Helen's Adventures


"It's the ammonia. Don't worry, once it's dry, it won't smell at all." He showed me the small, round container. It read "Maximum Impact: Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic."

"Body cosmetic?"

"Body paint," he explained, dipping the brush into the open container. Thick, white paint dripped off the edge. He began to coat my breasts, slowly covering them with white latex. The strokes of the brush felt like the tiny, teasing caresses of a playful lover. My nipples soon hardened, and I squirmed from the brush's tickling, but he worked carefully, looking back from the photo to me. As he worked, he continued speaking. "It took me a while to come up with a good way for you to be an exhibitionist without getting into any legal trouble, but then I remembered a story my friend Celina told me about years ago.

"She had a friend in Singapore who hated the heat, and so on one hot day, instead of putting on a top, she used body paint to make herself a tube top, and no one was the wiser. She got to stay cool, everyone else got to pretend that boobies don't exist for another day.

"So I realized that if she could do it, you probably could, too. You have the right body type for it. Breasts that are too large would be obvious, same with breasts that sag. But yours are perfectly perky and just the right size to be indistinguishable. No one will be able to tell you're not just wearing a tight, clingy outfit."

As he explained, my body warmed up as I imagined the scenario. I would be in front of everyone, wearing nothing but paint, but breasts exposed to everyone... "But what if somebody does realize?"

"Turn around. I need to do your back now. Worst case, somebody thinks you're topless. What are they gonna do? They'd look like a jackass if they were wrong, and there's no way for them to be certain without groping you. That's the beauty of it: people will realize your breasts are on display, they just won't realize that you're topless, too, and even if they suspect something, they'll never be a hundred percent sure."

He rinsed off the brush as I admired myself in the mirror and his plan in my head. I had to admit, the latex looked great. I looked like I was wearing an extraordinarily tight top, but didn't most girls? With the boundary between my breasts and areolae hidden with paint, it was impossible to tell that I was really topless underneath. The paint was too thin to hide my hard nipples, though, I realized, but even so, that was natural in a tight outfit?

Matthew opened a new container and started adding the lavender trim to my bandeau while I watched him work in the mirror, enjoying how good I looked. Heck, it looked better than the outfit I had been wearing earlier. Once he finished with the paint, he stepped back and admired his work. "Well, you wouldn't get into a church, but you look decent to me. What do you think?"

I turned this way and that in front of the mirror, getting a 360 degree view of myself. "Oh Matthew, it's perfect!"

"Glad you think so. Now just let it dry. It'll get a bit tighter as it dries." We talked a bit as we waited, and I managed to forget that I was completely topless. Matthew didn't, though, and his eyes rarely met my own. I punched him playfully. "My eyes are up here!"

"Sorry," he laughed. He checked his watch. "That should be long enough." He took out a small spray bottle, shook it up, and sprayed it everywhere he had painted. "Latex Ultra Shine," he explained, dabbing away the excess with a paper towel. "It'll keep the latex from sticking to anything or coming off too early. "We don't want you to give somebody a hug and have them pull away with your top on their shirt, do we?"

I shook my head, smiling. This was really happening! With my pink, knee-length skirt, I looked just like any other girl on a sunny day. But only I would have a secret... "What now?" I asked.

"Now it's lunchtime, I'm hungry," he said, putting everything back into his bag. "But first, let's stash this. I'm not carrying it around downtown."

"We're going downtown?"

"Exhibitionists need people to exhibit to, don't they? And downtown has the most people, so..."

"Okay. I'm ready for this!"

"Let's go, then."

We went back up the elevator to the main floor. I had goosebumps, wondering what would happen when the doors opened and people saw me for the first time. Would they call the police? Would they realize I was topless? The doors opened, and we walked out into...silence. I looked around. No one was panicking or making a commotion. As we walked towards a locker, I felt the stares of guys on me, but none of them spoke up. It was really working! No one knew my secret but Matthew and I! Even then, my outfit was still attracting attention. I looked down and realized my nipples were pebble-hard, sticking out like thumbtacks. No wonder so many guys were noticing me... We put our things away in Matthew's locker and walked to the subway station.

On our way downtown, it was the same story. I collected stares of desire from the guys and of envy from their girlfriends, but nobody said anything. My pussy was soaking wet from their stares. I'm sure some of them suspected, but no one was willing to state it aloud and risk looking like a pervert. I had never attracted so many looks before. Never before had my breasts been so popular. I had assumed guys didn't like smaller breasts all my life, but now I had proof that they were just as popular as the biggest melons. Every guy we passed tried his best to get a discreet peek at my breasts, and I was content to pretend to not notice them, allowing them long, lingering stares of my exposed body.

By the time we reached Burger Bar Chicago, my panties were almost sopping wet. I left Matthew to get us a table while I went to the ladies' room. I went into a stall and dried myself up as best I could, and put a few layers of toilet paper into my panties to act as a sponge for later; I knew I'd need it. I stopped on the way out to check myself out in the mirror.

My nipples had finally begun cooperating and gone done. The illusion was complete now. I got so caught up in modeling myself off that I didn't notice another woman had left her stall.

"I love that top," she commented. "Where did you get it?"

"Oh, uhm," I stammered. Shit! I didn't have a line prepared. "I-I forget! I think it was Forever 21, or maybe American Eagle? I can't remember..."

She pouted. "That's too bad. It looks great on you."

"Thanks," I said, already backing away to avoid too long a conversation. "Well, my friend's waiting for me, gotta go bye!"

That was close, I thought to myself. But...she had thought it was real. Amazing! I joined Matthew at a table on outdoors beaming with pride. I told him what had happened while we waiting for the waiter to get back with our drinks.

"Really? Well, I am pretty amazing. It's no wonder that she was fooled by my artwork."

"Hmph! I think the model deserves more credit, personally. If I had big, awkward boobs, no one would be fooled by your art."

"True, true. Let's split the credit fifty-fifty, then. Ah, here comes the waiter now."

He set down our drinks: Coca-Cola for Matthew, apple juice for me. "Are you ready to order?" he asked, sneaking a glance at my breasts. I smiled and arched my back.

"Yes," I said. "I'll have a half-pound burger with...lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, and bleu cheese, please. Well-done."

"And for your...boyfriend?" the waiter asked.

"Just friends," Matthew replied with a grin, already having grasped the waiter's ulterior motive.

"Oh really? A girl as lovely as you is single?" he asked, his eyes darting downwards, lingering on the curves of my bare breasts.

"For now," I flirted.

Matthew coughed to get the waiter's attention. "I'll have a half-pound burger with jalapeno peppers, provolone cheese, bacon, and lettuce, cooked medium-well, with fries on the side, thank you." He took my menu and handed both to the waiter, who clearly wished he had a reason to stay and continue to ogle me.

"Well, someone has a fan," he commented snarkily.


"No," he spat, averting his eyes guiltily. "Anyways, how is it so far? Are you enjoying it?"

I leaned in close and whispered. "It's great..." My crotch was tingling. My teeth were on edge, that little tickle I always got when hiding a secret. "I feels so...so liberating, being topless in public. I just love the feeling. Guys are staring at me, wondering, ogling my tits, and they can't help it."

"Living like a revolutionary! That's the way it ought to be. To revolution!" he toasted, holding up his glass.

"To revolution!" Our glasses clinked as the waiter arrived with our food. He barely even tried to make eye contact this time.

He set down our meals. "I made sure the chef made yours extra-special," he boasted to me.

"Hey, what about mine? What if mine tastes like shit because the chef put all his love and care into hers?" objected Matthew.

I giggled. Guys were fighting over me, even...

After the waiter left, he enjoyed our meal, mostly in silence. Our seats were right by the street, though, separated only by a small fence, and everyone passing by could see me and my special outfit. Man after man slowed down his steps as they passed in order to take me in. Some tried to hide their lustful gazes beneath sunglasses, but there was no hiding the way they tilted their head towards me in an attempt to get the best possible look at my chest. The latex felt like a second skin by now, tightly hugging my curves with the eagerness of a desperate lover. No detail of my body could be hidden beneath the paint. My breasts were as open to their gaze as though I had been wearing no paint at all. Only the different color helped hide my secret. I had never imagined it was so easy to be naked in plain sight. I'd have to thank Matthew after this was all over...

Our meal passed without any further events. Matthew paid for our meal without asking and led me out by the hand in a hurry to escape our lecherous waiter.

"Where are we going now?" I asked.

"Let's go for a walk around downtown," he suggested, and I eagerly assented. I wanted to be seen by as many people as possible now. My nipples hardened again at the thought of being the center of attention.

We walked from block to block, taking in the sights and stopping into small shops as the mood struck us. It felt like a first date. It was only when I passed by a reflective window from time to time that I remembered that I was actually topless, my breasts on display for the world to see, even if the world didn't know it. How delicious it was, to have such a secret...

I strutted brazenly through the streets of downtown, sticking my chest out with pride, and was rewarded with gaze after admiring gaze. After a while, Matthew stopped one of the men staring at me and handed him a camera. "Excuse me, can you take our photo?"

"Sure," replied the stranger.

"Matthew, what are you doing?" I whispered angrily, as we stood next to each other.

"You told me I got to write the plot, right? Well, right now it's the part of the story where the exhibitionist girl gets her photo taken. Relax."

I held by wrist behind my back, restraining myself from covering up my bare breasts as someone I didn't even know looked through the camera's viewfinder and snapped a photo of my naked chest.

"Could you take a few more?" Matthew asked politely, enjoying my suffering.

I squirmed, pressing my legs together, as slowly, he took photo after photo of us. I wondered whether the camera could tell I was half-naked. I had heard that they saw wavelengths humans couldn't, and could reveal things the eye couldn't see. What if it could see through the paint, and my nipples showed through the paint?

Finally, it was over. Matthew's camera was returned, and, with a final glance at my breasts, our photographer walked away. "What are you going to do with those photos?" I asked.

"Save them for inspiration, of course," he smirked. He lingered over them, scrolling from photo to photo, zooming in so he could get a better look at my curves. I felt so naked, watching him examine my topless body, but the feeling of exposure excited me. "Ready to head back?" he asked.

"Sure," I replied. "It's been a good day."

We headed back to the library, gathered our things, and went back down to the bathroom we had used earlier. "How do I get this stuff off?" I asked.

"You'll have to peel it off, I'm afraid."

"Damn," I grimaced, and set to work, slowly peeling off the latex and throwing the pieces into the trash can. Matthew watched as I slowly revealed the tender flesh beneath. As more and more skin was revealed, I noticed him watching me, staring at my breasts. I noticed his crotch rising. My thighs were sticky with my dried juices. My nipples were pebble-hard from Matthew's amorous gaze, and I made sure to save the paint covering my nipples for last, teasing him. He must be going crazy, I realized, having been near me all day, staring at me, knowing I was completely naked from the waist up.

I removed the last bits of paint. I was now completely exposed. With a wicked grin, I whispered to Matthew, "You have permission..."

"Permission to...?"


His smile went from ear to ear. "But," I began, "only if you do it right here. In front of me. I want to see the effect I have on you."

He looked taken aback for a second, but I knew he'd be unable to deny himself after today, after a week without orgasm, without release. "Fine," he surrendered. I watched, transfixed, as he undid his fly and let his khakis fall to the ground. His cock was already threatening to burst through his boxers, eager to be released. Blushing, he pulled down his boxers, too.

His cock sprung up, finally freed. He took some liquid soap into his hand, and coated his cock. His huge cock loomed before me, angry and red. I stepped closer and got down on my knees to get a better look at it as he slowly stroked it with one hand, gripping the base firmly with another. His head was large and swollen, and his long, smooth shaft curved slightly down. A drop of precum glistened at the tip of his long, smooth, hot cock.

His hand pumped away, rapidly. I looked up at his face, and his eyes were locked onto my breasts. I began caressing and rubbing my breasts, pushing them together. "Do you like this?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied breathlessly. "Keep going..."

He was a slave to his desire. His eyes were locked onto my body. He moaned, a primal growl. I knew he wouldn't last long. I felt a sudden, wicked urge. "Cum on me," I demanded. I ached to feel his semen on my body.

He looked surprised for a moment, but he quickly recovered, and smiled. I stuck out my chest towards his cock, only inches from my face. His knees buckled and he groaned my name as his cock spasmed, shooting out its first hot gush of cum onto my face. A second gush fell lower, onto my pert breasts. Again and again, hot, sticky warmth coated by chest, covering me. Ivory semen dripped down my chest onto the floor. I massaged his hot seed into my skin, savoring his warmth against me. I licked my lips, relishing the taste of him, a savory warmth.

"Wow. That was amazing..." I sighed.

"R-really?" he panted. "It felt amazing..."

"Was it worth waiting a week for?"

"Oh god, yes. That was the best orgasm of my life..."

I bit my lip. "Good... So...do you want to do this again sometime?"

"Of course. You have to grant me permission for often, though, Helen. That was torture."

"We'll see," I winked. "It depends on how well you write all this down, but I think you deserve a bit of a reward. You have my permission to jerk off as much as you want for the rest of the weekend, but on Monday, you're back on my schedule, okay?"

"Deal," he said dreamily.

"So," I asked, "do you have any other good ideas?"


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! And if you have any other ideas for Helen, let me know in the comments. And as always, I love feedback, so please let me know what you thought of the story.

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wish fulfillment?

Not sure if this actually happened to you or not, i doubt it. On the other hand you use your name in most of your stories even if it is a false one you use for literotica so i can't help but think yourmore...

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