Hell Bait


He must have labored for hours on her image, using his "Computer Artist" software. Had he done enough to make her unrecognizable? He started with an original photo of her upper body, "removed" the clothes until she appeared nude, then experimented with various shades and hues of brightness, contrast, and clarity. The end result was a vague "painting" of a beautiful young temptress, with long, raven-dark tresses, glowing deep-tanned chest and shoulders, as in a Picasso painting, and milky-white breasts. Her name was Francesca.

How had he ever sunk to this? It started when he looked at a photo of her, taken a few years ago. He found himself fantasizing about her in the nude. He scanned the photo into his computer, then meticulously used the "image editor" (Computer Artist) to undress her and embellish her nudity. She was a single mother, and had to make do with a part-time job, and what little help she got from an elusive ex. He and Francesca hardly knew each other. He had been in and out of the state for years, and hadn't made much contact with her.

But then, after becoming aroused by her photo, he became obsessed with her beauty, innocence, and vulnerability. He manipulated any photos he could find, fashioning them into pornographic fantasies involving incest, bondage, and rape. To him, she became by far the most beautiful, sensuous, desirable female victim in his life. And as a catholic, thoughts about her were the most evil of sins. The devil within him had selected the most tempting bait in the world with which to catch his soul. Francesca wasn't an underage teenager....jailbait....she was hellbait!

One day, the devil convinced him to seek the pinnacle of thrills: show Francesca his images! Of course, she wouldn't see herself in them, and would probably even chastise him a bit for his naughtiness! But what a high it would be! Then maybe, just maybe, he could get her to pose!

Francesca came by to check on his new mystery hobby. He stared at her long, slender tanned legs, crammed into white mini-shorts. Was she wearing a bra? (He knew she was, but in his mind, he removed it!) He was becoming more aroused than he wanted to. "On the computer," he said, "I'm doing nudes!"

"Dad!" she exclaimed, "why would I want to see nudes? Have you talked to a priest lately?"

But he never went to confession anymore. Priests could no longer help him. "Francesca!" he laughed. "Are you going to be a prude all your life? It's the twenty-first century!"

Embarrassed, Francesca said, "well, I hope you're only doing females!"

"Beautiful females!" he replied. He selected his most recently completed creation, a Picasso-like image of a beautiful young temptress, vaguely featured, with raven-dark long tresses, glowing tanned chest and shoulders, and milky white breasts. Francesca blushed. "Who...is...she?" she asked.

"I dunno," he responded. "Kind of make believe. Why do you ask?"

"Dad!" Francesca gasped, "that's me!" Francesca was visibly upset and in tears. Her father was stunned. How could she know? He had made so many changes! "Why are you showing me this?" she asked.

"Francesca," he said, grasping her trembling body, "you are the most beautiful woman in the world!"

She tried to break away from him, but he held her tight. She felt the growing erection pushing against her naval. "How could you? You're my father!"

"I just want to take some photos of you, hon!" he blurted. "You don't have much money! I'll pay you! It will be our little secret!"

"Let go of me, you filthy beast!" Francesca screamed. Suddenly, every awful fantasy he had ever had about her surfaced. He wanted to drag her to his bedroom, bind her arms and legs to the bedposts, gag her, and ravish her, just like in the images! But, Francesca's father held her gently, and tried to quiet her down. "We can talk about this another time, hon!" he said soothingly. He released his grip, and Francesca moved towards the door.

"You won't tell anyone, will you?" he pleaded, his nevous system about to crash.

"I'll tell the whole world!" she cried. He grabbed his daughter, and the young beauty tried desperately to shake him off. But he clapped one hand over her mouth, and the other over her breasts, and dragged her back into his Hell.

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