tagBDSMHeidi's Way Ch. 02

Heidi's Way Ch. 02


That evening Heidi and Jack met in the restaurant. Heidi had spent most of the afternoon getting ready and was wearing a new white dress, with a pale embossed flower pattern. It had sleek straps over her tanned shoulders and then traced the curves of her body down to her mid thigh. Her long brown hair had been brushed and brushed and hung freely like a curtain of silk.

Jack had come straight from work. It had been a busy day, given the late start, and he was wearing a gray suit and white shirt. The night at Heidi's house had taken its toll on his body, with a trace of exhaustion in his eyes that even coffee and a run hadn't removed.

"You look fantastic," he smiled as he kissed her cheek, "Although I barely recognise you without the bars."

"The bars that you asked me to lock you behind?" Heidi smiled.

"That's out secret," Jack reminded her.


"And no denim shorts tonight?"

"Did you want to wear them on your head while we have dinner?" Heidi giggled.

"Not really that sort of restaurant..."

"Shame, cos you looked cute in them."

Jack ordered for both of them in French and then poured the wine, "How am I doing?" he asked.

"Are you still scared of the cage?" Heidi smiled in the candlelight.

"When I close my eyes I still see you semi naked body through the cage bars."

"Have I scarred you?" she smiled, her lips still touching the glass.

Jack's eyes were too much to take and she focused on her wineglass instead. She knew that she had no chance of a long term relationship with Jack and was determined not to fall under his spell.

After dinner Jack walked her back to her house and waited expectantly on the doorstep as she unlocked the various security locks.

"I could come in?" Jack suggested, his hand resting on the door beside her.

"Do you want to see what's under this dress?" Heidi replied teasingly.

"How did you guess?"

Heidi thought for moment. She sure as hell wasn't going sleep with this arrogant guy, but yet she really didn't want the evening to end.

"I'll show you... for a price."

Jack smiled.

"You let me lock you in the cage," Heidi spoke slowly, her blue eyes shimmering in the streetlight."

"That what I asked you for last night."

"So it should be an easy decision to make," Heidi replied, moving provocatively closer to his lips.

"But it turned out that I wanted what was outside the cage even more."

"Mmm... you mean you wanted what's under this dress," she checked, taking his hand and placing it on her butt.

Heidi felt giddy as Jack followed her inside and on her order undressed to his black boxer shorts. His perfectly shaped physique still had two red lines across his back from where he had slept on the cold hard steel bars of her cage.

She stood next to him, their lips only inches apart, his lips about to kiss her.

"Get in,' she breathed.

Heidi pulled back out of reach leaving Jack to contort his body into the highly secure cage, which was now turned on its side so that the hinged door was at the top. Heidi could feel her heart speed up as his body willingly disappeared inside and lowered the hinged door into place above him.

She hung the padlock from her little finger, parading it above him.

"Still happy with our deal?" she asked.

Jack was trying to look up her dress, but its tight curves hid everything from view.

"Sure," he replied, "I'm sure you'll let me out soon enough."

"Really?" she replied as she locked the cage,"You sure about that?"

She pulled the key out of the lock leaving the empty keyhole swinging against the bars and walked away with swaying hips. She pulled open her underwear drawer and tossed the key causally inside. She then turned and used her butt to slam the drawer closed.

Her underwear seemed to be trembling on her hips, heating and arousing her. It was an amazing sensation. Jack was watching her so intently that she felt as if she was on a stage, surrounded by an adoring audience.

"You look gorgeous," Jack panted, his erection once again evident.

"Thank you... now to show you what's was underneath this dress..."

Heidi's voice was dreamy from the wine and the power. She knew that neither of them could ever tell anyone about this and so with anonymity assured, Jack would see her without any inhibitions.

There was no way in or out of her figure hugging dress while she was zipped inside, but as soon as she reached behind to pull the zipper, the garment just fell from her body. The scent from the black lingerie that adorned her body now escaped into the room.

"Worth losing your freedom for?" Heidi asked shyly.

"Oh fuck yes, let me kiss you."

Heidi shook her head as she walked up to the cage, legs apart and hands on her gently thrusting hips. Her eyes were closed and her body was moving with the music that played from her phone. She threw back her head and with it a wave of brown silky hair.

She watched his strong body working hard inside the cage, his arms flexing to hold his head up against the bars. His lips were shaking and desperate to kiss. It was like a gym workout, but with cruelly little result.

"We didn't need to lock the cage," she mused, "I can trap you by just sitting on the door."

"Going to unlock me?"


Her sadistic side loved the look of hope in his eyes.

"Do you like my body?" she asked.

"Of course I do!"

She could feel her bottom wobbling slightly as she strutted around the cage, but for once she wasn't embarrassed. For once she could be herself.

She climbed on to the cage and was just able to reach and steady herself on the ceiling. An old Britney song was now playing and she started to dance, her hips moving with the music. With two bare feet now standing on the cage door, her body started to dance with flowing hypnotic movement.

She unclipped her bra and felt her breasts move in their new found freedom. Heidi had always found dance a way to relax and her smooth and graceful movement was now taking her to another level, with her adoring captive audience looking on.

Looking down between her feet, Heidi could see his pleading eyes wash over her. For once she had a guy who loved everything about her and would do anything for her.

She moved her foot and placed it on the bars directly above his face and giggled as he contorted his body to another part of the cage to escape her feet.

Perspiration had now formed on her body and she was breathing fast. Balancing carefully on the bars, she crouched down to look at Jack.

"Like the show?"

"That was so cool,"

Jack's face was now pressed hard against the underside of the bars.

"Do you want me to let you out?" Heidi looked down with teasing menace.

She turned and slowly sat down on the bars directly above his quivering lips. She could feel herself resting down between two of the bars, her panties being forced up between her cheeks. Maybe she thought her hips were too wide, or her bum too big, but right then she didn't care.

She felt his lips touch her, sending a jolt of emotion through her body as again Jack's lips were worshipping her ass. She opened her legs even though her clit was way out of his reach.

"You sure you can't kiss me there?" she breathed, as Jack's lips contorted between two bars but were still an inch away for where he wanted to be.

His lips returned to her bottom, pushing between her cheeks, looking for the most intimate recesses.

"Did I give you permission to do that?" she whispered.

"Fuck Heidi, what did you expect me to do?"

"Expect? Do you always kiss a woman's bottom on a first date?"

He looked away and laughed, "Is this some form of entrapment?"

"Yes entrapment," Heidi repeated as she climbed off and knelt next to the cage, "And you failed."

She pulled a small box from her handbag and unwrapped a pair of hinged handcuffs. She had always had a certain fascination with handcuffs, but only now did she have a man whose wrists she could lock.

She crouched down very close to the end of the cage, pulled his wrists out through the bars and chained his gorgeous hands together around one of the bars.

"Well I guess I don't have anything else to lose," Jack sighed as he ran his hands up the inside of Heidi's thighs.

Heidi cried out, closed her eyes and shuffled further forward. His fingers were now tracing around the hem of her damp underwear and brushing gently across her clit. She had to steady herself against the cage.

"Oh if only I could kiss you there," Jack begged.

Heidi moaned out loud at the thought.

Now his fingertips were sliding under the hem of her panties and Heidi's body was trembling. She both needed him to stop and continue. His fingertips were venturing deeper. The stimulation was too much for Heidi and her manicured hands inadvertently pushed down tightening his handcuff. She was already on the edge.

"Let me out and I we can make love," Jack was now pleading.

"Sorry, but you've given up your freedom... sweetheart."

Jack knew that she was a dangerous woman to disobey, but the close up view of her over aroused, trembling body and her cries of pleasure were too cute and he left his fingers inside for a few more second before pulling back his hands letting the elastic of Heidi's panties snap back into place.

"Did you like that?" he asked hopefully.

Heidi smiled and looked down through a mass of now tangled hair.

"It's time to put my shorts back on."

"But I love those panties."

"Good... because seeing them has cost you your freedom for the night.

Heidi climbed to her feet and walked dreamily around her room looking for both her shorts and the keys to the handcuffs. Everything felt so sexy when Jack was watching her with those eyes. She found the two keys, joined with a small ring, and knelt back down by the cage and double locked both cuffs.

Jack watched her as if his world depended on it, "You keeping me in the cuffs all night?"

"Yes... that was the price of touching my thighs."

The look of lust in Jack's eyes made her feel even hotter. If they were lying together on her bed right now she would make love to him all night, but for some reason she felt even more aroused with him locked in the cage. She had all the photos she needed to blackmail him and keep him in there as long as her horny female body wanted, but instead of being angry, Jack seemed to be more and more obsessed.

"You are the first man to learn 'Heidi's Way'," she breathed.

Jack looked up at her quizzically.

"How to treat a woman," she explained.

"I can tell you what a guy wants..." Jack asked bravely, already resigned to his fate.

"This?" Heidi asked, her hands running from her hips and down between her legs.

"Oh god yeah."

"Good, cos they're all yours sweetheart."

The wine, the music and the sense of power was overpowering as Heidi removed her panties and stood facing her ex-boss completely naked. Jack now looked like a bear in a cage that would do anything to escape and claim his prey.

"As I said, they're all yours," Heidi giggled.

She reached in through the bars and wrapped her dirty underwear over his face, the silky black fabric stretching across his once commanding eyes. And with his hands cuffs around the bars of the cage, Jack could do nothing to remove them.

"I meant your body," Jack smiled from inside his blurry scented world.

"Silly me... and now for your favourite... my very smelly shorts."

Heidi reached in again and pulled her short denim shorts over his head and secured them in place.

With Jack now blinded, she ran her fingers across her clit. Jack's head was moving, trying to find a position where he might be able to see out to her soft tanned body and see what she was doing to herself to make those playful cries.

"Don't try to escape from them," Heidi breathed, "I've padlocked the belt loops around your neck."

"Oh that is cruel, I really want to watch you!"

"Really," she smiled, "Is being locked inside my shorts worse that being locked in the cage?

"All I can picture is your naked body," he panted from inside the worn denim.

"Well then there's no need to remove the blindfold, as that's all there is to see out here."

Jack was straining to look through both her black underwear and the worn denim, but despite both of them having spent hundreds of hours rubbing against her body, they were still more than enough to cut off all his light.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Naked, legs apart and only inches from you."

Jack was still fighting against the shorts.

"If they can contain my butt... they can easily hold your head," she breathed, her heart pumping.

Heidi lay on her back on the floor with her spread legs resting on the cage and guided Jack's handcuffed hands back between her legs. She squeezed some lubricant on to his strong hands and let his slippery fingers explore her body.

"Is this how girls are supposed to behave on a first date," he panted, the air inside her shorts barely enough to service his high heartbeat.

"When they have the key to the cage... and the key to the shorts."

"Oh god please let me out after this, I really want you."

Heidi didn't answer as she became lost in her train of thought and drifted off into the most gentle and amazing orgasm as Jack's hands work magic on her body.

When she finally opened her eyes, she found that she had rolled on to her side and that Jack's hands were now searching the floor where she had been lying. Silently, she rolled on to the balls of her feet and tiptoed around to the side of the cage and reached in to stroke his cock.

Jack reacted immediately, crying out in pleasure and knocking his head against the bars.

"Calm down sweetheart, you know you have limited air in there."



Jack's denim covered head turned left and right, unable to pinpoint the woman's location.

"Tonight?" he asked breathlessly.

"You know that you traded your freedom for a glimpse of my body."

Heidi's denim shorts turned to look at her and deep muffled cries of pleasure drifted out from inside. She squeezed lubricant into her hand and continued to stroke.

Heidi had never had such total access to such a sexy man and her other hand traced a path up his toned body to his chest and then up to his neck until her fingers were stopped by the waist band of her shorts that encircled his neck.

"How does that feel?" she breathed.

"Amazing..." Jack panted on his third try.

"You know I went for a run in those shorts today."

"And I'm starting to learn what you do in your panties."

"Well then that's our little secret..." she smiled.

Jack's cries became louder as he climaxed and again clattered heavily inside the tiny cage. The locked padlock swung gently against the bars.

Heidi stood and rubbed her hands over her exhausted body, desperately trying to disperse the constant aroused tingling that flowed through her. This was her perfect relationship, a world away from her last drunk abusive fuckwit. Why couldn't more guys entrust with their secret fetishes?

"Heidi? Are you there?"

She tiptoed around the cage before answering, "Aha."

"Can I see you one more time before we sleep?"

She reached into the cage, unzipped her denim shorts and lined the small opening up with his face. Heidi then slipped her fingers inside and pulled her black panties to one side to reveal his left eye.

"Oh fuck you're beautiful," he panted.

Heidi glowed.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Tomorrow maybe... but now I'm going to zip you up for the night."

She pulled out her finger and her underwear snapped back into place across his face and she zipped up her shorts to seal him in.

"I'm sleeping on top of you tonight," she called as she collected up pillows and lined them up on the top of the cage.

"You think I might escape?"

Heidi was now curled up on top of him her aroused body beneath a single white sheet.

"My hips are resting on the doorway, so good luck getting out without waking me."

"I can't even get out of your pants," he moaned.

"I wonder what you'll dream about?"

"Heidi's Way?"

Heidi giggled and looked down to see Jack pushing his penis against the side of the cage. Without his hands it would be impossible to climax but still she listened as she drifted off to sleep.

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