take a bit longer for her to take my bra and panties off -- but I may be wrong. All I know for sure is we were both naked, bodies pressed together.

She walked us to the gigantic bed.

How 'do' you make love to one of the most gorgeous women in the world?

I'm smiling. Let me tell you how we did.

I was hesitant at first as you can probably imagine. But, at every turn, she let me know she was delighted with every last bit of all that I was doing.

Details? I'm shaking my head. Sorry, but my night with the super model ... shrug.

What I will share is this -- she's every bit a woman. Her body is amazing. Whatever she had done to keep herself fit after giving birth to her children ... I got to see, touch and taste one of the most famous (and gorgeous) women on this planet.

As we made love, I was engaged and detached if that makes sense. Engaged as in, oh my gawd, it was beyond amazing!! I'm old enough to have had my share of lovers and to have been in love!! Detached as in -- there was a little part of me that was outside me, as if looking as an observer. The whole 'holy crap, it's me with Heidi!' Shrug Know what I mean?

Spectacular!! A small smile formed on my face as I write. To this day I still can't believe it really happened -- but it did.

My one night with someone that was a once in a lifetime, can't even be possible but it really happened, dream come true.

There was a fleeting moment that wondered if I'd spend the night. Silly Vixen!! When we'd finally had our fill of each other and recovered a bit, she headed to the bathroom.

I didn't bother wondering if it was over. I was smiling as I dressed.

I will say I thought I saw a blink of surprise when she came out of the bathroom and saw me fully dressed. But she recovered quickly and smiled. I thought of the magazine cover. That cover is nothing like what she gave me.

I melted.

Her voice was warm. "Morgan, I'd hoped you might spend the night." Oh my god! "But you must have a busy day tomorrow with prospective publishers." I'm such an idiot!! She kissed me. No, really she did!! "You're lovely, you're a wonderful lover, and I wish you much success in your career." Oh god! I've been dismissed.

We hugged, kissed, and said our goodbyes. As she walked me to the elevator, she let me know the car would take me wherever I was going.

I turned, looked her in those gorgeous eyes, and said, "Heidi, I saw you on the cover of that magazine. I've always thought you were amazing. Never, ever, in my wildest dreams, would I ever have believed we would have met, let alone spend a night like we have." She moved to shush me. I kissed her fingers and shook my head.

"The world should know the woman I've had a chance to know tonight. You're wonderful!! Thank you. I will never breathe a word of this to anyone!!"

She smiled. "You're a writer Morgan. Go ahead and tell the world about our night together." Her eyes twinkled. "No one will believe it anyway." She winked and kissed me. "I hope you make a mint writing about tonight." The elevator door opened, I let her hand go and stepped inside. She gave a little wave as the door closed.

When the limo brought me back to the hotel and I was in my room, I turned on my computer and wrote. I didn't want a minute to go by and dull the memory of what, to this day, seems too much a fantasy to have been what it was -- real!


Author's Notes: Hmm, what to say. The cover is real, the woman is real, the fantasy is all mine!! She's too gorgeous for words ... and I hope she doesn't take offense to my short escape from the rest of my stories.

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