Helen Hotdog


Most of her classmates didn't know why all the boys called her Hotdog Helen, but they whispered and giggled anyway whenever she walked down the halls. Helen was used to being picked on. She had spent her life feeling awkward and she knew she was a little plump. She couldn't remember a time when the boys in her class hadn't teased her in some way, but the recent hotdog thing felt particularly hurtful.

Jonny wasn't like the other boys in her neighborhood. He was in college already. She thought he was super cute with his long black bangs that always fell into his blue eyes. Helen was an only eighteen and still in high school, but Jonny didn't seem to mind. Whenever he would see her walking home from school -- her parents wouldn't let her drive -- Jonny would always wave and say hi. Usually he was outside with his shirt off washing his car or working on his parent's lawn. Just the sight of him made Helen feel a little dizzy.

One day when Helen was walking by, Jonny stopped her and asked if she could help him with something.

Helen couldn't believe that he was really talking to her. "Yeah sure. What is it?"

"It will only take a minute. I just need you to stand on a ladder and help me put something up. It will be real quick, it's just too big for me to do alone and no one else is home." He winked at her.

His wink made her feel all funny inside, but she didn't know why. Helen followed him into the house and down a long hall. They ended up in what could only be his bed room. Helen looked around while she waited for him to run and get something for her to stand on. He brought back a small step ladder and asked her to climb up. Then he handed her the top edge of a large poster.

"So just put the corners as high up on the wall as you can and let me see if it works there." He stepped back.

Helen leaned over the ladder against the wall and stretched up as tall as she could with her arms spread wide trying to hold up the poster. She felt like she might lose her balance. "Is that good?"

"Perfect." Jonny's voice sounded soft and strange. "Helen, you know you really are a pretty girl."

While she was holding the poster, he came up behind her and slid his hands up her legs and under her skirt. She was scared at first, but he told her not to be. When he started to tug at the back of her panties, she froze. Then she felt his warm lips kissing the crack of her bottom. She had never had a boy kiss her, let alone touch her body.

"Spread your legs." Jonny pushed a hand between her closed thighs.

She let her legs open just enough for him to slid his hand up between them and touch her underpants. He rubbed her there for a minute. She liked the sensation, but it also made her feel ashamed. Jonny pulled her panties all the way down and she let him. She just stood there still holding up his poster of some heavy metal band.

When he pushed a finger up into her she told him that it hurt. He said that it was supposed to hurt the first time. She said she didn't understand what he meant and she didn't.

"Get on the bed and I'll show you what I mean." He took the poster from her and let it fall to the floor.

"What about the poster? Don't you want to put it up?" She was confused.

"The poster doesn't matter any more Helen. Don't worry about it. Just lay down." He sounded a little annoyed with her.

She didn't want him to be annoyed. She liked Jonny and she wanted him to like her too.

Jonny unbuttoned her shirt and took off her bra. He told her what pretty breasts she had, he called them tits. He sucked on them and pinched at them. The sucking felt good to Helen, but the pinching kind of hurt. Then he pulled her skirt off, so that she was naked on the bed. It felt embarrassing, but he told her she was beautiful and she liked that.

He pushed her legs apart and she tired to close them, but he wouldn't let her. She felt a little bit like crying, but she didn't. When he started rubbing on her it felt really weird and good, and then he licked her down there for a little while. She couldn't believe he would put his mouth on it, but god how amazing his warm wet mouth made her feel. It almost made it difficult for her to catch her breath. Despite how embarrassed she felt, she couldn't help but just lay back and moan.

When he put his finger in her that time it still hurt, but not nearly as much. He said that was because she was wet now. He started to pump it in and out of her and then he added another finger. It was painful but she wanted to make him happy so she tried to act like she liked it. He said he wanted to try something bigger and asked if it was ok. She said yes and then he left the room for a while. When he came back he had several things from the fridge.

He put the hotdog inside her first and asked how that felt. She said it was ok, and it was, but it was a little cold. Then he used a big carrot, it hurt a lot especially when he started pumping it in and out of her. He poured cooking oil on her down there and said it would help, he was right it didn't hurt nearly as much.

Then he picked up the cucumber. The size of it scared her. She told him that it was really starting to hurt down there. He promised he wouldn't put anything else in, if she just let him try the cucumber. It was a really big one and she was afraid, but he took it really slow. She only cried a little, but he held her hand and talked nice to her the whole time till it was all the way in.

When he got the carrot out again she didn't understand.

"I thought the cucumber was the last thing?" She started to whine a little.

He sounded a little annoyed when he told her to stop.

"It was the last thing in your pussy, but now we have to work on your ass." He poured oil into his hand and started rubbing it on the carrot.

"What?" It didn't seem to her that that was a good place for a carrot.

"If you don't want to get pregnant, you can let a boy put it in your ass. You don't want to get pregnant do you?"

Jonny was right about that, she didn't want to get pregnant. She had heard terrible stories about young girls getting pregnant, but she had never heard that doing it in your ass could prevent that.

"Spread your legs wider and pull them back. I'll put a pillow under you so I can get at it." He wedged a pillow under her and she did as he told her, then he started pouring more oil on her down there.

She was surprised that it actually felt good when he began to rub the oil around on her bottom.

He used his finger and thumb. "I think you are ready." He started to push the carrot into her, and it hurt a lot.

She couldn't help but cry out.

He stopped pushing it in, but he didn't pull it out. "Here I'll give you a second to get used to it." Soon he was pushing it in more.

He praised her when he got it in pretty far. He told her what a good girl she was being and what a good job she had done. "I want to show you something else." Without taking the carrot out, he unzipped his pants and showed her his thing.

It was big she thought, bigger than the cucumber and hard.

He climbed around so he could put it close to her face and then he put it on her mouth. "Go ahead and give it a kiss."

She kissed it. It was so smooth and warm against her lips and that it surprised her.

"Open your mouth." He started pumping the carrot in and out of her again.

She opened her mouth and he pushed it between her lips. It was so big in her mouth that she could hardly breathe. Soon, he was pumping in her mouth with the same rhythm as the carrot was going in and out of her bottom. He paused for a second and pulled the carrot out, poured more oil on her down there and then started to push something even bigger inside. She tried to say something, to make him stop, but her mouth was too full.

"Looks like you're ready." He pulled out of her mouth and climbed between her legs. He pumped the cucumber in and out a few more times while he watched closely. Then he pulled it out.

She felt a great relief for a moment.

That is until she felt his heat pressing into the place the cucumber had just vacated. He pushed all the way into her. Hovering over her, he thrust really deep and hard and fast and kept saying what a good girl she was and how he was gonna fill her up, which she thought he was already doing. Then she felt it, something hot and wet stinging her insides. He pumped and pumped it into her and said things like, shit and fuck and god damn as he gritted his teeth.


Helen was sore for several days afterwards, but she still walked by Jonny's house every day after school hoping he would ask her inside again. For a few weeks all he did was wave, if that, but finally he stopped her again. This time he was with a couple of her classmates, whom she didn't like. They were usually mean boys who always pushed her into the lockers or called her names, but that day they were acting really friendly. Jonny asked her if she wanted to come inside. He said his parents were gone and maybe they could even drink some beers out of the fridge.

Of course she said yes. The boys came in too, which disappointed her. She wanted to be alone with Jonny again. Jonny led them all to his room. She sat with the boys on the bed while he went and got the beers. The two boys made her feel uncomfortable, especially because they kept smiling at her and giggling. She smiled and giggled back, not knowing what else to do. It took Jonny a while and she wished he'd hurry back. When he returned he had the four beers, but also a grocery sack. They opened the beers and drank a little, with all three of them sitting on the bed. The beer didn't taste very good, but she liked the funny way it started to make her feel. They boys kept telling her to drink up, so she did.

Jonny put his arm around her like she was his girlfriend. She liked that. He started kissing her and that was really nice. He began to put his hand up her shirt and she tired to stop him, because the other guys were there watching.

"Come on babe. I told the guys how awesome you are and they wanted to see for themselves. That's ok isn't it?" Jonny started unbuttoning her shirt.

"I don't know Jonny." She tried to button it back up.

"For me babe? For your Jonny?" He stood. As he continued to kiss her, he took her shirt off. Then he reached behind her and unhooked her bra with one hand.

She tried to cover herself.

"You're beautiful babe, let the boys see." He pulled her hands down and placed them on the bed beside her. He kissed her again and laid her back onto the bed. He pulled her skirt and her panties off. "Spread your legs for us baby." He pushed them wide open. "The boys want to see all those cool things you did for me last time." He reached into the sack and started pulling out cooking oil and other things from the fridge. "You guys grab a leg and get a good view."

Each of the boys took a seat on either side of her. They started pulling her legs open wider and peering in between her thighs. She felt really shy and she started to blush, but Jonny told her she was so pretty down there and the boys smiled toothy grins and agreed.

"We're gonna start with the carrot again, but this time babe your also gonna let boy these guys put their dicks in you. In your pussy and your ass. You'll be popping their cherries." Jonny pushed the carrot into her pussy.

It didn't hurt nearly as much as last time. As he moved the carrot in and out, he started to tickle her bottom with his fingers and then slipped a finger in. She moaned.

"See boys, she likes it. Why don't one of you climb on. You ready baby?" He pulled the carrot out and moved out of the way so the brunette could slide between her legs.

He easily pushed into her. He wasn't much bigger than the carrot. Jonny made him stop pretty soon, saying something about not wanting him to blow his load too fast, and then the redheaded boy got on. She hardly felt him slide in. He tired to kiss her with his cold wet tongue. It made her feel sick. Jonny pulled him off too.

The boys begged to see him put a hotdog in her, so he did for a couple of minutes and then he pushed the cucumber into her. He showed the boys how to rub her down there, while he drove the cucumber in and out of her. When they rubbed it made her feel like she was gonna pee and then she let out a scream, but not because it hurt.

Jonny put himself in her pussy for a little while, longer than he let the other boys. After that he tried to put his hand inside of her. Jonny's hand was too big, but with a lot of oil the redhead actually slipped his whole fist inside of her. It hurt so much, but Jonny held her and kissed her and told her she was such a brave girl.

Jonny pulled her legs open real wide and the redhead pulled his hand out and jammed it back in a few more times while Jonny and the other boy watched. Then Jonny turned her over and pulled her legs off the bed, so that she was bent over the edge. She couldn't see what they were doing then, but she felt more oil dripping down the crack of her bottom.

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