tagInterracial LoveHelen Was Naive To Say The Least

Helen Was Naive To Say The Least


Dear reader, this is mature, interracial, and with some lesbian, a little humiliation, and light homosexuality. To those who don't like my stories, please move on, especially the vile and abusive anon? To those who do like me, have fun, which ever way you want to, lol.

He was sat in his little all round glass box at the main gate, 360 degree vision. His job was to book cars, Lorries, and visitors into the compound, and direct people to where they needed to be.

He was bored out of his skull, he was thankful that it would only be for the next 6 months or so, while he waited to go to the law firm that had contracted him, in front of many others. To begin what he hoped was going to be a successful life, in criminal law.

He had a uniform, a tie, and a peaked cap, which he had to wear anytime he stepped out of his box! He knew he looked like a real Wally!

It was the only job he could get; he hadn't wanted to go straight into his preferred option, so he was having a sort of gap! If you counted working in kitchens as a skivvy, a job? One of the perks was, it gave him opportunities to chat up the girls, when it presented itself. And he had chatted a few up, his success rate was quite good, he had a regular girlfriend, and one or two on the side.

His best success to date, was a married woman in her early thirty's, he had caught her at a down time in her life, and he had had sex with her for about 2 month's, until one day she decided she had righted her ship and no longer needed him. He was sorry to see her go, but Hey Ho!

He was, he thought quite good looking, dark skinned, tall, over 6ft, a young man's powerful, yet still bony body, which was still growing. He was 21 years old and looking forward to his life. His name was Jake Masters.

He had monitors in his box, where he could watch over the grounds of the main building, his job was outside security, along with vehicle reception. He had prevented misdeeds whilst on night shift, that was when he was awake of course.

But by and large, though he was bored with the job, he knew it was important to his employers. So he did his best.

There was one woman who he longed to get a hold of, and indeed he had let her know in a roundabout way that he was more than interested in her. She was always nice and polite to him, always had a beautiful smile for him, and her eyes when she fixed them on him from the front seat of her car, knocked him sideways.

She was Helen Kilder, and she lived in the same road as he did, but she might have been a million miles away, her house was the big one at the end. She knew he had the hots for her, as most men who see her do. And she appreciated it more than he knew. Helen was nearly 40 years old, and worked as a PA to some guy in the main office building, he often wondered if she was getting it from him, the lucky bastard, he thought.

They had been neighbours for around 12 years; she had seen him more or less grow up. She had seen him turn from a shy young boy, into a confident young man, with a string of girls hanging on his arm. And he was good looking enough to attract lots of them, and unknown to him, she had known of his dalliance with her married colleague.

It had made her wonder what he had had, to enable him to seduce her, 'if only I could find someone like that, I would be more than happy,' she told herself, and the fact that he was black, actually gave her a turn on.

She had a good marriage in every sense except one, the sex was abysmal. Her husband had always been on the small side, coupled with a low sex drive. He had never been really interested in her sexually, even if she looked as good she did.

They had had a daughter, (somehow?) who was now in her second year at college, and her going had left a hole in her life, a hole that she was unable to fill.

And in all of her married life she had never been unfaithful, she had had lots, and lots of offers, and from some very good looking, powerful and rich men, men who could and would give her all she needed, but she had turned them all down, and a lot with great difficulty too!

But because of her husband's lack of interest, she had decided that if she were ever to be unfaithful, it would have to be with a younger man, not someone her age.

But her life was empty now, and she knew that one day she would accept an offer from a persistent suitor. It was getting to be when, not if. She had gone past the stage where her fidelity mattered to her. But she couldn't bring herself to find one; she had to be found by someone out there.

Helen was 5ft 5" tall, and utterly gorgeous, her hair was still her pride and joy, still lustrous even at her 39 years of age. Auburn, down to just above her slim shoulders, her face was a work of art, haven sent eyes that could still stun a man at 20 paces, she knew this because of Jake. She had got better as she got older; the girl in her had been replaced by an elegant sophisticated beauty.

She would smile at him, use her eyes, and knew she had him; it gave her a lift of immense proportions, to know she could turn a good looking boy's head such as him. It was always a great boost to her womanly ego, to see him with his tongue almost hanging out for her.

Her body was in great shape, she worked out regularly, she was toned and fit. But now her body was beginning to berate her for the lack of the loving attention it needed so badly.

She was getting more and more frustrated, her husband was a good man, and didn't really deserve to be hurt, but she needed sex, and she needed it soon, it had been more than 3 months since she had been successful with him. And she was getting more and more desperate.

She wasn't aware that fate was about to take her troubles in hand. Nor the complete turn around in her life because of it, she would begin to lead a life hitherto unknown to her.

Her husband was away on one of his frequent business trips, so she had the house to herself. She had been out shopping for a new vibrator; her well used old one had given up the ghost. But she hadn't been able to find one that she liked, she would have to go again tomorrow, or tonight to try and locate one.

Jake was doing a walkabout, he patrolled the grounds twice a day, mostly for something to do, and he usually tried to intercept Helen's afternoon arrival from her lunch break.

She arrived at the gate in her sporty brand new BMW, Jake wasn't there, but he was near at hand, Helen got out of her car and approached the glass cubicle, to see where he was, he had to operate the barrier. As she got up the steps and looked in to see where he was, she slipped. She fell against the door and went in on her knees.

Jake was right behind her, he called her name and went to pick her up. She had jarred her left elbow on the way down, and she moaned in pain.

'Are you okay Mrs Kilder, Helen?' he asked. His arms were around her as he lifted her to her feet. He could feel the swell of her tits on his forearms; it gave him an immediate hard on.

'Oh Jake, thank goodness you're here, I've hurt my arm somehow.' She whispered softly.

'I'll just go and move your car away, and then have a look,' he said as he walked her slowly to his chair, all the while keeping his arms in contact with her tits, and now his hard on pressed into her backside, 'she has to know I have a woody for her,' he thought to himself.

He sat her down, gave her a reassuring hug, nipped out and put her car on the side. When he came back he raised the barrier to all. Helen was holding her elbow gingerly; he got a damp cold cloth and applied it to her elbow. She thanked him with a huge smile. Helen had felt him holding her, and feeling her tits, and she had also felt his erection on her bum, she was feeling hot!

'Do you want me to get someone to drive you home Helen?' he asked.

'No Jake, I'll be fine, but maybe you could drive my car after work and get me home, would you do that for me please?' she asked softly. She could still feel him on her, even though he was now at her front.

'Of course I will, it will be my pleasure to help such a beautiful lady in distress.' He almost chortled.

'Okay then, I'll see you at five okay?' she said, and kissed his cheek in thanks.

It burned a hole in his face, her lips were so soft and cool, yet red hot, his prick nearly burst through his pants.

In the toilet in his little cubicle later, he showered and shaved, He wanted to at least smell good, even if he looked like an idiot in his stupid uniform, he told himself.

What he didn't know was, that man in a uniform, was a turn on for Helen, and when she walked out of Jake's tiny office, she was turned on big time, she had loved the care and attention he had showed her, her pussy was hot and quivering. But as the afternoon wore on, she began to admonish herself for thinking the lewd thoughts she had had.

She had said to herself, 'I hope Maurice,' (her 30 year old boss) 'doesn't try it on today because I'll give in, I know I will.' Unluckily for him, and fortunately for her, he didn't. He would never know how close he had been to nailing his beautiful PA. Well, not for some time anyway.

As she approached Jake's office, he stepped out, and he looked great. She could see he had washed and shaved, he was making a big effort to look good for her. He looked utterly sexy in his uniform. Her pussy jumped into her stomach, she was right back to feeling like she had felt at lunch time.

She knew if trouble was coming her way, it was going to come from Jake; her neighbour's 21 year old son was getting to her. She thought of her colleague who had had an affair with him. Her stomach churned, and she felt that rumbling in the pit of her tummy that told her she was aroused. She also knew that he would have to make all the running, 'he'll get no help from me!' She told herself.

Jake assisted her into her car, making sure she was in alright; he asked if her arm felt any better.

'Yes, it is thank you, that cold compress helped a lot Jake,' her voice was like music.

He went around the car and got into the driver's seat, then he leaned over her, very closely, she almost leaned away from him, but then realised he wanted fasten her seat belt.

He felt her sweet breath on his cheek, she smelled fantastic, all soft and feminine, she smelled his cologne and his breath on her cheek too. He brazenly ran the back of his hand across her left breast as he pulled on the seat belt, they both looked at each other, and hot eye contact was made.

Helen's body burst into flames, the nearness of him was luring her into a state of arousal, she visibly shivered and trembled.

'Are you alright Helen?' he asked, and moved to hold her.

'Yes, yes thank you Jake,' she replied, as he held her.

'Okay, let's get you home then shall we?' he said.

'Yes, that's a good idea Jake,' Helen breathed. She knew he was going to try it on with her, the thought heightened her senses even further, if he plays his cards right she thought, he would win this game tonight hands down!

The closeness of him was turning her on, here she was 39 years old, and was now hoping this lovely 21 year old black boy, her next door neighbour, was going to seduce her, 'I must be mad,' she thought, but it was fixed in her mind now. Her body had brought her to this point in her life; she had to go with it.

He drove her home, they chit chatted, but she knew he was trying to work out how to approach her without making a mess of it.

He was 21 years old, and while she knew of his sexual prowess, she also knew he wouldn't be well conversed of the how's and wherefore's of how to seduce a beautiful woman like her.

She decided that she wouldn't make it too difficult for him, 'that's if,' she told herself, 'I'm right in my thinking of the upcoming attempt on me?' Her pussy was burning through the car seat, she could feel the heat, swamping her lower body, it was telling her not to fail it, it needed sex, it needed cock, it needed loving, it needed a man!

They arrived at her house; he asked if Mr Kilder was home?

'No, he's away on business until Friday,' she told him.

He almost cheered at that news, his prick was hurting him, it was so hard.

Jake helped her out of her car, although both knew she could do it by herself. He walked with his arm around her and they entered. When they got in, Helen turned to him and thanked him by again kissing his cheek.

Jake said, 'it's my pleasure Helen, I would do anything for you,' he told her. She stroked his cheek and said, 'yes I know Jake.'

She couldn't stop herself from letting him know that she was aware that he wanted her, that she was available, she was telling him simply by that one action, she wanted him, wanted him badly.

That's when he stepped up to the plate, 'it's now or never,' he said to himself.

He put both of his arms around her and pulled her into a kiss, she melded in his arms. Her face tilted up to his, their lips met and a full on kiss was given back to him.

Jake slipped his hand onto her beautiful round tight little bottom, and Helen moaned into his mouth. Her arms went around his neck, she held herself to him.

Bringing his hand away from her bum, he slid it around to her front and softly cupped a firm, yet soft tit, fingers found a nipple and she squirmed at the sensation coursing through her. Her arms tightened on him, and her fingers floated through his hair.

Jake dropped the kiss, and fastened his mouth onto her very receptive and sensitive neck, her seduction was over. She would give him everything, her marriage vows were going to the wall. After all these years, she was going to love another man, even if the 'man' was almost a boy, and a black one at that!

Jake knew he was home free, she wasn't even interested in saying no, stop! He opened her coat, and gently pushed it from her shoulders, Helen let her arms drop, and the coat drifted to the floor. Taking charge of his beautiful prize he swept her off her feet, and she was on her way upstairs to her marital bed, the bed where she had conceived her daughter, and shared with her now to be cuckolded husband.

Jake laid her down, and just loved her, they spent an age, kissing, stroking and slowly undressing each other. It was only Tuesday; her husband wasn't going to be home for another 3 nights, and days. He could take as much time as he wanted, even though his prick was screaming at him to get it into this amazingly beautiful woman's pussy.

Helen scanned his body as it came into view as she removed his clothing, she knelt at his side and undressed this gorgeous boy, and last but not least, she pulled his boxers off, his prick was laid along his stomach, but not touching it, its own stiffness prevented it from doing so.

'Oh Jake,' she said admiringly, 'you are beautiful?'

'Your cock is gorgeous, lovely and stiff, nice and big, and oh so terrifically black Jake.' she told him.

'I'm not any where near as beautiful as you Helen,' he replied and pulled her now naked body to him.

She was in full flight, if her husband had walked in right now he couldn't have stopped what was about to take place.

Her pussy was flowing, it was silky, and it was hot, red hot!

'Get on Helen; take what you want, all of it.' He told her.

She straddled his body and lifted her self over him, Jake raised his black prick and Helen began the journey into heaven, she sank down on his amazing cock. She squealed in desire, need and love for this moment.

Her pussy was tight because of the lack of use. Her eyes rolled into the top of her head as he filled her pussy, it was full for the first time in her 39 years. She groaned, 'Oh oh oh Jake, oh Jake, oh Jesus Jake, you are fantastic,' she growled though gritted teeth.

He reached up, took her nipples between his fingers, and crushed them tight, she let out a muffled scream, and fell forwards onto him; he ground her nipples, hard, and almost cruelly. Jake he had guessed, correctly, that she might like a little rough loving, even if she didn't, before he gave her a real hammering,

He needed to cum, he had wanted this day for the last 3 years, and now he was where he wanted to be, fully embedded in her thrashing red hot love pot! He grunted and thrust hard up into her, she felt the end of his cock crash into her womb, or cervix, she didn't know which, his cum was boiling hot, she could feel it searing her insides.

Helen shouted out the orgasm that devastated her, she had never had an orgasm like it; her husband was incapable of leaving the floor never mind reaching these levels.

She had 4 or more orgasms in a row, they nailed her completely, she burst into tears with the fabulous monumental devastation of it. She collapsed onto Jake, she held him in a stupor, it hadn't been Jake as such that had made her orgasm like that, it was the prick within her, she knew now what making love was, she had always wanted to know, and now she had found out, Jake had shown her, and she would be forever grateful to him.

Jake gently rolled her off him, and collected her in his arms, she snuggled in like a child, the child she was really. He had given her something she had never had. It was the love and power of a man, a man who she knew could take her to anywhere he wanted to go, and she would go with him.

'Jake, you are amazing, I never knew loving could be so good,' she whispered into his neck.

Jake looked at her quizzically, 'doesn't your husband look after you in bed Helen?' he asked.

She hated to have to admit it, but she said to him quietly.

'Jake, he has never really been able to,' tears filled her eyes.

'I find that very hard to believe, a woman who looks and is as sexy as you, he must do?'

'No Jake, believe it or not, he has never been interested in sex. It wasn't too bad in the early days, but he just tailed off as we went along.'

This was hurting Jake, now he had to ask the question he didn't want to ask.

'So have you got lovers, or have lovers Helen?' he didn't want her to say, 'yes, I've had and got loads, you are just one of many!'

But Helen looked him square in the eyes, and said.

'Jake you are the first man I have even been with since I married 20 years ago, honestly.'

Jake was stunned, 'really Helen, really truthfully?'

'Yes Jake, I swear on my daughter's life.' She said with utter conviction.

'Wow, I guess that makes me a very very lucky guy?' he said.

'Yes Jake, I suppose it does, now stop talking you gorgeous man, and make love to me again, I need more of this,' she said, and grasped his already thickening prick.

Jake was in awe of this wonderful, beautiful sexy woman who was giving him everything, he was starting to believe that what ever he asked, it would be his? How much was she willing to teach him, show him, and give him?

Helen for her part was equally, if not more enthralled with him, she had no idea that a man could be like this with her, seemingly be the very essence of her being, because that was what she was feeling right now. No one had ever taken her to where she was right at this moment. Her naïveté was unbelievable, she wanted Jake to show her more, not knowing that Jake was feeling the same as her!

He shoved her onto her back, and dived onto her, ramming his thick hard cock right up and into her vagina with such ferocity that, if it wasn't so arousing, it would have frightened her badly.

But her senses were mauled by this lion; he rode her with panache, steadfast authority, and superb power.

She could only respond by moaning and mewling as he ravaged, and savaged her.

'Is this what you want Helen, do you need to be fucked by a real man, with a real mans prick?' he taunted her lovingly.

He was thudding it in and out of Helen's increasingly battered pussy, she was so engaged by it, and loving it, she didn't ever want it to end.

Jake was a boy in age, but he was a man when it came to loving a woman, his married lover had seen to that, she had taught him all he needed to know about fucking and making love. Helen hadn't considered that equation. And now she was going to reap the benefit of his lessons.

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