tagLoving WivesHelen's Christmas Surprise

Helen's Christmas Surprise


Helen wanted the give her husband something extra special this Christmas and wanted it to be something he wasn't expecting. One day while she was driving home from work she came up with a brilliant plan as she thought about it more she could feel her sexy body become aroused, her nipples began to harden and she felt a warmth between her legs. In order to carry out her plan she needed the house to her self for a few hours so as soon as she got in that night she checked the fixture list and spotted that James would be out at the football on the Saturday before Christmas which would be perfect for her plan.

But as sexy ideas were racing through her mind she found her whole body becoming more and more aroused and knew she had to make love to her husband now, as she had parked her car on the drive she had noticed that her husband was in the garage. Quickly she went upstairs and removed her work clothes and slipped into one of her favourite sexy outfits which consisted of a white lace basque, matching white thong and shiny stockings. She went back down stairs put her long work coat on and went into the garage.

James had heard his wife's car pull up on the drive and wasn't surprised that she had popped in to see him working on his kit car, currently he was trying to fit a new exhaust so was underneath the car on his roller with just his feet visible to Helen when she came in. As soon as she was in the garage she slipped off her coat so that when James got out from under the car he had the brilliant sight of his wife's ever so sexy 34C-24-34 figure covered in beautiful lingerie.

As they looked at each other sexual desire ran through them and despite James being covered in grime from the exhaust nothing could stop their bodies from coming together and James picked his slim and sexy wife up and laid her on the boot of his car. He passionately kissed her before carefully undoing the front of her basque and exposing her exquisite breasts which received plenty of attention. As he covered her body with kisses which were on the verge of sending her to ecstasy she told him how much she wanted him inside her.

Standing up he removed his trousers allowing his large erection to rub against Helen's love mound now wet and ready to receive her husband. As he entered her and they both enjoyed the pleasure of each other and a steady rhythm built up with their bodies moving, sweating and groaning as one until the moment arrived and they both expressed their love for each other.

Sweaty, dirty and exhausted they made their way back into the house and tried to remove the grease and grime from both their bodies and Helen's underwear.

When the Saturday before Christmas came round Helen couldn't believe how excited she was when she woke up. James left to go to the football at lunchtime and told her he would be back at 5.30 giving her plenty of time to carry out her preparations.

First of all she needed to become relaxed so she opened a bottle of wine which always reached the spot for her. Her first preparation was to get her clothes for later ready. She selected a black Wonderbra which would make the most of her delightful 34C breasts and also got the matching black thong. Her husband loved the sight of her lovely legs being covered with stockings so she got a pair of black lace top stockings and a suspender belt out. She also got out her Nurses uniform which consisted of a short blue dress which wouldn't be long enough to cover her stocking tops, little apron and a white hat with a red cross on it.

The second stage of her plan required the use of a video camera which she got from downstairs and set it up so that all of the bed could be seen, she also turned the LCD screen round so that anyone on the bed could also see what the camera was recording.

Next she needed to prepare her beautiful body which she started to do by showering. As she ran her hands over her sexy skin she could feel herself getting excited couldn't wait to get on with things. She put her in rollers in her hair and carefully applied her make up on and sprayed some of her favourite perfume on. After 20 minutes she removed her rollers and her hair was now a wave of blonde and brown she was ready for action.

Her hands were trembling with excitement as she pulled up her sexy stockings and fastened them on to her suspender belt. She then pulled up her black thong and put the black Wonderbra on, the nurses outfit was for later. She also got her vibrator out and put it on the dressing table within reach but out of the camera shot. She got the remote control for the video camera in her hand and sat up on the bed and pressed record.

Her wonderful body, resplendent in the black underwear was visible on the screen of the video camera and Helen introduced "James' Christmas present", she went on to say "that she was the luckiest wife in the world and wanted to give her husband a treat and hoped he would enjoy what was coming up". She then blew a kiss into the camera and brought her hands up to her breasts and gently squeezed them.

Helen had never pleasured herself before and couldn't believe that she was videoing her first attempt. She was grateful of the wine inside her and was sure that her husband would love to watch her explore her body as he always enjoyed watching her wash herself in the bath.

As her hands moved over her breasts she could see herself on the camera screen and began to feel the familiar wonderful sensation of having her breasts massaged. After a couple of minutes she decided it was time to remove her bra so she pushed her chest up and unclasped her bra. Letting it fall down her arms she saw her now firm breasts on the camera screen. Her nipples were erect and ready for more attention so she brought her hands back up to them and resumed the gentle squeezing and pleasuring of her fabulous breasts.

She was becoming more and more aroused and as the pleasure in her body increased she felt her natural desire to achieve sexual satisfaction took over her body and guided her hands which were now in full flow with each breast being caressed and a fingertip on each nipple slowly circling them. As she carried on enjoying herself she could feel her love juices warming her beautiful and since her shower smooth love mound.

She carried on exploring her breasts with her left hand but lowered her right hand and started to massage her inner thighs and ran her hand over her love mound and could feel her lower lips swell.

Her body was ready to be satisfied so she laid back on the bed and slide her now sodden thong over her legs and threw it on the floor. She was then laid on the bed, being videoed wearing just her stockings and couldn't believe how excited she felt. She then carried on with the exploring of her body and as she began to explore herself she couldn't get over how nice it felt to feel herself inside her as she began to insert a finger slowly and gently inside her.

As she felt her love entrance expand she knew it was time to get the vibrator from the dressing table which she got and sat up again on the bed. Looking into the camera began to kiss the vibrator and slowly rub her mouth up and down its shaft wishing that it was her husbands shaft. Her body was longing to feel the vibrator inside her so she laid back down on the bed and turned the vibrator on and moved it around her sexy thighs. She loved the feel of the vibrations against her skin and as the vibrator got nearer to her love entrance she felt that she was about to explode with pleasure.

Slowly she started to probe her entrance with the machine and slowly moved it in and out of herself, she soon reached a steady rhythm with her body and hands moving together. As the pleasure increased she gave a soft groan and began to feel the onset of an orgasm.

The pace of everything increased, Helen's breathing became heavier and heavier, her back arched and her groans became louder and louder. Each time she pushed the vibrator towards her it went further and further in sending waves of pleasure through her body. Suddenly she knew that the time had come and she let the delight of the first orgasm she had ever given herself fill her body with pleasure.

Although she felt exhausted she summoned up enough energy to sit up look at the camera and say "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did" before pressing the red button and stopping the making of her Christmas present for her husband.

The next part of her plan required some more preparation, she connected the video camera to the TV in the front room, left a note and scarf in the porch ready for the return of her husband, slipped into her sexy nurses outfit, grabbed a strawberry flavoured condom and retired to the kitchen to await the return of her husband.

At 5.30pm James returned from the football and found a note in the porch which brought a smile to his face. The note told him to blindfold himself and sit down in the front room facing the TV and keep the blindfold on until told to remove it.

Intrigued James locked the front door behind him, put the blindfold on and felt his way into the front room and sat down on the sofa facing the TV as instructed on the note. He had no idea what was coming next but knowing how sexy his wife is was sure that it must be something sexual.

Having heard her husband come in Helen gave him time to follow her instructions before walking into the front room and telling her husband that he was going to get one of his Christmas presents early and told him to remove his trousers and pants which he immediately did to revel his huge erection. Helen then knelt down at the feet of her husband.

James was ever so curious about what was going to happen next, he was even more curious when what felt like was a remote control was put into his hand, he then felt the familiar touch of his wife putting a condom on to his erection. Helen told him that he could remove his blindfold and to press play.

He knew he was about to get the best Christmas present ever when he opened his eyes and saw his beautiful wife in a Nurses uniform at his feet about to give him a blow job and as he pressed play he saw his gorgeous wife on the screen wearing just her underwear.

As he heard his beautiful wife on screen say that she was "about to give James a Christmas Present and that she was the luckiest wife in the world and wanted to give her husband a treat and hoped he would enjoy what was coming up" he felt the familiar wonderful feeling of his wife's loving lips around his now swollen member. Helen's head had now found a steady rhythm sucking and licking her husband while her was engrossed in watching her do things she had never done before.

James couldn't believe how beautiful and sexy his wife looked on the screen as she started to explore her heavenly body, nor could he believe the wonderful sight of his wife in her sexy uniform giving him the best blow job of his life with her little white hat with a red cross on it bobbing up and down as she steadily sucked him husband off.

When James saw his wife remove her thong and start to stroke herself he could contain himself no longer and thrust himself deep into her mouth and let her suck all his love out of him. As Helen felt the warmth of her husband inside her mouth she felt the desire to be satisfied herself and looked up at her husband and asked him if he had enjoyed his Christmas present, he replied that it was the best one he had ever had and asked if he could attempt to return the favour by seducing her as they both watched the rest of the video. She said yes but could they rewind it to the beginning as she wanted to watch her fondle her breasts at the same time as having them fondled by an expert.

James rewound the video while Helen positioned herself on her husbands lap so that she could watch herself on the TV while her husband had unrestricted access to her heavenly body. Once James had pressed play they both enjoyed the excitement of watching Helen's home movie while Helen enjoyed having her breast caressed and her nipples squeezed and James loved the delicate feel of his wife's marvellous breasts. Helen was loving it and as the pleasure inside her body increased she arched her back and felt her husbands lovely kisses on her neck.

The more Helen's breasts were touched and the more she saw herself on the TV the more aroused she became until she needed the great feeling of her husband inside her. As she saw herself start to play with her vibrator she reached behind her and gently started to massage her husbands package and told him it was time for her to have the real thing inside her. James then effortlessly lifted the slender frame of his gorgeous wife up allowing her to slide his manhood between her legs.

The sight of watching her seduce herself had made her so hot and horny that James went straight inside her as he gently lowered her back down. As he began to move inside her she thought that the much as she had enjoyed this afternoon the real thing was much better. Their bodies began to move together and James carried on playing with Helen's breasts while they both enjoyed the beautiful sight of Helen satisfying herself on the TV.

Helen's breathing became deeper and deeper as the movements inside and outside her body started to induce her second orgasm of the day. James's thrusts inside her wife started getting deeper and slower as he couldn't get over how sexy his wife looked as she was using her vibrator to send pleasure throughout her body. The both enjoyed watching Helen's first orgasm of the day on the TV, James heard his wife on the TV say "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did" he told her that it was superb and squeezed his wife tightly and as they both shut their eyes and though of how much they loved each other their second orgasm of the day took over the both bodies before they collapsed in each others arms and James wondered where on Earth he could get Helen a present anywhere near as good in return.

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