tagBDSMHeidi and The Kaiser Ch. 03

Heidi and The Kaiser Ch. 03


The rain was coming down in sheets and she could barely see through her windshield, even with the wipers on full blast. The parking structure was nearly full and she had to squeeze her Honda into a too-small space, carefully slipping out so as not to chip Mr. BMW's paint job. The walk to the Kaiser building was short, but it didn't matter, because the rain made quick work of her hair and make-up, soaking her to the skin in a matter of moments.

Umbrella, Heidi, she admonished herself as she pushed the button for the elevator, wiggling uncomfortably in her rain-soaked attire. She had worn what the dress code requested: a skirt, no lower than 2 inches below the knee, and a blouse and jacket. Pantyhose weren't allowed—stockings were required to be worn with garters, and heels couldn't be lower than three inches high. No pants, pant suits, trousers or jeans allowed.

The elevator opened at floor forty-eight and Heidi stepped out, staring at the desk in front of her. My desk. The clock overhead read 8:35 a.m. She had made sure she left with plenty of time to get here. Mr. Kaiser's office door, to the left, was closed and she didn't know if he was in it. She wanted to go exploring down the other hallway, but thought it best to just sit and wait.

Stashing her purse under the desk, she took out the signed contract and other information that she would have to turn in to personnel, smoothing the folds out over the surface. There was a computer and a multi-line phone, the usual pens and various office supplies tucked away in the drawers, she noted, and a huge filing cabinet behind her.

She puttered the minutes away, trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach, and was bending a paperclip into shapes when Mr. Kaiser stepped off the elevator. She saw his eyes sweep her, felt the heat of his disapproval, and then his gaze fell to the twisted paperclip in her hands.

"I was just... waiting," she said, standing, still holding the bent metal form. She held it up, giving him a little smile as she made it dance. "It's a dog."

He nodded, raising his eyebrows. "Delightful. Now, if you're done wasting office supplies, perhaps we can get to work?"

He motioned for her to follow him and she did, waiting while he put down his briefcase and hung his umbrella. His suit was impeccable, dry as a bone, and a Jon Green, Heidi noted, her eyes moving over the lines of his broad shoulders.

"I forgot an umbrella," she admitted as he sat at his desk.

Glancing up at her, he said, "You look like a drowned rat."

She flushed, her hand smoothing her hair. "I know, I'm sorry."

"You should always be prepared, Heidi," he said, leaning back in his seat, looking over her outfit. "I assume, since you're here, that you have decided to take the job?"

"Yes." She nodded, eager, perching on one of the maroon leather, wing-backed chairs. "I brought my paperwork."

"Good." It was the first smile of his that she had seen today and it thrilled her, although it was brief. "You'll take it down to personnel later today. Fourth floor. I will take you on a tour of the building myself before lunch, get you acquainted with most of the staff."

Heidi looked over her shoulder, noting that he had closed the door. "On this floor... who else is up here?"

"No one," he replied, tenting his fingers. "There is a board room down the hall, and several other offices, although they are for training and meeting purposes and are unoccupied most of the time."

"We're the only ones up here, then?" she asked, feeling her heart skipping in her chest.

He nodded. "I like my privacy."

She watched as he leaned forward in his chair, shrugging his shoulders out of his suit coat.

He held it up carefully, nodding to her. "Would you hang this up in the wardrobe over there, Heidi?"

She came around the desk to retrieve it, letting her fingers linger over his a little longer than normal and the look in his eyes said he noticed.

"I like to be comfortable in the office," he explained as she opened the wardrobe door and took out a wooden hanger. "So I keep several changes of clothes here."

Noting the myriad colors and fabrics of suits and sweaters hanging in the closet, she slipped the suit coat in on the end, next to a large, thick, grey zippered bag similar to the one she had carried in from his car on that first day. It seemed a million years ago, somehow, but her bottom clenched at the sight of it.

"Oh, and those are for you," he told her, leaning forward. "You're a size five, aren't you?"

Heidi stared at him. "Yes."

"Appearances are important," he said, standing and coming around the desk. "You are the first thing that people will see when they step off that elevator, and I want you to make the best possible first impression you can."

He sighed as he fingered the ends of her still-damp, flattened hair. "So, we'll start with the clothes. Take those home with you tonight."

"That's... very generous of you." Heidi looked from him to the grey bag, now feeling like a little kid at Christmas, waiting for morning.

"No," he replied, and she saw his jaw tighten. "You will have a great deal expected of you here, Heidi. This isn't an easy job, nor is it a free ride. Do you understand that?"

"Yes," she said, swallowing and giving him a nod. "Sir."

"No." He smiled then, shaking his head, his eyes moving down her damp blouse. "You don't understand... yet... but you will."

His cryptic words actually gave her goose bumps and she hugged her arms across her chest, feeling the heat of his big body standing next to hers.

He seemed to understand her body language, but he didn't back off. Instead, he moved a little closer, making her tilt her chin way up to meet his eyes.

"Let's get you acquainted with some of your job description, shall we?"


By four-thirty, Heidi was ready to collapse. She sat in her chair, staring at the computer screen swimming in front of her eyes and rubbing her toes on the carpet. Her heels were under her desk somewhere because her feet were killing her. She hadn't realized how hard it as going to be to keep up with him all day long. It seemed like the man never stopped.

Of course, that wasn't entirely true. They had a nice lunch on the top floor, where there was a restaurant that had a view of the entire city. She still had some of her shrimp scampi in the little refrigerator down the hall to eat for a yummy dinner tonight. And he was quiet now, for the most part, doing something in his office, the door slightly ajar. She could hear him humming.

She had found herself longing for Ty and Lenny and even the girls throughout the day, just to be out on the beach and in the sunshine. There weren't even any windows here in the reception area—she had to look through Mr. Kaiser's door to see the daylight. It was just the newness of it all, and she was sure that she would get used to it. Considering the job paid three times what her last position did—and apparently came with free designer clothing—she wasn't going to complain.

But she wondered about the last secretary, the one he had spoken of. Had she quit? Been fired? Heidi found a black silk scarf tucked way back in the top drawer of her desk that smelled like Chanel No. 5 with the monogram "M" and knew it must be hers. She was sure that there had been something between her and Mr. Kaiser—just from the funny look she got from the woman in personnel when she handed in her paperwork.

"Heidi?" he called and she jumped, her heart racing.

"Coming, Mr. Kaiser," she answered, slipping her feet back into her heels and making her way toward his office. She stopped in the doorway, seeing him standing by the window, his hands clasped behind his back. "Yes, sir?"

He turned his head toward her, but didn't move from the glass. "Ah. There you are. Come in, please. Close the door."

Heidi did as she was told, standing between the two wing-backed chairs, waiting. Today had seemed like such a normal office day that she had almost forgotten the events of yesterday and the day before—but her body remembered. Her bottom was tingling and there was a slow heat beginning to spread through her lower belly, just looking at the way he stood, the way his eyes shifted when the door clicked shut behind her.

"Syracuse, you said?" he asked, striding toward his desk. "Where did you intern?"

She cleared her throat, knowing that he must already know, if he had seen her resume. "I was a wardrobe stylist here in New York for the Tommy Hilfiger Merchandise Coordinator."

He chuckled, shaking his head. "Mr. Bourgeois himself."

Flushing, she replied, "He's no Kaiser."

"No." His eyes flicked up to hers, moving over her face. "I want you to look at these."

He nodded toward his desk, where there were long rectangular fabric samples laid out over the surface. Heidi hesitated, looking at him and seeing his nod as she reached her hand out for them. The minute her fingers touched them, she sighed, her eyes brightening as she felt each one, immediately beginning to sort.

"What are you doing?" he murmured, watching her, his eyes interested.

She looked up, startled. "Oh... just... these over here aren't anywhere near Kaiser quality..."

Pulling out three of the samples, she held them up to the light. "Now, these... have promise. The finer weight... these are handmade... and imported, I would guess. Italy?"

"Yes," he agreed, smiling. "Tell me something, Heidi... do you weave?"

Dropping the fabric, she stammered at him, her face growing brighter. "I... yes... sir... since I was a little girl."

"Not so long ago," he murmured, sitting in his chair and leaning back to look at her. "You haven't had an easy life, have you, Miss Bauer?"

She didn't answer him, looking down at her hands, clasped in front of her now, the fabric samples forgotten.

"Heidi," he reminded her. "I asked you a question."

"No, sir," she replied, swallowing.

Nodding, he dipped his head, trying to catch her eye, but she refused to look up. "You have a fantastic eye, and from what I've seen of the portfolio you turned in, you are an excellent designer. It puzzles me, why you didn't start in our export house or manufacturing...?"

She felt the question in his words but she didn't answer him, and she was grateful he didn't ask her directly.

He stood, moving toward her. "Well, we do have a minor disciplinary matter to tend to before we leave today, don't we?"

Heidi gasped when he swept the samples onto the floor at their feet. She stared at his desk blotter, seeing how wrinkled it was from her cheek resting against it yesterday. Flushing at the memory, she held her breath, watching him.

"It will take you a while to learn the rules," he murmured, carefully pulling the soiled blotter out of the corners one at a time. "I expect that discipline may take up a bit of our time for a while."

"I'm not unfair," he went on. "But ignorance is not an excuse. The words, 'I didn't know' mean nothing to me. Compliance is expected and noncompliance will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Kaiser," she replied.

He nodded once, his eyes slipping down from her face over the line of her jacket, the curve of her skirt over her hips. "Let's see if you're in compliance with the dress code. Turn around, please."

Heidi turned to face his desk, looking over her shoulder at him standing behind her.

"Skirt up."

She edged it up, revealing her navy blue stockings attached to the garters underneath.

He let out a pent-up breath. "Very good, Miss Bauer."

Her face blushed with his praise, his reaction. She could almost feel his eyes moving over the rounded curve of her ass, her skirt lifted high.

"The panties are a problem," he murmured.

He reached around her, opening the top drawer of his desk, taking something out. She didn't see what it was, just saw a flash of silver, but then she felt something cold against her skin and recognized the sharp sound of scissors.

"Mr. Kaiser!" she gasped.

"Unfortunate," he admitted, holding up her soft, white cotton panties. "Let's avoid that in the future—no panties from now on, Heidi."

"Yes, sir." The thought of not wearing panties under her skirts to work made her feel faint.

"Put your hands behind your back, please."

She did as she was told, wincing he as encircled her wrists with one of his hands. "Stay like that."

He wrapped something around her wrists, fabric, tightening his knot and making her bite her lip to try and hide her sharp intake of breath.

When he covered her eyes with material, tying the knot behind her head, her stomach rolled over, a heavy thing in her middle.

"Turn, please."

She turned to face him, disoriented. He reached around her, adjusting something on the desk. She heard the sound of crumpling paper.

"I am a bit meticulous in my habits," he explained. "My blotter should be kept clean, no matter what we are doing on my desk, Miss Bauer. That is your responsibility. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir."

"Up onto my blotter, please, Miss Bauer."

"Sir?" She didn't know if she had heard him correctly, although she was afraid she had.

His voice was clear and firm. "The desk is behind you and the blotter is clean. Keep it unsoiled and unwrinkled, please."

It was an impossible task, she thought, blindfolded with her hands bound behind her back? She felt behind her, touching the edge of the blotter. The squeak and creak of his chair as he sat startled her, and she knew he was watching.

Putting her hands as far back behind her onto the desk blotter as she could, she arched her back, sliding her bottom up onto the edge. She knew she would wrinkle the blotter page if she slithered backward, and she paused, wondering how to proceed. The sound of his breath reached her ears, slightly heavier than normal.

Kicking her right heel off, she twisted, putting her foot up on the edge of the desk, her skirt riding high up to her waist now. Her stocking slipped just slightly on the surface but held. Using the muscle in her thigh and rocking her weight back onto her hands, she lifted her bottom clear of the desk surface, slipping her other heel off and seeking purchase with her other foot on the smooth exterior.

"Very good, Miss Bauer," he murmured as she let herself carefully down onto the center of his blotter. Her skirt had managed to slip under her bottom slightly, and she hoped that it would absorb any of her sweat from the effort—she was panting with it.

"Stay like that, please," he murmured, and she heard his voice coming toward her, the creak of his chair as he stood.

She was completely exposed now with her torn panties gone, sitting propped up on his desk blotter, her feet spread wide on either side, careful to stay off the edge of the paper. She used her fingers splayed behind her to balance her weight.

"One of the three fabrics that you chose is tied around your wrists." He was close, she could feel his presence between her legs, but he didn't touch her. "The second is serving as your blindfold."

He was unbuckling his belt and Heidi clenched her bottom, biting her lip. Then she heard his zipper ticking down and her pussy fluttered in response. She squeezed her muscles tight, afraid that the evidence of her anticipation would leak out onto the blotter.

"The third... is in my hand."

He touched her cheek with it, rubbing it there for a moment. Then she felt him running it over the inside of her thigh, above the black lace band of her stocking.

"Do you know which one it is, Heidi?" he asked, slipping the fabric over mound, seeking the skin of her other thigh.

"The... black... pinstripe..." she whispered, cocking her head at a new sound, a soft shuffling coming from somewhere between her legs.

"Yes," he replied with a chuckle. "My textile savant..."

"Hold this for me." He pressed the cloth against her lips and she opened them as the fabric filled her mouth. She held it there, now bound, blindfolded and gagged, completely exposed and spread open on his desk.

She moaned through the fabric when she felt the head of his cock rubbing against her slit. It was just a tease, back and forth, near her clit but not quite touching.

His cock head was spongy soft against her flesh, but when he pressed his weight against her, just slightly, she could feel the hard insistence of him. She found herself wanting him to grab her, plunge deep, and fuck her senseless. She was breathless with wanting it, squirming, her muscles taut and trembling.

"You will be careful with my blotter in the future, won't you, Heidi?"

She moaned when he did touch her clit with the head, slapping it there, once, twice, a third time, making a wet sound that filled the room.

"I asked you a question."

Through the fabric, her "Yes, sir," was very muffled.

That sound reached her ears again, a slow shuttling, growing faster, and she knew that he was masturbating between her legs. She wanted to see him, but she could feel his eyes on her, even though she was blindfolded. He was looking at her as he pumped his hard cock in his fist, only inches away from her wetness.

His breathing was labored, and the sound between her legs began to swell, his hand going so fast that it wasn't rhythmic so much anymore as continuous, a lightning fast hammering between her thighs. Heidi's nostrils flared with her breath that matched his own, her pussy aching as she listened to him masturbating.

She moaned through her gag, feeling his pumping hand moving right against her pussy, making a wet sound as he jerked himself against her flesh. He gave a low growl and Heidi gasped and trembled as she felt a sudden flood of spurting, hot fluid exploding against her pussy. She could feel the weight of it on her clit, dribbling slowly down her slit, and she gasped, biting down on the fabric in her mouth as she squeezed her muscles together, willing his cum to stay put, not to slip down further and stain the blotter.

She moaned as she felt his cum sliding down past her pussy, toward the crack of her ass. Tilting herself back a little, she hoped that, at the very least, it would simply stain her skirt. He was zipping, doing up his belt buckle—she knew the sounds already. And then the scissors snipped near her wrists, freeing her hands.

"You can use your gag to clean up," he murmured, undoing her blindfold. The world seemed incredibly bright, the light through the window blinding.

Heidi pulled the fabric quickly out of her mouth, slipping it between her legs to catch the slippery wetness of his cum running down her ass.

"Watch the blotter," he warned, turning and striding back to the window.

Her hands free now, Heidi rolled carefully off the blotter, hopping to the floor. She looked back at it, fearful, but didn't see any stains. Relieved, she slipped her shoes back on, picking her torn panties up and putting them into her skirt pocket.

"It's four-fifty-nine," he said, looking at his watch. It glinted in the sun as he stood at the window. "We're done for the day."

"Thank you," she murmured, squeezing her legs together. His cum was sticky between her thighs, the pinstriped fabric, damp with her saliva, now caught between her pussy lips.

"Don't forget your bag," he reminded her as she wobbled toward the door.

"Thank you," she said again, swerving toward the wardrobe and taking the grey bag out, slinging it over her shoulder.

"See you Monday," he said. "Have a good weekend."

Her heart lurched. She had forgotten that it was Friday.

The elevator opened and Heidi glanced over her shoulder, juggling the grey bag, her purse, and the styrofoam container from lunch, as Mr. Kaiser closed his office door. She saw a glimpse of his shirt sleeve and cufflinks.

The minute the elevator doors closed, she pulled her skirt up, finding the slick cloth between her legs and rubbing it hard and fast against her throbbing clit.

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