tagRomanceHeidi and Her Uncle Jake

Heidi and Her Uncle Jake


This story contains no under aged sex whatsoever. The two protagonists meet when she is under aged but do not have any sort of sexual relationship until she is twenty-eight.


He had first met his niece when he was eighteen and she was six. She was the daughter of his half brother; she was a bubbly, active young child with an abundance of energy. He had never had the slightest sexual thoughts about Heidi; he had seen her off and on over the years, less so recently.

He had lived within a couple of hours of his half brother's home for several years and Jake and his ex wife had spent many enjoyable weekends with the family when Heidi was between six and twelve. Heidi had been a skinny and somewhat bratty sixteen year old, but Jake always seemed to bring out the best in her, or so her parents had told him.

Of his brother's three children, his middle child and only girl had always been Jake's favorite. She was the most outgoing and had the brains of the family. At eighteen she had gone off to college and he had lost frequent contact with her as his travels took him to the opposite side of the country. He had missed her; he loved his niece as much as he loved his own two children. In fact, this would be the first time he had seen Heidi in several years, two days before her wedding at twenty-eight.

She was marrying a pleasant, intelligent, if boring young man who was a couple years her senior and worked for the same company that Heidi worked for. As Jake entered his brother's house that fateful morning he was completely unprepared for the stunning young woman before him.

Just shy of forty, Jake looked much younger; few would have guessed that he had two college aged children, a girl twenty and a boy eighteen. At twenty-eight, Heidi was a stunning and compact little brunette. Divorced two years earlier, Jake had not brought a date for the wedding. Had he been able to pick the perfect date, she would have resembled Heidi; he loved brunettes with tight, athletic bodies.

As they hugged as niece and uncle, he felt inappropriate stirrings. Heidi held the embrace longer than he would have thought proper. He couldn't be positive but thought that she might have even pushed her tight young hips against his crotch; she could not have missed the signs of his arousal. Breaking the embrace and fixing his eyes with her own, she gave him an openly flirtatious smile and kissed him gently on the lips...with just the slightest hint of tongue.

As the family sat in the living room catching up and discussing the lavish wedding plans, Jake could not help stealing glances at his young niece. It didn't help that she was wearing a tight tee shirt which provocatively displayed her perfect little B cup tits which quite obviously needed no artificial support. As the soft warm breeze flowed off the ocean through the open doors and windows, her excruciatingly tight shorts perfectly displayed her long tanned legs. When she returned from the kitchen to refill everyone's coffee, Jake was positive that Heidi had intentionally bent over rather than crouching while filling her parents' cups, giving him an alluring view of her tight little butt and the crease of her ass. Jake had crossed his legs several times to disguise his hard cock.

Jake was not staying at his half brother's house but at a quaint little bed and breakfast in the small seaside village a few miles away. This was not remotely a pick-up area; unless Jake got lucky with someone he met at the wedding, which was unlikely, he would return to his well appointed, if small room each night for the next three days and jerk off.

Since his divorce, Jake's sex life had been dismal. When he wasn't with his own two children, he was working. He had moved after the divorce to remove himself from the memories of his life with his former wife. His business had taken off and he devoted far too much time to work. While it paid off handsomely as far as his bank account was concerned, it did little to aid his dwindling social life. Other couples, friends of the formerly married pair, had drifted away.

He was not ready to consider remarriage. He had enjoyed a couple of short term sport fucks over the past two years; as the women in question became more obviously interested in becoming the next Mrs. Jake, he broke off the relationships quickly. He was horny; he was also lonely, at times. Jake had enjoyed being married. He and his former wife had stayed together far too long, primarily because Jake enjoyed the world of marriage and for the sake of the children. Fortunately, Jake and his ex had reconciled their differences and had an amiable relationship. She had remarried; the new husband was a kind and caring man and she seemed very happy.

Sex had never been the issue with his first wife; they were almost perfectly compatible in the sack. They had married too young, grown in different ways and had discovered that they had little in common other than good sex. A few times when she had brought their children over to his house---both had moved and now lived about and hour apart—they fucked. They had even done so since she had remarried. Susan's new husband was a great provider and a superb step father but not a particularly adventurous sexual creature.

Susan liked to experiment; she had a distinctly kinky side. She liked a little light bondage and even enjoyed distinctly rough sex. She liked a variety of sexual toys and was definitely an exhibitionist. She had a sweet little pussy and Jake new exactly how to get her off with his mouth and hands.

In the latter years of their marriage, Jake and Susan had experimented a lot in a futile attempt to rekindle the spark. When Susan had stopped taking the pill, for heath reasons, and switched to a diaphragm, Jake and Susan had discovered the joys of anal sex. Susan was certainly not the first woman Jake had fucked in the ass, but she was the best. She had been tentative at first but quickly became the perfect anal slut.

While at first they had used the back door to prevent an unwanted pregnancy while fucking on a Caribbean beach, Susan had discovered, to her surprise, that she loved it up the ass---even came to prefer it. She never complained of pain and easily came with little more than Jake's fat prick stroking her rectum. Her ass was hot, tight and buttery and she moved with him as only a woman who appreciates butt fucking can.

Her new husband was, sexually, very conventional. Susan had hinted, but he had not taken the bait, even suggesting that he was put off by anal sex. Needing her still superb little ass invaded occasionally, Susan gave it up to her ex at least once a month. Sometimes Susan and her new husband would be planning a weekend trip and would drop the kids off together.

At least once a month, she came alone. As soon as the two children would run next door to see their new friends, Jake and Susan would be in the bedroom. On these occasions Susan would have already dispensed with panty hose and underwear and would be wearing a sun dress easily pushed out of the way.

Susan loved to be fucked with her clothes and even her shoes on but preferred Jake completely naked. The little minx would quickly slip into the bathroom and prepare her delicious little hole for a good reaming. Few words would be exchanged. Susan would generally kneel at the edge of the bed in a decidedly submissive posture. Jake, already naked and lubing his fat cock would flip up her thin sun dress and begin orally serving her cunt and ass from behind. Susan was very orgasmic and would cum quickly. Leaning over her and whispering in her ear, Jake would say the magic words.

"I'm going to fuck your ass, little girl."

"Yessss...." Susan would hiss.

Having jerked off within an hour of Susan's arrival, Jake would be well prepared for a long, leisurely ass fuck of his former wife....just the way she liked it. Jake had excellent control and beating off in anticipation of his favorite anal princess helped assure his staying power. He would long dick the still attractive thirty-eight year old for almost half an hour. Susan would cum multiple times.

"Now..." Susan would whisper.

Jake would accelerate his pace humping her little shitter balls deep for another couple of minutes, shooting his load deep in her rectum with a howl. Susan would whimper...and cum again. She would turn around and suck the last of his essence and her own sweet ass funk of his deflating cock. They would clean up, exchange a platonic kiss and Susan would be on her way out the door in short order.

So, this was Jake's sex life; a couple of women of marginal sexual ability looking to be his next wife and his monthly butt fuck with his ex.

To his surprise and delight, the suggestion was made that Jake drive Heidi into the village to attend to some last minute pre wedding details. Jake had rented a convertible for the visit in view of the pleasant weather in this upscale seaside area. He opened the door for his niece; he was sure he could see the crease of her delicious little slot prominently displayed by the tight crotch of her tiny shorts. They made several stops in the village. Heidi took his arm on several occasions. Returning to the car after one such stop, she slid over and placed her warm hand on his bare thigh.

"Show me your digs."


"I want to see where mom put you up. I wish you could have stayed at the house...that would have been fun, but they just ran out of room. I want to see where you're staying."

Jake had mixed emotions. At that moment, the vision of Heidi splayed out on his B&B bed with his fat cock shoved inside her hole of choice was dominating his thoughts. She was his niece; she was getting married in two days. Nothing was going to happen.

Jake was wrong. As soon as they arrived at the room, Heidi excused herself to use the facilities. A few moments later she came out of the bathroom...naked as the day she was born. Standing on her tip toes, she began to caress his mouth with her supple young lips, while feverously undoing the belt and fly of his shorts. She had his cock in her small hands in seconds. She had his cock in her warm little mouth soon after. The sheer shock and awe brought Jake to a quick orgasm. Returning to her feet, Heidi shared the fruits of her labors with him in a deep probing kiss.

"Fuck me, Uncle Jake. Fuck me now." Heidi said, bending over and fingering her delightful little cunt with her fingers. "Fuck my pussy. I've wanted you to do me forever. You can have my ass, too, if you like...I certainly do, but please fuck my pussy now."

Wordlessly Jake pushed Heidi on to the bed; rolling her over and bending her soft thighs against her perfect little tits; he entered her quickly. Heidi gasped and smiled. Their lips locked. Having jerked off a few hours earlier and most recently shooting a load in Heidi's sweet mouth, Jake knew that Heidi's tightly trimmed little cunt was in for a serious and prolonged fucking.

They fucked for over half an hour; Heidi came several times. Finally, flipping her over on her knees, Jake worked on his own orgasm, fingering her little anal orifice as he jammed his thick tool in and out of his beautiful young niece. She was, he thought, a perfect fuck, rolling her hips in perfect coordination with his deep thrusts. Maybe they could run away to a foreign country...today. He never again wanted to fuck another woman; it just couldn't get any better than this. He would have been startled to discover that his niece was having exactly the same thoughts.

He came, long and hard, screaming and finally whimpering.

"Oh my God." Heidi whispered. "That was so unbelievable. I mean, I'm certainly not inexperienced, but that was the best...the best ever..."

"I agree." Jake said, wistfully. "You are perfect, so absolutely perfect. Oh fuck, what are we doing here?"

Heidi kissed him softly while gentling caressing his still serviceable cock. "I've dreamed of you fucking me for over a decade. Hell, I even used to dream of marrying you...having babies with you. I had to know before the wedding what it would be like. It unquestionably exceeded my wildest expectations."

At that very moment, Heidi's cell phone rang. It was her dad.

"Sure dad, we'll be back in twenty minutes. Uncle Jake needed to pick up something at his hotel. See ya!"

The two new lovers scrambled to clean off the tell tale cum tracks and dress. They were quiet for the first few minutes in the car.

"If I wasn't your niece, or half niece or, what ever, would you..."

"Fall in love with you? Want to marry you, put a baby or two in your belly? Hell yes."

"Oh, shit. Life is so damned unfair. You must know I've loved you for longer than I can remember. And then, today, it was like the icing on the cake."

They fell silent as they drove up the long driveway to her parent's house.

After more family things, Jake departed to his B&B to clean up and prepare for dinner. Several friends of the family had planned lavish dinner parties around town. Tonight there was also to be a bachelor party for the groom and the bride to be and her friends and bridesmaids would be going out on the town for one last howl. Throughout the formal dinner, Jake had difficulty keeping his eyes off his lover. She too exchange glances with him on several occasions.

Jake departed the bachelor party after dinner; following the formalities the event took on a typically bawdy air. Completely sober, and unlikely to score at a bachelor party, Jim drove back to his room alone. Score...there was only one woman in the world at that moment he wanted to make love with—and she was marrying someone else in less than twenty-four hours.

Jake drifted off to sleep with visions of Heidi clouding his brain. These weren't sexual visions but more accurately visions of a future that could never be. Two lovers cuddling in front of a crackling fire, watching their babies grow up together. He softly cried himself to sleep, awakened a little after two in the morning by a soft tapping on his door. It was Heidi.

She quickly fell into his arms kissing and fondling him with a heightened urgency.

"Make love to me Jake. We've got a few short hours together. We'll never have this chance again. I'll be married in a few hours...then it will be too late...we can't ever..."

Jake silenced her words with his mouth and carried the love of his life to the bed.

It was like magic for both of them as they explored each other like two teenagers discovering one another for the first time. It was certainly astounding sex but it was so much more as, exhausted, they fell asleep in each others arms exchanging the tears of a love that would end at sun rise and could never mature. As Heidi slipped out the door that morning, neither could deny the truth.

"I love you." They both whispered in unison, breaking what would have to be the last lover's embrace of their lives.

There was a special breakfast for friends and family a few hours later, again hosted by friends of the family. For the first time, Jake had an opportunity to chat with his half brother, several years his senior.

"She's a pretty special young lady." Jake's brother mused, guiding Jake away from the crowd, seemingly wanting to talk.

"Jake, you and I have always been close. I need to tell you something---and it has to stay between the two of us."

Jake's half brother paused. "Right after our first son was born, Sindi and I had some problems. I was just getting started with my company and was working a lot of long hours. We drifted apart; we both started drinking too much. We both ended up having affairs---I had one with my secretary, Sindi had one, of all things, with her pastor. Sindi got pregnant. It was during a time when she and I were not having sex. We confessed everything, got some counseling, stopped drinking and have had a wonderful life together for the last twenty-eight years. Heidi is not my biological daughter. It's not just suspicion, her blood type is wrong. She doesn't know. I wanted to tell her once she became twenty-one but I never did. What would you do?"

Jake wanted to say, tell her right now; send this interloping groom-to-be back where he came from and I'll marry my niece who isn't even my half niece this evening and spend the rest of my life making her the happiest woman in the world.

"You need to tell her, Fred, but today is probably not the day. There's a wedding and then a honeymoon to follow. When the newlyweds get back, you need to sit down and tell her."

Jake wanted to go farther; he and his brother were close and had shared many secrets---although Fred had certainly not shared the most important one that might well have drastically changed events. Fuck...life was so damned unfair.

"You're right. I'll do it after they get back and move."


"Yea, they're both being transferred to a new city---your city, as a matter of fact."

"Heidi and what's-his-name are moving to my home town?" Jake asked, trying to conceal his reaction.

"His name's Paul...nice kid, but a little dull. They've already bought a home up there, not far from where you live. We'll all get to reconnect and see each other a lot more often."

The rest of the day was a flurry of activity, culminating in a grand and massive wedding followed by a reception which easily a thousand people attended. Jake kissed the bride; he held her in his arms and danced with her. He focused every fiber of his mind and body on not falling apart. As he watched them drive off to their new life together his urge to be in a crowd vanished. He slipped out a door and returned to his lonely B&B.

Later the following day as he opened the door to his own home many miles away, he was a broken man. He would recover; he always did but at the moment he just wanted to pour himself a stiff drink and cry himself to sleep.

Almost a month later, Heidi called him, ostensibly to invite him to a house warming party. She and her new husband lived less than ten minutes away. Jake had avoided contact; he simply couldn't deal with it.

"Have you talked to your father?" Jake asked.

"No, there just hasn't been time. I know he has something on his mind. He's coming up a couple of days early and wants to have lunch with me. So, will be see you on Saturday?"

"I wouldn't miss it." Jake replied.

The day before the party, Fred showed up at Jake's door with sadness in his eyes. "Got a minute?"

"Sure. You told her, didn't you?"

"Yea, and it didn't go well. She seemed devastated, angry and hurt. She actually told me she shouldn't have married Paul; she likes him, respects him, they're good friends---but she isn't, 'in love' with him. Pour me a drink---a little one---I don't really drink much anymore. Sindi hasn't had a drink in years but she is an alcoholic so I never drink around her. I'm confused."

Jake poured his half brother a drink. It was time.

"Fred, Heidi and I made love together two days before the wedding and the morning of the wedding. Nothing inappropriate ever happened before. I didn't take advantage of her---if anything she took advantage of me, but I wanted it to happen. I've always had a special place in my heart for her---as a niece. She's had a crush on my since she was a teen---I had no idea. Bluntly, if she wasn't married to someone else...oh, shit...I love her, as a woman, not a little girl...and sadly, she feels the same way. If you had told her before the wedding, she would have broken it off. I couldn't let that happen...although deep inside, I wanted it to. It's over now. It will all work out for the best. Don't hate me."

Fred was speechless for several minutes. "Oh, shit."

"My thoughts exactly. Look. We all make mistakes. We all need to just get on with life."

After Fred left, Jake considered faking illness and avoiding the house warming party. His desire to see the woman he loved---another man's wife---was too powerful.

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