tagBDSMHeidi and The Kaiser Ch. 01

Heidi and The Kaiser Ch. 01


Heidi would do anything. That's what they all said.

She was little more than a glorified go-fer, anyway, running across town to fetch props for the shoot and two dozen hot coffees, or lugging cameras and equipment and trudging after the photographer. There was also making sure the models had exactly what they wanted, when they wanted, and how they wanted it. That was the worst part of the job.

"I said half caf decaf mocha latte!"

Heidi ducked as the tall, nude figure threw the full coffee towards the wastebasket but missed, the cup tipping over and leaking out onto the floor.

"I'm sorry," Heidi apologized, kneeling to mop up the mess.

"Forget it." The woman snorted—Heidi thought the tall blonde's name was Daniella—waving her off. "Maggie!"

A short, pudgy woman hurried in from the front of the trailer. "I'm sorry, sweetie, Chloe was having problems with her straps."

Heidi slipped out of the trailer, leaving one of the coffee trays for the girls and took the other, going to find the crew.

"Argh! This is a latte!" Ty grimaced, handing it back to her and waving her off. "Not mine."

"I'm sorry," Heidi apologized again, knowing that she couldn't fix her mistake now unless she got back into the car and trekked the three miles to Starbucks.

Lenny, one of the crew, looked over from where he was setting up the tripod. "Ty, we'd better get the girls out here while the light is good. Where is the artist? Wasn't she supposed to be here by five?"

Lenny came over and grabbed a coffee, smiling at her and winking. "Black. I'm easy, baby."

She smiled back, her eyes dropping to the sand. Her watch said it was 5:32 a.m. and the sun was just coming up over the horizon.

"Do you want me to get the girls?" Heidi asked with a sigh, glancing back at the trailer where the models were changing.

"Fucking Kaiser's coming out here," Ty murmured, fiddling with his camera. "I hate shoots when he shows up."

Heidi's eyes widened and she looked between them. "The Kaiser? Warren Kaiser?"

"Speak of the devil," Lenny murmured, pointing over Heidi's shoulder with his eyes.

Ty sighed, fumbling his camera, but not looking back. "Shit."

"He likes the swimsuit shoots," Lenny whispered to her as he passed.

"Gentlemen!" Warren Kaiser looked as out of place on a morning beach in his suit and tie as a poodle in the pound. "Let's start the engines, shall we?"

He strode toward them swinging a finely crafted cane than sank into the sand as he walked. He dug the point of it in when he stopped short, leaning on it and crossing one foot in front of the other.

"I'll go get the girls," Heidi murmured, avoiding the tall man's eyes as she moved carefully around him, noticing the exposed bottom of his shoe as she passed.

"Testoni!" Heidi gasped, staring at the feather images hot-stamped into the soles.

The man was standing on the beach, unmindful of the sand that the toe of his fifteen-hundred-dollar shoe was resting in.

"God bless you!" Lenny snorted.

"Good eye." The voice drew her gaze up and she saw the man with the cane and the salt and pepper hair looking curiously down at her. His eyes were dark and questioning.

Lenny nudged Heidi's shoulder with his. "The girls—Daniella."

"Going," she mumbled.

Normally they set up the portable beach cabanas, but this was going to be a five day shoot, and there would be different models every day, so Kaiser had sprung for a trailer.

Inside, there was a flurry of activity, girls everywhere in various states of undress, the costume women tucking and folding and taping.

"Daniella?" Heidi asked, looking for the tall blonde in the midst of bodies.

"She's in the bathroom!" one of the girls said, holding her arms above her head, her breasts bare, as one of the costumers taped them together.

"Daniella?" Heidi asked, knocking on the door. No one answered, but she heard the distinct sounds of vomiting. She knocked again. Nothing.

Making her way back through the flutter of activity, she discovered outside that Lenny had found a chair for Mr. Kaiser. He sat, his cane propped against the arm, his hands folded over his chest and his legs stretched out, his fifteen-hundred dollar Italian shoes crossed in the sand.

"Lenny," she whispered, motioning to him. "I think Daniella's got the stomach flu. She's in the bathroom throwing up."

"That's not the flu!" He laughed, rolling his eyes. "That's Dunkin Donuts reversing gears!"

"Oh." Heidi flushed, noticing Mr. Kaiser watching them, smiling at her naiveté, his head cocked in her direction.

"Heidi, come here!" Ty called. He was looking through his camera towards the surf.

"I'll get her," Lenny said, nudging Heidi toward the photographer as he headed for the trailer.

Heidi waited patiently while Ty fiddled with the camera. He glanced over at her, frowning, eyeing her up and down.

He pointed. "See that towel out there?"

She nodded, shifting uncomfortably. Mr. Kaiser was still watching them and his eyes on her made her feel too small in her skin.

"Go stand on it," he said, looking through the camera again. "I need to get a reading, and I can't do it without a subject."

Heidi trotted obediently out to stand on the towel. From this angle, she could see Mr. Kaiser looking at her, tilting his head to the side so he could see around Ty standing at the tripod.

"Hey!" Ty called, looking over the camera at her. "Take off your top."

"What?" she whispered, knowing he couldn't hear her.

"Come on!" He waved his hand impatiently, looking through the camera again. "Let's go!"

Heidi glanced at Mr. Kaiser, who was leaning a little further now around Ty as she crossed her hands in front of her and grabbed the edge of her t-shirt, wishing she had actually put on a bra this morning.

She held her t-shirt modstly in front of her breasts, feeling the heat of her blush and found herself staring at the tips of Mr. Kaiser's shoes. She could feel his eyes on her, anyway, like a heat.

"More skin!" Ty called.

She glanced toward the trailer, hoping to see Daniella and Lenny magically appear, but no such luck. Biting her lip and taking a deep breath, she dropped her arms to her sides, exposing herself. Her nipples immediately hardened in the breeze. She watched Mr. Kaiser adjust in his seat, uncrossing and re-crossing his legs at the ankles.

"Thanks!" Ty waved her in. "Got it!"

Pulling her shirt back over her head and willing the flush out of her cheeks, she walked toward the photographer.

"You didn't take any pictures, did you?" Heidi asked, watching Ty as he looked through the camera and then out to the horizon again.

He snorted. "Of you?"

Her blush deepened as the trailer door banged open behind them and Daniella pushed Lenny out onto the sand.

"Fucking pervert," she hissed, weaving around him. "Next time, send in Miss Cauliflower for Brains—at least she's a girl."

Lenny was laughing as he brushed himself off and one of the other girls grabbed the trailer door and shut it.

"Let's get this show on the road," Daniella said, flouncing past Ty. "Where do you want me?"

"It's already been quite a show," Mr. Kaiser remarked, putting his hands behind his head and glancing over at Heidi.

"Mr. Kaiser!" In an instant, the model's voice was thick with sweetness and now Heidi felt like she needed to go do a food-reversal.

"Heidi, can you help me?" It was Maggie, sticking her head out the trailer door.

"Lenny, find out where that damned artist is!" Ty called, waving Daniella toward the towel.

Heidi saw Lenny dig his cell phone out of his pocket, but it wasn't long before the henna artist showed up to start painting the girls. She was a dark-haired woman, all soft curves and long legs, and dark blue-black hair that hung to her waist. Heidi watched, fascinated, as she painted patterns over each girl's skin, sealing the henna with some sort of glittery paint before sending them on their way.

Daniella came back in to get hers, and complained the whole time about having to hold still. Heidi had to run to the refrigerator to get her an Evian twice, but she didn't mind sitting in the cool trailer and watching. Lenny and Ty didn't seem to be missing her, although she knew that with all the girls out on the beach, she should probably go out there, too.

"Do you want one?" the black-haired woman asked after Daniella left, turning her coal-black eyes to Heidi as she cleaned her syringe.

"Me?" Heidi glanced toward the door, biting her lip, considering.

"You have lovely hands," the woman remarked, grabbing one and turning it over, running her fingers over Heidi's knuckles. "Perhaps something here?"

Heidi let her paint, watching as the syringe left a dark brown trail over her skin. It just looked like squiggly lines and dots at first, but eventually, she was able to discern a leafy, paisley pattern as the woman worked.

"It's really beautiful," Heidi murmured, her blonde head bent close to the woman's dark one. "Have you been doing it long?"

"Since I was a girl." The woman glanced up with a smile. "There... do you like it?"

Heidi held her hand out, admiring. "Yes... thank you."

"Heidi!" It was Ty, pounding at the trailer door, making her jump up with a gasp.

"Gotta go." She headed for the door.

"Wait!" the woman called after her. "I need to seal your—"

Heidi knew Ty's mad voice when she heard it, and her heart was beating fast as she shut the trailer door behind her.

"Where the hell have you been?" he hissed, and she hid her hand behind her back, careful not to touch the wet henna to anything. She followed him as he walked back toward his camera, grumbling something about Lenny, who Heidi didn't see anywhere. "Listen, I need you to help that guy bring in the boxed lunches."

Heidi looked over toward the truck that had pulled up in the parking lot and headed for it, hurrying past Ty. She didn't see Mr. Kaiser's outstretched legs at all before she tripped over them, reaching to catch herself.

"Whoa, there!" he said, grabbing for her, but she tumbled anyway, managing to turn and clutch onto his pants before she landed in the sand.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled, hearing the girls laughing behind her. She started brushing the sand off her shorts as she knelt, and that's when she noticed the smeared henna over the back of her hand.

"Are you alright?" he asked, and she knew he hadn't seen, didn't notice.

Panicked, she glanced down at his pants, seeing the stain on the inside of the leg. The material was a dark grey and the henna was brown, leaving a clear mark. "Oh god... your pants... I'm so sorry..."

"What did you do?" Ty asked, glancing over at them, frowning.

Still kneeling, she held out her trembling hand, the painstaking design now a dark smudge, turning her eyes up first to Ty and then to Mr. Kaiser, who was inspecting his pant leg now with a frown.

"That's a Fioravanti, isn't it?" Heidi asked, wincing.

He nodded, his mouth set in a thin line.

"Oh my god!" Ty's hands were pressed to his cheeks, his eyes wide. "Heidi, you're going to have to pay for that! What were you doing with henna on your hands!?"

"That's a three thousand dollar suit," Heidi whispered, sure no one could hear her.

"Five," Kaiser corrected, standing. He reached into his pocket, digging out his keys. "I have a change of clothes in my trunk. It's the Porsche. Get them, please."

Heidi took his keys, trying hard not to cry as she ran to his car. Careful to use only the hand without the henna, she retrieved a dry cleaning bag, slinging it over her shoulder as she ran back toward the beach.

"Where is he?" she gasped to Ty, who had gone back to photographing the girls.

"Trailer," Ty replied, waving her off.

Inside it was dark and cool and quiet. Everyone else was out on the beach, and even the henna lady had gone.

"Mr. Kaiser?" she called, making her way toward the back of the trailer. She saw a light on in the little bathroom. "Sir?"

"In here, Heidi," he called and she startled, surprised, when he said her name.

She found him sitting on the edge of the toilet seat with his pants folded neatly on the sink, the stain showing.

"I'm so sorry," she said, edging inside and shutting the door.

"See if you can get the stain out," he instructed, holding his hand out for the dry cleaning bag.

She handed it to him and turned to the sink, feeling cold. Using soap on her hands to wash the rest of the wet henna away, leaving a ghostly pattern, she then started on the pants.

"You know a great deal about fashion," he remarked, standing and hanging the bag over the hook on the door.

"Fashion design major," she replied, scrubbing the stain. "Syracuse. Graduated last year."

"And you came to work for Kaiser?" He slipped off his suit jacket. "Probably thinking you could get your foot in the door?"

She nodded, sighed, rinsed the spot and noticed it had barely faded. "Something like that."

"And now you're basically the go-to girl?" He shook out his suit coat carefully, leaving on his shirt and tie, while Heidi watched him in the mirror.

"Basically." She turned off the water, drying her hands on a paper towel. "I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to get this clean."

He nodded. "I was afraid of that."

"I'm glad you had this suit in your car," Heidi said, turning toward the dry cleaning bag and unzipping it. "It's—oh my god. Is that a Liana Lee?"

He smiled. "I thought you might appreciate that."

"She's my idol," Heidi said, running her fingers over the lapel.

"You want to design men's suits?" he asked, reaching around her and slipping the jacket off the hanger and handing her his other suit jacket. "Here, hang this one up, will you?"

"Among other things," she said as she hung his other suit jacket up.

He straightened his collar, his tie, glancing at her in the mirror. "So, Miss Heidi... what are we going to do about these pants?"

She bit her lip, meeting his eyes in the mirror.

"I'm not sure..." She shrugged. "With what I make, it would take me forever to pay you five thousand dollars."

"I understand that." His eyes moved over her. "Still, something like this... there is the matter of personal responsibility."

"It was an accident..." she pleaded, turning to face him. He raised his eyebrows at her and she sighed. "What do you think we should do?"

"Perhaps just a simple punishment is in order."

Heidi stared at him, frowning. "What do you mean?"

"Turn around."

She did as he asked, heart hammering, facing the sink and the mirror once again.

"Bend over."

Her eyes widened, meeting his as he moved behind her, standing a full head taller.

When she spoke, she couldn't keep the tremble from her voice. "Mr. Kaiser?"

He nodded. "Yes. Bend over."

"I'm sorry," she said, shaking her head, her stomach clenching. "I don't... what..."

She could feel his presence, the shadow of his body behind her like a weight, even though no part of them was touching.

"Bend over for your punishment, Heidi."

Just the sound of his voice made her do it. It wasn't a request, it wasn't even quite a demand, it was more of a direction, a simple instruction that she was meant to follow—and so she did.

Bent over the counter of the sink, she met her own wide eyes in the full wall mirror and then looked to him. He was leaning back, his head tilted, his gaze falling somewhere behind her. Her heart was beating very fast.

"Shorts down."

She heard herself whimper, but it was his tone that seemed to prompt her response, making her fingers hook the elastic band, sliding the white material over her bottom, down to mid-thigh.

"Panties, too."

Her eyes pleaded with him, but he wasn't looking at her face. There seemed nothing to do but comply. Her face burned and her chest was constricted as she slid her plain white cotton panties down to mid-thigh as well.

"Mr. Kaiser—" she started, thinking to reason with him, to say something to end this craziness, but she couldn't think of what to follow it with.

That's when his hand came down, a jarring sting that made her gasp out loud with the force of it. The flush of her humiliation was immediate and two rosy patches appeared on her face in the mirror. His hand came down again, this time across her other cheek, the sound of it loudly shocking in the small, cramped space of the bathroom.

Her ass cheeks smarted and she started to feel a heat as the spanking went on, his slaps coming faster, harder. She couldn't stop the silent tears, her lower lip trembling, her breath coming in soft hitches.

He was thundering behind her, his face stoic in the mirror. The only indication of emotion was in his eyes, the way they seemed to caress the red, burning skin he was kindling. She started to squirm, making soft noises, her breath fogging the mirror more with every blow.

"Mr. Kaiser!" she gasped, her hands curling, one of them clutching the stained trousers in her fist.

The sound of her voice stopped him and she could see his chest heaving, his gaze still moving over her behind. He lifted his hand, the one he had used to spank her with, rubbing his fingers together as he met her eyes in the mirror. Heidi trembled at the dark look in them.

He moved in behind her and she could feel his erection through his boxers nestled between her cheeks. The soft satiny feel of the fabric was heaven against her hot, prickling skin. His eyes never left hers as he grabbed her hips, squeezing, holding her there against him. She watched his eyes close for a moment as he drew a deep, belly breath.

"Mr. Kaiser?" she whispered, her ass clenching, his cock twitching.

He let go, leaning back and moving his hand over her behind, a soft caress. She swallowed, watching him, finding it hard to breathe.

"Your debt is paid," he said quietly, turning toward the door and taking the clean trousers out of the dry cleaning bag.

Heidi struggled with her panties and shorts, pulling them back up over her tingling bottom as he buttoned his pants.

"I'm sorry," she whispered again, holding out the damp, stained pair of trousers.

"They're useless to me," he said, running a hand through his hair.

Heidi noticed his palm was red, realizing with a jolt that it was the hand he had used to spank her with. He reached past her and opened the door, grabbing the dry cleaning bag.

"My keys," he said, holding out his hand.

Heidi dug into her pocket and fumbled them as she gave them over. He moved around her, heading out the door.

"Mr. Kaiser," she murmured, leaning against counter, her bottom still burning.

"Yes, Heidi?"

She didn't know what she was going to say, what she wanted to say, and what came out surprised them both. "Thank you."

He gave her a brief nod and was gone.

Heidi shut the door and locked it, slipping her shorts and panties down and turning to inspect her red, raw bottom in the mirror. She stayed that way, turned and looking over her shoulder as she slid her hand down between her legs.

Her fingers found their way through her swollen, wet slit, parting her lips and rubbing, remembering his eyes, the force and weight of him behind her. The heat in her bottom spread between her legs as she touched herself, still seeing him, the red flash of his palm, the square set of his jaw, the thick press of his cock between her cheeks.

She rubbed herself until she was panting with the effort, still hearing his voice telling her to "bend over"... remembering the sharpness of each blow, how accurate and precise... and the delicious, thrilling way he closed his eyes and breathed her in at the end.

Her fingers probed deeper, slipping in and out of her wetness as she worked her clit, her other hand squeezing the red, tingling flesh of her ass. Her pussy was slick with her built-up excitement and it squelched as she fingered herself, the rhythmic sound loud in the little bathroom

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