tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHeir of Frankenstein Ch. 03

Heir of Frankenstein Ch. 03


"Ygor, will you please stop saying that," barked Dr. Anne Frankenstein. She felt her last nerve fray.

The butler, Ygor shook his head. "It is just that after all these years to find out the villagers were right. That your grandfather, and now you, brought the dead to life. It's amazing."

"It's nothing if the villagers find them first," Anne snapped. "We'll be burnt as witches."

"Oh no, Doctor Frankenstein," added Inga the housekeeper. "This village never burnt witches. They hanged them."

"Not comforting."

"Maybe they won't hurt anyone," Heidi suggested. The buxom lab assistant shifted uncomfortably. "Seth looked innocent and confused."

"The first monster drowned a child and ripped off a young man's arm," Inga pointed out.

"Innocent and confused, but not harmless," said Anne. "We must get them back before sun rise."

Ygor coughed into his hand and unfolded a map of the region. "Where would they go?"

Inga said, "In my mother's stories the monster was either at the windmill or the graveyard or walking in the forest."

Heidi looked at the map. "The forest is huge. How can we search all of it before sunrise?"

"We'll split up." Anne didn't look at the map. "Ygor and Inga will search the forest. Heidi go to the cemetery. I will check the windmill and my father's old lab."

"How are we going to capture a creature if we find one?" asked Ygor. "No man can match their strength."

Anne thought for a second. "Ygor get some food together. We will lure or convince them to come with us. This might be a terrible mistake, but hardly my first."

"Oh doctor no one blames you for making monsters." Heidi said sunnily. "It's what Frankensteins do."

Heidi's cheek burned where Dr. Frankenstein had slapped her. Heidi hadn't been hurt by the blow itself or a sense of betrayal. It was the look in Anne's eyes. A witch's brew of loathing and self-loathing and longing. Even the slap had come with madness or anger it would have been easier to bare than the fact that Heidi had been slapped because the doctor could not slap herself.

She wished she had a friend to see and explain things to, instead she of creeping through a cemetery. Every shadow was a waiting giant or harpy looming in the darkness. Or worse a policeman. Explaining to the police that Dr. Frankenstein's assistant was lurking in a graveyard with a flashlight and picnic basket could not end well.

Consumed with her thoughts Heidi stepped around a mausoleum and gasped. Seth sat quietly on a raised bier. His face turned toward the sparkling stars in the sky. To her surprise he had dressed. Boots, pants, and a furred vest that looked the worse for wear.

Screwing up her courage Heidi stepped toward him. She screamed as she slipped sideways and tumbled through the tarp covering an open grave. Twisting she landed on her back with a thud. Lost in the noise was the tinkle of the flashlight bulb shattering. Cheeks burning, clothes soaking in rainwater, and back aching Heidi stared up at the sky.

She wondered if Seth had heard.

The giant's head and shoulders eclipsed the sky. He loomed over the open grave. Heidi's breath caught. The blonde thought she might scream. Seth knelt and reached down with one hand.

Heidi stared at the hand. It didn't press against her or threaten her. So she put her hand in it. Gently the fingers closed around Heidi's hand and pulled her to her feet. Heidi's other hand gripped the handle of the picnic basket. Seth plucked her from the grave effortlessly. Her feet scarcely touched the ground. Then he let her go and returned to the bier.

"Hello, my name is Heidi," tried Heidi. Nervously she sat on the bier with the basket between them. "Can you speak?"

Seth's voice was a gentle rumble. "Yes."

Heidi cast about for another topic. "The sky is pretty tonight."


"Something you like to look at," said Heidi.

"Pretty sky."

"It is," she agreed. "Would you like some wine, Seth?"


"It's a drink. Do you want to have a drink while we look at the pretty sky?"

Slowly Seth nodded. To her relief Ygor had backed a pair of metal cups along with a bottle. She also found a half loaf of bread, some boiled eggs, and a few pieces of cold chicken.

"We can have a picnic like friends," Heidi declared. She uncorked the bottle, poured out two cups, and handed one to Seth. "What should we toast to?"

"Toast to?" Seth repeated the words as he stared into the dark red wine.

Heidi nodded. "How about life? It's always good to drink to life."

Seth frowned. His face and bearing fell in on itself. Heidi winced. She felt like she had unwittingly kicked a puppy. This was not a stupid creature. Simple, like her, but not stupid. No one who could hold a conversation the night of their birth could be stupid.

She tried again. "What about the dead? In a cemetery maybe we should toast the dead."


"To the dead then." Heidi tapped her cup against his before sipping the wine. Whatever else Ygor got up to in the wine cellar with Inga the man kept a quality stock.

Seth drained his cup with one deep swallow. "Dead."

"What about the dead?"

"Belong dead."

Heidi finished her cup. "You were dead."

Seth keep looking at her. Heidi was sure she had seen eyes so sad in her life. "Belong dead."

Reaching up Heidi grabbed both sides of Seth's face. "No you don't. You belong alive. There must be something you like about living. Something that makes it good."

"Like," Seth stumbled for words, "Wine. Like sky. Like pretty. Like friends."

"That's good. I like pretty things and wine too. What else?," said Heidi. She put a hand on his lap. The tip of her fingers passed over the swelling hardness straining against his pants. When he was on the slab Heidi had wondered how it would feel to have him inside of her. "Do you like me? Am I a friend?"

"Friend." Seth gripped the back of Heidi's head and pushed her toward his crotch. She tumbled to her knees between his legs. Heidi didn't feel a threat in his actions. Only an exciting forcefulness.

"We can have our picnic afterward."

Heidi ran her hand along the length of his penis. She knew it was large. She had helped make him, but then it was clinical. Reaching out she untied Seth's pants and grasped his penis at the root. This was real and the reality felt wider than she expected.

Seth stood up and pushed his pants lower. With unsteady fingers he unbuttoned his vest. Absently Heidi reached up and ran her fingers over scars of his chest. Every mark she had made after Dr. Frankenstein replaced his damaged heart and organs.

Freed from his pants Heidi began to run her hands over Seth's penis. She rubbed it, stroked it, and admired it in the starlight. To her this was a creation worthy of admiration.

After a long moment Heidi opened her mouth and swallowed the tip of Seth's penis. Slowly she worked halfway down the shaft. Then stopping she pulled away and worked the length of his penis with her hand.

"I need to warm up," panted Heidi. Seth replied by thrusting forward at her mouth.

Heidi opened her mouth and tried again. Halfway down she began to gag. Seth started to pull back, but she slapped one hand against his ass to keep him in place. Determinedly the blonde moved and flexed until nose pressed against his six pack abs. Smiling to herself she pulled back to the halfway point and started to work herself back down again.

Using her free hand Heidi fought her way out of her jacket. Then she began to unbutton her blouse before shedding it also. Finally she freed her bountiful breasts.

Groaning with satisfaction Heidi took her mouth off of him. Using one hand she pushed Seth toward the bier until he sat. Once he was positioned she knelt and wrapped her soft breasts around his penis. Seth began to thrust upward, slowly, and cautiously at first. Then with greater abandon as Heidi started to lick at the cock that fucked her tits.

Stopping for a moment she grabbed Seth's hands and put them on her breasts. He pressed them together and resumed fucking. His grip was so strong Heidi wondered if she would bruise. The head of his cock slammed against her cheek.

"Not too deep," said Seth. His strokes slowed and grew gentler. Now his penis lightly tapped her chin.

Heidi's hands were busy removing her panties. Heidi had no interest in being around a cock this size and not at least trying to have it inside her. To get ready Heidi thrust two fingers inside of herself. The feelings from her breasts and pussy rocked her into a mini-orgasm.

Seeing Heidi's state Seth stopped thrusting. He put one hand on Heidi's head and pushed forward. She tumbled backward exposing her pussy to the night air. Seth knelt between her legs. This was his first close view of any vagina, but he remembered what was done to him. Cautiously he thrust his tongue forward.

"Oh you are smart," Heidi breathed. "Now lick. Lick don't poke."

Seth attacked her pussy with his tongue. Long licks, short licks, it was all a matter of experiment for him. All a matter of pleasure for her. Heidi squealed and thrashed. With one hand she grabbed the back of Seth's bare head and pressed him where she needed him.

After another mini-orgasm she pushed him away and stood. Seth stared up at her with confusion. Going to the bier Heidi spread her legs. She smiled at him invitingly. Confused Seth stood up and walked over to her.

"Please fuck me," said Heidi. "Put that big cock inside of me. Please."

Now understanding Seth lifted her legs. Using one hand Heidi lined him up. Seth thrust once burying himself to the hilt in Heidi. The shocking feeling of fullness made Heidi yip like a dog. It hurt, but it hurt like she wanted it to. Then Seth began to move back and forth. Gentle and then hard. Deep and then shallow. He worked to find a rhythm for pressing into Heidi's tight pussy.

The blonde moaned under him. "Yes."

Heidi popped her ankles onto his shoulders. This was a fucking like none she had ever had before. Not skilled, but intense and unceasing. She wondered if Seth could last until sunrise. She knew she couldn't.

Another orgasm ripped through her.

Suddenly Seth pulled out of her entirely. Now it was Heidi's turn to be confused as he pushed her legs aside and straddled her chest. His monstrous cock laid across her face. Craning her neck she couldn't even get the head of it in her mouth.

Seth grabbed on of her hands and pressed it against his penis. Heidi wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke. It twitched in her hands. Warm cum splattered across her face. Stretching Heidi wrapped her mouth around the tip of Seth's manhood and took the rest of his load in her mouth.

"Wow." She said at last.

Seth looked down at her. "Pretty."

"What is pretty?"

"Heidi pretty. Heidi friend."

Beneath a streak of cum the blonde blushed.

Dr. Anne Frankenstein sulked her way back to the castle. Soot from the remains of the windmill covered her hands and clothes. The only thing to see there was the pit of scummy water she had fallen in. Then her father's laboratory proved to be nothing, but blackened ruins and the dried remains of the sulfur pit where her father had battled grandfather's creature. Nothing useful remained and certainly no sign of her experiments.

Only reminders of her grandfather's folly. A folly that she not only shared, but had doubled.

Coming through the side door of the laboratory Anne's foot was on the first stair before she realized the lights were on. Turning she stopped and looked at the laboratory again. The blackboard was half erased and rewritten with attempts at letters, blocky and childish but growing crisper as they descended. Pages scattered about the slabs, torn from lab books, and medical books, all of them carefully pulled out at the spine.

"Doctor," said Lilith. The reanimated woman stepped from the shadows. Lilith's voice was not the croak Anne expected. Instead a deep sultry alto rang across the stone. Her white hair formed a wild halo. Over her pale slim frame was an overlarge lab coat that revealed more than it hid.

"You came back," breathed Anne. The doctor moved toward Lilith with an uncertain step. She hadn't anticipated her experiments to master language or literacy without months of tutoring.

Lilith dipped a rag in a bowl of water and passed it to Anne. "Why?"

Anne wiped the soot from her hands and face. "Why did you come back? I don't know. A homing instinct of some kind? An ethereal bond?"

Lilith shook her head and tapped the scars across her chest where Anne had replaced fluid filled lungs. "Why?"

Anne stopped. Digging up corpses, stealing brains, distilling serum, building a lab to shame her grandfather's, and to what purpose. The conquest of death? Restoring the family name? To stand in triumph over small minds and large egos that populated London's medical societies?

"To prove I could," Anne said at last. She frowned. The words weakened the idea and made it sound hollow.

Lilith shook her head.

"Pride," suggested Anne.

"Passion," answered Lilith. "And desire."


Lilith gestured at the lab. "You are genius and alone. Powerful and alone. No equal to Dr. Frankenstein. So you make powerful creatures to be equal, not servant."

Anne felt a truth in Lilith's words. Maybe not the whole truth, but the name Frankenstein had left her alone more often than not. But had she imagined an equal? Maybe, eventually, after years of refinement.

"Passion and desire," repeated Lilith. One hand caressed Anne's cheek. "You made powerful things. Monsters with passion."

Anne leaned against the cool hand. "I made no monsters. You are no monster."

"We are," whispered Lilith.

Anne put her own hand against the one on her cheek. She knew it couldn't hold Lilith's hand in place. The reanimated woman could crush her skull with a single blow. Instead Lilith leaned forward and kissed her. Anne felt a jolt of power, not electricity, but connection. She slipped her tongue into Lilith's mouth.

Lilith's other hand gripped Anne's perk ass.

"Passion," repeated Lilith.

Anne nodded. "And desire."

Anne stood on her toes and pressed her lips against Lilith's. She grabbed her creation by the waist. It felt like flipping the switch to reanimate the dead. This was the spark. The energy that none of her lovers had brought.

Long trim fingers began to unbutton Anne's torn coat. Almost reluctantly Anne separated from Lilith. Fiddling with unfamiliar hooks and buttons Lilith helped Dr. Frankenstein from her clothes. Muddied tweeds swiftly tumbling to the stone floor. Fingers brushed Anne's sensitive nipples. Leaning against an examination table the doctor struggled out of her boots and pants.

Anne Frankenstein stood naked and vulnerable as the day she was born. Lilith wasted no time grabbing the woman. Without effort the reanimated woman lifted the doctor onto the table. Shocked by the sudden chill metal on her bottom Anne let out a yelp.

Reaching out Anne her finger down the scar on the side of Lilith's face where the face had been split to open the skull. It was beautiful imperfection. Finding her face even with Lilith's breasts Anne leaned forward. The breasts were nowhere near the size of Heidi's but larger than her own with pale pink nipples that already stood at attention. Anne closed her mouth over one, licking and sucking greedily.

Lilith gasped. Quickly the taller woman shucked her lab coat. Once again naked in the laboratory, but filled with desire not confusion. She gasped again as the doctor shifted attention to her other breast.

Eager to reply Lilith pressed two fingers against the entrance to Anne's pussy. The doctor moaned as Lilith's digits slid into her. She was already soaked. Showing speed and skill Lilith worked her fingers in and out of Anne. The entire time Anne continued to work Lilith's nipples making them vibrate with her moans.

Anne pulled away and looked up at the other woman. "Join me."

Lilith nodded. Anne slid back on the table and laid down. Slowly Lilith crawled up to meet her. The taller woman straddled the scientist. Then Lilith sank down and kissed her. Their breasts mashing together. Anne reached up to take control of Lilith, but the reanimated woman grabbed her wrists and gently forced them down.

Moving forward Lilith kneeled over Anne's face. Looking up the wet quim above her Anne licked her lips in anticipation. Then she began to tongue Lilith's folds. Slow and easy, but then she mixed in little nibbles. Above her Lilith let out a low groan as Anne relished her attack.

Reaching down Lilith spread her lower lips and brought herself down further. The reanimated woman was rewarded by a cascade of flicks and nuzzles on her clitoritis. Anne was a woman possessed. Possessed by the need to make her lover cum.

A shock passed through Lilith as the orgasm took her. The reanimated woman howled to the heavens as she shivered. Fighting for balance she leaned back and rested a hand on the table. Unrelenting Anne leaned up and continued to bury herself in Lilith's wet pussy.

A disappointed noise escaped Anne when Lilith pulled away. Then cool pale hands helped flip the doctor onto her side. Lilith laid down in a matching position. The reanimated woman's warm breath teased the doctor's pussy and Anne found herself once again facing Lilith's vagina.

Hungry for more Anne leaned forward, lifted Lilith's leg, and resumed her oral ministrations. She struggled to find her rhythm as her own pussy filled with pleasure. Lilith brought all of Anne's tricks to bear with a style all the pale woman's own. Every lick and nudge and nibble brought Anne closer to the edge. It was all she could do to keep her attention on the sex in front of her face.

Dr. Frankenstein knew she was getting closer. Her muscles tensed. Consumed with the notion they should cum together she brought a hand up and started to thrust into Lilith. Then she felt the digit press into her cunt and the orgasm broke over her. She quivered on the slab.

Something in the doctor's ecstasy forced Lilith over the brink again. A smaller quieter orgasm ran through her body.

For some time they lay on the table recovering. Anne panted, but Lilith just lay there. At last the reanimated woman sat up. The doctor rose to face her. Lilith grabbed the back of Anne's head with one lithe hand. She pressed their lips together again.

There was no wrestling for dominance.

Anne pulled away and rested her face on Lilith's cool shoulder. Lilith wrapped her arms around her lover. Comforted Anne pressed her face against Lilith's white hair.

"A goddess," Anne kissed Lilith's collar bone. "And a monster"

Lilith kissed Dr. Frankenstein's ear and whispered, "No, two goddesses and two monsters."

"Can someone be both?"

"Can we be anything else?"

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