Dee looked out the sliding glass door at his new wife standing at the railing on their balcony. His eyes moved over her lean runner's body, barely contained in the bikini she was wearing. He still had a hard time believing that she had married him. From the night they met she proved that she would enthusiastically join him in the adventures he wanted to share. He couldn't love anyone more than he loved her.

As Helen gazed over the beach where they were spending their honeymoon she could feel her husband's eyes on her. She shivered with anticipation and desire, knowing they would come up with something outrageous and exciting to celebrate their marriage. As she waited, she thought about how he came into her life.

When Helen's first husband lost his battle with cancer she had thought her love life over forever. They had gotten married when she was a junior in college and for over twenty years had made a life together. He had been the only real sex partner she'd had and what they'd shared together had been good, though not as uninhibited as what some of her bolder friends had told her about. She had loved him and they'd been happy together. For a year after his passing Helen concentrated on her kids and her career. When her oldest daughter presented her with a grandchild to dote on she did not give herself a chance to worry about what she might be missing.

Then she met Dee. She was at a faculty party celebrating spring break. The party was being held at Dee's sister's house, one of Helen's co-workers. Dee had just moved to town after his own marriage broke up. Helen told her friends that it had been 'love at first sight' but it was really 'lust at first glance.' As soon as she'd laid eyes on him Helen felt a warmth inside her she hadn't expected to feel again. It might have been the smile he gave her when they were introduced. It also might have been the way he looked right through her clothes. She knew he was picturing her body naked, and it made her feel good to have him admire it. She had spent a lot of hours running and using weight machines to keep her figure in shape - it was nice to have someone appreciate it. As she talked with him Helen stood straight and squared her shoulders, making her breasts stand out above her flat stomach. She also found herself looking at him the same way, picturing what was hidden in his pants. The answer to that question was made obvious by the erection he took no effort to hide. The warmth she felt spread until it was centered between her legs.

Dee had been mesmerized by the woman he'd just met. As they stood and talked he found himself thinking about how attractive she was with blond hair falling to her shoulders and those long, shapely legs. Her eyes were smoldering when she looked in his and, despite the fact she was wearing a very conservative blouse, her nipples were poking straight out.

When Dee's sister hauled him off to meet some other guests, Helen had needed another drink to calm herself down. As they separately circulated through the crowd, Helen was sure she could feel the man's eyes following her. When she could, she glanced his direction, hoping he would return and talk with her some more. To herself she admitted she had more than talk in mind. After several drinks, more than Helen was used to having, Dee walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, "Back bedroom in ten minutes." Then he slipped into the crowd.

Helen nearly dropped her glass. "Who the hell does he think he is?" she thought. "Does he really believe I'd sneak off to meet him - in a bedroom? The man is an arrogant bastard." Then she downed the drink and looked at her watch - which she checked again every two minutes.

When ten minutes had passed Helen was still astounded that the man, nearly a stranger, expected her to just run to him on command. Not quite understanding why, she edged away from the crowd and slipped down the hall, certain that every eye in the room was on her. When she got to the room, Dee was waiting for her inside. As soon as the door was closed behind her she was in his arms, their lips locked, all her anger dissipating as his hands explored the body he had been desiring. She pressed her thighs to his and felt the evidence of that desire. The heat between her legs had become a hunger that demanded to be satisfied, and she knew she was going to make this man be the one to meet that need.

Without even thinking about where they were, Helen pulled her skirt up and panties off while Dee removed his slacks. Helen's first husband had made love to her; this man ravaged her while she begged him for more. Laid out on a child's bed, she wrapped her bare legs around the man's butt, bit her lip to keep from crying out, and bounced her hips to meet his thrusts. Turned on by the sound of her friends and co-workers just down the hall, Helen experienced the most explosive orgasm she could remember. The slut that Helen never knew was inside her had finally escaped.

Helen and Dee left the party early. It gave Helen a hidden thrill to tell friends goodbye knowing that her panties were wadded up in Dee's pocket and his semen was inside her. She drove him to his apartment where they had decided to spend the night. Even though Helen knew what they'd be doing when they got inside, she didn't want to wait. As soon as she'd pulled into the parking lot and shut off the car, she turned and whispered in his ear, "Get that dick out, buddy. I want you now!" She got no argument as Dee quickly opened his slacks and pulled them to his knees. He held his organ aloft while Helen threw her leg over his lap and mounted him. "Oh god," she moaned. "Your cock feels so good inside me. So fucking good." They were both turned on by the words coming out of the proper grandmother.

"And your hot pussy feels so good around my cock. Bite me baby. Bite me with your cunt."

Helen arched her back, taking him deeper and rubbing herself against his body, then froze as another car pulled into the lot. Slowly she began rocking back and forth on the erection poking into her while she watched a young couple get out of their car. Dee let out a quiet moan as she tightened her vaginal muscles around him. It might have been her imagination, but Helen was sure the couple had stopped and looked their direction before going on into the building. "Oh god, I need to cum now," she gasped, pushed over the edge by the thought that their coupling had been observed. Dee grasped her by the hips and wrenched her back and forth, grinding her against his pubic bone until her body tensed and she was moaning in his ear. As her orgasm faded Helen realized he was still hard inside her. "You didn't cum yet, did you?"

"Huh uh," he managed to say while grinding his teeth. It had been all he could manage to hold off.

"Then do it," she said, slowly rising and falling, letting his wet organ slide in and out as she tried to milk it with her pussy. When she felt him start to swell, she rocked back and forth again. "Do it you son-of-a-bitch. Shoot your cum into me. Oh yeah, give me that hot stuff," she demanded as he finally allowed his balls to release their contents into her.

Later that night Helen had rewarded Dee by making him the first man she had ever let ejaculate in her mouth. She discovered that she enjoyed it: enjoyed the slick fluid pumping across her tongue; enjoyed the salty/sweet taste of his seed; and enjoyed forcing her lover to feed her from his passion. Later Dee sampled her passion when he dug his tongue into her as she was cumming. If the young couple hadn't known they were having sex earlier, they surely learned about it from Helen's screams as Dee brought her to orgasm with his mouth and fingers.

Their courtship had been short and filled with crazy sex. Two months after they met Dee proposed and Helen never hesitated to say yes. Even though, due to Helen's position in the community, they kept their exhibitionist tendencies in check, they had made love as often, and as wildly, as possible. Now, at the Caribbean resort where they were spending their honeymoon, both of them felt empowered to explore their needs to show off. Which was exactly what Helen was thinking about when Dee walked up behind her and put his arms around her.

"Mmm, nice," she murmured as he nuzzled her neck. She wriggled her butt until the lump in his pants lodged between her ass cheeks. "And that's even nicer," she said. Looking out to the beach below, Helen nodded toward a middle-aged couple sitting in loungers. "Looks like we have an audience," she said.

"Well, at least you do," Dee said. "I think they're checking out your tits."

When the woman turned to give her companion her opinion on something, something she obviously didn't approve of, Helen said, "I don't believe she thinks too highly of my tits." After a moment, Helen said, "Think I should flash 'em?" Before Dee had a chance to answer, the woman got up and, with a glare in Helen's direction and a final word to the man, stalked off.

"Maybe you should give him a little peek," Dee said. "After that he deserves a treat." As he was saying it, Dee's hands were sliding Helen's bra cups up, exposing her breasts. They could see the man watching intently as Dee tweaked her nipples.

"How 'bout we give him a real show," Helen said as she pulled her husband's hand down until it was over her crotch. "Why don't you play with my pussy while Dilbert watches. Think you can get me off?" Helen loved it when her husband masturbated her and he'd gotten quite good at it.

"I'd love to try," he said as he pushed his hand into her bikini bottom. From the attention the man she'd christened Dilbert was showing, they knew their actions were visible through the wrought iron grating.

"Oooh, yeah," Helen moaned encouragingly as Dee curled his fingers into her vagina. "That's it, baby. Keep that up and I'll be there in no time."

"What's in it for me," Dee asked, "if I get you off?"

"I've got a treat . . . oooh . . . for you baby. Just keep doing that." She was referring to the way Dee's fingers were sliding in-and-out of her while the palm of his hand was rubbing her clit.

"What treat?" He asked, temporarily holding his hand still.

"I'll suck your dick."

"Right here?"

"You know it. Give Dilbert a show to remember."

"And you'll make me cum, too?"

"What's the point of sucking a dick if I don't get the good stuff at the end."

"Well, in that case . . ." Dee said, forcing his fingers deeper into his wife's cunt. She knew it wouldn't take long as she felt his fingers slide under her cervix. Helen grasped the sides of her suit and pulled it down, spreading her legs to give Dee greater access to her sex, and Dilbert a better view. Then Helen slid her hands up and grasped her own breasts, squeezing them hard. A low keening sound came out of her mouth as her orgasm began. Squinting as the pleasure flowed through her, Helen could see the man below rubbing the front of his own shorts. Vaguely she wondered if he was making himself cum as he watched her climax. She hoped not because she had more to show him.

When her orgasm passed, Helen slumped back against her husband. She could feel his erection pressed against her butt and knew he was more than ready for his treat. Helen let go of her boobs and grasped Dee's hands. Smiling at the man on the beach, she pulled Dee's fingers out of her vagina and held them in front of her face. As Dilbert stared, she stuck the fingers into her mouth, sucking at them like a miniature cock. The man started rubbing himself harder so Helen shook her own finger at him as if commanding him to stop what he was doing. He got the message and immediately left off rubbing himself. Helen gave him the 'thumbs up' gesture of approval.

Dee stepped back to allow Helen to turn around. She did so, then carefully positioned him so Dilbert would have a profile view of what was going to happen. Helen stepped back slightly and pulled her bra completely off and let her suit bottom fall to the floor so she could kick it aside.

Once she was naked, Helen got a towel from the chair on the balcony and spread it out at her husband's feet, to protect her knees from the hard concrete. With a glance at her admirer, she knelt in front of her husband while he pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them. Helen grasped Dee's erect cock, holding it in front of her mouth while she kissed around his head. "Oh god that feels good," he whispered.

Leaning back slightly, Helen opened wide, then moved forward, pushing the organ into her mouth. As she started suckling on her husband's cock the thought occurred to Helen that Dilbert might not be the only one watching. Surely their balcony was visible from several cabins as well as any one else on the nearby beach. The thought made her shiver with pleasure and she pushed her nose against Dee's belly, taking his cock deep into her throat. The idea of strangers watching her pleasure her husband made it even more exciting.

Dee glanced over the railing, ensuring that Dilbert was still watching. Looking back down he thought, "So sexy. My beautiful wife showing off with her mouth full of my cock. God I love her."

Helen started bobbing her head, fucking her husband with her mouth. "Oh baby," he murmured, "you do that so good. Suck it, honey. Suck my goddam cock."

"Mmm," was the only answer she could make with the meat between her lips. "Mmm," she managed again, knowing the vibration would set him off. It did. She felt his organ swell, then he was filling her mouth with his semen.

When Dee finally stopped throbbing Helen pulled the softening dick from her mouth and, while she looked her husband in the eye, planted wet kisses around his cock-head. Then she stood and looked down where Dilbert was. Smiling, she ran a finger over her lips as if she was wiping off excess cum (actually she hadn't spilled a drop), and licked her finger. Then she had an inspiration. She held up her hand, loosely fisted, and made the up-and-down motion associated with jacking off. Seeing the surprised look Dilbert was giving her, she pointed a finger at him, then made the jack-off motion again.

The man looked as if he'd been hypnotized. Still staring at Helen, "At my tits and pussy," she thought, he pulled his shorts down and grasped a very erect penis. While Helen and Dee watched, he began sliding his hand up-and-down on it. It didn't take long before cum was bubbling out of him. Even from a distance, she could see the spunk running over his fingers, some of it splattering on his thighs and belly. When the flow stopped, he sank back into the lounger as if his bones had turned to jelly. Smiling, Helen threw him a kiss, then turned and walked naked into her room. Dee gave Dilbert a thumbs-up, then followed his wife inside, pulling the curtains closed.

Dee pulled her into his arms as Helen said, "That was so fucking crazy. I loved it."

Dee replied, "And you are so fucking sexy. I love you, Helen."

Looking up at her husband, Helen said, "Six months ago it never occurred to me that I'd ever give a man a blow job - and now I've done it with an audience."

"Did you like it?" Dee asked hopefully.

"Oh hell yes!" Hesitating a second, she added, "I hope we can do it again sometime."

"I'm sure we will," Dee told her. To himself he added, "I am so lucky to have a woman like this."

Also to herself, Helen thought, "I'm so lucky to have a man like this." Aloud she said, "You know something else I thought I'd never do again?"

"No honey. What's that?"

"Have a gorgeous man go down on me and eat me out 'til I cum all over his face."

"I think that can be arranged," he said as his wife sat down on the love seat with her legs apart.

The next morning Helen woke up to the pleasant sensation of Dee kissing her neck. Slowly and tenderly the two of them made love. As they cuddled afterward, Dee fell back asleep while Helen was completely awake and alive. Quietly she got out of bed and slipped into the bathroom. When she came out her husband was still asleep, so she put on her shorts, tee shirt and running shoes and went out for a jog on the beach. As she passed the early morning sun worshipers it excited her to think that possibly some of those people had watched her felate husband on the balcony the night before. Imagining, and remembering, made her pussy get warmer with each stride.

When she finally had dissipated her post-coital energy she returned to the room where Dee had left a note for her. "Gone down for coffee," it read. "I'll be sitting outside. Wave to me to let me know you're back." Going to the balcony, she saw her husband at a table at the beach-side cafe. He was turned towards her and across the table from him was another man who's face she couldn't see. She smiled and waved at Dee, then held up a towel to indicate she was going to take a shower.

Helen took a long, leisurely shower, cleansing the smell of sweat and sex from her body. When she felt completely refreshed she got out and dried herself on a bath sheet the resort had provided. She started to step out of the bathroom, stopped, and quickly jumped back. Dee was sitting on the love seat. Across from him, in one of the straight chairs, was the back of the man Dee had been with earlier. "Shit," she thought. "He could have told me he was bringing company." She wondered if he had done it on purpose, hoping she'd walk out naked in front of a stranger. Looking around the bathroom just confirmed what she already knew: the only clothing she had was her sweaty running outfit. "Oh well, she thought philosophically, "this'll have to do." She wrapped the towel around her and checked it out in the mirror. She was covered from just above her nipples to just below her crotch. "As long as I don't bend over or open my legs, I'll be fine." She smiled, acknowledging that it was exciting her to know she'd once more be showing off for a stranger.

As Helen walked out of the bath Dee grinned broadly. "God she's hot," he thought. Aloud he said, "Honey, this is my friend Len."

Helen wasn't surprised to find, as Len turned to face her, that he was in fact the man she had christened Dilbert the night before. "Guess I don't have to worry about bending over. He's already seen my tits," she thought. Aloud she said, "Good to meet you - at last - Len." Len was having trouble getting words out.

As Helen sat down next to her husband she smiled and said, "That was fun last night, Len. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we."

"Oh, I sure did."

"Well, maybe not as much as Dee did," Helen said as she leaned over and kissed her husband on the cheek. She could tell her husband had something in mind and she was looking forward to finding out what it was. Turning back to Len she said, "Too bad your wife couldn't have stuck around longer last night. It could have turned out even more exciting, don't you think?"

"Well . . . not really." Len stammered. "My wife had . . . uh . . . a headache. I don't think she'd have appreciated what happened.

"Oh, that's too bad," Helen said. "I hope she's not ill."

"No, not really. It's just that she gets lots of headaches these days.

To herself Helen added, "Yeah. Probably around bed time."

Dee noticed that in his discomfort, Len was having trouble keeping his eyes off Helen's legs. It made him proud to see other men enjoy how attractive his wife was, and if everything went as he'd planned, he'd be even prouder of her. To Helen he said, "Len tells me his wife doesn't do oral sex. Thinks it's dirty and nasty."

"Of course it is," Helen replied. "That's what makes it so much fun, don't you think, Honey?"

"Yes it is, darling, and it's a shame Len doesn't know just how much fun it is," he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. He knew the time was right for what, he hoped, would come next. "That's why I told Len you'd be glad to do it for him so he could find out."

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