Helene's First Time


After a while, she lifted her head and kissed him again. She moved position to sit on his lap -- she didn't weigh a whole lot, he noticed -- and they necked for a long time, his hands roaming over her barely-clad body and her naked legs while she felt his shoulders and pecs. Presently he slipped his hand under the negligee and discovered something he should have noticed from the beginning -- she wasn't wearing panties. He let her lean back, languidly, as he stroked around and over her sparsely-haired pussy, pausing now and again to tug on her very small labia, which made her moan and bury her face in his neck. Then, finally, he put his finger over her entrance and curled it up, finding the little nub of her clit. The rest of her may have been small, but Helene's pearl was easy to find and large enough to stroke around with the pad of his finger. She was panting now and her eyes were closed.

As for himself, Freddie was surprised to find that he had kept his boner all this time. Popcorn was surprising him. Not only was she so willing that she was seducing him, for a change, but being with her was more erotic than he ever would have guessed.

It didn't take long for his manipulation of her clit to bring her off. Helene gasped a couple of times, her face flushed, and Freddie could see her neck and chest turn pink. He moved his finger until the tip was just inside her. He wasn't going to risk inserting his finger up to her maidenhead, not just yet. Work up to it, he thought, after she relaxed. She jerked a few times on his finger and then slumped over. Freddie thought she looked beautiful in that moment, draped over his arm, pale as moonlight, legs willingly apart. His finger brushed across her hole and he felt that she was wet. He brought his finger to his mouth -- she tasted sweet and fresh.

"Freddie, that was fantastic!" she murmured, eyes still closed. You are the first person ever to make me cum besides myself! You did it just like I do myself!" Hearing that, Freddie was very pleased with himself. "Now, let's get some of those clothes off you!" Helene stood up, looking very small, very white, and very vulnerable.

Freddie stayed sitting while Helene pulled his shirt off. She seemed to like his chest and shoulders and spent a lot of time kissing him on the neck, around his flat male nipples, and feeling his pecs. She was a swimmer and she hung around with swimmers, so she liked men with strong arms and without hair, but she didn't tell him that.

When he stood up, she didn't have to get on her knees to unzip his fly and reach in, giggling as she measured his length and girth with her fingers, and then proceeding to unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. He had taken his shorts off and left them in the bathroom, so his cock sprang up enthusiastically.

Helene stepped back and sat on the bed, pulling him toward her by his hips. For the longest time, she fondled his balls, stroked his dick, and ran her fingers all through this crotch, as if memorizing where everything fit together.

"What are you doing, Popcorn?" said Freddie.

"I'm learning how guys work. I haven't had much experience with penises -- only reading books and porn. I've got a lot of catching up to do." she said. Then she took him into her mouth.

Freddie thought he was going to lose it right there. Her talent for cocksucking was equal to her passion for kissing, and involved the same highly refined skills. He had to gasp. Her abilities were amazing, a symphony of stimulation incorporating a full repertoire of variable suction, tongue action, and deep swallowing that would have done justice to a pro. She kept going for what seemed like an hour, stopping to hold him in her mouth when his breathing got ragged and then starting up again, with her tiny hands working his ballsack, when he calmed down. He was speechless.

Then she made a slight miscalculation while he was deep in her throat and didn't stop at a moment that he was exerting the last ounce of self control. He came, pulling back slightly, and flooded her mouth with his seed. She continued sucking and got most of it even though a little drooled out of the corner of her mouth and dripped onto the bodice of the negligee, just above her left tit.

"That was fantastic!" Freddie said, after he got his breath back. "Where did you learn to do that?"

Helene gave him a crooked smile. "I figure that fellatio is an essential skill for today's modern woman. Until tonight I never did it for real. I've been practicing for years on cucumbers. I watched dirty movies in my Dad's porn stash (he doesn't hide it very well) and I read up in sex books and on the internet. I also got Kiki to tell me how she does it." (Kiki was the town slut.) She licked her lips. "You taste salty but good: like béchamel sauce." In high school, Helene had been a good student, getting mostly A's in college prep classes. Freddie suddenly felt like her chemistry lab project.

At a loss for something to say, he fell back on a joke: "Well, Popcorn, I've shown you mine, so now it's time for you to show me yours!"

Helene laughed and fell back on the bed with a plop, leaving her legs dangling over the edge while flipping up the edge of the babydoll to expose her pussy. Freddie saw his chance and immediately dived, planting his mouth directly over her hole and licking forward and around her full-sized, sensitive clit. Helene shuddered but relaxed into it and let him caress her with his tongue, inside and out, and lap at her now-freely flowing juice -- there was no danger of him rupturing her hymen with his tongue before he got a chance to do it with his dick! It felt so good to her! Even better -- much better! -- than what he did with his fingers, and with all the stimulation it wasn't long before she spilled into another deep orgasm, intense and rolling, moving her to rock her pelvis in time with the contractions. It was the most intense orgasm of her young life so far and through her spasming pleasure she thought to herself that even if this was all they did tonight it was damned well worth the embarrassment of having to ask for it. But she was sure that the best was yet to come!

As she came down from her high she realized that she had got herself wet. No -- matter the bedspread was washable. She had also put towels down under the bedspread, above and below the sheets, to catch the blood she expected to leave behind soon.

Freddie's face was still buried in her pussy, smeared with juice, and he could feel the tremors of her orgasm on his tongue. He had got an even better smell and taste this time and liked it. He didn't know what he would have expected before -- he hadn't thought about it -- but she was delicious. He had gone down on a lot of women, many of them younger in age than Popcorn here, but none of them so sweet and fragrant.

"You're juicy," Freddie observed. "Real nice. Your nectar is sweet!" He thought that sounded poetic.

Helene's face turned bright pink and giggled nervously. She was not used to having a discussion about the quality and esthetics of her vaginal secretions. Seeing her blush, Freddie figured he should drop this line of conversation.

"Now who's wearing too many clothes?" Freddie then asked as he crawled, naked, up on the bed and on top of her. "It's time to lose this....." He flicked the fabric of the negligee with his finger. Giggling, Helene sat up and let him pull the skimpy babydoll over her head, so that they were both naked. Her skin was very white and she looked like she was made of ivory with pink icing where her breasts should be and cherries for nipples.

"Let's get under the covers!" Helene said. "We can turn out the light."

"No." Freddie insisted. "Let's pull the covers back and keep the light on!" He wanted the visual experience now. Surprisingly, he wanted to see more of naked body.

"You horny bastard!" she teased, secretly pleased that he wanted to look at her. They took a break and pulled down the covers, throwing the bedspread to the side, and climbed back on. Freddie noticed the towels. Boy, she's prepared -- I've never seen a girl so ready! He didn't know it but she had even put a blue plastic tarp from the garage between the towels under the sheet and the mattress. That explained the slight crinkly feeling under them as they clambered around on the bed.

Freddie lunged at her and pinned her to the bed. Helene squealed but stopped abruptly when she felt his penis sliding up the inside of her thigh and starting to rub in her crotch.

"Freddie," she said. "Aren't you forgetting something?"


"You're bareback." She had read the word many times in porn. Given Freddie's proclivity for promiscuous sex, it was a little alarming that he did this.

"Oh. You don't want the full experience, then, Popcorn?"

"Freddie, don't be silly. I'm horny and I'm really enjoying this but I'm going to stop right now if you don't put a condom on." Freddie had fucked half the girls in her class before graduation. Since graduation, he was working his way through the second half and she bet she was the last on the list. She was not interested in starting college with someone's sexually transmitted disease.

"I didn't bring any. I didn't know I'd be doing this!"

"Don't panic. Look in my purse."

There, in her purse beside the bed, was a pack of 12 condoms.

"You must have had big plans for Nerd Boy to get so many," Freddie observed as he slid one on his dick, resignedly.

"I'm not planning on this being my last fuck, and they're cheaper by the dozen." She reached down and playfully tugged on his dick, which was starting to get soft.

"Now do me, before I change my mind!" She put their little misunderstanding behind them and prepared to surrender herself.

And do her he did! He started by kissing her again and feeling up her chest and sucking on her nipples and touching her just about everywhere, to get back his hard-on to get her wet again. Soon he was sporting an epic boner, knowing that in just a minute or so he would be initiating the most virginal virgin he had even known. Helene was moaning and murmuring "yes" as he played with her, getting her hot, getting her ready. Then he moved into position over her.

She felt very warm and snug below him as she prepared to be mounted. She was glad he took the time to prepare her. She felt relaxed and ready.

He lowered himself and the tip of his penis entered her diminutive hole. This was it -- penetration at last!

His cock entered just so far and then stopped, coming up against her hymen. Even though he wasn't in far, he could tell that Helene was really tight inside. His cock stiffened at the thought of what it would be like to be all the way inside her.

He pushed. Her maidenhead was tough enough that it didn't give way at first. It hurt a little but nothing she couldn't take. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. He pushed harder. She suddenly felt a sharp pain and cried out. Startled, he backed off. This had happened before to him but it never seemed so important before. For some reason, he really cared about doing Helene right.

"Are you ok?" Freddie asked. "Did I hurt you?" He pulled back a little.

"Freddie -- you're popping my cherry. Of course it's going to hurt a little. Just ram it in me. I can take it."

Freddie took her word for it. Repositioning himself, he thrust his hips forward and they both felt a snap. Helene stifled a scream by burying her head in his armpit as a big, stiff cock entered her vagina for the very first time. It hurt and then it didn't.

Helene felt absolutely stuffed and when he started to move it back and forth, now that the pain had disappeared, it felt wonderful all through her pelvis. She started rocking in time to his movements as he began to thrust. The angle of his penis changed with their movements and she loved how it hit different places and the changing feelings changed. A moment later, she felt a little wetter and she wondered if it was blood or girl juice. A few minutes passed and her vagina become a little more relaxed, just a bit more accommodating and she could feel him move a little more easily inside her.

Freddie felt the tightest grip he had ever experienced, surrounding half his dick, although it got just a little looser over time. He could barely move in and out at first but slowly, little by little he advanced until he couldn't get it in any deeper, about three-quarters of the way. Then he felt a little hard nubbin come and go and he knew he had gone past her cervix. He was in as deep as he could go, first try, first fuck of the first girl on the planet in the new era starting this moment to go from being a virgin to a woman of experience. And he had done it.

It did not take long at all for each of them to have another orgasm, almost together. Helen's came first and this vaginal orgasm was better, stronger, and lasted longer than her oral orgasm had been! She lay there almost limp while he finished, getting far more worked up than he ever thought he would and finally blasting what seemed like a huge wad into her very tight and warm and expanded and now, very wet, space.

They lay in each others' arms for a long time, his cock softening but held fast in her by her tightness until it reached the point, at long last, where her involuntarily tightening vagina started pushing him out as it closed back to its normal size, until it rested, wet, on the inside of her thigh. Freddie's come was starting to leak out. He got up and pulled the condom off, tied a knot in it, and washed his dick. He wasn't quite sure what to do with the used condom so he left it by the sink.

Then it was her turn. The first thing she did when she got up was look on the towel she had put on top of sheet -- sure enough, there was a spot of her blood but not as much as she thought there would be. It had spread to the sheet below. The sheets were old and she was going to throw them away, stuffed deep into the trash can to be taken away first thing Monday morning, before her parents would ever see it. She thought about cutting the bloodstain out of the sheet with scissors and keeping it as a trophy but that was just a little gross.

She walked to the bathroom, a little bowlegged from her sexual initiation. She found the condom by the sink and hid it in the trash. It wasn't erotic to look at. She was going to empty the trash herself anyway -- no risk it would be discovered.

"Freddie," she began when she came back to bed. "Thank you for giving me this. It was wonderful."

"Yes it was," he said. "Thank you for letting me inside you. Do you want to do it again?"

Helene groaned. "Not for a little while. Let's just stay like this for a while."

They held each other for a long time, kissing from time to time, and then Freddie's dick started to stiffen. For the arousal he felt, it seemed to him like it was slow to respond; he wasn't springing back into action the way he used to. He could hardly wait to feel her tight passage again.

"I think he's interested in me again," Helene observed. "I'm ready now."

Once again, Freddie waited to the very last moment and for Helene to say something before he put the condom on. Helene didn't mind that he wanted to plant his seed in her: she figured that the second biggest fantasy every guy had, after penetrating a virgin, was impregnating a virgin. But her concern was not to avoid getting pregnant -- she had started on the pill the month before (when she thought she might get serious with David, or Nerd Boy as she now called him) but she hadn't told Freddie that -- it was none of his business and would only encourage him. She wanted him to wear a condom because if he was that cavalier about protection she didn't want the nasties that rode along with his spermies. Still she had to admit to herself that knowing that Freddie had been around, fucked the most popular girls in class, and had even banged her friends gave her a frisson, a hint of danger and excitement.

This time they took a long time. It was their third orgasm each so he kept at it a lot longer before he finally came. Helene, on the other hand, got back in the groove quickly and after the first new orgasm suddenly found that she could have several in quick succession! This had never happened to her masturbating! It was an unexpected gift that kept on giving.

Finally, in the early morning, they were both exhausted. They pulled up the covers and fell asleep together, spooning, his hands on her tits and her pussy rubbing against his still semi-erect cock in their sleep.

A few hours later, it was just starting to get light. Freddie woke up because he had to pee. He did what he had to do and then came back to bed but paused as he pulled back the covers. There in the dim morning light he saw Helen's delicate, vulnerably nude little body, curled in slumber, her face so relaxed and pretty and youthful. He realized that he was suddenly seeing her for the first time as she was, not how she wanted herself to be or how he would have liked a lover to look. She was not Popcorn now but simply Helene, on her own terms. The thought kept him awake a while longer, before he drifted back to sleep.

Freddie woke up again to bright sunshine and the smell of coffee. Helene was already up and making breakfast. Rubbing his eyes, he put his shorts on (out of a sense of propriety he thought) and came out of the guest room. He noticed that her neat little pile of clothes was gone. The fragrance of breakfast guided him into the kitchen, a nice, airy space with a butcher-block island and eggs frying on the stove. Helene stood there in a terrycloth bathrobe with the belt undone, so that when she turned around only an apron covered her nudity.

"Come and get it!" she urged him. "And lose the shorts."

Freddie often ate breakfast naked but not usually with another person around. He felt more at ease, then, when Helene took off her apron and shrugged off the bathrobe, sitting naked beside him at the counter on a stool. Her little boobs looked bigger this morning.

"So, what are you going to do today?" Freddie asked. He never knew what to say on the morning after.

"Fuck you again, mister," she replied, "that was great last night. You're not getting away so easy." Actually, that was the third reason she had insisted on driving -- so she could control when he went home. The first reason was so that he couldn't back out. The second was so she could sneak him in through the garage.

"Then I better get my strength back up!" Freddie said, helping himself to more toast. He felt comfortable all of a sudden, like in a home. It was nice to have someone make breakfast for him -- that almost never happened in his one-night stands. And this was a nice house. A real family feeling. And he had come to realize that Helene was smart and sweet and even a little cute.

"That's not all you have to get up. But we can't stay in bed all day. I've got work to do. In the laundramat business, a lot of people do their laundry on Saturday nights. They leave more of a mess than on weekdays. Maybe because they're mad that they don't have dates on a Saturday night." But not many people do their laundry on Sunday morning, so there was no real rush to get it cleaned up right away. Helene figured she'd be fine if she started to make her circuit before noon and finished by 2:00. That would give her plenty of time to come home and clean up before her parents came back. They were visiting friends in the city this afternoon, so they wouldn't be back early.

"So, Helene, you're just going to wear me out and then throw me away and go back to work. You work too hard!" Like everyone in town, he had seen her servicing her father's three laundramats at all hours of the day, rain or shine. That's why he became a bartender: you get to shoot the shit with customers, flirt while you work, and sleep in. Suddenly that didn't seem enough anymore.

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