tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHeld Hostage and Forcibly Fucked

Held Hostage and Forcibly Fucked



This is my first story, hope you enjoy.


Anna worked at the bank. At 5'8" and 130 pounds, she was a slender woman. She had dark brown eyes deep set in a pale face. She had a small slope of a nose and her mouth was very narrow, yet the lips were full and usually tinted a subtle pink. Her long black hair was shiny and wavy, cascading to the brush the small her back, although she most often wore it in a bun to keep it out of the way. She had a long and graceful neck, meeting with delicate looking collar bones and freckled shoulders.

Below this were her breasts, pale, round, and full, and they were marked with small, delicate light pink nipples. Her body curved in at the waist and then curved back out to her hips and firm, full butt. Her legs were long and lean, with full yet firm thighs between which was a soft pink pussy, kept completely bare by waxing.

The bank was a monotonous place. The best part of Anna's day was her lunch break, at 12:30. Sometimes, when her boss was in a good mood and the day had been slow, he would give her a full hour to eat. Today was one of those days. However, it was dampened when Anna returned at 1:30 only to walk into a robbery in process.

Anna entered through the backdoor, unaware that there was anything unusual going on. She filled her water bottle in the lounge, then walked into the lobby only to meet the barrel of a gun.

"Don't. Make. A move," said the voice behind the mask. Anna nodded, staring at the ground. She knew what to do. She had been trained about what to do annually since working at the bank. Still, she never expected it to actually happen.

"Put your hands up. Slowly," said the same man, still pointing his shiny black handgun at her head. Anna did as he said, her fingers shaking.

"Where were you when we got here? Did you call the cops?"

"I was out for lunch," Anna said slowly, her voice trembling but low and calm. "I did not call the cops. I did not know you were here."

"How did you get in?" He growled, jamming his gun into Anna's skull. "How did you get in? Have you been here the whole time? Answer me, bitch!"

"No, no I haven't!" she cried. "I got in through the back way. There's a back door, I came in through the back door, I just got here!"

The man turned, hurling a stream of insults and explicit words towards one of the other men in masks, then turned back towards Anna.

"Okay, I believe you. Now, since you joined the party so late I think I need you to do a little favor for me. You got the code to the safe?"

Anna nodded. She had been looking at the floor until now, but she raised her vision now. The man in front of her had lowered his gun but still held it in his hand ready. His eyes were blue and he was around 6'4". His mask concealed any other features. The other bank employees were being held by gunpoint on the floor of one of the side offices. More men in masks stood off to the side, near the doors, waiting.

"Good. I want you to lead me to it and I want you to open it and stuff this bag full of money. Got it, bitch?"

Anna nodded obediently again. She was trapped. Had nobody pressed a panic button? How long until authorities came?

"Alright then. Let's go," the man said. He positioned his gun at Anna's back, nudging her roughly.

Anna walked into the backroom, pulling her set of keys from the pocket of her pencil skirt. Her hand was shaking. She struggled to steady it enough to insert the key into the lock.

"Let's GO, bitch. I don't have all damn day."

Finally, she unlocked the door. Behind it was another set of doors with a touchscreen on the handle. Anna keyed in the code and entered the room, led by circular tip of the gun now boring into the skin on her back hard enough to draw blood.

"H-here it is. The safe," she said uncertainly. Why wasn't he doing anything?

"What are you looking at, bitch? PUT THE FUCKING MONEY IN THE BAG," he roared, kicking her to the ground. He threw the bag down too, then pointed the gun at her once more. "QUICKLY, YOU STUPID WHORE."

Anna scrambled on her hands and knees, grabbing the bag. Her tights were ripped and her neat hair bun was falling down a little. The angle caused her blouse to lean forward, revealing her cleavage. Hands shaking and tears streaming down her face, she grabbed money out of the neat stacks lining the room and shoveled it into the black duffel bag the man had thrown at her. Thousands and thousands of dollars, until the bag was so full that Anna could hardly zip it closed. She accomplished all of this in a matter of seconds, then stood and held it out to the man.

"Here you go, sir," she said, not making eye contact with him. "That's as much as I could fit in the bag."

The man didn't answer her. He was on his cell phone, listening intently and grunting occasionally. Finally, he hung up and looked at Anna. She was still holding the duffel bag out, eyes on the ground.

"Put the bag down," he said in a low voice.

Anna hesitated, but dropped the bag on the floor in front of her. When he didn't say anything, she looked up at him and met his eyes.

"What's the matter?" she asked. He didn't reply. "Sir, is there anything...anything else you need? Please, just - " She was interrupted by a slap across the face.

"The cops are outside, waiting for us," he yelled. "This is your fucking fault. If you hadn't come in when you had, and if you hadn't

taken so damn long loading the bag up..."

Anna was silent, tears streaming down her face. The cheek he had stricken felt hot and raw.

"Please, please-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP. I bet you did call them, you little bitch."

"No! No, I didn't!"

"I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he was an inch from her face now, gun buried in her hair. "Now, what we have to do now is wait here while my men work out a deal. We have hostages, we have leverage. You're a hostage, do you understand this?"

Anna nodded. The man had a wild look in his eyes. She hoped he wouldn't hit her again. Instead, he fell to the floor, sitting against a wall facing Anna, his gun still in hand but relaxed by his side. He seemed to be in deep thought. His robbery had gone wrong.

He caught Anna staring at him, and Anna winced, expecting to be yelled at or struck once again. But he did something strange. He took off his mask. Beneath was a set of sharp blue eyes and a strong, angular jaw. Thick, medium length brown hair grew from his head and he had beard stubble. Anna couldn't believe she could think of such things at a time like this, but he was a handsome man.

He grinned, and pointed his gun at Anna. "Stand up, bitch. I want you to entertain me while I'm in here."

What could he mean? Anna stood.

"Now, take off your shirt. Nice and slow," he said.

Anna hesitated.

"Do you want to die, bitch? I said take it off. Do it."

Anna undid her shirt one button at a time, slowly as ordered. When she finished the bottom button, she pulled her thin silk shirt off of her body. Now Anna was just in her black pencil skirt and minimal black bra under the flickering florescent lights of her workplace. It was cold. She shivered.

"Oh yeah, that's better," said the man, drinking in the image of Anna's hardened pink nipples puckering out through the thin, sheer material of the bra. "Hey, what's your name anyway?"


"Well Miss Anna, would you mind taking off that skirt?"

Anna's hands shook as she clumsily reached behind her, and then the only sounds were her own heavy, uneven breathing and the sound of her zipper going down. Anna let the fabric drop around her ankles and slowly stepped out of it. The only clothing that remained now was Anna's bra, thong, thigh high stockings and heels.

The man stood abruptly, leaving the gun on the ground next to his feet. He started towards her.

"Don't move," he said. Then he closed the distance between the two of them so that only a couple of inches separated their lips. He trailed his large fingers down the length of Anna. She shivered under his touch, now freezing cold. He reached around and yanked her hair down so that it had completely fallen from its tidy bun and fell down around her. He grabbed a fistful of it and brought her closer.

"You are beautiful...." He whispered into her neck, still trailing his fingers up and down the length of Anna's body. Anna was terrified, and yet warmth and wetness began between Anna's thighs. She squirmed, trying to distance herself from him, but he pulled a bit of rope from his pocket. Then he pushed Anna to her knees, warning her to keep quiet by putting a finger to his lips.

He relished the sight of her for a moment, in her underwear and heels, looking up at him with smudged makeup and fucked up hair, such fear in her eyes. Then he pulled Anna's arms above her head and tied them tight at the elbows, so that she was forced to keep her hands up and together. He looked at her now breasts, now more elevated and exposed with a hunger, pulling a knife from his pocket. When Anna began screaming, he slapped her once again.

He brought his knife between the cups of her bra and cut it in one clean movement. Her breasts fell slightly down and to the sides, milky firm flesh spreading over her chest, and her small pink nipples were now exposed fully to the cold air. He groaned with appreciation, pushing the remnants of her bra away so that he could see everything. Anna squirmed.

"Oh, Anna," he breathed. "Oh my god."

He pushed her down so that she was laying flat on the floor of the safe room, icy tile beneath her. Then he moved to her lower body, pulling her flimsy thong down off of her hips, down her thighs and calves, finally removing it completely. He seemed to be worshipping her body. Finally, he looked at Anna's face. She had been watching him in horror the entire time.

"Anna, I'm going to fuck you," he said serenely. She began screaming again. This time, he shoved Anna's thong deeply into her mouth, choking her.

"Yes, Anna, I'm going to fuck you and there's nothing you can do about it."

Restrained and gagged, he was right. So Anna simply laid there, shivering and crying, while the handsome man returned to kiss her on the mouth while he crouched above her naked and helpless body, hands roughly gripping and massaging her breasts, hard dick grinding into her bare and defenseless pussy.

He began licking her while he did this, behind her ears, her throat, her collarbones...lower and lower he licked her. She felt humiliated and dirtied, but at the same time turned on. His tongue reached her heaving breasts, and he licked them slowly, savoring it, spiraling around her them, getting closer and closer to her beautiful pink nipples. Finally reaching them, he sucked them hard, pinching the alternate one while lapping at the other with his tongue, sucking, licking. Anna was screaming through her panty gag -- or was she moaning? It was hard to tell. He was being way to rough. Tears streamed down her face.

Moving away from her abused breasts at last, his callused hands stroked the insides of Anna's thighs lovingly, his face so close to her pussy that she could feel the warmth of his breath. And then, a pressure in a place so intense that Anna could no longer watch but instead lay flat on her back, staring up at that long florescent light bulb and the square ceiling tiles while her body was used by this stranger. He was rubbing his thumb directly on her clitoris, hard, too hard. It was too much for her, too intense. Anna's eyes rolled back in her head, she begged through her gag -- "Please, please stop, oh god please stop."

And it did. The man's hands, now wet from Anna's unwillingly aroused pussy, returned to her breasts, groping and manipulating them. Anna moaned, but then stopped herself, feeling disgusted with herself.

"I knew you'd like it," the man said. "You're a little slut. You're going to make me feel good, and then I'm going to fuck you." Then the man ducked his head between her thighs, and Anna closed her eyes tightly while he took one of her pussy lips into his mouth at a time, licking it, sucking on it, biting it gently. She could not help but moan at this point; he was in total control of her body. When he was done, he took to licking circles around her clitoris, becoming smaller and smaller until his tongue was flicking it back and forth, hid head buried between her legs, facial stubble scratching the insides of Anna's tender thighs. He grasped onto her ass and began fingering it for good measure. The sensations Anna was feeling were completely new to her. She bucked her pelvis, her pussy tightening with mounting pressure, but the man held on tightly, grinding his mouth into Anna's pussy, fingering her ass with one, now two fingers. Anna was close, so close...

The man pushed her away from him, standing back up and unbuttoning his pants. Anna stayed on the floor, breathing heavily through her gag, half disappointed. Tears still streamed down her face. Her pussy was throbbing with need and anticipation. Completely naked except for her thigh high stockings, now torn at the knees and other places, she watched him wearily as he stroked his own dick, pants still up and around his waist. It was rock hard, the tip already wet. He walked toward her, still stroking himself, and pulled her dirty thong out of her mouth.

"Suck it, bitch," he said, breathing heavily. Not waiting for her to act on her own, grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head to him. She opened her mouth, and he began fucking her face without abandon. Her eyes watered as his dick slammed into the back of her throat. He was much too big, and tasted salty. She gagged.

"Deep throat, whore, I know you can!" he yelled, thrusting into her mouth even faster. Finally, it seemed he was done. He dragged Anna by the hair across the room, pulling her onto a small metal table and pushing her down so that she was flat on her back once again. He stood at the end of the table, pulling her legs up so that they rested on his chest.

Anna was helpless. Her arms, still bound, were above her head, leaving her breasts vulnerable to his filthy gaze. His hard dick, moist with Anna's saliva and his own precum, was just inches from the opening of her pussy. Anna stared into his eyes, dreading what would be next.

"You cum when I tell you to cum," he growled. "Understand?"

"Please, please don't-"

He slapped her in the face, hard, and Anna stopped. He gripped his dick, rubbing the tip around Anna's pussy, spreading her own juices around and stimulating her clitoris until she was very near orgasm. Then he leaned over the table, kissed her on the lips, and thrusted slowly into her. Her screams were cut off by his hand over her mouth and he forced her to hold still as he filled her pussy with his hard cock, taking his time to reach her cervix.

"Oh Anna," he groaned into her neck, while she kept her eyes closed tight, tears streaming down the sides of her face and into her hair. "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god..." He began fucking her at a rhythmic pace, torturously slow, pushing his dick all the way inside of her, then pulling it all the way out so that she was empty again. Each time he reentered her, it sent a jolt of sensation down Anna's spine. Each time his dick hit her cervix, another jolt. Anna hated herself for the pleasure she was feeling.

The man could sense it. "You're going to cum for me, you little slut," he murmured, standing upright staring down at her beautiful body while he thrusted into her. He stroked her breasts gently while he rocked her back and forth.

Anna shook her head frantically. "No, no, no, no," she cried. "I'm not coming for you."

"Oh yes," he said, putting his hand back on her mouth. "Yes you are."

He pulled Anna off of the table, turned her around, and then bent her over the table again. His hand was over her mouth. Her breasts were smashed against the cold metal, the edge of the table cutting into her hips.

Then without warning the man impaled her with his dick. This time was very different. He fucked her quickly, roughly, in and out, in and out. Her body slid up and down on the table. With each thrust inward, her feet lifted off of the floor, her legs spread wide for his cock that pummeled her pussy, her plump breasts bouncing in tandem with the movements of his pelvis as he fucked her against her will.

"Oh yeah baby," he moaned, bringing his free hand down hard on her ass with a loud smack. "Oh yeah, that's how you like it, you little slut. You little slut, oh yeah." Again and again he spanked her ass, causing her to tense up each time, tightening her pussy's grip on his cock. It only made him want her more.

For Anna it was the same pleasure as before, but faster, more intense. Anna, face down on the table, begged for it to stop, for it to stop before she came and humiliated herself even more. The man who had threatened her life, hit her, and stripped her naked, was now invading her body with his, defiling it. But she could not help but feel the growing pressure between her legs with each thrust of his fat cock, and as she continued to be fucked by this stranger she continued to beg, however she was no longer sure what she was begging for. Release, but of what kind?

Without warning, the man turned her around on the table so that she was lying face up again, and thrust his dick inside of her asshole. Wrapping her legs around him, she screamed in pain and pleasure as he fucked her asshole with the same rapid pace that he had fucked her pussy, stimulating her with his rough fingers while he forced her to take all of him inside of her. Finally with a tortured cry, Anna's body convulsed as she came for him, legs locking around the man's torso as he continued to fuck her asshole violently. Her orgasm lingered for a few seconds, then fell, and Anna lay on the table while the man continued to pump his dick into her limp and naked body, ravaging her, using her. Finally, he came, pulling out so that he could empty his milky white load all over Anna's bare pussy and asshole while she looked away, feeling defiled and ashamed, silently crying and waiting for it to be over.

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