tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHeidi's Diary: Day 01

Heidi's Diary: Day 01


Dear Diary,

The most humiliating thing happened today. I can't believe what my assistant Justine did to me. It all started after lunch. I was sitting in my office, preparing some briefs for the McIntyre case, when Justine brought me a cup of coffee. I thought it was so nice of her, little did I know!

She came around behind me for a few moments, and then started rubbing my shoulders, telling me I looked tense. I started to tell her to stop, that it was inappropriate for a college intern to be giving backrubs to an attorney (oh I wish I had!) but it felt so damn good, I just couldn't bring myself to stop her. Within a minute I had stopped working and was slumped over at my desk. Before I even knew it she peeled my blazer down my arms and then off, saying she could do better if there wasn't the fabric in the way. I knew I should object, but like I said, it felt so good. In fact it started to feel _good_. I mean, I started to feel a little squishy, and my nipples got hard as rocks. I know I'm not a lesbian, but I have to admit this girl was turning me on. God knows I haven't gotten any since Brad dumped be six months ago, but that shouldn't turn me into a dyke!

Next thing I knew I felt her pull my blouse out of my slacks and start to rub my bare back. Now I knew I had to put a stop to that. Anyone could walk in and see this. Even though our firm doesn't have that many people, and my office is at the end of the hall where no one just walks by, someone still could have walked in at any point. I can't explain it; it must be that I missed anyone's touch, even if it was Justine's. I just couldn't make myself do anything that might make her stop. Even when she undid my bra, I just let myself float in sensations. She pulled me back to lean back in the chair, and whispered for me to close my eyes and think of lying on a nice sunny beach, that I should just relax. I felt her hands on my shoulders and then running down my arms, then up the sides of my torso. Occasionally she would brush her hands against my boobs, making me jump a little. I remember thinking that it wasn't her fault; they're always getting in the way. She kept whispering in my ear about how relaxed I would feel on that beach, as her hands kept roaming over my body. First my shoulders, then down my torso between my breasts, then my arms, then my torso again, then my shoulders and down my arms. She pushed me forward again so I was slumped over and she started again with my back, shoulders and arms. She even picked up each hand and massaged it a little bit. It all felt so good, it was like I was floating on a cloud.

Somehow, I ended up leaning back again, and she was rubbing my shoulders, and then my arms. She kept brushing my boobs even more now, and it felt really funny, because it felt like she was touching my bare breasts. I knew I should open my eyes, and I kept thinking I would do it, but I just couldn't, knowing it would end the wonderful feelings I was having. Soon, it seemed she was doing nothing but playing with my boobs, even squeezing them and pinching my nipples. I steeled myself and began to open my eyes. Right as I did, my nipples twitched in pain as Justine gave them a vicious tweak, and then she walked away from me. I looked down, and ... I was naked from the waist up!

I don't know how she did it, and how I didn't feel it, but somehow she had worked my bra and blouse off of me. She must have slipped them over my hands while she was massaging them, but I honestly don't know how I didn't feel it. It's almost like she hypnotized me with the massage. I told her to give me my clothes back, but she just smiled, waved my bra and blouse at me, and was gone. I swore under my breath, and started after her. I couldn't go out hall topless, so I grabbed my blazer. I wanted to catch her quick, so I pulled it on, and started after her, holding it closed in front of me ... and almost ran right into Bob and Steve (two of our firm's partners) coming back to my office! They needed to ask me some questions about the case, and they wanted to go back to my office. Suddenly, their eyes popped wide as they noticed the ample cleavage I was showing. Cursing Justine, I turned around, and tried to button my blazer without being too obvious. I was only able to get the top button done before I sat down. For the next fifteen minutes I tried to ignore their stares at my chest as we discussed the case. At one point they were reading a document, and asking me questions, and I stood up without thinking and leaned over the desk. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that they had stopped talking. I looked down and panicked as I realized that I could see both of my nipples, and that I was sure they could too. Hell, they could probably see my navel! I was so embarrassed I wanted to run screaming from the room, but I decided I would be better to play it cool, like I didn't care. I figured lawyers are supposed to be cool under pressure, so screaming would probably be a bad career move.

I kept talking for another ten or fifteen seconds before I sat down and tried to discreetly cover myself a little better. By then I was getting flushed, and I suddenly realized that I was incredibly turned on! It's not like I'm an exhibitionist or anything, but there was no doubt. My nipples were hard and tight, and I was pretty sure my pussy must be gushing into my panties. I started to sweat, and I think I was even breathing hard. Then I started to have a compulsive desire to start playing with myself, which is totally unlike me, but it was all I could do to contain it.

Fortunately, Bob and Steve stood up a couple minutes later and made to leave. Then Steve walked around to my side of the desk, offering his hand as he told me what a great job I was doing. He pumped my hand vigorously, making my unsupported boobs jiggle uncomfortably, but I kept my eyes locked on his, making it hard for him to peek down my blazer. Out of my peripheral vision I could see Bob shift on his feet, but I figured that I needed to stare Steve down, so I kept my eyes riveted on him. After the handshake they both left my office, and I looked down to discover that my right nipple was now completely exposed. I was absolutely mortified, but all of a sudden I was so turned on I couldn't control it. I grabbed my crotch with my right hand, and just squeezed. I didn't need to rub, just squeeze, and I came almost instantly. I kept squeezing, and then grabbed my exposed (and now throbbing,) nipple in my left hand, and squeezed it as I tried to get another orgasm. Brad was always trying to get me to play with my boobs, but I never felt comfortable doing it. But today it just seemed so right, so I pinched my nipple hard, and instantly came again.

Writing this, it all seems so unreal. This is not the kind of thing I do. I'm a good girl, I'm an attorney for Christ's sake, I don't get undressed and masturbate at work. But that is what I did. It's like I've been possessed.

Anyways, as soon as I could stand up, I rummaged around in my desk, and found a safety pin to hold my blazer together more modestly, and I set out to find Justine. I found her chatting with Melissa, Nicole, and Tina, some of the law clerks in the office. They were in the cubicle farm that is down the hall and across from my office. Justine was showing them something on her phone, and they were all laughing. I went up to her, and told her I needed to see her right away. She smiled at me, as Melissa said "nice outfit" in a really snotty voice. I told Justine that she was in big trouble, and that if she wanted to keep her job, she'd better come to my office right away. That's when she showed me what was on her phone. It was picture of me topless, with Justine squeezing my breasts. You could see my face clearly, my head back and eyes closed in what looked like ecstasy. Justine's tan hands stood out against my white boobs as she squeezed them, but her face was obscured by her hair.

She told me I was being very rude, and that I had better be a lot nicer to her, unless I wanted more than just the girls to see these photos. Melissa, Nicole and Tina moved behind me, and Justine stepped right in front of me, penning me in. I started to get flustered, and (I can't believe it) turned on again. It just wasn't right, how was I going to establish control if my body kept misbehaving? I tried anyway, telling her that she wouldn't dare, it would hurt her career as much as mine.

She just laughed at me, and asked "what career? I'm just an intern." At that point I completely collapsed; it would ruin me if those photos got around. I just said "please, no." Justine smiled like a wolf that knew it had its prey, and told me I had better apologize for being rude to her. I couldn't believe it, but what could I do? I managed to whisper that I was sorry. She told me that I'd better speak up, and be more specific. So I managed to stammer out, that I was sorry for being rude to her.

"That's a start," was all she said. She then leaned in so her face was close to mine, and asked me if I had enjoyed her playing with my boobs. Actually she said tits, but I hate that word. When I didn't say anything, she started unbuttoning my blazer. I moved to stop her, but Melissa and Nicole held my hands. Before I could even think to struggle, Justine reminded me that if I wasn't a good girl she would send out my photos. Soon she had my blazer unbuttoned, and had taken my safety pin. Her fingers started tracing slowly around my nipples. I was terrified someone else would come back and see us, but I was also beside myself with... well with lust. I can't explain it, but as I looked into Justine's brown eyes, I just went week in the knees. She asked me again if I liked her playing with my tits (that word again,) and it took all my will to mutter a "no." She stopped just tracing her fingers along my breasts, and began squeezing them forcefully, mashing them into my chest, and them pulling them out and tweaking the nipples. An uncontrollable moan escaped my lips.

"Are you _sure_ you don't like me playing with your tits? Tell the truth now.

I managed to gasp out for her to please stop, that someone might come over and see, and she told me that I'd better answer the question. I started to worry that I might actually cum, right in front of my intern and three law clerks. I knew I had to get control of the situation, but my brain seemed to be in an erotic haze. Finally, I moaned out yes, that I did like her playing with my breasts, hoping that she would stop before I came.

She smiled at me, and told me that if that was the case, she'd make sure to do it often. With that, she got a good grip on my nipples and pinched them hard enough to make me gasp before letting go. Then she told me that I still was in trouble for being rude to her and that I needed to make it up to her. My mouth dropped open in shock when she said to give her my slacks. I started to tell her to go fuck herself, when the most humiliating thing happened. I started to cry. I'm a hard nosed attorney, not some high-school girl who cries when another girl says something catty. I'm tough. Or at least I thought I was, because there I was, surrounded by four girls that were almost ten years younger than me, with one of them playing openly with my boobs and demanding I take my slacks off, and I started to sniffle, and then sob. I begged her not to take my slacks, that it could ruin me. Justine just smiled and told me that most likely no one would see me, that I just needed to stay at my desk until the end of the day, and then she'd bring me my clothes and I could get properly dressed. It's so humiliating to think how weak I was, but I didn't see any way out, so I nodded while I was holding in my sobs, and reached to my side and undid my zipper. Every fiber in my body was screaming "No, fight her," but I just couldn't do it. There were too many of them, and I had more to lose than they did. So I slid the slacks down, and kicked them off along with my pumps. I had knee high stockings on, which Justine insisted I give her as well. At this point I was too far gone to assert myself, so I bent over and started to peel them off. I must have jumped a mile when Melissa grabbed my ass, and Tina slid a finger over my panty covered crotch. I shed the stocking instantly and bolted back upright, but Tina's finger stayed wedged in the crack of my ass, and Melissa kept pinching my cheeks.

I started getting scared that things would get even worse, so I asked them please to let me go back to my office, and for them to let me keep my panties. Justine grinned, and said that it hadn't occurred to her for me to give up my panties, which almost started me crying again. She then laughed, and said that she was kidding, that she just wanted to adjust them a little. As she said it, Melissa and Nicole grabbed my hands again as Justine grabbed the front of my panties and Tina grabbed the back. The two of them gave me a horrible wedgie, pulling up on my panties front and rear. I bit my lip as my underwear disappeared into my crotch. They even sawed it back and forth three or four times to make sure it was in there good. Justine grabbed my nipples again, and pulled them up hard and twisted them cruelly, starting off my crying again. She told me to go back to my desk, and I would get my clothes at the end of the day, but she warned me that if I moved my panties at all, for any reason, she would take all my clothes, and leave me here. My breasts felt like they were on fire, but then Justine managed to pinch and twist them even harder as she asked if I understood. I quickly nodded that I did, and she let go. She grabbed my shoulders and spun me around, and gave my bare butt cheek a hard slap as she told me to get going. Nicole, Tina, and Melissa moved out into the hallway and started talking, screening the door to my office so I might be able to get there undetected. I hurried to my office, risking a quick peek down the hall right as I stepped in. I swore as I saw another attorney, Derek, craning his neck to see past the clerks. He probably couldn't be sure of what he saw, but it was way too close for comfort.

I buttoned my blazer back up, and sat down at my desk, and tried to collect my thoughts. The whole thing was intolerable, but I couldn't see anyway out of it. If I did anything to confront Justine, I'd end up exposing myself to the entire office, and jeopardize my career. I couldn't even pull my panties out of my crotch. I looked down at them and shuddered. My pubic hair was almost completely exposed, and my "lips" puffed out around the skinny band that had been my panties. To make things worse, I was so turned on that I was starting to ooze around the panties. I was about to get some Kleenex to clean myself up, when I heard Derek talking with the clerks. I scooted my chair in just in time, making sure he couldn't tell that I wasn't wearing my slacks. Derek's kind of a scum-bucket, always hitting on me, even when I was with Brad. To top it off, he's married. He doesn't interest me at all, but the thought that I was there wearing only a blazer and panties made me kind of hot. I remember thinking that this was something he had probably fantasized about for years, and now it was in front of him, and he didn't even know it! Suddenly I realized that I had been rubbing my thighs together, and was really turned on again. I think Derek knew something was up, but after a while he realized he wasn't getting anywhere, and he left. Almost immediately my hand went to my kitty, rubbing it to try to get to orgasm, but the noise from the hall made me stop before I could cum.

I tried to focus on work, but always my hand would drift down, stroking my thighs, massaging my crotch, and even outright diddling myself. A couple times my other hand would go in my blazer to pinch a nipple, but they were pretty sore by now. Two times Justine came in, and had me stand up to check my panties. As much as I wanted to, I had not pulled them out of my crevice. Just to be sure, she pulled them up some more, making me even more uncomfortable, but also coming very close to giving me an orgasm. Both times after she left I would masturbate like crazy. By five I was starting to get worn out, sore, and beside myself with frustration. To make things worse, I was out of Kleenex, and there was a puddle of my ooze collecting in my chair. I just know the room had to smell like sex by then.

I was really going at it, when I heard Elaine, our Senior Partner, say "hi" to Justine. I tried to stop quickly, and scooted my chair all the way in as Elaine walked in my office. Elaine is my role model. She's in her early fifties, is fit, looks great, and is a name partner in our firm. In short, she's everything I want to be, so I work very hard to impress her, and there she was, standing in my office with me pretty much undressed and masturbating. I was mortified. I asked her to sit down, but she said she had been in a long meeting, and wanted to stand. That meant I needed to scoot all the way in at my desk, to be sure that she couldn't see that I wasn't wearing pants. That rested my boobs on my desk, which made my blazer open up even more. I knew I was showing her a lot of cleavage, and as we chatted about the McIntyre case, her eyes kept dropping down to look at my chest. I was so humiliated, but I started getting hot too. My hand was still in between my legs, and almost like it had a will of its own, it started to massage my kitty. I can't believe it, but I started masturbating right in front of a Senior Partner. I got all flushed, and started to sweat, but I just couldn't stop myself.

I don't think Elaine knew what was really going on, but she definitely knew something was up. She kept looking at me with a funny look on her face, which isn't surprising as I was getting flushed, and starting to sweat, and I was even trembling a little bit. Fortunately I didn't actually cum, but I was getting awful sloppy down there, and I'm sure the room smelled. Thank God the conversation kind of dwindled, but just as I thought she might leave, she asked the question I had been dreading. She looked at my chest, and was like "Heidi, where's your blouse?" Thinking fast, I told her I had spilled coffee all over it, and that Justine had run it to the cleaners. She looked doubtful, but she didn't question it. She just said that although we were a pretty laid back office, and that she had to admit that this look "showed my assets" well, she didn't think clients would understand. I was completely mortified to have a senior partner talking about my "assets", and I assured her that I was planning to stay in my office the rest of the day, and I didn't have any client meetings. She smiled and went on her way. As soon she was out to of the office I sped up my fingers on my crotch and came hard.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the office started to empty out. People would poke their heads in and say goodbye, usually with their eyes bulging when they saw my cleavage. At about 6:00, Justine came in, and said that almost everyone except a couple of the partners had gone home. I asked if I could get my clothes back, and she told me that she had decided I needed to earn the right to get dressed. My stomach sank.

She demanded that I stand up, and give her my blazer. I started to tell her no way, but I noticed she was holding out her phone with a picture of her pinching my nipples. What could I do, she would leave me there with no pants, and once everyone in the law firm so those photos, I'd be too embarrassed to face them. I asked her how I knew that she wouldn't send out the photos anyway, and just laughed and said that she was having too much fun, and that would ruin it.

Every instinct was telling me to say "fuck off," and dare her to follow through, but I looked into Justine's eyes, and saw the determination there. The same emotions of helplessness and weakness that I had felt before came over me again. I actually started to tear up again, and I just couldn't find the will to resist her. She demanded my blazer again, and when I didn't do anything, she said that she was leaving, and that I could find my own way out of there. I begged her to stop, and I slowly stood up. She stopped by my door with an impatient look. Finally, I took a deep breath and undid the buttons and gave her the blazer. I covered my boobs with one arm and my crotch with the other, but she came over and placed my hands on my head. At that point, my mind was just focused on the idea that I couldn't do anything to disappoint her, that I wouldn't be able to bear the consequences. I just couldn't think straight, and I passively let her move my arms.

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